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Shakespeare Marathon

Listed by Malibu
, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 UK
56 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
2run Unaffiliated 3:14:30 3:14:30 3:20:51 64.26
_j_ Barrow Runners 4:09:12 4:09:12
Alopex UKnetrunner 3:33:30 3:33:30 3:45:00 3:59:11 52.73
Babbit Northbrook AC 3:38:59 3:59:01 4:12:23 55.59
Binks Serpentine RC 3:06:55 3:07:55 3:07:55 66.51
Blackbird Leys (boy) 100 Marathon Club, Woodstock Harriers AC 3:17:25 3:24:08 3:32:32 64.46
Boycie Unaffiliated 2:54:18 2:56:05 2:56:00 3:01:46 68.76
Broccers Barrow Runners 5:02:52 5:02:52 4:45:00 5:02:52 45.87
bubble Worthing Striders 4:39:00 4:39:00 4:12:00 4:39:00 48.70
Cobra Batman Cobra RC, Halesowen A & CC 3:27:17 3:36:29 3:29:59 3:50:58 54.11
crash Royal Sutton Coldfield AC 2:43:00 3:11:44 3:10:00 3:17:44 63.21
Crash Hamster Pirate Ship Of Fools 3:29:11
darkhorse Ropsley Road Runners 3:41:08 3:52:22 4:15:00 4:12:30 51.14
Eastham75 Dengie 100 Runners 3:31:41 4:28:36 3:56:00 4:28:36 51.48
Fizz :-) Unaffiliated 4:08:42 4:34:49 4:30:00 4:34:49 52.21
flanker Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, LDWA 3:15:04 3:51:08 3:55:59 4:21:02 48.31
Foxy 100 Marathon Club, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:24:10 3:44:59 3:42:04 56.28
Franky Unaffiliated 4:18:26 4:35:18 4:20:00 4:35:18 46.90
Gobi Unaffiliated 2:38:57 2:38:57 2:43:00 2:40:33 78.16
Goiridh Unaffiliated 3:36:53 3:41:33 3:43:00 3:41:33 56.41
Halvedin3 Unaffiliated 2:44:00 3:38:42 3:45:00 3:38:42 57.20
Harbs Unaffiliated 4:08:51 4:15:14 4:15:14 49.14
herbies gone bananas Unaffiliated 3:18:28 3:22:21 3:49:00 54.55
Hubrun Shelton Striders 3:29:15 3:49:05 3:50:22 54.75
JAnders Telford Harriers 2:45:48 2:55:01 3:00:00 3:05:13 67.48
Janegirl Unaffiliated 3:57:00 3:57:00 4:15:00 3:57:00 62.64
Jogging Jon Wrekin Road Runners 3:44:35 4:16:16 4:40:43 46.77
Johnny Blaze Unaffiliated 3:59:35 4:10:30 4:30:00 4:10:30 55.20
KDJ Reading Joggers
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 3:01:51 3:21:18 3:58:12 58.35
LateStart Unaffiliated 3:48:21 4:13:49 4:00:00 4:13:49 51.73
lennoxr Maidenhead AC 2:54:34 3:08:04 3:24:00 3:21:29 62.56
leysrunner Unaffiliated 3:21:25 3:24:08 3:32:32 64.49
Longy Haverhill RC 3:15:55 3:16:11
Morriaty Eastern Veterans AC, Riverside Runners 3:14:58 3:20:15 3:37:54 65.77
Munter Hunter Unaffiliated 3:53:28 4:15:35 3:55:00 4:15:35 49.34
Nightjar Bedford Harriers AC, LDWA 3:40:42 3:40:42 3:30:00 4:19:06 51.10
ogee 100 Marathon Club, South London Harriers 3:10:24 3:37:00 4:15:00 50.20
philly1105 Unaffiliated 4:37:20 4:37:20 4:37:20 45.05
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 4:19:48 4:39:25 53.25
proper bo Unaffiliated 2:24:12 3:38:33 3:40:00 3:38:33 61.11
robp Northbrook AC 4:12:15 4:12:15 3:59:59 5:38:59 36.87
runner duck Unaffiliated 4:13:21 4:21:08 4:45:00 4:29:23 55.86
RunnyBunny Unaffiliated 4:23:42 4:55:36 4:55:36 48.21
Runstrong Southwest Roadrunners 3:17:49 3:19:45 3:29:00 3:19:45 63.59
sharmanian 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 2:32:40 2:42:27 3:00:00 2:58:19 70.09
sleepylion Unaffiliated 3:52:01 4:10:36 4:00:00 4:10:36 51.10
SoreBits Unaffiliated 3:27:48 3:27:48 4:00:00 3:31:42 69.55
Southcoastpete Unaffiliated 4:33:30 4:33:30 4:33:30 46.11
Stewey 100 Marathon Club, Roadhoggs Leicester AC 3:37:26 4:03:44 3:55:00 4:08:42 56.11
StuartM Unaffiliated 3:24:08 3:44:28 3:45:00 3:47:46 59.66
taulpaul Birmingham Swifts 3:30:24 3:46:59 3:58:20 52.65
thesteadygroove Northbrook AC, Fell Runners Association 3:28:44 3:39:56 3:58:10 52.48
Watford Wobble Unaffiliated 3:27:46 4:34:51 4:32:00 4:34:51 46.98
woody58 Sphinx AC 4:29:00 4:29:00 4:29:00 49.04
Zoom Chepstow Harriers 4:27:49 4:30:26 4:15:00 4:30:26 53.47

This event is listed on these dates:

Jogging Jon
Enjoyed the race, really good course. Found it hard going in the second half, but once I decided no chance of time I decided to treat the race as long slow run for the White Peaks marathon will do it again one day.
Did not go to plan. Started at steady 8 min per mile but had to ease back to 8:30 after first 8 miles before the wheels fell off at 15 miles.
I made it! A six weeks taper seems to have done the trick. Thank you for the support Barrow :)
Pacing Rach in the Half and then doing the marathon. Not really sure what I will do.
Watford Wobble
I hope to stay injury free for this one and if I do then I should beat my current PB. Update 20th March. Currently carrying a niggly knee injury and have reconsidered my goals after Silverston half on the 9th March. Hope now to post a time of 4:32.

I flunked it. Too hot, ached, left knee ached. And mostly not mentally up for this for some reason. It was always a 'B' race with Bethyblue's FLM being the goal. But now she's beating me to the line maybe I'll retire. Sorry folks who bet on me. But I tried my best.
plodding hippo
too fast a first half(2/05) plus heat put paid to any pb here-still-my second fastest ever marathon
Great well marshalled race with plentiful, water, isotonic and sponge stations. Weather made it tough going and struggled in the last 4 miles but still got there in under 4 hours so pleased with that. Finished 359 out of 748 finishers.
Bit warmer than expected. Felt strong all the way through - no real 'bad patches'. Really pleased with time.
crap run. details in the blog.
God did i struggle, met loads of Runners worl forumites before during and after, just found the heat and hills 2ndtimearound very hard.
still i finished so thatsit done.
A pb the day after 3 peaks. I'm astonished.
Crash Hamster
ITB went after 8 miles...not happy.
Will be my 4th attempt at the marathon and probably my last serious attempt at a fast time. Still dreaming of sub 4 but refuse to put pressure on myself.
Bloody hot but at least managed my PB. Now changed my mind will have another go at sub 4
Slashed my pb for this particular race by nearly 20 mins - well chuffed, particularly as I did it 2 weeks after FLM.
Johnny Blaze
My first marathon - and my family will be there. I just hope to get round in under 5 hours and anything else is a bonus. I have erred on the optimistic side as 26 miles is unknown territory to me!

UPDATE: well I got a great time despite conditions, and met lovely folks on day before and at race. Arms sore now but legs pretty ok!
BET BET BET - check out previous times - providing i am not injured or ill, I will smash my marathon time!
UPDATE: Let's try and focus on the positives. I finished 15th out of over 1000 starters, beat my PB by 18 minutes and ran sub 7 min miles. Despite that I feel really disappointed with my run. I was determined to run a sub 3 hour and so qualify GFA for London next year and sadly I didn't quite do it. The weather was most definitely to blame, having not run in temperatures much about 13c all year, it suddenly decide to have the sun glaring down on us and it must have been close to 20c. Combine this with a course that is every bit as dull as people warned me about before hand and sadly I couldn't quite manage it. Big shout out to Trumpton Riots, who rode with me for nearly 2 miles on the Greenway, when I was ready to give up and he got me to the stage where I was able to run to the finish (granted at a somewhat slower pace than I had managed for the first 18-20m)

I will blog some more thoughts later...
Fizz :-)
Depends how FLM goes, but I'm looking forward to running a marathon with my husband for the first time. :-)
Cobra Batman
Couldn't have gone much worse, started to slow at 12 miles and fell apart last 4-5 miles.

Back to the drawing board!!

First timer at this distance.
had a good run and was glad to be back at it after missing The Bath beat.
First full marathon ... hot day, greenway second time round was a nightmare
Hot! Great 2 lap marathon. Enjoyed catching people second time around along the Greenway.
Going really well until about 21 miles and then the man with the big hammer got me !! On course for 3:40 ish and then hit a brick wall, crawled the last 4 miles.
Another good ady at the office :) i had certainly found some consistency running a fraction quicker than I did in London 2 weeks previously.

i met up with Duncan part way around the course but again at about 10 miles he went away from me & i couldn't stay with him, but the same as Bratislava i reeled him at about 18 miles & went on ahead, I started to struggle over the last 5 miles which were mainly along a deserted old railway line going past the racecourse. i did have to walk a minute at 23 & 24 & for 30 seconds at 25 miles.

no t-shirt unless you bought one but a lovely medal featuring an abstract design of the Bard.

I ran in my Nationwide t-shirt as a thank you for all of their help with sponsorship :)
Thanks to Brian for all the training!!!!

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  • On 2nd Apr 2008 at 9:08pm, Eastham75 wrote: only 4weeks nowreally looking forward to this weekend, training good so far(touches head)
  • On 21st Apr 2008 at 11:27pm, Johnny Blaze wrote: The Dirty Duck is a good place for a drink - just opposite the RS theatre, which is being completely re-furb'd at the mo.