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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Lancaster Half Marathon

, Lancaster LA1 UK
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14 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
APC Unaffiliated 1:28:50 1:32:34 1:32:34 67.18
Barks Unaffiliated 2:00:10 2:00:10
Bungleboy Lancaster & Morecambe AC 1:43:48 1:52:46 2:00:00 1:52:46 52.73
Cheeseman75 Unaffiliated 1:37:28 1:41:17 1:41:00 1:42:29 57.88
clairster Stockport Harriers & AC 1:41:11 1:45:35 1:55:00 1:45:35 62.70
DJ Bangey Kendal AC 1:18:28 1:24:49 1:27:15 1:24:49 70.35
JennyJane Unaffiliated 2:05:18 2:14:59 2:14:59 50.86
JustT Rossendale Harriers & AC, Rossebdale Triathlon Club 2:03:40 2:03:40 2:10:00 2:03:40 55.97
kstuart Trail Running Association, FERC 1:50:01 1:57:03 2:06:19 46.88
LEJ1976 Warrington Road Runners 1:34:17 1:47:39 1:47:39 55.03
PhilG1968 Unaffiliated 1:40:45 1:40:45 1:43:00 1:40:45 61.24
Rents Harmeny AC 1:34:38 1:43:57 1:43:57 61.28
Striderdan St. Helens Striders 1:27:29 1:27:29 1:30:15 69.46
WorkersPlaytime Unaffiliated 1:44:59 1:53:56 1:54:00 1:53:56 55.91

This event is listed on these dates:

Lovely stuff. Nice to be back in Lancaster. Thanks to Jenny Jane for a bath and bolognaise, and to the marshalls for serving water with ice in it (well hail really).
DJ Bangey
Thankfully I had my Garmin on for this race as the mile markers were all over the place, so i could keep myself on an even pace. Set a nice and quick pace, and managed to push on in the last few miles to set a new P.B. A nice and fast course that follows the same route as the Wagon & horses 10 mile race route. Managed to finish before the hail came, which was nice!
They did warn us at the start that the mile markers weren't in the right places. It totally threw my pace though, seemingly going from 7 and a half minute miles after 4 to almost 9 minute miles by 6? Only to find that they must have lost the 11 mile marker and I had done 11 rather than 10 miles and needed an 8 minute last mile to break my PB. Talk about a rollercoaster ride! Still, great race and I'll be back.
My first half,(sound f nail biting):)
UPDATE- Not bad, took it nice and steady. Now know I can push it a bit further on the next one. Great run.
Brilliantly organised and a bloody hard race. But well worth it, even with the hailstorm in the last mile. Nice and muddy at the finish.

Big thanks to Chewitt who was there in the final corner, and allowed me to have a much needed shower and a nice hot cup of tea, really appreciate it.
A diabolically poor run. I think I need a rest, a long rest.

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kstuart 9th Nov 08, 18:25