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Edinburgh Marathon

Edinburgh, Edinburgh Edinburgh EH6 UK
98 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
9Dart Unaffiliated 3:30:12 3:30:12 3:30:12 59.46
AMBERSKYES jogscotland 3:51:04 3:53:40 3:55:45 59.77
Anna Finn VEGAN RUNNERS UK 3:40:54 4:14:54 4:24:04 51.31
AnneD Wimbledon Windmilers 3:23:20 3:38:56 3:38:56 68.63
Applecross Unaffiliated 3:44:39 3:44:39 3:44:39 61.94
Bazoaxe Unaffiliated 2:59:16 3:19:14 3:30:00 3:19:14 63.75
Biggles Unaffiliated 3:17:19 3:17:19 3:15:00 3:17:19 63.34
BigMac9 Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 3:48:42 3:56:34 3:56:34 68.48
Boffin Unaffiliated 3:54:07 4:11:24 3:30:00 4:11:24 50.17
Bonio Harmeny AC 4:15:02 4:28:24 4:28:24 63.67
Bosun Tony FERC 3:19:52 3:34:34 4:00:00 3:39:00 61.51
Bottom Trotter Unaffiliated 3:31:24 3:38:58 3:40:00 3:42:25 68.20
brett1959 Chepstow Harriers 4:18:44 4:18:44 4:23:58 4:18:44 52.52
BrettFalcus Unaffiliated 3:39:39 3:39:39 3:39:39 56.90
bridie Unaffiliated 3:43:00 3:59:00 3:59:00 59.49
bungee Nairn Road Runners 4:36:46 4:36:46 4:30:00 5:10:40 49.61
CanaryYellow Unaffiliated 3:59:32 4:44:46 5:42:50 36.46
carrot top Wirral AC 2:44:05 2:57:47 2:57:47 70.27
Char Dunoon Hill Runners 4:57:17 4:57:17 4:57:17
Cheeky Geordie Dunbar RC 3:34:14 3:34:14 3:45:00 3:34:14 65.13
chipn Heaton Harriers & AC 3:47:05 4:20:20 4:20:20 47.99
ChrisDig Unaffiliated 3:22:10 3:28:25 3:29:00 3:28:25 60.51
Cotty67 Unaffiliated 4:22:28 4:32:53 4:32:53 52.99
Damo666 Striders of Croydon AC 2:56:26 3:04:52 3:30:00 3:23:22 61.49
Darlo Darlington Harriers & AC 4:06:41 4:06:41 3:50:00 4:06:41 53.68
DCB Cheddar Running Club 3:13:29 3:53:33 3:54:47 55.46
diehard Unaffiliated 3:03:11 3:03:11 3:03:11 70.46
dizzi Dulwich Park Runners 4:01:05 4:11:05 4:00:00 4:11:05 56.12
dja75 Vegetarian Cycling & AC, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Tyne Bridge Harriers 3:05:51 4:40:34 4:40:34 44.52
Donald S Harmeny AC 3:11:36 3:15:09 3:15:09 71.47
Doonhamer Linlithgow AAC 2:48:21 2:56:50 2:55:00 2:56:50 70.68
Fizz :-) Unaffiliated 4:08:42 4:38:43 4:45:00 4:38:43 51.13
Forest Faerie Thetford AC 4:10:56 4:12:22 4:30:00 4:12:22 57.79
Foxy 100 Marathon Club, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:26:47 3:29:59 3:49:12 54.53
giggsy Kimberworth Striders RC 2:41:05 3:05:27 3:10:00 3:08:52 66.17
Goiridh Unaffiliated 3:36:53 3:50:02 3:50:00 3:50:02 54.33
grinlee Reading Joggers 5:03:09 5:03:09 5:03:09 41.90
Hee Jung Unaffiliated 4:50:06 4:50:06 4:50:06 48.36
hellen 100 Marathon Club, Barrow Runners 3:12:21 4:28:45 4:29:59 4:28:45 52.20
Hendo79 Inverclyde AC 2:38:05 3:22:42 3:22:42 61.66
Hendy Greenock Glenpark Harriers 2:44:41 3:12:49
Hirsty Unaffiliated 4:49:09
Homer FERC 3:47:58 3:47:58 3:58:43 52.36
I ran sub-1:40!!! Unaffiliated 3:39:00 3:56:00 3:56:00 52.94
jamesstewart13 Unaffiliated 2:39:32 3:59:23 4:00:00 3:59:23 52.21
Jamis Hamilton Harriers 3:57:37 3:57:37 4:00:00 3:57:37 52.60
Jim Royle Unaffiliated 3:39:00 3:43:52 3:43:52 59.15
johnnyboy Harmeny AC 3:47:28 3:47:28 3:47:28 60.76
JPK Reading Joggers 3:40:42 3:54:16 3:54:16 53.35
Justonemorehill Mumbles Milers 4:19:46 4:44:01 4:44:01 48.91
Kew Reading Joggers 3:52:23 3:58:36 3:58:36 59.29
Knox Reading Joggers 4:17:37 4:17:37 4:32:42 54.56
Lady Alburne Up and Runners, Falkland Trail Runners 4:45:00 4:45:00 4:50:00 46.72
lizk Unaffiliated 3:47:00 4:09:00 4:10:00 4:09:00 56.59
Marty Clevedon AC 2:48:46 3:12:14 3:29:29 3:12:14 65.05
Meatball Edinburgh Athletic Club 3:29:34 3:34:00 3:40:00 3:34:00 58.67
minutehunter Unaffiliated 3:12:14 3:39:57 3:39:57 56.80
Monster Feet Unaffiliated 3:46:29 4:08:01 4:08:01 56.01
mr guinness Garden City Runners 2:59:20 3:05:30 3:15:00 3:05:30 75.20
NixC Unaffiliated 3:38:52 4:06:52 4:06:52 51.85
Nonny Unaffiliated 4:16:24 4:16:24 4:16:24 50.76
Pavvy Unaffiliated 4:25:00 4:25:00 4:00:00 4:45:00
PeterWard5 Unaffiliated 4:22:48 4:22:48 4:22:48 47.56
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 5:02:10 5:29:32 45.15
pugheaven Ellesmere Port Running Club 2:49:28 2:51:51 2:44:00 2:51:51 72.73
racheybabes Unaffiliated 3:26:58 3:33:19 3:33:19 65.12
redkate Unaffiliated 4:24:04 4:28:27 4:28:27 52.76
RichyC Unaffiliated 2:55:48 3:28:16 3:28:16 60.01
rockin rory White Horse Harriers 3:40:00 3:40:00 3:40:00 62.31
Rossco Peeko Unaffiliated 3:02:05 3:29:47 3:29:47 59.55
run fat boy run72 Unaffiliated 3:36:12 4:08:34 4:08:34 50.25
RunningBhoy Kirkintilloch Olympians, Sweatshop Running Community Glasgow 2:44:51 2:44:51 2:44:51 76.09
RununMan Birtley AC 2:40:45 2:55:29 2:59:30 2:55:29 73.58
Sandor Unaffiliated 4:30:23 5:02:04 5:02:04
santababy Harmeny AC 3:30:56 4:05:05 4:14:00 4:17:21 55.75
scollins78 Unaffiliated 3:39:12 4:03:24 4:03:24 51.32
Scruffy AEGON, Edinburgh Running Network 4:13:06 4:13:06 4:13:06 51.42
Selfish Git!!! Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:21:05 3:49:45 3:20:00 3:57:00 55.87
SH_UK 100 Marathon Club, Swanley & District AC 3:15:06 3:37:55 3:30:00 3:37:55 57.58
Sharkcatcher new eltham joggers 4:45:26 4:58:29
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 3:13:41 3:36:29 3:36:29 61.66
SJS Tynedale Harriers & AC 3:42:02 3:42:02 3:59:59 3:42:02 62.57
sloth Unaffiliated 3:44:53 4:01:22 3:43:00 4:34:10 45.98
smifffie Knowle and Dorridge Running Club 3:26:40 3:35:00 3:30:00 3:35:00 65.88
Spillers Unaffiliated 3:26:00 3:26:00 3:26:00 60.67
Steven Mac Unaffiliated 3:35:52 3:35:52 3:29:30 3:35:52 62.95
stuartfarmer Serpentine RC 2:34:23 2:58:18 2:58:18 70.06
the badger Unaffiliated 3:48:25 3:48:25 4:00:00 3:48:25 54.72
Tinkerbell 86 Unaffiliated 4:04:09 4:04:09 4:04:09 55.50
travelling man Aberdare Valley AAC 3:02:45 3:11:24 3:11:24 69.74
Treehugger Unaffiliated 4:49:02 4:49:02 4:49:02 48.37
Triplet Dad Edinburgh Running Network 4:16:51 5:14:00 5:00:00 5:14:00 41.12
Tutu Much Kirkstall Harriers 3:57:07 3:57:22 3:59:59 3:57:22 58.53
UltraCas Unaffiliated 4:59:00 5:12:00 5:12:00 44.68
Watford Wobble Unaffiliated 3:27:46 4:33:50 4:30:00 4:33:50 46.77
WhereDaCakesAt? Unaffiliated 4:33:04 4:33:04 4:33:04 51.20
woody2run Unaffiliated 3:14:43 3:16:41 3:16:41 70.91
Yorkshire Pie Unaffiliated 3:44:05 3:50:35 4:00:00 3:52:11 59.83

This event is listed on these dates:

Watford Wobble
Not an official time but watch time. Damn, missed my sub 4:30 but combined with injury and the head wind I lose out on meeting my predicted time. I started losing pace at 16 miles when my left ITB hurt like hell. Guess lack of LSR's was the result of that. But I PB'd which I'm more than happy with. A great race I really enjoyed. Weather was ideal although a wet start. With a more structured plan and no injuries I'm still hoping to beat the 4:30.
What to say. Weather was awful at start, pretty heavy rain, cold and windy. Start on Princes St was fast, got going and into stride quickly as crowd dispersed. Set off too quickly (1st mile 6:45) but reigned it in and really enjoyed first few miles. Going onto the coast was tough as wind bit and rain persisted. That said, felt strong and switched off for few miles. Brief toilet stop at 9miles going past the racecourse. Went through halfway point in 1:36 and felt great. Conditions had taken their toll a bit but had stayed hydrated and taken energy gel. Was on course for a 3h10-15m time as planned and felt as though I could do it. However, within 3miles of going through halfway started to feel the pace. The 3h15m pacers went past, tried to hang on but just couldn't. By mile 17 had to stop at lucozade station and take stock. 2min breather and got going again. Really struggled over next few miles, no rhythm, felt really low (almost desperate! - how the hell could I be so out of sorts with over 10k to go!?). Legs felt fine if a little stiff, but lower back had gone! Just felt really sore and weak. Pulled myself together and dragged myself through last 6miles using run/walk strategy, taking advantage of water stations and jelly beans/babies offered en route. Elated at finish and was incredibly pleased with salvaging a time, as could feel it slipping away from me - the 3h15m dream, then 3:20, 3:25.......As it stands, am proud of myself for re-assessing race strategy and adapting to conditions in 2nd half, and pulling through. I know I have a 3:15 in me, better pacing and more distance tempo training runs needed! As for race itself - well organised, well supported. Excellent!
Hee Jung
Loved it.
Selfish Git!!!
Fifth time at this venue and a current member of the Edinburgh Marathon organised "26.2 Mile AYE (All Years Edinburgh) Club". There are less than 100 elegible for this club.

Havent managed 3:20 before but have done 3:21 in 2003 and 3:26 in 2006 so a bit of effort and who knows. Should be fully rested or injured from the 3 marathons within 2 weeks, last month. No bets till I post times for the previous marathons.
Hang on to your bets - wait for a later update... This is my target marathon for a PB. It all depends on how well I recover and can train since the Paris / London combo.
I will update closer to the time:)

Update: Ok, I am not injured so in theory I can PB at this one... however my training has not gone as well as it could have done so I doubt I will PB. If it were me I wouldn't bet on me for this one... things could go well on the day, but we all know how wrong things can go as well!!

Post Race: Sorry guys! this race just wasn't to be! Great race, Pb potential - what can I say... just not enough training to be competitive.

My objective for the race is an unaided finish as I have a bigger picture of the Six Nations marathons this year - so I will start near(er) the back and aim for a negative split.

Do you feel lucky?
happy with result overall...another PB....although should have went under 3:15....big toe was sore by 17.5 miles.....bare foot/wet floor/corner of door incedent in club changing room ouch....swollen/bruised toe...so not bad considering
well, will i PB here? it's downhill then its flat flat flat, its my hometown, it's the scene of my accidental marathon, i will get my proper medal this year not just the relay one, hmm well i'm going to bet on myself....
update: sorry, didnt quite cut it, i'm still happy with that after last horrid 2 weeks but sorry to lose people points..
My first ever marathon - so don't want to predict a time will be so so pleased just to get round UPDATE - under 4hours, thank god i never have to do another one now!!!!
Great course, good conditions (apart from a strong headwind for part of the way). Huge 44 minute pb!
UPDATE - now with real time :-) This is watch time, so think I just sneaked under 3:45, with which I'm very pleased, particularly considering the assorted mini-disasters involving discovery of missing kit at 7:30 am and gels getting stuck in a traffic jam :-) . Set off too fast like a muppet as usual and was grimly clinging to 8:20-ish miles for first half into the wind . Struggled quite a bit between 15 and about 18 miles with sore groin, took small (1 min) walk breaks at 18.5 and 21.5 miles to try and ease off tension in hips and shoulders. Bit disappointed with lack of atmosphere and on-route entertainments for such a big event, though crowd were great coming out in such dreadful weather. Times I can remember: 1mile = 8:24, 4 miles 34:44, 6 miles 49:00, 8 miles 1:04, 13.1 miles : 1:50, 18 miles 2:30, 21 miles 3:00, 25 miles 3:34:00. Good stuff!
Wow.......I'll put a race report in my blog...well done all!!!!
My 1st marathon so as long as I finish it I'll be happy. Just got to remember 'enjoy' it!!!!!! As much as you can while dragging your body along 26.2 miles! LOL
Started slow, stayed slow. Now I know whats in store for me Ill def PB on my next one!!
Wasn't looking forward to this when I saw the weather this morning...I woke with a cold that came on Saturday and got worse (and I never get colds), then there were reports of deathly tsunami-like waves and wind on the coast whilst I was sheltering in a bus stop before the start.. As it turned out, it was windy in parts, but not hellish and the heavy rain died out quite soon after the start.. All in all, I'm happy with the result (unconfirmed watch time).. Next marathon sub 4:15? :o)
Garmin time, although it was showing the distance short, official time now
I've entered!

Dream time: 3:32:32(!). Based on Runners World race calculator using my Brampton to Carlisle PB. I wish!!

V happy time: 3:44:59. I should be able to do this eventually - it's 8.5min/M. But don't know if I will make this for my first marathon.

Happy time: 3:59:59. I'd like to get under 4h.

OK time: 4:14:59. If I don't get under 4:15 I'll be miffed.

Satisfactory time: 4:29:59.

Disappointing time: 4:30:00 - surely I must be able to break 4:30!

SJS 16.1.07
Hurrah I broke 3.45! See training log for details of race.

SJS 29.5.07
Enjoyed the course - really friendly and encouraging marshalls!! Tried to keep up with 3.30 time group but dragged behind in the end. The pace setters were great though!

All in all, a bit disappointed with my time, but i still got a PB :)
Bosun Tony
Day after FLM - a couple of days off then start building the miles for Edinburgh, I keep dreaming of a 3 : 30 marathon. Not sure if I have it in me, closest i've been is 3 : 33. Edinburgh is supposed to be a flat course with no nightmare hill at the end this time, i'll just see how it goes and enjoy the run. Best of luck everybody, enjoy !!!
UPDATE: Well p****d off !! felt ok after London, did the Balmoral 10K the following Saturday and have a calf injury that is killing me, have not run a step since. I'll give it another week and if I am not a helluva lot better then I will have to pass on this one.RACE: Decided to run it, enjoyed it but calf & hip were crippiling me after 20 miles, did 3 : 39 ish so got to be pleased. No more running 'til i'm fixed !!!
Yorkshire Pie
This is my watch time - I will update if the chip comes up slightly differently, but unlikely to affect the fact I PBd by nearly an hour!
Looking for a PB after knocking a minute off my 10K time at Askern last week - just need to remember not to start too fast! My downfall in the three marathons I've done.

Well I had a cold the thursday\friday\saturday before the race but decided to go for it anyway and got the PB I've been after! Strong all the way round and little or no fade over the last 10k suggest the perfect pacing for once!

First time I've done edinburgh but the course was fantastic and the finish at the racecourse with the grandstand full of supporters cheering everyone over the line was a brilliant end to the race.
Watch time once again I slowed on the last 10k
My first marathon , loved it and learnt a lot - great marshalling/route and crowd support - achieved my target of under 3:30 and was happy with that but at 20 miles i was 11 minutes faster than target and feeling good but started suffering cramp for last 3 miles - must learn to take on more water (dont like drinking while running)
My first marathon so a PB!! Very pleased with run and time. Weather was nice and cool (bit windy at times) and course was good (flat, flat, flat). Really good atmosphere at the finish.
plodding hippo
had a nightmare
amazed i did sub 5.30 really
UPDATE: Enjoyed the race and pleased to run Sub 3 of very low mileage this year . The new route seemed to go down well with the runners and there was plenty of water/energy drinks on the course. Marshalls did a great job both handing out the supplies and offering encouragement throughout.
Steven Mac
3rd time around for me, always wanted to beat 3:30, never done it yet. Need to do it this year before the years start to overtake me!
Really enjoyed the day, the headwind made it really hard work and I didnt seem to benefit from the backwind on the way back, instead the sun came out!! Kept to plan of taking it steady to 20 miles the possibly pushing it but at 20 miles decided not to bother pusing it because there was no need to get my 4.30 target and I didnt see the point in killing myself for an extra minute or two.
the badger
1st marathon - can't really say I enjoyed it at the time (blisters at 10 miles) - but looking back very pleased with it. Had to run the whole way as I was too scared to stop, in case I couldn't start again.
Awful run. Not feeling 100%. Hit wall at 24 miles. Walked last 2 miles
First Marathon - found the headwind for the first 16 miles a bit tough(!) but apart from that I loved it. Took a bit longer than I'd hoped but just glad to finish. Definitely hope to do it again next year.
The ruddy headwind was an absolute swine for about 6-8 miles during the first half of the race. Set off too fast, reached halfway in about 1.35 and with aspirations of 3.15 but then slowed down significantly for the final 10 miles or so and did not enjoy the last 4 miles - really tough going. Overall, really pleased with my time particularly given the lack of training.
was really want to well here but training was terrible and was concerned of my ankle packing in. my half split was just under 2 hours but i felt able to go up a few gears and i did, it was great to be doing 7 minute miles towards the end and finishing strong
Bottom Trotter
Wet and windy. found the last few miles tough going , interesting course, nice finish in the race track
Crap race for me, gave up at 10 mile when the wind kncocked my mile times down until 16 mile, then picked it up to just do a sub 3

1st Mile = 5:55
2nd Mile = 5:58 (11:54)
3rd Mile = 6:04 (17:58)
4th Mile = 6:05 (24:04)
5th Mile = 6:08 (30:12)
6th Mile = 6:16 (36:29)
7th Mile = 6:10 (42:40)
8th Mile = 6:11 (48:51)
9th Mile = 6:06 (54:58)
10th Mile = 6:21 (01:01:19)
11th Mile = 6:34 (01:07:54)
12th Mile = 6:40 (01:14:34)
13th Mile = 6:38 (01:21:13)
14th Mile = 6:47 (01:28:01)
15th Mile = 6:43 (01:34:45)
16th Mile = 6:58 (01:41:54)
17th Mile = 6:58 (01:48:45)
18th Mile = 6:52 (01:55:45)
19th Mile = 6:41 (02:02:27)
20th Mile = 6:34 (02:09:01)
21st Mile = 6:36 (02:15:37)
22nd Mile = 6:35 (02:22:13)
23rd Mile = 6:42 (02:28:55)
24th Mile = 6:51 (2:35:46)
25th Mile = 6:59 (2:42:46)
26th Mile = 6:55

26.22 miles
2:51:51 (6:33/mile)
Fizz :-)
Runner No.: 4438
Position (Overall): 2695 (3586)
Position (Gender): 644 (1031)
Position (Age group): 135 (213)
the conditions at the start were poor - it's was cold wet & windy as we all huddled on the steps of the art gallery. I decided to wear my long sleeved thick -ish Asics top from the florence marathon.

the downhill course promised to be a quick one, but it was windy along the coast & then it got warm & i started to struggle in jogging bottoms & the long sleeved top.

the finish was spectacular at Musselburgh race course & was good to have my name mentioned.As per usual now I airplaned over the line.

i ran the race for children with Leukaemia & raised around £680. The t-shirt was a white coton one with no design on the front just the back - not a favourite, the medal was a nice one featuring the castle.

overall not a great day at the office this one, but a great city & another 26.2 miler under my belt.
mr guinness
this was a fine race to do.
a lovely city, and the route was great to road along