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Beachy Head Marathon

Listed by Paulie
Eastbourne, Eastbourne East Sussex BN20 UK
45 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
.B. Eastbourne Rovers AC 4:19:06 5:26:00 5:26:00 44.70
angelis Unaffiliated 2:55:06 3:14:59 4:12:00 4:03:00 54.47
atrain247 FERC 3:43:20 3:58:12 4:42:00 44.35
CaptWonderPants Sutton Runners 5:00:00
chunky boy Hastings Runners 3:49:54 3:58:15 4:59:00 4:48:20 44.03
Dalya Dorking & Mole Valley AC 4:31:27 4:37:23 5:06:10 48.49
Dawnp Billericay Striders RC 4:32:07 5:42:59 5:45:00 5:56:00 39.29
Deadbeat 100 Marathon Club, Wimborne AC, Zoom Tri Club 3:05:30 3:27:54 4:00:33 54.11
Eastham75 Dengie 100 Runners 3:31:41 4:28:36 5:00:00 5:06:42 45.07
Fox on a run Stockport Harriers & AC 2:59:19 3:18:58 3:59:59 4:08:00 52.05
GazzaC Unaffiliated 3:50:40 4:24:00 6:00:00 5:26:04 38.35
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 3:49:56
GregP East Essex Triathlon Club, Springfield Striders RC 4:48:02 5:39:54 5:39:54 39.28
Grey Tornado Lewes AC, West 4 Harriers 2:55:38 3:30:00 3:30:00 3:30:00 59.49
hardtail Hastings Runners 3:16:43 3:16:43 4:05:00 50.99
HerefordshireLass Black Pear Joggers 5:41:31 8:30:00 8:30:00 27.43
Hibeedeb Wrekin Road Runners, Pirate Ship Of Fools 3:59:58 6:10:00 6:10:00 42.67
jeronimo 100 Marathon Club, Wimborne AC 2:51:57 3:08:38 4:10:00 52.50
Joe Hawk Datchet Dashers 2:56:05 3:07:00 3:40:00 4:11:00 49.77
Jollie Dagenham 88 Runners 4:26:24 6:47:00 6:47:00 33.28
Kent plodder Sevenoaks AC 3:12:18 3:12:18 4:30:00 4:34:00 47.11
KerryGold Unaffiliated 3:27:00 3:31:03 7:45:00 30.31
kink bunny No running club 4:11:42 5:13:28 6:00:00 6:38:24 34.05
kstuart Trail Running Association, FERC 3:58:03 4:26:23 5:00:00 5:36:00 37.18
LucyG Compton Harriers RC 3:15:31 3:24:12 4:45:00 4:03:38 63.20
Monkex Tunbridge Wells Harriers 6:45:03 7:23:09 6:00:00 7:23:09 31.19
Mr Woo Striders of Croydon AC 3:25:53 3:29:22 5:00:00 7:15:00 28.72
Nightjar Bedford Harriers AC, LDWA 3:40:42 3:40:42 4:15:00 5:16:00 42.25
Paulie Trail Running Association 3:30:21 3:30:21 3:55:00 4:13:00 53.22
PaulXC Lingfield RC 3:13:15 3:38:05 4:45:00
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 4:19:48 5:50:48 41.82
RocketRoy Dagenham 88 Runners 3:15:43 4:00:00 4:00:00 52.05
roverman 100 Marathon Club 4:33:17 5:06:21 6:08:39 35.90
SK aka Clive Ashford and District RRC 4:22:00 4:22:00 5:50:00 5:08:00 47.09
SoVeryTired Unaffiliated 3:47:49 8:20:00 8:20:00 24.99
Steal Dutch Gin Garden City Runners 3:09:33 3:46:00 4:00:00 4:19:00 51.99
Sting Ray Dagenham 88 Runners, Pitsea Running Club, Flyers Southend 3:47:38 5:11:00 6:00:00 5:11:00 40.17
SuzyWoo Orpington Road Runners 3:13:40 3:28:39 7:16:00 31.06
tartantrotter Unaffiliated 5:46:00 6:55:00 6:55:00 33.30
Tracey G Harwich Runners 5:06:34 5:56:05 6:45:00 36.22
TracyC Dagenham 88 Runners 4:21:07 5:45:00 5:45:00 39.26
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! 100 Marathon Club 4:06:30 4:24:22 5:49:10 43.03
UltraCas Unaffiliated 4:59:00 5:11:00 8:43:00 26.06
Ultracat Metro Aberdeen 4:18:27 4:25:15 6:22:00 43.54
wookie Tunbridge Wells Harriers 3:20:56 3:33:59 4:44:00 45.83

This event is listed on these dates:

A fantastic event, with perfect organisation, cheerful marshals, enthusiastic spectators, and friendly competitors. Added to all that, the scenery is just wonderful, with great views across the rolling downs and over the spectacular cliffs at the finish.
ran with my dog in her first marathon she was first dog home. Now won first dog home twice with two different dogs.
No 1252
Will not be a PB but hope to improve on last years time.
Joe Hawk
NO 222. Probably around 3:40. Strained my right on the second of the b*tches
Walked it with my Dad and had a great day out....but walking takes too long so I'll be back running next year
I really want to get on the official results this year!!

And I did :)
i expect to have to run walk most of this.
Lovely day for a run, a bit windy at times but dry and sunny for most of the race. Lovely scenery and everyone very friendly.
kink bunny
walked from about mile 19, was hard work but finishing was my goal :) will do it again
20% running, 80% walking due to painful feet :-(
That was the toughest thing that I have ever done by a long way!!
Mr Woo
Did i underestimate how hard this would be???? ERRRRMMMM.......YES SIRY BOB!!!!
Hard Race. This is my nemises! I will run under 5 hours one day on this event
I don't know who was foolish enough to bet on me but sorry! Decided to enjoy the day and bimbled round with a couple of pirate friends - average HR was 117, so don't think I pushed myself hard enough somehow!
Kent plodder
This is my first Beachy Head. It was also my first run at all following a 3 week lay-off with plantar fasciitiis. I have heard a lot of good comments so was really looking forward to doing it. I knew it would be very hilly(especially the last 6 miles) . I was not sure how my foot would deal with the distance but was fairly confident that I'd be okay, especially being off road felt .

Anyway I left my watch at home and decided to take it easy for a change and enjoy the atmosphere and scenery.

I arrived late, just as the gun was fired. Had to hand in bag and sort out my number. I didn't rush or get stressed at all and by the time I had done this race was about 5-10 minutes old. It was nice to start at the back of the field and I pinned my number to my shirt as I walked up the first hill.

It was enjoyable running from the bacjk of the field and slowly overtaking runners, joggers and walkers. Chatted to a few people. By about 8 miles I realised my foot was alright and I had run the rustiness out of my legs. I decided to pick up the pace which I maintaned up to checkpoint 2 oto 3. I was feeling great until about 19.5 miles when we reached the first of the climbs. I ran the first one and regretted it as it took just about all my strength. From then on I ran/walked the remaining hills until the last one where I managed to run up knowing it was all don hill after the top. Once I reached the top I finished quite strongly although I felt a slight cramping in my right calf.

Was happy with a 4:34 finish (not that I knew until this afternoon when the results were published, as I didn't wear a watch and there was no clock at the finish).That's the longest I've ever taken to finish a race.(even slower than Three Forts)

I really enjoyed this race and hope to be back again to experience it many times in the future...
SK aka Clive
Did this last year, what a race (or walk come the end !) Would like to beat my time of 5.50 last year, will try not to eat too much at the Checkpoints this time!!!
This was my first Beachy, and my first offroad marathon. It was tough, but had a super atmosphere in terms of cameraderie. Beautifully organsied, and beautiful weather, too.
great race. lovely day. In pain from about half way.
One of the hardest races you will ever run,if you can run the whole thing i take my hat off to you. Beautifull suroundings.

Race Noticeboard

For useful updates, lift shares, cancellations etc:
  • On 1st May 2008 at 8:09pm, Eastham75 wrote: I expect this to be very much a run walk.
  • On 25th Sep 2008 at 8:20am, UltraCas wrote: Walking with my Dad this year - this is revenge for being made to climb Snowdon age 4 and walk the Pennine Way age 5!


GregP 29th Oct 08, 07:05
kink bunny 27th Oct 08, 21:03
SK aka Clive 27th Oct 08, 13:06
Dalya 27th Oct 08, 12:49
Ultracat 27th Oct 08, 08:39
kstuart 26th Oct 08, 22:03
Nightjar 26th Oct 08, 15:42
GregP 26th Oct 08, 09:07
GregP 25th Oct 08, 05:05
Nightjar 24th Oct 08, 20:02
Ultracat 24th Oct 08, 11:58
Nightjar 24th Oct 08, 08:46
GregP 24th Oct 08, 06:51
GregP 23rd Oct 08, 09:08
Roobarb 21st Oct 08, 22:27