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Shakespeare Half Marathon

Listed by Head Gone
Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire CV37 UK
43 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
adman2 Kenilworth Runners 1:59:43 1:59:43 1:59:43 55.94
agc Unaffiliated 1:30:27 1:30:27 1:33:00 72.65
atko Kenilworth Runners 1:20:11 1:29:29 1:39:59 1:41:44 60.65
Boots Coventry Godiva Harriers 1:13:00 1:14:19 1:13:30 1:14:19 80.66
bringiton Unaffiliated 1:37:24 1:48:48 1:48:48 54.84
brooksy Huntingdonshire AC 1:17:15 1:24:01 1:30:00 1:27:46 67.51
Buzz Unaffiliated 1:49:22 1:49:22 1:56:37 52.49
Cherries Unaffiliated 2:02:31 2:16:02 2:25:24 45.34
clairster Stockport Harriers & AC 1:41:11 1:45:35 2:10:00 1:53:59 57.93
Colesie Unaffiliated 1:37:00 1:37:00 1:45:00 1:45:09 65.82
dovester Unaffiliated 1:42:15 1:42:15 1:42:15 59.87
ellew Unaffiliated 1:54:50 1:54:50 1:55:00 1:54:50 57.50
HerefordshireLass Black Pear Joggers 2:24:45 2:36:07 2:36:07 43.36
Hohum Mercia Fell Runners 1:40:36 1:56:18 1:56:18 54.77
ifor Unaffiliated 1:41:25 1:43:26 2:03:43 47.89
Jigs Unaffiliated 1:19:28 1:22:40
kopking steve Unaffiliated 1:47:22 1:59:26 2:17:55 43.47
Krissie Sparkhill Harriers 1:42:18 2:03:38 2:15:00 2:19:15 47.28
krusty Bournville Harriers 1:29:33 1:35:53 1:40:00 1:41:37 67.65
Lincsfella UKnetrunner 1:28:14 1:30:06 1:31:00 1:33:21 65.60
Loca West 4 Harriers 1:20:11 1:28:47 1:28:47 75.07
louismaxy Unaffiliated 1:36:31 1:51:00 1:51:00 54.33
man,slow Stourbridge RC, Black Country Triathletes 1:20:37 1:20:37 1:38:31 60.14
marshbbad Stourbridge RC 1:44:25 1:44:25 1:44:25 56.71
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Kettering Town Harriers 1:31:50 1:36:53 1:36:59 1:38:57 80.54
MrsJJ Wrekin Road Runners 1:51:44 1:57:54 2:03:11 56.19
Pace Unaffiliated 1:29:21 1:29:21 1:35:00 1:29:21 66.31
Rach E Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 1:20:28 1:20:56 1:19:59
Richard Simkiss McCarkiss Endurance Project 1:11:36 1:20:27 1:25:00 1:26:58 68.13
RobMcC1 Unaffiliated 1:43:35 1:51:00 2:04:00 47.83
RoBo63 West Bromwich Harriers 1:34:28 2:03:07 2:08:41 49.90
Running Caz Cobra RC 1:36:29 1:44:55 1:50:25 59.95
RunningCoventry Massey Ferguson RC 1:41:31 1:50:54 1:56:26 50.86
Runs4beer Lichfield RC 1:28:26 1:32:40 2:00:00 2:03:57 47.80
runs4wine Lichfield RC 1:56:25 2:03:57 2:05:00 2:03:57 53.11
Silvershadow Bedford Harriers AC 2:27:15 2:42:11 2:39:00 2:42:11 44.98
smifffie Knowle and Dorridge Running Club 1:35:43 1:38:46 1:45:00 1:46:29 63.20
speedy1 Wrekin Road Runners 2:24:58 2:24:58 2:26:00 2:24:58 46.42
Tarmac Runner Cobra RC 1:32:09 1:37:00 1:37:05 63.05
Trevtherev5 Unaffiliated 2:04:24 2:08:51 2:12:58 46.77
Troughty Unaffiliated 1:42:25 1:43:35 1:40:00 1:51:20 53.22
Velociraptor FERC 1:37:44 2:03:48 1:59:59 2:03:48 57.56
vintagexl Centurion RC 1:59:05 2:17:00 2:25:00 2:19:19 48.09

This event is listed on these dates:

Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
Marathon training - aim for sub 1:37 - not sure that I can better my Reading PB
Two weeks after FLM so not racing this - will be pacing runs4wine round to a PB though!
Official result - jand.co.uk
Sorry everyone who bet on me, a terrible performance, Dr Google says I have a medial collateral ligament injury from a fall in training a couple of weeks back so hobbled round and off to see the real doc on Wednesday... Will get the 1h40 one day though...
Entered this so that I'm not tempted to do anything silly involving, say, Lochaber. <br>
Garmin time, pending official chip-time results. Ambled round at conversational pace and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Well-organised, friendly race, entry limit about right, and a pleasant course which, on a different occasion, would be ideal for a PB.
Calf good as gold.
This is my watch time at the moment but I don't expect the chip time to be much different. Actually a PW for this distance but I'm not actually downhearted as it was my 1st half for over 2 years, all part of the come-back trail. Was pacing fine at 11 min/miling until 5 miles, then went a bit bezerk in mile 6 and paid for it later on. But all in all a good experience and it was great to catch up with some old friends :-)
Excellent Race although it was really hot would definatley do it again
Running Caz
Sorry whoever bet on me ... this was NEVER going to be a 'go for it run'. Took first 4/5 easy chatting with friend and starting at the very back. Pace picked up and felt good from there but last mile was tough and had people pass me then with a sprint finish. Sept/Oct will be a good time to bet on me for a half :-)
It was sooo hot! Set off too quicly. Ran the first 7 miles in 55 mins then struggled through next few miles. Felt strong again for last 3 miles after the lucozade sports drink station. Hadn't remembered Welford Hill, amazing what the mind blocks out. Also ran without my ipod for the first time, but really missed it. Just scraped a pb - although thought the clock said 1:53:33 when i came in - was obviously half blind by that point. :-)
Rach E
Worth a shot at the sub-80 though not sure what shape I'll be in. ***UPDATE*** Plan was for Gobi to pace me to a sub-80 half and then he'd go on and run the full. This meant running 6:06m/m pace from the gun. It was all going well until three miles, but I knew at that point the hills were taking more out of me than they should have been and if I didn't back off I would blow up spectacularly. Got into a (slow) groove and struggled a bit on the hills up to eight miles. Met Trumpton Riots on the bike who cycled with me for a good mile and told me lots of nice things which probably mentally perked me up. I hit 10 miles in my worst split for well over a year (1:07:05) and decided I'd pick things up and see what I could do. I picked up to 6m/m pace, overtook a lot of people and ran the last 5km in 18:55 which I was ecstatic with. Not the result I was originally hoping for BUT I am pleased for three reasons 1) I listened when Trumpton Riots told me the next lady was a long way back and I didn't need to rush so backed down 2) I was able to pick up my pace so much for the last 5k and 3) I won the half marathon :o) A good day out and I was very happy with Gobi's result as well.
pleased with time as last two months training has been rubbish due to injured foot and then a three week man flu. Enjoyed the run though, tried to pace myself, tired towards the end.
Not sure what to expect really. First half marathon ever so will be interesting to see how I cope after about 7/8 miles. Will hopefully be able to hit a good rhythm and pull myself round for a good time.

Pleased with run after feeling very tired the day before and being sick the night before! Not as quick as I thought i might be able to get but in the end it was OK. Felt absolutely gone at 6/7/8 miles but got a second wind and managed to get the pace back up again along the flat. Feet very sore afterwards!
Suacony Trigon Ride
quite a hot day wasn't it, if only I'd trained
My best time for this year with next to nothing training so fair play