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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Fetch East Midlands Mile

Listed by sLickster
, Derby DE24 UK
36 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Alf Tupper Unaffiliated 6:09 6:09 6:30 6:09 69.53
Ally2 Notts AC, Hermitage Harriers RC 4:18 4:36 4:45 4:36 80.85
Barky Hermitage Harriers RC, Mickleover Running Club 5:57 5:58 6:30 6:01 66.23
Beastie Girl Burton AC, Ivanhoe Runners 6:49 6:49 10:00 9:30 40.39
beastie girl09 Burton AC 6:49 6:49 9:30 54.02
Beejay Southwell RC 5:27 5:43 5:59 5:43 68.16
CC2 Speedy Goth Notts AC, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Midland Masters A C 5:34 5:55 6:02 6:01 69.71
chemistry Unaffiliated 7:49 7:49 8:30 7:49 54.90
davec Unaffiliated 6:28 6:28 7:20 6:28 59.81
Deanomite Hermitage Harriers RC 5:50 6:05 6:45 6:05 64.05
eL Bee! Unaffiliated 5:19 5:19 5:45 5:19 74.39
EvilPixie FERC, 1485 TRI CLUB 8:55 8:55 9:25 8:55 47.86
fetcheveryone FERC 6:02 6:02 6:20 6:02 61.97
Firestarter Hermitage Harriers RC 5:20 5:20 5:30 5:20 76.45
Hanneke FELL PONIES 6:46 6:46 6:59 6:46 65.45
hellen 100 Marathon Club, Barrow Runners 7:09 7:09 7:40 7:09 59.68
Iris Long Eaton Running Club 8:35 8:35 8:35 49.27
jude FERC 8:44 8:46 10:00 8:46 48.44
Little Barks Hermitage Harriers RC, Ivanhoe Robins 8:03 8:32 8:32 56.65
little chris fizz Burton AC 6:41 6:41 6:41 70.39
mjscool Unaffiliated 6:26 6:26 6:26 59.69
Ness FERC 7:43 8:01 9:00 8:20 53.67
nic the fizz Burton AC 6:42 7:14 7:00 7:25 57.02
orbital sander Unaffiliated 7:58 7:58 10:00 7:58 52.91
PeteFastFeet Unaffiliated 5:50 5:50 5:50 66.31
Pricey UKnetrunner 4:44 4:52 4:49 4:52 76.23
quimby Unaffiliated 7:59 7:59 8:30 7:59 54.96
Racin Snail Hermitage Harriers RC 5:15 5:15 5:10 5:15 71.82
Raptors Claws are Coming to Town FERC 7:05 7:23 8:05 7:31 61.59
SarahL FERC 6:20 6:20 6:15 6:20 66.40
sLickster Hermitage Harriers RC, Midland Masters A C 5:16 5:16 5:39 5:24 68.70
Snoo Long Eaton Running Club 8:46 8:46 8:46 47.89
Spaceman Unaffiliated 5:28 5:28 5:45 5:28 68.04
ThorntonRunner Hermitage Harriers RC 5:27 5:27 5:32 74.85
Trehis Mansfield Harriers & AC 5:52 5:52 5:52 70.05
Vi Ninety Day Challenge Burton AC 7:54 7:54 8:30 7:54 48.27

This event is listed on these dates:

race time (I recorded 5:54)
Tough from 400m in ;)
Yay! First note must be to congratulate Barky on an amazingly well organised event, with at least three times as many people attending - this could go global. Race went fantastically well. Laps in 88, 92, 92, 90 - well chuffed. CC2 Speedy Goth went for a kick past me on the back straight, but I did a little kick of my own and held her off... then with 100m to go, she kicked again, and came past me - and this time, despite throwing everything in, I couldn't quite keep up, and I lost out by a second. Hands on knees knackered at the end, and a fantastic 26 seconds off my December effort. Can we raise the fast-folks threshold to 5:30 for next time so I can still fight for the bronze?
orbital sander
no laffing at how rubbish i am :-)
i remember it used to take me about 8 mins in the odd PE lesson i did go to. but that was a vay vay long time ago.
Really have no idea how fast I can do a mile, but based on an average of 09:29 in a 5 mile race at the beginning of March, I'm going to say 08:30. But hope to go a bit faster.

SUB 8:00!!!! I ROCK!
Racin Snail
bit pissed off with myself as i panicked after the first lap(71 sec) and slowed way too much on the 2nd(83!!!) . finished strong but so i should have really!
Still a big p.b but with more confidence i think i would have broken 5 mins.
Good day out tho and you all still won your bets:-)
Better enter it, seeing as I live about 3miles away :-) - but I am in the middle of marathon training - so no promises!
Bring it on!!!!!!
*Edit*.....Might be a tall order to break the 5:30.....not worth a bet!!!
**EDIT2**....What a fab day...thoroughly enjoyed it, a great race with RS and eL Bee and a shiney new PB to boot:-)
nic the fizz
Hoping for 7 mins, if this calf strain clears up and i haven't completely wrecked it in the 400m races!
Small son will beat me regardless.

Not too bad after busy track meet on saturday!
Didn't have much energy left in my legs after running 12.5 miles of the fells over Sat and Sun. Didn't matter, as this was an absolutely FANTASTIC day out! Enjoyed every minute of it. And I now have a target for the London mile in June - - - when I will taper and will also have done some speedwork training for it rather than just recovering from Paris marathon! :)

Graet day out :)
Great race. PB by 22 seconds. Aimed for splits of 84, but did 81, 85, 86, 72, so a good finish then!
Scraped a PB by 1 second. Not done any speedwork for a while as I ran FLM a few weeks ago and am still in recovery mode. Pleased with time though. Great run by Ally, well done.
A full 18 seconds off my PB so really pleased. There was some good running by a lot of people today so well done all!
Would love to sneak a PB but not sure due to lack of running since FLM but I am a stubborn Pixie!
Alf Tupper
Great fun. Would love to go under 6 mins now.
anything sub 4:50 will be happy with. SP is quick so push each other hopefully to target. veyr happy with time knew a sub 4:45 was in me but felt Ok with quick first lap of 66 and hung in there for big PB. Great day well done to mr organiser Barky and so many fetchies out in force and running PBs.
never done a mile before so no idea really!!
been ill all week so not much hope of a pb * loved it!!* unofficial time of 7.49 which i am really pleased about all things considered
eL Bee!
Blimey - a PB, and a fantastic tussle with Firestarter. Superb race. I REALLY enjoyed that (In a prolapse you lungs, It hurts a LOT kind of way!)
first time at this distance
Raptors Claws are Coming to Town
Going for the craic! Not really expecting to crack 8 minutes. <br> UPDATE <br> What a great day out, AND an unexpected PB. Still soft - I'm going to blat it to smithereens at Wyndley in June :o)
still not properly back from injury so ran with Snoo who is also on her way back. Hard work but had quite a bit left at the end if I'd needed it. Nice. FAB hoever, to run with Snoo - good one word updates round the mile then crossed the line hand in hand *aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh* :):):):):):)
Loved it! Was hoping to just crack sub 7 minutes and made it with quite a few seconds to spare! Was bloody hard on tired legs from a 13 mile fell run on saturday and a 50 km bikeride on Sunday, but managed to keep a fairly even pace and not get an asthma attack :-) :-) :-)
A great day with lots of Fetchies and lots of fun and lots of cake :-)
Next one I shall be aiming for a PB again, as I think I can go faster :-)

Race Noticeboard

For useful updates, lift shares, cancellations etc:
  • On 25th Apr 2008 at 12:06pm, sLickster wrote: There is plenty of parking at the track and decent signs to find your way there! Race Director has asked if we can all be there for 9.45 am so we can fit everything in (between 10-12), which includes eating cake.
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