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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Yateley 10K Series - Race 1

Listed by SteveT
, Yateley GU46 UK
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33 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
5hep Farnham Runners 49:04 49:20 53:13 54.19
Alfadan Real Buzz RC 44:46 47:32 55:00 49:09 58.00
BABOY Reading Roadrunners, Serpentine RC 36:08 36:08 39:00 39:34 68.39
bw Reading Roadrunners 39:14
chuggalong Unaffiliated 48:59 48:59
eMpTy Denmead Striders 42:06 42:06 42:45 45:58 67.33
GAZGIB Bracknell Forest Runners 42:54 49:08 50:00 51:32 53.92
Gobi Unaffiliated 33:14 33:14 34:00 34:09 81.37
Heavyweight UKnetrunner 44:39 46:18 46:29 63.98
icklechick Winchester & District AC 44:38 53:34 1:10:00 1:05:00 46.03
JAPMitch Woking AC 33:28 34:21 34:00 35:51 76.52
Jock Itch FERC 34:25 34:48 36:00 35:38 78.56
Jonny Unaffiliated 38:55 39:10 39:10 69.35
Justin S March AC 42:24 45:30 50:47 55.10
Keefy Beefy Unaffiliated 39:36 39:36 41:01 65.52
Kew Reading Joggers 45:40 49:20 51:54 57.87
Konaboy Reading Roadrunners 44:28 45:13 47:03 61.30
Mr. K. Cove Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 43:36 48:41 51:14 55.04
Neil E Dunnin Almost Athletes 44:19 51:30 53:11 55.46
Nick Cook Unaffiliated 47:37 50:41 50:00 50:53 60.33
PeterS Unaffiliated 47:00 50:10 51:27 56.48
Rach E Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 36:58 36:58 36:58 80.95
RacingSnake26 Sandhurst Joggers 40:58 44:31 45:56 66.04
Rapscallion Farnham Runners, Gloucester AAC 47:38 48:36 50:09 56.65
richie72 Unaffiliated 46:13 46:13 46:13
rimmer Unaffiliated 55:12 55:12 57:00 55:12 51.86
Rookery Farnham Runners 37:35 44:03 45:33 60.22
RuthB2 Haslemere Border AC 44:57 49:37 52:00 51:20 58.30
Sid Sandhurst Joggers 43:20 49:50 50:34 61.23
smiley broadling Unaffiliated 55:00 1:00:31 1:00:56 50.51
SteveT Hart Road Runners 36:30 36:48 37:00 37:54 76.67
topcorner Sandhurst Joggers 50:50 53:33 1:05:00 41.51
TW Unaffiliated 41:14 42:58 45:00 44:04 64.00

This event is listed on these dates:

Joined Icklechick in pacing Chica. Lovely evening.
Jock Itch
Stomach probs ! Prob not a PB but Im gonna give it a shot and see what happens. HR says PB but who knows. Dont bet guys. There will be more races.

*UPDATE* Stomach didnt trouble me as thought it would. Good run on hilly course. Pleased. More in tank.
No trainng for a month or so resulted in slowest time in 2 years. Not good but expected . Need to lay down some mileage in preparation for July's race.
smiley broadling
I enjoyed it, I think. Maybe I'll do it again...
A great race - very happy! the ups were tiring but the downhills more than made up for them. Maybe that sub 50 is achieveable sometime for me now?
Better than I expected. Ran at an even pace but again felt tired with 3 km's to go. First 5/6 km's I felt really good, light on my feet and was holding back on the pace. Only 14 secs off my best so hope to improve on that in July and August. Calves felt sore after.

Splits: 3.59, 4.01, 3.55, 3.38, 3.50 (19.23 for 5km), 3.48, 3.54, 3.58, 4.03, 3.43 (19.34 for 2nd 5km)
Didn't know how my calf muscle was going to hold up after dropping out of the Windle 10k. It was a bit sore but not too bad. Had a few other niggles and felt generally unfit. But didn't push myself fully.
Keefy Beefy
Happy with that - another dodgy Belgian extrapolated PB gone (just!) on a much trickier course. Still not quite where I want to be but training and racing this year have been a rollercoaster with many downs and only the occasional up. Let's hope I can use this as a springboard for some a better in the next race. Onwards and upwards!
An OK run...5k in 21.38, than a bit slower for 2nd half..no issue with PF during race, but by 3am needed Ibruprofen to sleep!
Pacing Chica for her first 10k ... so exciting

She did so well :) really proud of her.
Very small PB. First km slow due to starting too far back in the field. More undulating than expecting - but the downhills were very nice. Couldn't work out what the ringing noise in my ears was when I finished until I stepped off the second timing mat and it miracuously stopped.
Rach E
Awaiting chiptime which should nip me under 37 :-) I felt good before the start and felt good (well, as good as one can feel in a 10k) and just went for it. Nice to win a competitive race. Km splits: 3:38 3:45 (uphill) 3:46 (uphill) 3:15 (downhill) 3:46 flatISH 7:28 (6 & 7 - flat but into the wind) 3:36 (flat) 3:49 (mostly uphill) 3:54 (uphill, downhill then into the field at the finish). Enjoyed it today and nice to see lots of people from Fetch (well done on the PB Ruth!!) and catch up with people from the sub-3 thread.
Got to 5k in 21.37 so just about on target but no. 2 on blew up aso jogged in with him.
17 ish to 5kms and see what happens

Evening all and a report from Yateley.

34.09 and 6th place. Head was not really in it.

Met the hoards from the sub 3 thread all hanging out in the sub 35 pen. Oh and all the usual suspects I see at local races.

Plan was to run 34 mins and I pretty much did that with a close to even split. A lack of warm up meant I was a little tight through 5kms but losened up and worked into the wind with a few Aldershot lads. Thought I had 5th place but got kicked past about 700 yards from the line.

Will let the others report but we all had a tough day except Rach who ran 36.59 and was first woman by 40 seconds.

After several weeks of poor training and a 8lb weight gain, I achieved my fastest Yateley 10K time tonight since I started running them in 2005. I tried my best to remember to to turn my feet in as I ran - I don't know how successful I was but I suffered no aches at all in my legs. However, I now can't get off the toilet - what's that all about?!! When I can get off the toilet, I'm confident that I can achieve more at races - I'll be back for race two lighter and fitter than ever before.
Way better than expected, did have to push for it though and paying a little now. Hvae to at least match at race 2