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Wokingham Half Marathon

Listed by fetcheveryone
, Wokingham RG40 UK
107 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
*Anj* Unaffiliated 1:54:57 1:59:38 1:59:38 55.71
Agent Orange Unaffiliated 1:38:42 1:39:33 1:42:00 1:41:05 62.04
are we there yet? Unaffiliated 2:21:20 2:23:00 2:20:00 2:23:00 46.61
Athlete In Progress Ranelagh Harriers 2:15:51 2:15:51 2:15:00 2:23:23 41.32
athlete_tucks Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 1:08:34 1:08:34 1:08:34 86.36
BABOY Reading Roadrunners, Serpentine RC 1:20:14 1:21:55 1:26:00 1:23:43 70.77
Beijing Blade Unaffiliated 1:24:30 1:31:16 1:30:00 1:35:14 62.31
Beware Of The Fish Datchet Dashers 1:25:15 1:30:23 1:38:00 1:30:57 70.64
BigEvilC Unaffiliated 1:29:12 1:29:12 1:31:59 1:29:12 70.86
blue (pete) Unaffiliated 1:49:12 1:53:03 1:53:06 55.89
Boingy Leamington C & AC 1:22:09 1:32:06 1:37:00 1:32:06 65.12
BrettFalcus Unaffiliated 1:31:05 1:40:02 1:42:35 58.19
BUBBA Unaffiliated 1:39:40 1:39:40 1:45:00 1:39:41
Burto Hatch Warren Runners 1:50:50 2:15:39 2:15:39 43.67
bw Reading Roadrunners 1:26:30
Casper The Ghost Unaffiliated 1:51:34 1:52:05 1:55:00 1:52:05 60.04
CornishEva Unaffiliated 1:52:23 2:00:41 2:05:00 52.67
Crackers Unaffiliated 1:36:31 1:37:37 1:51:00 1:37:37 60.79
Deenzy Wimbledon Windmilers 1:21:39 1:35:09 1:45:00 1:38:22 60.98
Duncs 100 Marathon Club, Bracknell Forest Runners 1:31:19 1:32:40 1:35:00 1:32:40 66.08
EvilPixie FERC, 1485 TRI CLUB 2:27:25 2:28:43 2:35:00 2:28:43 44.65
fetcheveryone FERC 1:44:49 1:45:57 1:47:00 1:45:57 55.90
Footpad Unaffiliated 1:47:22 1:58:51 2:15:00 1:59:37 52.43
Forest Runner Bracknell Forest Runners 1:30:50 1:33:40 1:29:30 1:41:00 66.90
Freshharris Unaffiliated 1:56:30 1:56:30 2:10:00 1:56:30 50.86
Fuzzy Sandhurst Joggers 1:43:20 1:59:56 1:59:00 1:59:56 49.48
Gobi Unaffiliated 1:13:26 1:13:26 1:17:00 1:17:07 78.24
grinlee Reading Joggers 1:56:18 1:57:57 1:58:45 51.98
Heavyweight UKnetrunner 1:41:41 1:44:42 1:50:00 1:49:14 58.82
Hollywoof! Unaffiliated 1:33:30 1:33:30 1:33:30 63.85
Icedancer Striders of Croydon AC 1:58:12 2:08:00 2:08:00 57.70
Icky Unaffiliated 1:36:14 1:36:14 1:38:59 1:36:14 64.64
IronDaz Burnham Joggers 1:21:38 1:31:58 1:25:00 1:31:58 64.91
JAPMitch Woking AC 1:11:55 1:14:05 1:18:00 1:16:06 78.44
JEJ Unaffiliated 1:10:54 1:10:54 1:10:54 83.56
JessM Unaffiliated 1:39:58 1:39:58 1:50:00 1:39:58 65.86
JH1 Farnham Triathlon Club, Woking AC 1:16:08 1:17:24 1:17:00 1:17:48 77.06
Jock Itch FERC 1:13:30 1:16:35 1:22:00 1:18:40 77.25
Joe Hawk Datchet Dashers 1:27:34 1:28:59 1:40:00 1:39:33 59.52
Johnbury Unaffiliated 1:49:43 1:54:48 1:54:48 51.59
Johnny Blaze Unaffiliated 1:51:02 1:51:02 2:00:00 1:51:02 59.32
JonCPRC Chineham Park Running Club 1:39:59 1:47:07 2:15:00 1:51:23 56.73
keets Unaffiliated 1:39:01 1:39:01 1:50:00 1:46:54 56.84
Kew Reading Joggers 1:39:54 1:46:01 1:46:01 62.44
Konaboy Reading Roadrunners 1:36:46 1:36:46 1:38:00 1:36:46 64.29
lammo Unaffiliated 1:49:01 1:55:01 1:57:00 1:55:01 51.59
Left Foot Road Runners Club 1:39:00 1:39:41 1:39:44 69.39
Leg End Sandhurst Joggers 1:46:11 1:56:46 1:59:00 1:56:46 63.31
lennoxr Maidenhead AC 1:19:51 1:30:21 1:35:00 1:35:48 63.40
little brown bag Finch Coasters 1:53:03 1:53:03 1:59:59 1:53:03 58.73
Little Jen Unaffiliated 1:37:59 1:37:59 1:40:43 65.39
LittleBird Alchester RC (Bicester) 2:04:41 2:05:31 2:05:31 52.46
louis Burnham Joggers 1:48:28 1:48:28 1:48:28 60.70
LucyG Compton Harriers RC 1:31:26 1:35:34 1:50:00 1:46:19 68.62
MadJonny Unaffiliated 1:44:49 1:49:10 1:49:10 55.66
MadRobby Unaffiliated 1:33:13 1:33:13 1:37:00 1:33:13 64.34
manicstreetpounder Unaffiliated 1:18:58 1:22:37 1:29:59 1:25:55 70.73
marders Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 1:06:08 1:09:10 1:13:00 1:10:40 83.84
martin K London Underground AC, Runnymede Runners 1:34:45 1:34:45 1:30:00 1:34:45 68.34
MattTheRat Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 1:19:59 1:20:30 1:22:00 1:20:30 78.52
Max71 Serpentine RC 2:05:18 2:23:00 2:12:00 2:32:38 43.86
Mazza aka Fitso Unaffiliated 1:38:35 1:42:58 1:45:00 1:42:58 67.82
Michael G Reading Roadrunners, Trail Running Association 1:18:07 1:18:10 1:18:29 81.17
mitch01 Team Kennet 1:33:20 1:37:45 1:30:00 1:38:40 60.05
Morf Reading Joggers 1:35:42 1:56:04 2:00:23 58.41
MoscowFlyer Unaffiliated 1:29:04 1:32:31 1:35:00 1:32:31 64.04
Mr_Trim Unaffiliated 1:44:17 1:47:12 1:49:35 55.43
Mrs Winkle Ranelagh Harriers 1:41:18 2:08:35 2:35:00 2:08:35 51.83
Nic.1 50 Marathon Club, Reading Joggers, Wargrave Runners 1:33:43 2:08:25 2:08:25 68.37
nice and slow Alchester RC (Bicester) 1:44:07 1:44:07 1:50:00 1:44:12 56.87
Nick Cook Unaffiliated 1:47:05 1:53:18 1:53:18 59.13
nixter71 BBC RC, Mornington Chasers 1:33:39 1:36:18 1:38:43 60.76
pablo campo Unaffiliated 1:54:27 1:54:27 2:00:00 1:54:27 59.55
par Cove Joggers 1:38:58 1:42:33
philinstone Stone Master Marathoners 1:29:45 1:36:30 1:41:05 58.82
postie postie Headington RoadRunners 1:20:22 1:29:45 1:29:49 68.15
Pov Unaffiliated 1:41:43 1:41:43 1:45:00 1:41:43 62.14
Prof Disco Dean Reading Roadrunners 1:22:36 1:29:49 1:33:17 63.51
Puffing Bertie Unaffiliated 1:58:06 2:05:00 2:05:00 54.52
pussy cat Northbrook AC 1:39:18 1:43:08 1:45:00 1:43:08 72.49
Rach E Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 1:20:28 1:20:56 1:19:59 1:20:56 81.34
Rapid Snail Unaffiliated 1:38:33 1:38:33 1:38:15 1:43:01 58.57
Rapscallion Farnham Runners, Gloucester AAC 1:45:00 1:45:00 1:48:04 57.09
RicC Edinburgh Athletic Club 1:15:24 1:22:36 1:22:36 71.73
rosa Serpentine RC 1:26:24 1:26:24 1:28:21 74.52
runner duck Unaffiliated 1:53:23 1:53:23 2:03:44 56.43
RuthB2 Haslemere Border AC 1:41:29 1:43:10 1:57:00 1:57:11 56.20
sharmanian 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 1:15:46 1:15:46 1:18:36 1:18:06 75.86
Shelster Unaffiliated 1:49:48 1:49:48 1:49:48 53.94
shirlgirl Farnham Runners 1:55:00 2:03:00 2:03:00 64.80
Shortstop:o) Unaffiliated 1:46:06 1:48:02 1:48:02 61.46
Siamese Pete Unaffiliated 1:55:28 1:55:28 1:55:28 54.31
Sid Sandhurst Joggers 1:35:10 1:46:11 1:46:11 64.66
simmicee Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC 1:35:45 1:35:45 1:35:53 70.18
Simon L Unaffiliated 1:37:42 1:43:03 1:43:03 61.35
SparkyMark Alchester RC (Bicester) 1:35:01 1:38:43 1:43:09 60.31
steffthebeff Westerlands Cross Country Club 1:58:20 1:58:20 1:58:20 55.63
Thierry 68 Unaffiliated 1:32:36 1:36:42 1:40:00 1:38:37 62.10
tired_jim Reading Roadrunners 1:42:57 1:49:47 1:59:23 49.80
ToastRunner Crawley AC 1:14:30 1:16:09 1:16:09 77.93
Troughty Unaffiliated 1:42:25 1:43:35 1:40:00 1:43:35 57.20
Um Bongo Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 1:42:48 1:45:19 1:50:00 1:51:21 58.66
Vin Rouge Striders of Croydon AC 1:24:42 1:27:56 1:27:56 70.16
Waveydavey Reading Roadrunners 1:34:53 1:38:05 1:40:00 1:40:19 62.01
WineRunner52 Road Runners Club 1:29:23 1:45:39 1:50:00 1:45:39 66.82
Yazoo Runnymede Runners 1:17:55 1:17:55 1:17:00 1:17:55 76.61
youcanrunfasterlynne BBC RC, Mornington Chasers 1:41:04 1:52:00 1:52:00 65.14

This event is listed on these dates:

Woohoo, final beat that 2hr mark - just.

1st race i've used my watch time instead of official time (3mins difference). Bad start to race, otherwise a great half marathon. This race has to use start-finish chip timers!!
Left Foot
Watch time 1:38:38 as it took at least 01:06 to cross the line. So technically a new (and surprise!) PB. Haven't run all week as too busy, so went in nice and fresh, and as Rach says, perfect conditions. When it looked like sub 1:40 was on the cards afer all I pushed myself. Last 3 miles were hard and I felt a bit sick at the end. Didn't enjoy the slight gradient at mile 10, but most of the rest of it was fine. Quite an easy course, I thought. Thanks to CB for the lift. Lovely to meet him and his cute son Max and a few other Fetchies.
Um Bongo
Just treated as a LSR
Trying for a PB, but training through this one. Weather probably a key factor. *** And the weather was fantastic. Big PB in a great race. Aim for sub-80 at Reading now. Very happy.
There may be a slender PB on the cards. I've got the long runs sussed (a 13, 14 and a 16 in the last month), and some 6-milers at around 8mins/mile have felt pretty good. Time will tell. UPDATE: this one was for OB, and for Eric, who'd better be on his way damn soon. The race went wonderfully well, thanks to a wonderful strategy of eating the purple gel first, and the orange gel second. And the space time continue-ummm. More in the blog / training log probably.
Jock Itch
Pb by 4 mins ! Felt great and could have beeen quicker but for a calf niggle that slowed me at 10miles.
blue (pete)
Not looking forward to this at all, all my recent 'faster' [using that term very loosely] runs have been very painful around the achilles region. May well treat this as a long slow run and see how I feel at the half way point.
AFTER - brilliant, a 10 mile pb but not a 1/2 mara pb but never mind. Can't seem to raise my arms above shoulder height!
My local race. Hoping for a sub-1.30. AFTER. Can't say how chuffed I am. This was supposed to be preparation for a fast time at Reading. Might struggle to top this though!
Siamese Pete
Looking forward to the exciting new start to this one, without bottlenecks and dog poo!!
Could not have been better weather for running. Took it steady at first as I was not sure where I was fitness-wise stayed reasonably strong the whole way round but did not push too hard as I did not want to disrupt the marathon training too much. Finished with a small PB & broke 1:50 - so very pleased, but maybe an opportunity missed to really make inroads on my PB.
are we there yet?
My local run so should be able to beat last year's time
Update - Sorry to those who bet on me - had to help my friend round after got ill halfway through....
Forest Runner
Thinking positive here - I'm going to finally break that 90 minute barrier. I'm going to train specifically for this and I am not going to be injured for a third year in a row.
Not injured this year - but ill instead and I can't even run it this year. Sorry to all those who bet on me, but if I had not been ill, a pb would have definitely been on the cards.
Did run this after all and was quite happy to pace a club-mate to 1:41. It maybe wasn't the best thing to do to run a half marathon after being ill all week, but I felt fine at the slower pace.
UPDATE Great weather, good run. Official time 1.46.47
Yey! PB! fantastic race, wonder if I could go even faster?! great to see so many fetchies, and some fab times. well done everyone.
First HM and taking it easy: oops! Went off with the sub 2 hour group and just hung on! Was good too! Ran with Ruth and Tarange. Saw Charlie, BluePete, CB, Mr FE, KatieB...... ohhhh loads! (And Fanny! )
Garmin died after about 2 minutes so had no idea about pace. Decided to just run how I felt. Up to mile 9 felt fantastic, then slowly fell apart. Am both surprised and happy to have got a PB seeing I felt so bad during the last few miles. If I hadn't have stupidly got drunk on friday and had had some gel with me during the race I think I could have been faster. So all in all pretty pleased. Absolutely fantastic race as well, and congrats to liz yelling :)
= PB. Super, smashing, great !
Rapid Snail
Never quite on the pace - halfway in 50:04, suddenly felt tired at about 8 and was really struggling at 10. Jogged last 2 which is all I could do by then.
Thierry 68
Hard race as I believe to have siome kind of (painful) problem with my sciatic nerve. The pain seemed to disminish after the first kms. Yet I am happy with my time (new PB).

Regarding the race itself, I have addressed a gentle "complaint" to the organisers as the timing system they use seems unfair to me: gun to chip time system instead of chip to chip time system (at least they should give the two times).
Mazza aka Fitso
maybe that's a bit speedy!
Set off a bit quicker than I should have, was going ok until the middle of mile 10, then the wheels started to come off. Hung on to finish 22 seconds outside of my PB. Overall I'm pleased as I felt great for 10 miles and it was great to be running in the sunshine.
Hopefully be in good condition for this as I'll be half way through my marathon training. Nice and flat, will be gunning for a PB. - ** I can't believe that race, it went perfectly, knocked 6mins 20sec off my PB. Thrilled to bits. :-) Started off with Simmicee, Luddy, J, & N, pacing for 1.35 finish, but felt really strong so pushed harder. Quick mid race section, and then found some speed from somewhere for the last 2 miles.:-) Last mile *really* hurt. Perfect racing weather. Mile splits - 7.15, 7.12, 7.02, 7.16, 7.00, 7.05, 6.52, 6.57, 6.59, 6.55, 7.05, 6.53, 6.45.
Did this last year and despite the cold I am back as it was well organised (apart from the loos - get there early!). 1h40 is optimistic but let's see how the training goes (and how much turkey I eat over the next couple of weeks!)
Very pleased with sub-1.50 given that I hadn't trained hard for this. Decided to go easy for the first few miles, but found I was clocking around 8-10 pace quite comfortably. Rather than pushing harder I decided to just enjoy it and hope I wouldn't die on my **** later. Slowed and tired a bit from 8 miles, but managed to keep the pace below 8-30 for the remainder - and keep ahead of Mick'n'Phil! Fantastic weather for it - one of the most enjoyable races I have run.
Official time 1.49 (PB) but it took me just over 3 minutes to get to the start line. I'm going with my watch time of 1.46.11. Really pleased - thanks Gobi! clock time 1.49.45 - 56th (177) in age group.
What a beautiful day to run this pancake flat course (bar a slight elevation over the motorway). Plan was to run within myself for the 1st 10miles then finish strong over the last 3miles. Ditched the plan after the 1st mile & just ran as strongly as possible. OK up to 9miles then struggled to 10miles & therein progressively slowed over the last 3miles. A great morning out & one of the best races for quite some while. Will try harder at Reading - bring it on.
Agent Orange
Does running get any better than this? Perfect day for the race. Began steadily - even with the changes the first two to three miles were very congested, so was behind target time. After that it opened up and I pushed on. Half way in 50.53. I still felt strong and moved through the field all the way. Seemed to be going in the wake of a Burnham Jogger who said she had a major PB. By 11 miles my target time looked good if I persevered, so I gritted my teeth. After 12 miles I though I had a chance of hitting 1.41.30 so gritted my teeth some more - and pulled from somewhere a 7.32 last mile for a second half of 50.12 and a negative split. Only just missed 1.41! The only aggrieving thing is that my official time is 1.43.39 with no "chip to chip" time.
PB - great race, enjoyed it so much - the perfect race
Mrs Winkle
First half-marathon, I'm hoping I can do it in under 2.30 - I'm not the fastest of runners!

Well - did it, massive blister on my right foot and legs like lead, but I'm chuffed to bits.
Athlete In Progress

Good steady run, beat pb from last year by 17+ mins, but could not manage sub 2:15

Clocked Watch Time was 2Hrs:19 mins start very narrow / crowded took time to get over start line.
My 1st attempt at this race,Konaboy tells me it's flat and runner friendly.Ding Dong! a PB....(on my watch not chip time)Started some way and back and seemed ages to cross start line.Got boxed in for the 1st mile (8.20) or so but then was able to settle.Plenty of friendly Marshals and the Traffic management was good.I saw Konaboy before the start...the beer & curry worked well looking at his time :-)
slow start
steady middle
but didn't quite have the legs in the last 4 miles to keep under 100 mins
Great to break 1.30 in ideal beautiful conditions. No wind/snow! Loved the race and organisation good too.
Only my second half so pacing could be an issue. Training for FLM so I'll forgo the pb UPDATE Hooray. At mile 2 I concluded I was either going to get a great time or collapse. Thankfully my body went with option one. At mile 10 I was really grateful for the experience of mile reps. I will do some more.
Really a 1:41:30, as it took 1:40 to cross the start line. A Fantastic day, sun, comfortably warm and lots of Fetchies :-) Everything is going in the right direction :-)
Well... this was my PB course before I moved to Prague. Hopefully I can make it a PB course again. Looking forward to the icy cold, wind and rain...
1st half marathon for 18mths hoping for a PB but main aim is to run all of this as part of FLM training so may not be brilliant!
Really pleased with the result - came 108th with a stopwatch time of 1:21:56 and gun time of 1:22:36. I was just happy to beat my PB of 1:28:41 so totally chuffed at taking such a big chunk off it :)
Puffing Bertie
What a lovely race, beautiful day and great course. Everything great till 9miles then hurty stuff but i recon that was cos i went a bit faster than i was ment to earlier.........so i recon ifi do Reading or Fleet at exactly mara pace i will be ok.
little brown bag
Really wanting a sub 2 hour tomorrow..

woohoo and i got it!

8.08 8.13 8.10 8.30 8.22 8.44 8.42 9.04 8.58 8.59 9.25 8.41 8.13 0.48
Chaos at the start - Poor chip timing - Let down this race
Should be a fast course with PB potential
I shall enjoy this race...I shall run it all, unlike last year. I am going to PB. Paced Evil Pixie round instead...she got a 14 minute PB.
Preparation for FLM. Hoping for a PB around about the 1.45 mark. Looking forward to meeting some fellow Fetchies!

Race update: Wow I am still buzzing! Can't believe I managed that time. This is my garmin time but it is spot on. Not happy with the official timing as it involves 2 minutes 22 of walking to the start line! Official time was 1:40:44 Will blog later
Despite a heavy week of training I managed to pull this time out of the bag. Thanks to KR2 for keeping me company during the middle bit. Off for a lie down then a drink later.
get in :-)
Rach E
Sub-80 attempt. ***UPDATE*** Official time 1:20:56; watch time 1:20:47. I am WELL chuffed with my time today. I knew I wasn't quite in sub-80 shape but I felt good today and the 5:55 - 6:10 miles just kept ticking past (until I blew up and they became 6:25s at 11 miles ;-)). I felt good and strong the whole way round and I am very very happy to go sub-81. Conditions were perfect today. I've entered my official time (gun to chip) but it took me 9 seconds to cross the line so my "real" time is 1:20:47. Well done to some people on some storming runs today (particularly Jock, MattTheRatt, RuthB2, JEJ, Marders, Fetch and KatieB - there were others too but these stick in my mind!!).
Have gone for the time on my watch as it took me 4 mins to cross the start! Interesting that other UKAA-governed races manage to do chip-to-chip times. Lovely day to race, felt positively summery after Glasgow! Absolutely over the moon with my time. I was supposed to be taking it easy - maybe my unorthodox preparation worked. Official time 2.02.15
Beijing Blade
A lot harder than expected. Felt strong in the first few miles and averaged 6:45 to about mile 4. Then gradually slowed to about 7 minute miles, then gradually slower over the last few miles.
Wokingham half. Porridge three hours before, bottle of lucozade sport sipped until start, banana 45 minutes pre-run. Stitch after three miles, dropped energy gel after 6, hit a temprary wall after 9.5 but managed to pull it round and finish well.
pussy cat
think I might be dreaming but I've done it once (and only once!!) before so who knows......
A paced training run the week before my 35 miler.

happy enough lovely day.
Plan of 73 went out the window and managed to keep the pace till the end for a nice 7 minute pb.
first time doing wokingham half, this is my second year in running .
Johnny Blaze
My first half of the year. I didn't break 2 hours last year so I am hoping I will this time. But we'll see!


Battered my PB!

runner duck
gun to chip time
Overall pleased with race today, perhaps started a bit too fast as slowed down over last 4miles. Felt great up to 8miles then felt heavy legged. Weather was perfect and new start / finish seemed to work well.
1:33:30 is chip time - I'm actually hoping me real time was 1:32:30 or less (was a muppet with the watch today though)
Wow, my first ever Half Marathon... cannot believe how amazing this race was.

Tried not to go off too fast and to run sensibly and ended up with a time which is quicker than my PB for 12 miles!!!

Also met 3 people who told me I had to join this site, so here I am
Leg End
Pacing a friend in her first sub-two. A good run on a perfect day. What a nice event this is! Over 50 club-members finished.
I had a bad cold & no voice. Shouldnt have run, but hey, shouldnt do alot of things! Had no energy throughout, but still came home only slightly slower than last year!
martin K
not a bad run thou was looking to beat my coach


MattTheRat 12th Feb 08, 16:42
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