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Maidenhead Easter 10

Listed by lammo
Westacott Way, Littlewick Green, Westacott Way, Littlewick Green Maidenhead SL6 UK
51 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
#runningman 🏃 Unaffiliated 1:11:36 1:11:36 1:15:00 1:11:36 62.16
BABOY Reading Roadrunners, Serpentine RC 59:15 1:03:39 1:04:00 1:03:39 69.92
Beware Of The Fish Datchet Dashers 1:02:57 1:07:26 1:07:26 71.79
Blakey 26.2 RRC 26.2 Road Runners Club 1:12:20 1:12:20 1:15:00 1:12:20 62.50
BrettFalcus Unaffiliated 1:12:17 1:17:08 1:17:08 58.29
Buttercup Unaffiliated 1:21:52 1:21:52 1:30:00 1:21:52 60.64
Damo666 Striders of Croydon AC 1:00:13 1:00:37 1:02:00 1:00:37 75.03
Dibble FERC, Maidenhead & District Cycling Club 1:06:56 1:26:15 1:30:00 1:26:15 57.96
ELYIAN Unaffiliated 58:30 58:30 58:30 78.30
emdee Kendal AC 1:04:00 1:24:41 1:30:00 1:27:42 50.67
Floating Runner Unaffiliated 1:17:55 1:17:55 1:20:00 1:17:55 60.67
Flying pig Unaffiliated 1:17:00 1:24:00 1:24:00 53.27
GAZGIB Bracknell Forest Runners 1:09:41 1:21:56 1:28:00 1:24:36 53.78
Gert Unaffiliated 1:19:53 1:19:53 1:19:53
Gobi Unaffiliated 56:02 56:02 57:39 78.92
Gymfreak Datchet Dashers 1:11:03 1:18:11 1:19:59 61.78
hungry hippo Purple Patch Runners 1:22:01 1:22:01 1:25:00 1:22:01 60.61
IronDaz Burnham Joggers 59:33 1:07:28 1:07:28 66.65
Jonny Unaffiliated 1:06:28 1:13:29 1:13:29 60.71
Keefy Beefy Unaffiliated 1:08:35 1:08:35 1:08:35 64.75
keets Unaffiliated 1:15:18 1:19:59 1:20:00 1:19:59 57.30
Kew Reading Joggers 1:13:43 1:21:56 1:21:56 60.60
Knox Reading Joggers 1:25:01 1:27:07 1:27:07 60.10
Little Jen Unaffiliated 1:12:30 1:12:30 1:16:11 65.25
little monkey Unaffiliated 1:36:02 1:36:02 1:50:00 1:36:02 53.30
LittleBird Alchester RC (Bicester) 1:32:37 1:32:37 1:32:37 53.66
MadJonny Unaffiliated 1:19:56 1:24:44 1:24:44 54.09
manicstreetpounder Unaffiliated 1:00:16 1:03:56 1:04:00 1:03:56 71.69
Martyn Fisher Almost Athletes 1:17:27 1:17:27 1:19:00 1:17:27 61.52
Michael G Reading Roadrunners, Trail Running Association 59:05 1:01:03 1:01:03 78.63
MISERABLEMRGILES Witney Road Runners 1:01:54 1:06:59 1:06:59 66.27
mogwaibat Unaffiliated 1:21:00 1:21:53 1:21:53 60.68
Morf Reading Joggers 1:11:16 1:23:10 1:33:48 56.12
nabox Unaffiliated 1:08:39 1:13:12 1:10:00 1:13:12 64.58
Nic.1 50 Marathon Club, Reading Joggers, Wargrave Runners 1:09:52 1:39:40 1:39:40 65.10
Nick Cook Unaffiliated 1:19:17 1:22:58 1:23:00 1:22:58 60.79
ninjaman Striders of Croydon AC 1:04:26 1:08:01 1:10:00 1:08:05 70.53
Pink Marshmallow Marlow Striders 1:31:28 1:31:28 1:50:00 1:31:28 56.35
pkirkby Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 1:27:18 1:27:18 1:27:18 56.91
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 1:27:50 1:30:42 1:30:42 57.26
Rach E Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 1:00:24 1:04:08 1:00:59 1:04:08 77.07
RFJ Swindon Striders 1:02:46 1:05:27 1:12:30 1:11:59 64.16
Running Fish Unaffiliated 59:49 1:01:00 1:01:00 78.11
RuthB2 Haslemere Border AC 1:18:37 1:27:36 1:29:00 1:27:36 56.43
Shortstop:o) Unaffiliated 1:18:41 1:23:38 1:23:38 59.51
Sid Sandhurst Joggers 1:11:42 1:22:02 1:24:33 60.54
smileydood@hotmail.com Unaffiliated 1:31:03 1:31:03 1:31:03 55.01
stevie g Marlow Striders 1:04:16 1:04:57 1:04:57 68.35
tiger-turnbull Unaffiliated 1:11:47 1:11:47 1:13:00 1:11:47 63.85
Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) Buckingham and Stowe Running Club 1:31:30 1:33:39 1:38:00 1:33:39 56.94
Waveydavey Reading Roadrunners 1:09:41 1:14:45 1:15:00 1:14:45 63.24

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Running Fish
dont like road races, dont like flat courses, dont like running in the morning. i had a great time. apart from that, very well organised and marshalled. ran too slowly expecting to be confronted by sustained period of headwind running at some stage, but it didnt appear, and finished with too much left. foof!
Martyn Fisher
Pre-Race: This is my PB course from a couple of years ago.
Post-Race: This is my NEW PB course ! V pleased with the run.
I managed to keep a 6:30 m/m pace for Wokingham HM last month. So on that basis I'm going for a sub-65 minute time for this race. I've got one or two niggling injuries that may hold me back a bit though. UPDATE: My chip time is 1:03:56 - so very pleased with the time. Enjoyed the course - apart from the bits that were exposed to the wind - and it was very well marshalled. I hope the person needing attention in the finishing straight is OK.
Hoping I'll be in good enough shape for a PB. It's going to be a tough Easter with the Compton 20 the day after but I'll give both 100%. Should be fresh for this one. Sorry to those who bet on me. Felt good after 3 miles but calf started to tighten again from there on. Just didn't feel good for the last 7 miles and became a bit of a struggle. Had a problem with my health this week which may have been a factor, I think I'm developing another cold :(
Keefy Beefy
Very good! At best was aiming for 6:52/mile (90-min HM pace) and at worst 7:00/mile. Kept on pace for the first 5 windy miles and then speeded up for the last 5, which were definitely net downhill. Looks promising for a 90-min HM in the next few weeks.
Pleased to run as planned.
Felt awful all week, and doubted being able to complete the race, so was pleasantly surprised with my time.
Felt good first five, loafed a bit up the incline to the railway bridge. Finished strongly. Happy with the time. Garmin has me running nearly a tenth of a mile extra - must have been the wind blowing me around like a leaf :)
Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB)
WooHoooooooooooooo! But boy was it windy.
Blisters galore (X socks) but no aches in my knees or calves. Legs felt tired all the way around - battling against the wind didn't help! 31 seconds slower than last year.
Great, flat, well run race. Very happy with my time!
Floating Runner
going for a sub 80, not sure if will manage it outside but will try to pb anyway.
Managed to sub 8 min mile Reading half, will be going out to break 80 mins definately.
little monkey
hopefully get to do it this year as uninjured,
Rach E
I will attempt to run at as close to 6m/m as I can (ankle injury permitting). ***UPDATE*** I was pleased to run how I did given I've hardly run for a month owing to an ankle niggle. I couldn't expect to get close to a pb but the fact I kept consistent mile splits shows I didn't blow up(!) 3rd lady. Now to get some speed back...
Wind slowed me considerably but enjoyed the rest - found someone and stuck with them all the way round
#runningman 🏃
My last warm up race before the London Marathon.
My best over this distance was 1.16.40 set in a training run so 1. 15 would be a new PB for me.
Would like to achieve it but it is not my most important focus as this is my last warm up event for the London Marathon.

After race comment
Went far better than I could have expected and absoloutely chuffed with a new 10 mile PB of 1 hr 11 min 36 secs.
Would like to beat Ryde 10 time (73:XX) that was hilly, this is flat.... but was very windy, (and it wasnt my wind eitehr...)

Met up with PH, Gobi, Rach and Keefy Beefy before the start and went for a warm up with Gobi, then we heard that the race was delayed, Gobi turned round and siad "another lap dear fellow..." or words to that effect, so off we went for another 10 mins..... 1.75m warm up done....

The start was congested with too many slower runners close to the front and whinging that they were being barged about.........

1 - 6:53 and a good start
2 - 6:56 mmm feeling good and comfy, say hi to all that I see on other side of road.... a nice booster.
3 - 6:49 comfortable and rolling along nicely...
4 - 7:26 Spoke to soon, round the corner and the wind hit, legs and body went too....
5 - 7:24 Same as above on a track on open fields, no protection from wind.....
6 - 7:00 come aout of wind and is quite warm for a while
7 - 7:11 A few twists and turns but not running great and want the end to come quickly.... it doesnt...
8 - 7:23 Ah our friend the wind is back..........
9 - 7:52 Wind, body rejection and what seems a mile that went on for ever....
10 - 7:01 A bit better and come to the end at last (Ambulance has come in for some guy 200m short of the finish, followed by air ambulance (hope and pray he is OK)

1:11:59, finish 225th, better than Ryde 10, but could do better....... still 6 min 30 secs outside PB.

Compton 20 tomorrow.....
Yes. I had a good one. Trick seems to be to start conservatively and do a negative split. Thanks to Chris who had a bit of an off day but helped me in the second half of the race.
20th overall 3rd in Berkshire Solid run in Windy conditions. Legs worked well.
Pulled ham string at 3 miles. Carried on but kept stopping to stretch it. Good flat course. PB potential. Would do againg.
Wasn't looking for a particularly good time - just enjoy running this course. Pleased to get under 1-25 in the end, and to run a negative split. The strong headwind slowed me at 4.5 and 8.5 miles but managed a 7-45 mile to finish. Enjoyed running quickly without pushing too hard. Once the sun got out it was quite warm and pleasant where the wind relented.
Pink Marshmallow
Blustery and like running into a gale force 10 !!!!!
PB! Could have done better if feeling on top of my game.
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