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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Finchley 20

Listed by Jock Itch
, Ruislip HA4 UK
28 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Alex26.2 Mornington Chasers 2:00:54 2:12:39 2:17:42 67.29
BigChiefRunningBore Watford Joggers 2:24:55 2:24:55 2:40:00 2:24:55 66.06
Blakey 26.2 RRC 26.2 Road Runners Club 2:41:23 2:41:23 2:45:00 2:41:23 57.74
catwoman Unaffiliated 3:11:23 3:11:23 3:20:00 3:11:23 58.56
cleanteeth Unaffiliated 3:15:00 3:15:00 3:15:00 54.66
Crackers Unaffiliated 2:31:51 2:31:51 2:40:00 2:31:51 61.01
davef Headington RoadRunners 2:15:40 2:15:40 2:15:40 68.99
eMpTy Denmead Striders 2:28:45 2:28:45 2:35:00 2:28:45 70.61
Fast&Furious Woking AC 2:08:54 2:13:06 2:20:00 2:13:06 74.32
Flying pig Unaffiliated 2:42:29 2:42:29 2:42:29 57.02
foop Unaffiliated 2:55:12 2:55:12 2:55:12 56.63
GazzaC Unaffiliated 2:47:29 2:50:29 3:00:00 2:50:29 54.66
Gymfreak Datchet Dashers 2:49:08 3:10:00 3:10:00 54.16
JAPMitch Woking AC 1:58:43 2:01:17 2:07:00 2:01:17 76.57
Jock Itch FERC 2:04:13 2:16:59 2:15:00 2:16:59 68.76
Left Foot Road Runners Club 2:41:04 2:41:04 2:41:04 67.42
Little Nemo Serpentine RC 3:42:43 3:42:43 3:42:43 47.84
marders Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 1:51:33 1:51:33 1:59:59 1:51:33 83.05
par Cove Joggers 2:41:34 2:41:34 2:50:00 2:41:34 65.01
poppysox Watford Joggers 2:30:53 2:30:53 3:00:00 2:30:53 68.30
RFJ Swindon Striders 2:24:01 2:51:36 2:55:00 2:51:36 55.34
runfatboyrun Watford Joggers 3:02:17 4:47:00 4:47:00 32.47
Smokin' Chi Monk Unaffiliated 2:58:47 3:00:27 3:05:00 3:00:27 51.89
Tiddly B Ranelagh Harriers 2:18:27 2:18:27 2:25:00 2:18:27 67.08
trigger74 Reading Roadrunners, Watford Joggers 2:19:20 2:25:36 2:25:36 63.63
Um Bongo Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 2:53:46 2:58:07 3:10:00 2:58:07 56.95
Wiggins Unaffiliated 2:08:47 2:08:47 2:10:00 2:08:47 71.91
youlooktired Unaffiliated 2:02:40 2:02:40 2:10:00 2:02:40 75.53

This event is listed on these dates:

Um Bongo
Target was to run this one slowly. Sped up in the last 4 miles with last two miles sub 8 mm. Felt strong especially after yesterday's 10 miler.
Due to the "undulations" found it difficult to judge pace and/or effort therefore first two laps too fast, last two too slow and very,very hard.
Jock Itch
New PB ! :) Well happy. Calf niggle early on but ran through it and it left. Started slowly and ran on at end. Last mile of 5:30 :)
Blakey 26.2 RRC

Finchley 20 Mile Road Race
Hillingdon AC Clubhouse
206 Bury Street

Event website:

Event details on Runner's World site:

Caroline Bolam
73a Victoria Road

Organiser's note:
Thank you for entering the Finchley 20, we hope you have a really good run. Keep Running

You paid £17.00.
Left Foot
PB by 3 and a half minutes. Started out a just under 8 min mile pace. Lost a bit of pace somewhere in the second half but not much. Steady training run which went well from start to finish.
Really pleased with run- feel back to form, felt strong and groin seemed fine. Fairly consistent all the way round each lap of five miles roughly 36.30
A shiny PB, a good race on a Ok course but great weather. Thanks to Jock for sensible early pace. had wobble at 14 and then dug in to finish relatively well in last 3. last year I came apart in last 3 , feel training and thinking about race plan (in advance) is paying off.
Want an easyish run with last 5 at Marathon Pace and maybe 2nd 5 too just to mix it up
Paced first 15 miles of race as if first 15 miles of a full marathon, then did a fast last 5 miles.
Time shown is currently unofficial, and will be updated when the official results are published.
Unofficiall split times:
5m 0:34:15 (34:15)
10m 1:07:35 (33:20)
15m 1:41:20 (33:45)
20m 2:13:06 (31:46)
So far official result shown as 2:12:29, will confirm before I update this result.
This should be a banker all being well - well it was, but not at Finchley 20, but at East Hull 20. But will post it here due to the circumstances of my mum, hence why I could not do the Finchley 20 as was in the hospital with mum in N.Yorks, for a brealk got out and did the east Hull 20 instead.

Not a greta race for me, first 5m too quick, then just too tired due to 4 hours sleep in 48.

But a Fetch PB all the same
Well organised race. Slightly undulating but not much of a problem. Really pleased with time which hopefully indicates a sub four hour London Marathon.
Going to be interesting seeing as not run more than 16 as part of marathon training this year yet! Plan to take it easy and aim to run the whole way consistently.

Very pleased with my time and the fact I ran consistently the whole way round too! (Results time 15 sec quicker than I thought it was - probably because I didn't stop watch straight away!)
Tiddly B
Good progression as planned with 5 mile splits of 36.58, 35.37, 33.25, 32.18
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