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OWLS John Fraser 10

Listed by Ally2
, Wigston LE18 UK
47 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
(Mama) Pigeon Anstey Amblers and Runners 1:30:52 1:46:44 1:45:00 1:46:44 46.56
_j_ Barrow Runners 1:34:22 1:34:22 1:34:22 53.21
Ally2 Notts AC, Hermitage Harriers RC 49:23 56:53 56:59 56:53 78.09
Boycie Unaffiliated 58:53 1:01:33 1:01:30 1:01:33 72.28
Bradderz Ivanhoe Runners 1:21:18 1:25:02 1:25:02 59.83
ButterflyLou (MrsMothy) Werrington Joggers 1:32:11 1:34:22 1:34:22 52.68
Che Hinckley Running Club 1:15:17 1:15:17 1:15:00 1:15:17 60.85
Darkman Charnwood AC 1:06:11 1:06:11 1:08:00 1:06:11 76.17
Deanomite Hermitage Harriers RC 1:13:44 1:17:24 1:20:00 1:17:24 59.65
Do Stuff Quickly Unaffiliated 1:00:54 1:00:54 1:00:54 72.89
don ron Werrington Joggers 1:13:46 1:15:00 1:15:00 72.69
EvilPixie FERC, 1485 TRI CLUB 2:03:31 2:03:31 2:02:00 2:03:31 40.65
Fat Man Runs Unaffiliated 1:26:55 1:26:55 1:32:00 1:26:55 51.71
Gem* Werrington Joggers 1:19:49 1:37:00 1:40:00 1:37:00 51.23
Hannah_B Holme Pierrepont RC 1:19:20 1:19:20 1:19:20 62.64
Happy as Larry Unaffiliated 59:07 1:01:53 1:02:00 1:01:53 72.63
Hen Harrier Hermitage Harriers RC 2:10:32 2:10:32 2:10:32 39.71
ironman Birstall RC, Leicester Triathlon Club 1:10:18 1:10:18 1:15:00 1:10:18 66.18
Jakey Leicester Triathlon Club 1:10:35 1:10:35 1:10:35 66.84
Jobe Werrington Joggers 1:17:59 1:25:55 1:25:55 65.31
JoO Hermitage Harriers RC
JovialGnome Unaffiliated 1:40:35 1:53:21 1:53:21 45.62
LambChop Hermitage Harriers RC 1:37:09 1:45:05 1:45:05 47.51
Marts Werrington Joggers 59:44 1:02:54 1:02:54 71.14
MikeyB Stilton Striders RC 1:17:13 1:17:13 1:17:13 60.72
Mothy Werrington Joggers 1:24:20 1:28:38 1:28:38 54.16
Mountainmat Hermitage Harriers RC 1:06:12 1:09:51 1:15:00 1:09:51 63.55
mpkay Barrow Runners 1:04:14 1:04:14 1:04:14 69.11
Nikinoodle Hermitage Harriers RC 1:50:33 1:50:33 1:50:33 47.24
orbital sander Unaffiliated 1:40:35 1:40:35 1:45:00 1:40:35 49.53
Racin Snail Hermitage Harriers RC 1:02:47 1:03:09 1:04:00 1:03:09 70.86
Rich963 Stilton Striders RC 1:08:58 1:09:25 1:07:00 1:09:25 63.99
ross52477 Barrow Runners 1:09:57 1:16:07 1:16:07 58.32
Rubberman Hermitage Harriers RC 1:11:37 1:11:37 1:11:37 64.46
Runnig Dude Leicester Coritanian AC 55:03 55:03 56:21 55:24 86.65
Runningheva Rugby & Northampton AC 1:15:36 1:20:45 1:22:32 73.41
ruthless Ivanhoe Runners 1:19:31 1:22:38 1:22:38 62.73
Scouse Bird Fleckney and Kibworth Running Club 1:23:00 1:38:59 1:50:00 1:38:59 50.20
shop girl jules Werrington Joggers 1:42:21 1:42:21 1:53:00 1:42:21 51.44
smurf jo Hermitage Harriers RC 1:11:54 1:19:13 1:25:00 1:19:13 64.22
Stewey 100 Marathon Club, Roadhoggs Leicester AC 1:14:53 1:20:19 1:22:00 1:20:19 63.30
tangledfeet Ivanhoe Runners 58:55 1:00:31 1:00:52 80.15
The lone ranger Fleckney and Kibworth Running Club 1:04:08 1:29:38 1:29:38 50.41
ThorntonRunner Hermitage Harriers RC 1:07:16 1:09:32 1:09:32 71.31
Trotters Werrington Joggers 1:04:54 1:11:17 1:12:39 64.53
Vi Ninety Day Challenge Burton AC 1:49:57 1:49:57 1:45:00 1:49:57 41.10
wildebeast Hinckley Running Club 1:03:54 1:09:45 1:09:00 1:09:45 67.21

This event is listed on these dates:

would like to get 1:08 but not sure where i am at the mo should beat last years 1:11 though
found it tough but kept pushing all the way through
Yee hah, blew 8 mins off last years race time :)
around 57 mins would be great. Splits 5:25,5:35,5:39,5:38,5:38,5:44,5:48,5:55,5:42,5:43 5mile split dead on 28:00. 2nd 5 in 28:53 Came 6th was on my own for 9miles but closing on 5th who I had let go at 1mile. Harriers won the mens Leicester Road Running league 2008 and I won the Mens title.
Pleased: Whilst not a pb, it's a good step on the road to recovering my form.
Splits: 6.44 6.59 6.58 6.58 6.54 7.11 7.12 7.07 6.40 6.39
Not sure how to feel about that - clearly happy for a 5 minute PB, but still suffering with a cold/sinus thing so not as quick as I'd hoped (there always seems to be a reason....!) Conditions were good, but course a bit tougher than I'd expected. Pleased with the pacing though - overtook about 20 people in the last 3 miles (maybe I should have gone out quicker - those last two miles look a bit quick for the uphill bits!) Hopefully a good few points for those that bet.
Not going for a time, just running (and/or walking) to help my injured mate get her well deserved 100%er.
this pb will go for definite - set last year after a night on the tiles - if it doesn't go then i will... Mission accomplished - Hermitage are league champions. New 10 mile PB - this course is tough, it undulates almost constantly. You get no respite at all!!! 5 Hermitage in the top 30, 8 in in 64 minutes - OWLS obliterated. Nice losers too - conveniently 'losing' the mens team trophy!!!! I have also never witnessed a race, where the club were so keen to unnecessarily reward their own runners. Not content with their own runners winning the County 10 mile titles at senior and vet levels and consequently the race itself at senior and vet levels, they then had a prize that rewards 'the best performing OWLS in the race at senior and vet levels' - hmmm... guess who went home with 3 trophies each then :) - still when it came to what mattered the Leicestershire Road Running League title, that trophy'll be coming to the Harriers - if and when they find it!!! Think I finished 6th senior male in the summer league too - Ally2 1st, PG 4th! Awesome!!!
Felt as rough as a bagers bottom before the start and evn worse later in the day when I wound up in the Infirmary barely able to breathe! Confirmed as some sort of virus coupled to pulled inter-costal muscles - no wonder my time was so rubbish - nice course though!
Hard long course. Good fun for masochists! I must fall into that group as I quite enjoyed it! Good time, faster than I imagined.
this race is after the Vutruvian Triathlon (Half ironman). needed fo rmy 100% award. will be a slow time depending on the day before.

where did that come from? after feeling very sore and ill in the first 3 miles something clicked and i went for it, managed a PB and probably will regret it tomorrow. got my 100% ---
great course well organised race. slight negative split (31:28/31:26). Put foot down with 2 miles to go and did 6:03/6:07 for last 2.
ButterflyLou (MrsMothy)
Tough race this one! Felt good though and ran up all the hills (of which there were many!). PB by about a minute or so but waiting for official time so very pleased as wasn't sure about this one! Splits were 9.11, 9.22, 9.31, 9.23, 9.17, 9.33, 9.44, 9.46, 9.13, 9.14 and OM told me to aim for 9.30's so did OK there!! Leggies going to hurt tomorrow!!
Scouse Bird
great race, pushed myself up half way on most inclines!!!! yay i can do it!
I need a long run. I'm under trained so a PB will be lucky
Slower than I hoped..
shop girl jules
Ran better than prediction, plenty of hills, weather perfect, tough going at times though didnt walk any of it, great t shirt and banana at end but no clock to let us know times, still ,you cant have everything........
Fat Man Runs
Felt fatastic - 9 minutes of my PB!
Need to start upping my distances... in case I get into the FLM.
So a couple of 10 milers, then some half marathons before the end of the year.
Not fully fit at the moment so this will be run as a training run, do not bet on me.
Watch time so may change. Achilles and hamstring both sore. Met Evil Pixie and Orbital Sander at the start. Well organised race.
I PB'd and over 1 min faster than last year. After the rain earlier, it turned out to be perfect running conditions. This course is 'undulating' and it never seems to amaze me that I can remember the up hills on the way out but never the down hills on the way back. Well organised race, as usual.
don ron
Time to be confirmed
Enjoyed race as it was hilly rather than the flat ole Boro! Kept it very steady, only one slighty harder bit between 7 and 8 when it was head wind and up hill. Was pleased with first effort at this distance!
Too hard