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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Ashby 20

Listed by CrazyLegs
, Ashby-de-la-Zouch LE65 UK
45 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
_j_ Barrow Runners 3:07:59 3:07:59 3:07:59 55.24
Boingy Leamington C & AC 2:41:36 2:55:27 3:00:00 2:55:27 53.11
Boycie Unaffiliated 2:09:29 2:11:07 2:11:07 70.66
Broccers Barrow Runners 3:43:00 3:43:00 3:45:00 3:43:00 46.14
C-Cat Northbrook AC, Warwick Uni Triathlon & Road Cycling Club 2:47:02 2:47:02 2:47:02 63.07
Dave45 Unaffiliated 2:54:18 2:54:18 2:54:18 53.15
Durbat Killamarsh Kestrels RC, Tickhill Velo 3:06:23 3:06:23 3:06:23 53.97
flanker Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, LDWA 2:30:28 2:59:29 3:00:00 2:59:29 52.17
Footpad Unaffiliated 3:01:48 3:13:17 3:30:00 3:13:17 50.34
Gaubfar Yaxley Runners and Joggers 2:43:16 2:43:16 2:43:16 56.75
Greenman Grantham Running club 2:10:02 2:13:13 2:13:13 73.04
hellen 100 Marathon Club, Barrow Runners 2:32:38 3:08:58 3:17:00 3:08:58 55.18
Homer FERC 2:58:17 2:58:17 3:00:00 2:58:17 51.99
Hubrun Shelton Striders 2:25:08 2:33:35 2:33:35 61.35
ironman Birstall RC, Leicester Triathlon Club 2:29:39 2:31:01 2:42:00 2:31:01 63.39
Jen+ Unaffiliated 3:17:24 3:17:24 3:30:00 3:17:24 53.03
KatieB Bedford Harriers AC 3:05:38 3:05:38 2:59:00 3:05:38 56.18
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 2:25:12 2:43:44 2:58:17 57.74
Lethargic Long Eaton Running Club 1:58:17 2:01:42 2:01:42 76.31
Lycra Hurricane Bedford Harriers AC, Rushden Runners 2:53:28 3:05:37 3:05:37 57.60
MAD Superman Redhill Road Runners 2:12:26 2:19:10 2:22:00 2:19:10 66.55
Malibu Northbrook AC 2:40:51 2:40:51 2:42:27 58.93
Marts Werrington Joggers 2:08:07 2:12:25 2:12:00 2:12:25 69.97
micklemil Unaffiliated 3:05:45 3:08:25 3:08:25 54.14
MonFee Long Eaton Running Club 2:23:39 2:23:39 2:23:39 71.63
mpkay Barrow Runners 2:22:39 2:22:39 2:22:39 64.92
Orangefleece Unaffiliated 2:52:29 2:52:29 3:05:00 2:52:29 53.84
paulcoz Northbrook AC 3:12:47 3:12:47 3:15:00 3:12:47 49.26
Pell Cambridge & Coleridge AC, West End Runners 2:15:01 2:15:01 2:15:00 2:15:01 68.62
phal Northbrook AC, FARC 2:34:03 2:57:16 2:57:16 58.05
Pupas Werrington Joggers 2:59:00 2:59:00 3:20:00 2:59:00 57.67
REALmadRED Collingwood AC 3:15:00 3:15:00 3:15:00 48.30
robp Northbrook AC 2:35:53 2:35:53 2:35:53 59.43
Rubberman Hermitage Harriers RC 2:30:56 2:30:56 2:40:00 2:30:56 62.92
Runnig Dude Leicester Coritanian AC 1:55:25 1:55:25 1:55:00 1:55:25 85.00
SPKoF Long Eaton Running Club 2:28:00 2:46:00 2:46:00 55.84
Stilldreaming Peel Road Runners 3:10:54 3:10:54 3:10:54 61.01
Super Kev Buckingham and Stowe Running Club 2:15:47 2:15:47 2:25:00 2:15:47 68.23
thesteadygroove Northbrook AC, Fell Runners Association 2:30:03 2:56:00 2:56:00 52.67
ThorntonRunner Hermitage Harriers RC 2:29:20 2:29:20 2:29:20 67.93
TriGuy Hermitage Harriers RC 3:02:00 3:02:00 3:00:00 3:02:00 51.03
TZ 100 Marathon Club, Winchester & District AC 1:59:51 2:17:13 2:25:00 2:17:13 67.68
vickster Unaffiliated 3:10:34 3:10:34 3:36:00 3:10:34 54.97
Vickyy Long Eaton Running Club 3:07:09
Zippy 123 Sinfin RC, Derby City Council Running Club 2:58:57 2:58:57 3:00:00 2:58:57 51.78

This event is listed on these dates:

More later.
Due to illness, had to pull out of this one - currently not able to train
have to rn 2:05 here in order to be on target for 2:44:59 at london.update this is never going to happen likely 2:12-2:15. Update . plan was even paced and HR 158bpm. ran neg splits by 24s. 5 mile splits 32:55, 33:29, 33:25, 32:36. didn't want to mash leg by getting into sprint for line and decision vindicated as won £5 spot prize:)
really enjoyed this although hard work at the end. Ran at what I think is my MP, really pleased with the time as I have not been well this week so was not expecting to maintain the pace
great FLM prep but my god i find it boring. wow, for the first time reasonable wweather. great time well chuffed (and no ipod boycie), could get good for my age with an open raod. 5 miles-35m, 10miles-1h.11m, 13 miles-1h 35 min, 15 miles 1h50min
I luv motorcyclists
will be my longerst run EVER.... :o) FLM prep :o) I'm up for the 9mm pacing group :o)

loved it all :o) Have put on garmin time as it was a minute faster than the official one and I'd already clocked over 20 miles on the garmin!!
Super Kev
An absolutely terrific race, I recommend this to everyone. Challenging & scenic route with great marshalling and plenty of support on route.
Great race. Loved every minute of it. Finished 29th overall and first of the mighty Harriers home!!! Some bizarre facts.

6.9 - 20 miles - 1.23.58 = half PB

10 - 20 miles - 63.47 = 10m PB

On the back of this I have entered the Stratford marathon... Sub3 here we come!!!
Really slow - honestly you don't have to wait for me!:

UPDATE: phew Got round a bit quicker than I thought.OK did this 20 mins quicker than predicted.... paying for it today with sore feet and legs but able to shuffle around ok.

Who made the course so hilly!! It was cirlcle so how come it was uphill all the way round!???

Great organisation and cheese roll was welcome............ hope the organisers forgive me if I don't return next year!!!
Great run - well up for the marathon now!
FLM training so we'll just see what happens UPDATE: I made it round without stopping!! longest run ever Saw lots of Fetchies and followed Katie B's bunchies in for the last mile :)
Very well organised race with very vocal and supportive Marshalls. Ran a good time and was very pleased to beat 3hrs although the last 5 were very hard.
never ran more than a half before but with Ironman Austria on the horizon I guess that I best get some miles in!
Great race, really enjoyed this one and very pleased with my time, bring on london!
Pleased with that: Treated as training run en route to Windermere Marathon in May. Planned to do first 15 at 7:45 pace and last five at 7:00 pace. Did first 15 at 7:39 overall and last 5 at 6:56 overall. Result:)
Hope it's warmer than last year.
** Update**
Ace race and met Mr Fetch at the end !!
MAD Superman
Well pleased
Was going ok until 17M when I developed stomach cramps and a stitch which slowed me down and made the last 3 miles seem like an eternity. Enjoyed it otherwise - was passed by Marts as usuall!!
Considering that was the longest run I have ever done, I'm well happy with that. Course was quite hilly, but really enjoyable. Marshalling and water stations were top notch. Ran strongly through most of the race, and my splits were fairly consistant, despite feeling a bit ropey at about 14miles. Came in 5 minutes ahead of my target time, and feel ready for tackling the marathon now. :-)
Never run 20 miles before - more nervous about this than the FLM!
Training run for Stratford marathon. Will be longest run ever by 2 miles. Hopin to do around 3:30 - 3:45 but main aim is to trot round reasonably comfortably! UPDATE - Thoroughly enjoyed the race. Was a little more undulating than expected, particularly the last couple of miles but overall felt reasonable and was glad to get round!! Fantastically orgainsed and marshalled
Lycra Hurricane
A great morale and confidence boosting run (accompanied by KatieB). One of the most enjoyable races I've done.
Tired legs after 1 mile that never got better or worse. Happy as I was expecting a disaster.
Have run this distance in 3hr 30 but hear this is very hilly so who knows!
great run, though official time dubious, can't see point of having chip timing if it starts at the start and not when you cross the start line, above is stopwatch time