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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Great Edinburgh Run 10K

Listed by ducksdisease
, Edinburgh EH9 UK
64 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
aitchmac Stubbington Green Runners 55:36 55:36 55:48 54.57
Alison77 Unaffiliated 54:36 54:36 56:00 54:36 62.48
am001 Unaffiliated 53:33 1:01:40 1:01:40 46.99
Andy_B Motherwell AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 36:00 39:04 44:18 61.92
bigblood Unaffiliated 47:16 47:16 47:16 58.79
BryanB Bellahouston Road Runners 35:09 36:16 40:28 71.27
cake muncher Falkland Trail Runners 32:46 34:40 36:09 79.78
chickenboy2003 Unaffiliated 59:25 55:00
Chundercat Unaffiliated 38:17 46:11 46:11 58.19
Cluaran Edinburgh Running Network 46:54 1:00:45 58:00 1:02:05 47.53
ColleenY Unaffiliated 44:37 44:37 44:37 67.05
Cutjap Unaffiliated 43:07 43:07 45:26 59.10
Dan1006 Fife AC 37:58 43:44 45:15 62.78
dandyd Unaffiliated 1:06:10 1:06:10 1:05:00 1:07:09 46.84
das21 Unaffiliated 42:13 47:32 48:00 58.75
dav67 Portobello RC 43:42 47:32 47:49 59.86
David0409 Unaffiliated 47:20 47:20 53:29 54.75
dibdobrob Dragons Running Club (Sale) 36:57 55:39 55:39 48.25
Disco Ron Unaffiliated 44:29 49:50 54:40 52.15
dog house Unaffiliated 1:09:20 1:09:20 1:32:45 35.09
ducksdisease Fraserburgh RC 48:47 48:54 52:04 62.50
e_l_piper Unaffiliated 46:00 46:00 55:00 51:07 53.65
Fat Old Man Unaffiliated 1:07:09 1:07:09 1:06:19 1:07:09 43.94
froggyfeet Unaffiliated 44:48 50:21 50:21 56.62
GlenTec Unaffiliated 1:00:11 1:00:00
graeme84 Unaffiliated 39:48 44:58 44:58 59.71
IanS Harmeny AC 42:58 43:49 48:30 46:26 63.55
jazzjo Unaffiliated 44:15 53:22 53:22 57.90
katypie Unaffiliated 45:12 52:50 50:00 52:50 56.64
lennon Unaffiliated 1:06:00 1:06:00 1:06:00 43.37
Limmynis Unaffiliated 46:10 47:47 52:00 50:21 60.50
Lovely Unaffiliated 57:14 57:14 57:48 52.48
Lynchy Carnethy Hill RC 42:15 44:31 46:04 60.76
Lyns Hervelo womens cycling club 58:44 1:02:39 1:07:00 1:06:46 44.92
Maverick69 Unaffiliated 45:24 49:54 47:00 49:54 56.51
McNewbie Unaffiliated 1:03:16 1:06:15 1:14:00 1:11:01 42.13
MikeB70 Unaffiliated 47:00 52:00 55:00 50.53
Mr. White Unaffiliated 45:55 47:11 56:12 49.11
Plan9 Low Fell RC 46:45 50:00 56:01 49.61
pmethven Unaffiliated 46:17 46:17 2:00:00 56:50 47.29
Ribenaface (RFSQL) Carnethy Hill RC 39:02 39:10 41:18 65.30
RicC Edinburgh Athletic Club 35:11 39:12 40:00 39:12 68.83
RobK Tyne Bridge Harriers 39:26 46:04 49:50 50:30 56.68
robroy Unaffiliated 47:53 49:33 50:00 49:33 58.20
RoryM Unaffiliated 43:22 48:58 48:58 54.83
runForestfanrun UKnetrunner 46:54 47:57 51:21 54.12
Runningshoe Unaffiliated 48:02 48:02 1:00:00 58:27 51.88
Scruffy AEGON, Edinburgh Running Network 42:02 46:24 48:32 59.85
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 39:29 42:48 44:09 67.36
slimboy Dunbar RC 43:33 45:09 49:00 48:49 60.45
Slinkyseal Unaffiliated 59:34 59:34 59:59 59:34 50.22
SpicedApple jogscotland, Musselburgh & District Athletic Club 48:17 52:01 1:00:02 50.51
Steven Mac Unaffiliated 43:41 47:23 45:00 47:23 63.76
STOOSH Falkirk Victoria Harriers 36:35 39:05 42:43 62.86
thistle Unaffiliated 49:12 58:27 58:00 58:27 54.15
Tick Tock Tim Unaffiliated 43:38 50:50 52:25 52.33
Tigerlily Unaffiliated 55:00 1:01:30 1:10:00 1:06:24 46.10
Tiny Runner Fife AC 38:37 48:28 49:59 50:26 60.15
Wee Col jogscotland 50:02 52:58 53:00 52:58 59.39
WineRunner52 Road Runners Club 43:16 48:29 50:00 50:05 64.40
Woman-in-Black Unaffiliated 1:19:50 1:19:50 2:00:00 1:25:02 35.18
Yano Unaffiliated 39:32 45:10
ZebraGirl Unaffiliated 1:01:12 1:01:12 1:05:00 1:03:14 48.67
zenith Unaffiliated 45:39 45:39

This event is listed on these dates:

My first race ever. Very well organised, especially with the wave-start. Had my sister over who had never been to Edinburgh before, so we used this as an opportunity for a special kind of sightseeing. Chatting away, pointing out landmarks and racking my brain for knowledge on local history certainly made it a lot easier, especially during the more hilly bits. Really enjoyed this race and the atmosphere in the Meadows - this is what got me into running.
Really looking forward to this race. Absolutely adore Edinburgh and to have a run around the city on a Sunday morning will be marvellous.

Race over... ah well.. not a pb course. There were about three hills in that race :-( . Had a great day and the event was really well organised.
Garmin time. Not too bad after having a month off training. Think i'm ready for full-on training again now.
This should be my first race/run for over a year
This is it..... the time I get under an hour! YES IT IS!!!!! And it was hilly.
Not a PB course plus I'm doing the Black Rock 5 on the Friday night :-) Update: Might just have sneaked a PB if my Garmin time is right (just missed my 5K PB time in the first half too...) Course read slightly long (10.15km) and the usual hills were there so pretty happy all round with my time even if it isn't a PB. Bit of a Fetch fest at the end meeting up with Ducksdisease, Wee Col and TigerLily as well as Ellem, Tigger and Dyslexik! Update2: Official time of 46:26 - PB by 3 seconds woohoo :-)
Warm day. Good first 5km but then slowed for the second half of the race.
Those bloody hills! Never going back to Edinburgh again, not even for the shops. Started off fine then lost the will to live at 5k when the long stretch of Queens Drive was upon me. By that time the coupon was burst. Only way I will break the 60 minute barrier is on a scooter!
like many others, first 5km or so was fine, great stuff, it was the damn hill that got me too (hilll, slope, potayto, potahto). nearly became one of the dropping flies, reluctantly walked for a bit to ensure i ended the race, having travelled so far and trained for so long. my first 10km, hoped it would rain as predicted, annoyingly hotter than expected; but great crowds and atmosphere, beautiful city to do a race in.
really good race with good atmosphere before and after and good organisation throughout. I used a pace band and tried for 48 mins. At times I was ahead of times but the big hill in Holyrood park slowed me down a bit. However, I was still very pleased with my time. the weather kpet god and we were able to sit down in meadows and have our lunch. Overall a great day.
bloody hard course. first 4k alright then i entered holyrood park and it was almost all uphill from there. people were dropping left right and centre but i carried on regardless and finished in a respectable 47 16 and came in 762nd
Got stuck at work on night shift so had to go straight to the race from work. That hurt... a lot.
Went out fairly fast averaging 5.5mins per mile, struggled from Holyrood park climb. More hilly than I thought it would be.
Enjoyed the run, and the course. Thought I paced myself pretty well up to the half way mark, but the Balmoral 10K from last Saturday was still in my legs and I struggled to maintain my target pace much past the 6k mark.
Fat Old Man
The hills! The hills!!!
cake muncher
Placed 21st / 2nd vet. A tough course but I really enjoyed running around the city centre. Superbly organised race.
Wee Col
Trying to beat last year's time of 53 mins. Not sure about this so will just have to see what happens on the day.
Update - went off far too fast, halfway in 25 mins and suffered on Queens Drive. Pleased to duck onder 53 minutes.
Steven Mac
Training not been too good this year so far and this is my first race of the year, but what the heck, I will do what I can!
Humid, hungover and a week after a marathon. Not a bad effort considering. I must be weird cos I LOVED the section by Arthurs Seat. LOL
Well-organised race, enjoyed it very much. Found the hills very tough in unusually warm weather, but pleased with time.
dog house
first race after major groin injury. Ended up walking and running. Very disappointing time, but feels so good to be racing again! If you can call it that. Still Limping ++
My first ever run, appart from some lack luster training, so I'm really happy to have come in under 1 Hour. My initial prediction was way out, based on mixing up miles and KMs and not really having a clue about how long it will take. :-)
Tick Tock Tim
very hot day! please with time

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  • On 16th May 2008 at 5:00pm, Lynchy wrote: I was 21.40 at the 5K mark and thought I was on for a PB, but faded and finished in 46.04. Still, enjoyed it and will defo run it again.
  • On 10th Apr 2009 at 12:19pm, katypie wrote: Last year I ran this hungovere with 3 hours sleeo, one week after Lochaber. This year I'm doing it 10 weeks after having a baby.. I wouldn't place bets for a PB
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