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Abingdon Marathon

Listed by SteveT
, Abingdon OX14 UK
125 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
a.k.a Billy Dunstable RRC 3:29:33 3:40:09 3:39:47 3:40:09 56.75
AlB Unaffiliated 3:22:33 3:22:33 3:22:33 75.09
angelis Unaffiliated 2:55:06 3:14:59 3:21:00 3:14:59 67.88
Avon Reading Joggers 2:58:29 3:55:00 3:55:00 53.21
B Rubble Dursley Running Club 2:59:00 3:06:43 3:14:00 3:06:43 70.29
Badger FERC 4:04:02 4:18:09 4:23:25 49.82
Baron von Sharon Headington RoadRunners 4:06:11 4:19:35 4:30:00 4:19:35 52.17
BEAGLE79 Unaffiliated 3:58:00 3:57:00
beders Ilkley Harriers AC 3:54:39 3:54:39 3:44:59 3:54:39 59.98
Beejay Southwell RC 3:18:28 3:28:38 3:25:00 3:28:38 60.85
BigEvilC Unaffiliated 3:15:57 3:20:21 3:29:59 3:22:19 65.42
Blackbird Leys (boy) 100 Marathon Club, Woodstock Harriers AC 3:17:25 3:24:08 3:56:20 58.48
borobhoy Knaresborough Striders 3:29:10 3:30:49 3:40:00 3:48:13 54.74
bree Watford Joggers 3:10:25 3:32:44 3:32:44 71.49
BrettFalcus Unaffiliated 3:39:39 3:47:02 3:47:02 55.08
BUBBA Unaffiliated 4:02:00 4:02:00 4:02:00
CanaryYellow Unaffiliated 3:59:32 5:07:42 4:39:59 5:13:35 39.84
CaniRuna Stubbington Green Runners, Royal Navy AC 2:55:33 3:09:16 3:15:00 3:09:16 66.27
Capricorn Unaffiliated 3:27:16 3:37:55 3:44:59 3:37:55 67.32
Chaz Wootton Road Runners 2:54:17 3:17:45 3:19:00 3:17:45 63.18
chidge Stockport Primary Care Trust Running Club 3:19:12 3:19:12 3:19:12 63.74
Chilly Riverside Runners 3:04:42 3:04:42 3:04:42 67.64
chrisp1 hillingdon triathletes
ChrisW Ranelagh Harriers 3:35:15 3:35:15 3:41:00 3:35:15 61.26
Cliffy tc Unaffiliated 4:36:12 4:36:12 4:30:00 4:36:12 45.64
daveski Cambridge & Coleridge AC 3:20:04 3:28:19 3:30:00 3:28:19 61.96
Deenzy Wimbledon Windmilers 3:26:07 3:28:45 3:25:00 3:28:45 60.09
DPBadger FERC 4:05:00 4:43:00 4:43:00 44.15
DPowles Portsmouth Joggers Club 3:05:55 3:15:52 3:15:00 3:15:52 63.85
Dull Napoleon™ Trent Park Running Club 3:01:29 3:05:40 3:00:00 3:05:40 75.80
Duncs 100 Marathon Club, Bracknell Forest Runners 3:23:46 3:23:46 3:23:46 62.31
El Setho Headington RoadRunners 2:54:37 4:11:10 4:11:10 49.74
emmanicholls Unaffiliated 3:33:08 3:40:55 3:59:59 3:40:55 61.30
Fannyfernackerpan Unaffiliated 4:33:01 4:38:31 4:30:00 4:38:31 49.11
Festina Lente Sudbury Court RC, VEGAN RUNNERS UK 4:52:00 4:54:00 4:54:00 47.44
flanker Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, LDWA 3:15:04 3:51:08 3:49:59 3:51:08 54.54
fraserwilson Unaffiliated 5:11:26 5:11:26 4:30:00 5:11:26 40.11
Gandhi Coltishall Jaguars 3:57:49 3:59:02 4:15:43 59.32
Gasheader Swaledale Road Runners 3:08:59 3:35:50 3:40:00 3:35:50 62.93
Geprig Bishops Stortford RC 3:08:11 3:24:27 3:29:00 3:24:27 64.74
Gerund Unaffiliated 3:04:09 3:04:09 3:12:31 74.44
gingerbreadman Stockport Harriers & AC 2:55:15 3:10:59 2:59:59 3:17:11 64.39
Gogeroo RAF AC 3:31:01
hellen 100 Marathon Club, Barrow Runners 3:12:21 4:11:21 4:12:00 4:11:21 54.94
Hendo FERC 3:37:31 3:38:06 3:45:00 3:38:06 57.28
heres johnny Unaffiliated 4:06:52 4:06:52 4:06:52 53.61
Hobbitbean Erme Valley Harriers 2:55:24 3:11:54 3:15:00 3:11:54 65.17
Hollywoof! Unaffiliated 3:21:40 3:24:51 3:50:01 54.37
J-Lard Stubbington Green Runners 4:06:00 4:45:42 4:45:42 49.34
JBD Benfleet RC 3:53:35 3:53:35 3:53:35 55.26
Jezzer Chorlton Runners 3:15:47 3:26:57 3:30:00 3:26:57 69.89
Jo P Caerleon Running club 3:45:46 4:03:17 4:03:17 60.29
Jogging Pioneer Unaffiliated 3:41:41 4:30:28 4:30:28 46.19
jonah Stockport Harriers & AC 2:49:59 2:54:10 2:59:28 75.03
Jonny Unaffiliated 3:27:32 3:30:05 3:49:28 54.44
josephine123456 Bishops Stortford RC 4:17:21 4:17:21 4:10:00 4:17:21 52.63
KerryGold Unaffiliated 3:27:00 3:31:03 3:31:03 66.79
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 3:01:51 3:21:18 3:38:06 62.12
Kittenheels Kath Unaffiliated 4:16:27 4:16:27 4:33:00 4:16:27 57.20
Kitty Serpentine RC 4:37:10 4:42:00 4:47:00 47.19
Konaboy Reading Roadrunners 3:35:22 3:35:22 3:45:00 3:35:22 60.43
krusty Bournville Harriers 3:21:02 3:21:02 3:21:02 71.29
kstuart Trail Running Association, FERC 3:58:03 4:26:23 4:15:00 4:36:14 45.23
Laura27 Unaffiliated 4:19:37 4:19:37 4:19:37 52.17
leysrunner Unaffiliated 3:21:25 3:24:08 3:56:20 58.49
libra Unaffiliated 3:24:11 3:35:48 3:36:00 3:35:48 69.62
Lieutenant Lucerne Unaffiliated 3:10:19 3:11:07 3:11:07 71.07
Lorenzo Dorking & Mole Valley AC 3:06:27 3:18:46 3:25:00 3:18:46 64.41
LucyG Compton Harriers RC 3:15:31 3:24:12 3:22:02 3:24:12 75.40
Lumsdoni Trail Running Association, Stotfold Runners 4:11:22 4:11:22 4:10:00 4:11:22 49.70
manicstreetpounder Unaffiliated 2:54:19 2:55:17 2:55:17 72.43
MarkC Unaffiliated 3:31:01 3:43:41 3:40:00 3:43:41 56.36
MattTheRat Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:51:39 2:59:12 2:55:00 2:59:12 73.86
Max71 Serpentine RC 4:26:37 5:27:17 9:00:00 5:27:17 42.45
Michael G Reading Roadrunners, Trail Running Association 2:52:24 2:52:24 2:50:00 2:58:08 74.94
micklemil Unaffiliated 4:19:08 4:19:08 4:19:08 52.45
mile muncher Thetford AC 3:52:18 4:02:02 3:59:58 4:08:08 59.12
monki FERC 3:22:30 3:38:45 3:40:00 3:38:45 57.17
moore06 Unaffiliated 3:55:56 4:03:46 4:03:46 57.22
Morriaty Eastern Veterans AC, Riverside Runners 3:14:58 3:20:15 3:20:15 71.57
Mr Woo Striders of Croydon AC 3:25:53 3:29:22 3:30:00 3:29:22 59.67
Mr_Trim Unaffiliated 4:04:59 4:04:59 4:04:59 51.46
mummyrunner Unaffiliated 4:26:00 4:28:00 4:28:00 50.55
MumOnTheRun Unaffiliated 3:50:32 3:50:32
mung_bean VEGAN RUNNERS UK, TEAM BALANCISE 2:54:36 2:54:36 2:54:36 71.54
Mutant Calves Unaffiliated 4:21:23 4:22:34 4:15:00 4:22:34 49.16
nabox Unaffiliated 3:26:38 3:26:38 3:40:00 3:26:38 62.99
Neil E Dunnin Almost Athletes 3:57:45 4:34:26 5:00:00 4:45:00 46.84
neiltaff Unaffiliated 3:12:08 3:25:36 3:25:36 67.23
Nightjar Bedford Harriers AC, LDWA 3:40:42 3:40:42 3:59:00 3:53:25 57.19
Njord Wirral AC 2:42:09 2:56:15 2:56:15 71.17
No.8 ™ Unaffiliated 2:40:48 2:40:48 2:40:48 78.01
northern_runner Bowland Fell Runners, BRJ Run and Tri 3:27:46 3:39:20 3:39:20 63.02
Odeon1085 Unaffiliated 2:46:24 2:52:26 2:50:00 2:52:26 72.45
oldbiddynandi Unaffiliated 4:30:19 5:29:00 5:29:00 51.24
Oldie-baldie Compton Harriers RC 3:17:01 3:28:47 3:30:00 3:28:47 63.94
Oxfordhammer Headington RoadRunners 3:27:47 4:52:41 4:52:41 45.22
Padams St. Albans Striders 2:29:05 2:29:05 2:44:00 2:44:58 75.73
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 4:19:48 4:19:48 56.47
postie postie Headington RoadRunners 2:49:57 3:12:46 3:30:00 3:12:46 66.40
Q Mac Unaffiliated 4:39:33 4:39:33 5:12:47 40.59
Rapscallion Farnham Runners, Gloucester AAC 4:33:01 4:38:31 4:38:31 46.34
Rob Runner Didcot Runners 3:09:35 3:30:56 3:30:56 61.70
satkin55 White Horse Harriers AC 3:34:51 3:34:51 3:45:00 3:34:51 61.60
Schnecke North Herts Road Runners 3:58:29 4:36:09 4:45:00 4:36:09 57.91
silverfox2 Unaffiliated 3:43:03 3:43:03 3:45:00 3:43:03 58.84
Snapstinget FERC 4:13:24 4:13:24 5:13:00 46.21
st bernard Heathfield RRC 3:09:15 3:28:19 3:29:59 3:28:19 64.09
steeplechaser Alchester RC (Bicester), St Austell Running Club 3:03:12 3:30:51 3:30:51 65.55
SteveT Hart Road Runners 2:49:53 2:49:53 2:52:00 2:49:53 77.26
Stouty Unaffiliated 3:22:09 4:15:00 4:15:00 48.99
stuart little Beverley AC, Sheffield RC 2:55:50 2:58:24 2:59:59 2:58:24 70.03
StuartM Unaffiliated 3:24:08 3:44:28 3:44:28 61.04
SuzyWoo Orpington Road Runners 3:13:40 3:28:39 3:28:39 64.91
The great dollop Unaffiliated
TickTock Unaffiliated 2:55:26 3:11:44 3:23:18 62.97
tonaldo Unaffiliated 3:56:00 3:56:00 3:56:00 55.87
Tone Stubbington Green Runners 2:50:41 2:58:10 2:58:10 70.40
Treacle Unaffiliated 4:28:28 4:40:26 4:59:00 4:40:26 49.54
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! 100 Marathon Club 4:06:30 4:24:22 4:30:00 4:33:10 55.00
Uniqua The Pink Knight Unaffiliated 3:49:00 3:49:00 3:49:00 59.73
WD40 Liss Runners, Portsmouth Triathletes 3:02:52 3:02:52 2:59:00 3:02:52 68.94
Wheabs Wilmslow RC 3:56:25 3:56:25 3:45:00 3:56:25 54.60
wozzlehunter Portsmouth Joggers Club 2:59:47 3:11:51 3:05:00 3:11:51 72.70
Zippy 123 Sinfin RC, Derby City Council Running Club 4:08:27 4:16:35 4:20:00 4:19:08 48.21

This event is listed on these dates:

Haven't run a marathon since may so i have just about forgotten how much they hurt. Time for a reminder then. *post race* Both calves cramped badly at mile 16, knee gave out on me at mile 18 and i ran (ok i walked mostly) in on one leg from there. :(

Hows that for a PB? (47 mins in case anyone is interested......)
Right finally commiting myself to a marathon , Prediction may be wildly optomistic but always reach for the stars,
Have only trainesd 3 times in last month. lem sip and decongestant all saturday to shake off cold , had to work saturday and drive 4,5 hrs to race arriving near midnight.
Not chip time will update later- race went very well never in trouble but very cautious in first and last miles will now need to train and prepare for next marathon.
chip time 3:35:50 274/647
Fantastic race, incredible support, hundreds of fetchies and an 8 min PB what more can one ask :)
Not sure what time to go for here. Will see after GER this weekend. Thus no betting until after GER please. GER was a 2 min PB. Will be looking to get closer to or under 4:15. Update: was on course for a PB and probably close to 4:!5 until mile 16 then the wheels fell off so to speak. Will be blogged tomorrow.
Yeah, got a 10 minute PB innit.
I'll be spending the whole year training to get under 3.30. No idea if I'll make it. EDIT. Great race and thanks to Fetchpoint a new PB. Time is chip time.
mile muncher
3rd mara this year. 3rd time lucky for sub 4?? I'm going to try my best to get it! UPDATE!!! Sorry to those who bet on me. Sub 4 again just beyond my grasp.
See blog
B Rubble
PB by nearly 10 minutes. Bit of cramp at the end but not too bad for the whole race.
WoooooHooooooo! Did it did it did it! Thrilled to bits with that - stuck to 4.35 pace most of the way round, with Treacle for moral support. Now, where to go for a sub 4.30 attempt .......?
Smashed my PB by 18mins, had a great run, Well organised and great support !!
Amazing - totally amazing!!!! :-)
Not what I'd hoped for but a PB so I'm reasonably content. Was going like a train until 18 miles then it started to go wrong. Last three miles were hideous. I didn't want it enough today. Wonderful support right the way round from family, clubmates and Fetchies - you all really helped, you lovely lot. Snaps and I were talking about getting the time you train for and, in all honesty, that's probably what I really deserved. Not downhearted, just sore. Great to see so many of you! :)
After running London well within myself, (I think I could have easily done about 3.45) I would like to think that sub 3.30 would be possible if fit after a summer of training. **UPDATE** sneaked under 3.30, it was much harder than I thought and was a bit cocky thinking 3.25 was on the cards! Great to meet loads of Fetchies particularly St Bernard and BeeJay who I ran the last 13 miles with, without them I dont think I would have gone Sub 3.30 so big thanks guys:) Also huge thanks to Fetchpoint :):):) You guys rocked and gave me goosebumps both times:):)
Brilliant day out albeit with one negative with a marshall. Legs felt tight from 18miles but thought of Fetchpoint kept me moving - well done guys. Last 5 miles was just a lonely slog really & I was basically out on my feet, I think lack of LSR found me out. Fantastic stadium finish with great support in the home straight. Dead pleased with this, sub 3:30 next time with proper training.
Whoohoo! PB!!!
A great day even if my result is the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears (too much)
first marathon, just hoping to not come in last placeand finish it.

Did it, knee and back completely bust after 2 miles, the perfect race :)
First marathon so no idea what time I'll do! UPDATE: really enjoyed this race - didn't get my target (quite) but then again as it was my first marathon I really didn't know what to expect. Fetchpoint was also amazing!
Lieutenant Lucerne
The first half was quite straightforward and unlike previous marathons I kept a steady pace and reached 20 miles in just under 2:25 (unofficial PB). The 21st mile (slightly downhill) was far too fast, leading to spasms in my calf muscles. I thought I might grind to a halt at the Fetch Point, but slowing down a bit helped. I was determined that the 25th mile would not be my slowest (as is always the case), but hadn't reckoned with an underpass being part of the route. The twists and turns towards the end of the 26th mile seemed to go on for ever. Then at last the mixture of pain and joy on reaching the last 385 yards on the track.

I was so tired at the end that I couldn't speak for about 2 mins, then I nearly passed out. Had to sit on the ground for a while and got cramp, which meant I struggled to get up. So I guess I probably ran as hard as I could. Having achieved a PB and GFA time, I have promised myself that I will take things a little bit easier in my next marathons.
Didn't have any plans for this just set off and ran. At 1/2 way I was on target for 3.20 so held on and even managed a sprint to the line.
Fetchpoint was great, thank you!
1st Marathon! ***UPDATE*** By my watch 2:55:17 very, very pleased with time. Well done to fetchpoint for a fantastic job and hats off to all of the runners today!!!
Wll be aiming for 9.30/mile again, hoping to get a bit further than 22miles before fading!!
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!!
Given the injuries and the almost non-existent training (and totally non-existent speed work) I shouldn't be too disappointed with my fastest run in ages but I am rather. Probably the after-effects of the rubbish journey home. Great race and good to see so many Fetchies.
Possibly, if everything else goes to plan this year!
Got to try for a good time here. Apologies to the 300 point betters so far, but I have been resting shin splints so it isn't looking like a PB will be on. Adjusted 3:30 target to 3:59 - no point killing myself if it isn't going to be a PB.
Great race, great course, ideal conditions, great support. Really enjoyed and very pleased with the time.
I took September off (17 miles) and October so far is pretty light (50 miles - longest 6.1...). Added to that I've still got a few "niggles" (left achilles especially worrying) - so goals for today:<br/>
1. Don't get injured worserer<br/>
2. Take it a mile and a loop at a time<br/>
3. Have a bit of a social outing... <br/>
Not sure anyone believes me, but I really didn't care about finishing today, and certainly not about a time - joked beforehand about Hippo overtaking me (the day will surely come!) and honestly told others I planned to DNF.<br/>
Nice to meet up with Angelis beforehand (I didn't spent an entire hour in that loo - I promise!), and Hippo, KathLP, Blisters, LMH, Tiger and SnoopDogg, and some clubmates - and then a few others nearer the startline - SarahL, BR&Hilly, HappyChap, MickNPhil, Max, Snaps, ,,, <br/>
Started at the back of the pack with Shiraz, but she vanishes forwards while I chat to a few people... Good to see Gobster at mile 3 gently persuading runners along in his normal understated way.<br/>
Got held up a lot along the narrow path between the lakes - ankles really didn't like the surface and having to continually adjust my stride...<br/>
Made it through the first 6 miles - on to the main loop - lungs felt good, and legs OK... decide not to stop.... hook up with Tiger for a chat, then see BR and Hilly coming the other way - hello again... had a loo stop at 9 miles - discovered I was really really desparate - made it through to Didcot industrial estate and at this point got a view of Shiraz in the little loopback there - GPS clocks her at exactly 0.5km ahead of me... Kept going through to Fetchpoint (12 miles?) - good shouting although I didn't really recognise many peeps there... Gobi gave me a nice shout - something about Shiraz being "miles ahead" - ta

Half way in 1:54:40... into town and catch MickNPhil having a ball (running a real fast first half!). Legs feeling quite tired - odd twinges in ankles, hamstrings and knees, the odd noise from my right achilles, but left achilles totally fine - lungs still feel fine - still relaxed...
Just before 15 miles and I wonder whether to stop. But then I glimpse Shiraz only a hundred or so metres ahead - it would have been rude not to go say hello... catch her (and LittleMissHappy) at around 16 miles - Shiraz has some ongoing stomach issues, LMH some injury worries. Try to work out how to form them into a pack, but they're not interested - they're in survival mode.

I push on, overtaking strugglers, pace around 8:30 per mile. Overtake IronMike pacing a Serpie round, then lose count for awhile (I'm convinced mile 18 should be 19, then 19 should be 20).
Mile 20 and for the first time I'm in known territory - I've practised running 6 miles recently! Back through a depleted Fetchpoint and I'm doing OK, but then miles 22, 23 and 24 feel hard - legs are tiring - quads hurt. Pace down to 9 minutes 30 per mile, but I know I just need to keep going...
25 and 26 are into town - marshalls are excellent and I chat to them lots. The few runners I see are doing lots of shuffling, lots of walking - just one loan Fetchie bucks this trend - he comes past rather fast and strong.
Still pushing on - into the park and stadium where I find a good lap and even a sprint... 3:50:01 on the line.
Hang around watching others finish... LMH (so close to a PB), Shiraz (a big PW), KathLP (a big PB), MickNPhil chased by a Hippo, Snaps, Max (got a good shout in when I saw her walking)...

Then on to the pub for chats with lots of peeps - including Deenzy, Blisters, Plum and TMR (I must have passed you somewhere - no idea where - situation normal!)
And the really really good news... so far I don't think I've done myself any harm... not entirely a sensible run today, but I had fun

Splits - mix of GPS and signs: <br/>9.03, 8.28, 8.58, 8.49, 8.55, 8.35, 9.06, 8.50, 9.03, 8.22, 8.35,8.19, 8.38, 8.37, 8.27, 8.24, 8.01, 8.26, 9.08, 8.31, 8.43, 8.54, 9.20, 8.55, 9.28, 8.59, 2.10<br/>
Must do:- 3:41:30. Target:- 3:36:00. Wildest dreams:- 3:30:00 (that's for next year). **Update**Target achieved with 12 seconds in hand! Thanks to Fetchpoint for an amazing boost
yippee at last got a new PB, might not have been my target but still well pleased with new PB after 7 years of trying. Calves started cramping at mile 18, till then on course for 3.45, slowed down and managed to keep going, even running while massaging left hamstring that tweaked at 25 miles and DID NOT STOP !!! what a great race , loads and loads of supportive marshalls and a nice FLAT course with a great finish in the stadium. was hurting towards the end but gritted my teeth and managed to knock a bit off my best. Will be back next year !!!
New PB by 45mins!
Will revise once the chip times are in, but it's somewhere around there. Mixed bag - pleased and yet felt there was more there (was on for 3:35 until mile 19 and lost 3 mins in last four miles). Still - plenty to take away and think about before the next one. And thanks to everyone for stellar support. I have some amazing blisters. And when I say amazing, I mean really fucking painful and full of blood and my feet hate me kind of blisters. *edit* 14 seconds gained thanks to chip time.
heres johnny
great race pissed off not in offical results
The negative split will happen. 1.39 first half and hopefully then obliterate 3.19. See you all on the road, it will be a pleasure running with you. 472.
Chip time. Gun 3.18.01
The negative split happened. 1.39.44 at halfway. Was on for a 3.15 but faded from 23m. Over the moon and found it just as much fun as FLM - It must be the magic 26.2 distance and the flawless organisation.
I'd be very happy with anything under 4 hours, but as I haven't trained much recently and have an ongoing knee injury I would be surprised if I did go sub 4. I've got the speed at the moment but not the endurance. Quite happy with my time. I reached halfway in around 1.45 but my calf muscles were aching from mile 3 so I knew the second half was going to be difficult. Kept on going knocking off the miles slowly. Nice to run without any knee pain. Thanks to the Fetchies for their support at the feeding station.
Going for my sub-3. Plan is to run at 6:40 pace after the first few miles of adjusting to the conditions. **UPDATE** Bagged the sub-3!!! Over the moon etc etc.
great but different from FLM - no frills but fun and good chat to people on the way. Pretty flat course and happy with time considering recent injury
My first marathon...

Set off at the back. 10m first mile. Settled into 7:50 pace until about 22m then found "the wall". Not too serious, but robbed me of 4m.
Still, for a first marathon, very satisfying.
Well organised, plenty of water stops, even the loop wasn't too depressing.
ANybody know where my clothes went? Left them at the start and a helpful marshall moved them, forgot to tell anyone, lost them...
Kittenheels Kath
See blog. A nice day out in the country.

Splits 9.41, 9.25, 9.31, 9.29, 9.19, 9.28, 9.33, 9.20, 9.54, 9.40, 9.54, 9.36, 10.09, 9.51, 9.51, 9.54, 9.33, 10.04, 10.02, 10.02, 9.43, 10.25, 10.29, 9.51, 10.05, 9.27, 1.58
Blimey that was tough!!! perfect conditions but was mega tired from early on, so really happy with my time!
Totally unexpected pb by 3 minutes (and banked a GFA) !!! I thought my legs would still be a bit knackered after the Clarendon mara 2 weeks ago, which was quite tough. This is my 2nd pb this year with marathons 2 weeks apart, so maybe that's the key!
I thought the new course was great, laps are always disheartening, but I didn't find this one too bad - I think because I wasn't too sure for a while when the next lap started. Perfect weather luckily and the organisation, marshalls - great, but I must say the Fetch water station was by FAR the best and most enthusiastically manned (personned). Thanks to all of you for the cheers and shouts - really appreciated :-)
a.k.a Billy
Entered 19/05. Another attempt at PB! surely it will be cooler than Halstead.......UPDATE....tried my hardest and crashed and burned in the last few miles.
Cliffy tc
I was 3.20 at mile 20, thought I was on for a 4.15-4.20 but my legs had enough and crawled around the last 6 in 1.15ish. Great day and hopefully back next year to get closer to 4hrs.
Too many interruptions to training: I'll finish, but I doubt that I'm fit enough to get my target sub-four this time either. Please resuscitate with wine gums at fetchpoint :)

Yep, missed a PB by 5 minutes, not bad all things considered. Sorry, gamblers: Don't say I didn't warn you! ;)
trained for this race in 2004 and was knocked down three weeks before whilst out training (boy racer mounted pavement) taken this long to get the miles back up so will be happy to make the start inury free
chip time - 3.22.14. Great run, really enjoyed it, friendly and good chat with runners along the way, good support, good marshaling.
No.8 ™
Absolutely fantastic race. Fetchpoint was like running into an orgasm of support. Just couldn't hold it together enough from 23 miles onwards for the sub 2:40, but over the moon after a long training camp. 8th overall. No splits lost my bloody Garmin!
Mr Woo
Was onfor about 3:24 ish at about 19 miles but legs got heavier and heavier esp. over the last 5 miles. Still knocked 10mins off my PB so very happy. :-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-)
Trained hard, going to go off hard, hope the cold goes :) P.s Hope to beat Njord as well. Update as per daily training. Very pleased Ave HR 178 so ceretainly left nothing there.
Mutant Calves
did a reasonable first half in 1.57, but crashed and burned at about 18 miles, still got a PB though.
Pacemaking various people, 2:40-2:45 (TBC!)
2:45 pacemaking - GR finished just behind me, NtS a few minutes back.
well organised, weather perfect, plenty of drink stations, loads of free sweeties and flat, what more can you ask for?
not a PB this time but that was down to me as the course is a deffo pb one. and one i'll be doing next year.
looking forward to this, my local marathon.
This seems to be marathon week 3 of 4 (in general not for me :) ). I ran abingdon today, great weather nice and cold at the start, no wind, no rain, and stayed chilly all day. Fanastic Fetch support at mile 12/21, plenty of signs saying 500m, 200m, 100m (to give you hope) and from there you could hear the cheering and a cow bell (odd but worked a treat).

First half 1.43.45, approx 7.53 pace, (with a 7.35 at mile 5)
Kept the Sub 8 pace going till around mile 17.
I did 16 miles in 2.08 (which was faster then my Kingston Breakfast time)
The last 4 miles where approx 9 mm

Mile 14 I started to feel pain, balls of feet and right knee tightening up.
Mile 15,16,17 managed to keep the pace going. And tried to keep a good running style.
Mile 18,19,20,21 things getting worse, style going and really want to stop.
Miles 22-24 I know there's not long and keep a 8.30 pace
Miles 25,26 v.difficult. I'm not out of breath but legs hurting and no energy.
I knew we had an extra little run around the park before the end, so was happy to overtake a couple of downbeaten ppl. And the lap of the track was lovely, sounds stupid - would have preferred to stop. But the soft springy surface was like floating compared to all that tarmac. Got a good quick stride and took 1 more running on the last corner.
Ran 3.04 at London this year sensible pacing this time round for a sub 3!
Dull Napoleon™
El Setho
Crippled myself around mile 16...


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