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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Great South Run

Listed by simpet
, Portsmouth PO2 UK
115 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Joan Unaffiliated 1:25:00 1:45:54 1:45:54 55.73
5hep Farnham Runners 1:22:27 1:24:55 1:24:55 54.81
Agent Orange Unaffiliated 1:11:35 1:16:19 1:17:00 1:16:19 61.46
Alex B Fareham Crusaders 1:14:44 1:20:08 1:20:08 56.11
Anahata Unaffiliated 1:30:35 1:31:17 2:00:00 1:31:17 55.73
AndrewJ Unaffiliated 1:21:33 1:38:57 1:38:57 45.96
atrain247 FERC 1:20:13 1:20:13 1:25:00 1:20:13 55.80
B Heathfield RRC 1:10:00 1:10:00 1:10:00 72.68
Badgerlocke Alresford RC 1:11:56 1:11:56 1:11:56 61.84
Bananaman Ware Joggers 1:22:55 1:28:25 1:36:21 54.63
BenDy Bishops Stortford RC 1:16:16 1:17:23 1:21:43 54.35
Berni Hedge End Running Club 1:09:19 1:10:55 1:12:00 1:10:55 72.95
Bimblebelle Unaffiliated 2:24:56 2:24:56 2:24:56 35.10
Blister TeamBath AC, Walton AC 1:02:45 1:06:47 1:10:00 1:06:47 67.23
blue (pete) Unaffiliated 1:26:10 1:26:10 1:30:00 1:26:10 54.86
Bob! Maldon Soul Runners 1:16:42 1:21:10 1:21:10 60.61
BradCordell Unaffiliated 1:18:00 1:18:00 1:30:00 1:18:00 56.90
Bubbles Unaffiliated 1:20:37 1:20:37 1:20:37 61.30
Cavey Handsworth Roadhogs RC 1:16:48 1:33:55 1:30:00 1:33:55 47.29
Cheese Unaffiliated 1:18:12 1:18:12 1:18:12 65.82
Chicken Licken Unaffiliated 1:51:00 1:51:00 1:50:00 1:51:00 45.23
chunky Cyclists Touring Club 1:21:34 1:23:14 1:30:00 1:26:15 58.47
Chunky Monkey Unaffiliated 1:15:24 1:18:10 1:18:10 57.80
cleanteeth Unaffiliated 1:28:58 1:28:58 1:28:58 57.21
Cormorant Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:15:16 1:15:16 1:20:00 1:15:16 66.45
Couldn't Run A Bath Unaffiliated 58:45 58:45 58:45 76.95
Crouchie Orpington Road Runners 1:11:32 1:12:31 1:25:00 1:12:31 61.24
Delboy Winchester & District AC 1:10:06 1:10:06 1:10:06 72.55
Derbyplodder Unaffiliated 1:24:26 1:24:26 1:35:00 1:24:26 58.27
Dina Mo Stubbington Green Runners 1:22:00 1:36:24 1:36:24 51.68
Diogenes Unaffiliated 1:23:14 1:31:51 1:32:00 1:33:43 49.28
Em Unaffiliated 1:24:12 1:24:12 1:25:00 1:24:12 59.11
eMpTy Denmead Striders 1:10:55 1:12:08 1:30:00 1:18:10 63.98
FaeryImp Unaffiliated 1:39:41 1:43:50 1:43:50 49.64
fleety Fareham Crusaders 1:11:43 1:17:59 1:18:00 1:17:59 56.95
Footpad Unaffiliated 1:29:15 1:35:28 1:40:00 1:35:28 49.13
forest plodder Totton Running Club 1:27:40 1:51:54 1:51:54 51.78
GAZGIB Bracknell Forest Runners 1:09:41 1:23:08 1:25:00 1:26:16 52.12
Ginnie B Kent AC 1:15:36 1:15:36 1:15:36 65.36
Glen Bulb Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:08:54 1:10:36 1:10:00 1:10:36 63.19
Gobi Unaffiliated 56:02 59:20 59:59 59:20 75.78
gray Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:25:02 1:35:47 1:25:00 1:43:28
GuyG East Hull Harriers & AC 1:12:29 1:24:01 1:24:01 55.79
Hairy Legs Stubbington Green Runners 1:08:37 1:11:35 1:15:00 1:11:35 63.15
Heavyweight UKnetrunner 1:12:47 1:25:34 1:25:34 56.12
Hendo FERC 1:11:51 1:20:12 1:25:00 1:20:12 55.49
Hills of Death (HOD) Riverside Runners 1:12:57 1:20:22 1:25:00 1:22:01 55.12
JV Unaffiliated 1:13:07 1:13:07 1:15:00 1:13:07 63.65
kink bunny No running club 1:32:10 1:32:43 1:32:43 53.30
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 1:10:28 1:18:55 1:18:55 62.62
KKKKKarl Unaffiliated 1:13:25 1:14:07 1:14:07 62.31
Konaboy Reading Roadrunners 1:14:07 1:17:04 1:15:00 1:21:07 57.38
kopking steve Unaffiliated 1:23:05 1:29:13 1:29:13 50.15
LordWotsit Unaffiliated 1:30:32 1:30:32 1:45:00 1:30:32 49.16
Lorraine Running 4 Women Club 1:27:17 1:27:17 1:29:59 1:27:17 58.29
Lyndylou Unaffiliated 1:40:00 1:50:26 1:50:26 52.76
mad mark Fittleworth Flyers 1:10:48 1:10:48 1:10:48 63.48
Martin H The PRATs 1:19:28 1:22:42 1:20:00 1:22:42 53.70
martin K London Underground AC, Runnymede Runners 1:15:16 1:15:16 1:16:08 63.56
MartinCunningham Southern Counties Veterans AC, Petts Wood Runners 1:03:35 1:12:21 1:10:00 1:13:49 65.06
Marty Clevedon AC 1:04:14 1:08:40 1:20:00 1:08:40 64.93
Max71 Serpentine RC 1:40:48 1:47:54 2:10:00 1:47:54 46.27
mel88 Dagenham 88 Runners 1:30:11 1:44:10 1:44:10 48.19
Micksta Invicta East Kent AC, Maidstone Harriers 57:12 1:00:55 1:00:55 72.90
Miserable Bleeder 100 Marathon Club, Wrekin Road Runners 1:43:46 2:08:44 2:08:44 34.93
Morf Reading Joggers 1:11:16 1:25:07 1:25:07 60.89
mpkay Barrow Runners 1:04:14 1:06:06 1:06:06 67.16
mystique100 Unaffiliated 1:55:28 1:55:28 1:30:00 1:55:28 38.64
naticle Unaffiliated 1:45:42 1:50:17 1:50:17 45.11
Neil E Dunnin Almost Athletes 1:14:26 1:28:50
oiyou Unaffiliated 1:35:17 1:36:25 1:36:25 55.07
Paddy... Bournemouth AC, Zoom Tri Club 1:00:27 1:08:15 1:08:15 71.64
Pagesmith FERC 1:31:14 1:57:36 1:40:00 1:57:36 39.55
Paul Salmon Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 1:19:00 1:24:48 1:24:48 54.05
PeterS Unaffiliated 1:24:09 1:26:24 1:26:24 54.26
Pompey Paul Unaffiliated 1:18:35 1:30:34 1:30:34 52.59
Puffing Bertie Unaffiliated 1:30:57 1:37:46 1:37:46 51.74
Puffing Billy Unaffiliated 1:19:54 1:19:54 1:28:49 55.83
purplepatch Unaffiliated 1:29:00 1:44:00 1:44:00 49.49
Rach E Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 1:00:24 1:11:05 1:15:00 1:11:05 69.52
Rach* Unaffiliated 1:45:00 1:58:00 2:00:00 1:58:00 42.10
Randy Randles Gloucester AAC 59:03 59:03 59:03 75.24
roadplus Andover AC 1:08:10 1:16:14 1:16:14 58.23
running jester Shenley Striders 1:17:56 1:21:31 1:21:31 55.79
SailorSteve Gosport Road Runners 1:07:13 1:09:58 1:09:58 69.15
sanddancer Vale of Aylesbury AC 1:41:08 1:41:08 2:10:00 2:08:37 35.38
Santy Unaffiliated 1:20:03 1:20:19 1:15:00 1:20:19 55.29
Scooby Dave Unaffiliated 1:08:09 1:17:34 1:17:34 57.97
scoobydo66 Victory AC 1:08:46 1:27:36 1:27:36 50.70
scotty Unaffiliated 1:28:44 1:37:40 1:37:40 46.26
shineyheadmike Brighton & Hove City AC, Portslade HedgeHoppers 1:17:00 1:17:00 1:17:00 63.38
Shinny McBuggered Unaffiliated 1:13:22 1:18:27 1:18:27 57.21
Sid Sandhurst Joggers 1:11:42 1:30:00 1:30:00 56.21
simpet Unaffiliated 1:12:35 1:16:11 1:20:00 1:16:11 59.34
Sinj Unaffiliated 1:21:29 1:21:29 1:21:29 54.91
skiddy! Running 4 Women Club, Womens Running Network 2:03:40 2:03:40 2:15:00 2:03:40 41.68
SleighbellsDippily FERC 1:40:31 1:40:31 1:40:31 50.28
slow whippet Unaffiliated 1:50:04 1:50:04 2:00:00 1:50:04 44.70
Sporthound Unaffiliated 1:17:27 1:30:00 1:30:00 49.33
stewystew Framlingham Flyers 1:14:00 1:14:00 1:14:00 62.37
still running Unaffiliated 1:25:32 1:25:32 1:25:32 59.47
StringSideUp Unaffiliated 1:35:45 1:35:45 1:40:00 1:35:45 56.89
SuperCaz Portsmouth Joggers Club 1:38:33 1:58:36 1:58:36 41.77
Swampy Unaffiliated 1:08:29 1:09:03 1:10:00 1:09:03 64.83
Sweetner Unaffiliated 1:20:53 1:20:53 1:20:53 61.09
The Plodder Victory AC 1:33:17 1:35:03 1:35:36 53.92
TheBeetroot Unaffiliated 1:53:54 1:57:26 1:58:00 1:57:26 44.98
Thebladerunner Unaffiliated 1:38:53 1:38:53 1:40:00 1:38:53 54.18
This time its for real! Unaffiliated 2:00:17 2:00:17 2:00:00 2:00:17 43.53
TomM Stubbington Green Runners 1:32:16 1:39:26 1:39:26 52.48
topcorner Sandhurst Joggers 1:31:02 1:31:02 1:35:00 1:31:02 48.79
Tracey G Harwich Runners 1:41:27 1:41:52 1:40:00 1:43:13 49.94
TZ 100 Marathon Club, Winchester & District AC 57:17 1:15:43 1:15:43 59.12
Wine Legs Great Denham Runners 1:16:19 1:30:56 1:30:56 54.65
wozzlehunter Portsmouth Joggers Club 1:02:29 1:06:29 1:05:30 1:07:07 73.91

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A minute quicker than last week, so at least I'm not going backwards.
back after summer of injury, I don't expect much....the weather was a help I suppose, made your shoes heavy though!
Rach E
Predicted time adjusted. No running in recent weeks and very little throughout the whole year due to injury means I can't possibly expect a PB on this occasion. Don't bet on me. ***UPDATE*** No running of any real description for two months so I promised myself I'd take it easy to avoid injury. Ran with Blister for the first mile and then encouraged him to go on ahead. I felt I was running very easy - chatting to other runners, clapping the bands and was really enjoying the race. Next thing I knew I'd smashed my 10k pb when I got to the 10k marker. I really started to feel it through lack of training in the 7th mile and the wind was just awful, but I was stunned to gain a new pb and 576th place:-) :-) My most enjoyable race to date and if I'd been able to train and pushed, who knows...? Happy Rach. Nice to meet other fetchers both at the Great South and at Abingdon afterwards. I have already booked the Hotel Ibis in Portsmouth for next year :-)
Year 4, it is a habit. Going to train hard again for Comrades and try to carry the endurance over and then build the speed. I know I can go faster !!!



Added 1 second to show official finish
Wet and Windy !
Always a pleasure to run a race on my home turf, and it was great to meet so many Fetchies before (and after) the race. Looking at my splits it seems I lost 25 seconds on my pace in the 7th mile which meant the elusive sub-80 remains elusive, i'll put it down to the wind on that section. Weather wasn't great but it could have been much worse if the wind hadn't been southerly.
This was a family run for me as my youngest joined me, running his first 10 miler on his 16th birthday. In third wave which meant runing through lots of people and the weather before the start wasn't nice but once running it was OK. Pacing Darrell round was a pleasure as he seemed to find it relatively easy and we aere able to complete in amuch faster time than expected. I could be in trouble if he ever trains for running rather than football !!
woo hoo a PB so i'm happy, carrying an injury so no complaints.
last two miles were tough against the wind. they should put the race back to the start of oct and get the better weather...
Pleased and disappointed at the same time. Injury didn't trouble me and lack of training wasn't noticed. Took it easy to make sure I didn't fade at the end or aggravate my calf but afterwards was rueing a missed pb opportunity.

I was having an internal argument all the way round with half of me wanting to speed up and the other half saying go steady, don't blow up. I think I judged it pretty well in the end. The strange thing is, normally over longer distances it's my knees that start to give me gip whereas they didn't at all on this one, maybe because I was focusing on my calf so much or because the recent rest had done them good?

Like most people, I hit a mini-wall at mile 7, but recovered well.

Didn't expect to finish this one - Experienced PF heel pain from the off but fortunately seemed to get used to it or through it after 4miles. Got more comfortable as the race went on until last 3Ks returning along the seafront due to the oncoming 'breeze'. Will return for this one as its definte PB course but must start closer to the start of the wave (as I was literally at the back of the orange section). Great to meet loads of other Fetchies in the pub after the race & to hear about all the new shiny PBs.
Was on track until mile 7 and then just blew up!! I think I over did it trying to make up for the congested first mile which I ran in around 10mins. Its still a PB though and gives me a reason to back next year!
Agent Orange
It was dry till we set off. But then we had steady and heavy rain. It was a great run despite the weather with some good encouragement in the crowds. Pity that the rain meant you couldn't enjoy the views. Report - the first couple of hundred metres were a bit crowded but the race opened up then. Ran 7.28 for the first mile. Steadied a bit in mile 2, running 7.39. Then down again to 7.21 in the third mile. Fourth mile had a bit of an incline and I did 7.36. But then we ran back down the hill and I got lots of encouragement from other Fetchies which helped me to a 7.26 - half way in exactly 37.30 mins. Carried the good form into mile 6 (7.23). Even passed the 10km mark in better than my 10km personal best! It was getting a bit harder by now but I was keeping going, managing the seventh mile in 7.43 and the eighth in 7.59. Mile 9 and 10 were along the sea front into rain and wind. Seemed to get overtaken by quite a number of more aerodynamic runners but had my head down! Mile 9 was 8.05 then into the last mile and a final effort. Managed 7.39 for an overall time of 1 hour 16 mins 19 secs. According to the Great Run website, I finihsed 1267th!! Met Gobi, Rach E, HOD, RGP, Blister, Konaboy, most of whom seemed to have met or exceeded expectations.
Had a fantastic race, great meeting loads of new Fetchies, shame the weather was so bad at the start and finish but it did make good running conditions for me. I started near the front with Rach E, it took only about 10 seconds to cross the start line but we were still dodging slower runners we stayed together for about the first mile then Rach told me to push on. The first mile felt very comfortable in 6:41 by now we were more spread out so there was room to overtake, etc. Got to 5K in 20:48 so pretty much on target I saw Hailey Yelling fly past as I approached 4 miles. Got to 10K in 41:17, my second fastest ever 10K time! Saw RGP and his wife just after which was a good moral boast. I found mile 7-8 mentaly quit tough then 8-10 physically quit tough because of the strong wind. Joined a group of 3 other men at about 8 miles and stuck with them, one of the guys pushed on at about 9 miles and I stuck with him, 800m to go and I lost him. Really pushed it from here and managed a 6:24 last mile. One of my highlights was at about 100 meters to go the commentator announced that we were elite(!!!) runners and got the crowds to make loads of noise as I approached the finish line, which felt good. Splits were: 6.41, 6.48, 6.36, 6.39, 6.36, 6.35, 6.43, 6.51, 6.57, 6.21. I finished 227th out of 10204 finishers.
Still more problems from the left ankle and tight hamstrings. Throw in a bit of joggers nipple... I'm falling apart!
That was a brilliant race! So so wet (even before the start). Did my first 10 miler in just over 90. I ran with Tamsy for the first 4 miles which was way slower than my comfy pace.

I kicked on after that and absolutely flew round, so much energy. I was passing people all the way. Big sprint finish which I really enjoyed. A slow start coupled with a congested field means that next time I should be able to smash my sub 90 goal!

Really cool to meet so many Fetchies and sink a few pints with them...
Really want to sub 1:30 here...fingers crossed

UPDATE...How HAPPY am I.Itmay have been wet and windy but I had a fab race and got a fab new PB. Postion No 3375
Only other 10 miler was hilly, windy cross-country one week after the Windsor Half. So would hope to do a bit better, at least back to my usual 10-min-mile plod.

- update: Hard going in the rain and crowds but knees held up and legs, though quite knackered too soon, didn't get too much worse. Best thing was meeting another Fetchie-- Footpad-- within first mile, finding we were both aiming for 1:40 (well, I secretly hoped for even a bit faster but didn't really expect it), and we ended up running it together and somehow kept each other on pace. A good outcome. What was surprising was how much I really didn't mind running in the rain, which I've scrupulously avoid up til now. Even missed it when it nearly stopped around mile 7 and I started feeling too hot!
Decided at the start of this race that it wasn't going to be a race for me - just a 10 mile jog in the rain! I strapped my knee and thought I'd take it nice an easy (9/10 minute miles) and just finish it. If not, I was happy to walk the course (good job I was in the green wave). My knee was extremely painful at times but each time I felt the pain, I stopped and did some stretches and was able to carry on! When I saw that finish line, I realised that I had achieved my target - to finish the race and within my target time. Fantastic - what a good day!!!
This was a good race with a friendly atmosphere - I like running in places that mean something to me - great jogging past the Victory. Found the walk back to the car even harder than the race because the rain off the sea was more or less parallel to the ground by then. Most difficult of all was the complete clothing change in the front seat of a Toyota Yaris......
So pleased to get entry to this race after disappointment of not getting GNR

Orange wave and a good start position but Interesting conditions! Steady rain and windy (probably assisting part of the way but across the route over the last two miles). Wanted to avoid mistake of last week at CP10 but again went quickly and reached 5 miles in 35'50" (too quickly) so did not get the negative split (second 5 miles in 37'59"). Overall my time is an improvement on last week by1'10" and final position of 901st. However crowds were great and marshalls too and very well organised event. Found the massage tent and had fantastic pre and post race sports massage.
Puffing Bertie
Brilliant race, I loved it all, even the hurty bits! The bands and the crowds were fantastic.
It was great to see so many fetchies, knocked 4.5mins off my PB so a very happy me :-)
Longest run/walk I've ever done. Followed the Jeff Galloway training plan and eventually frothed over the finish line! (so wet, residual soap powder in running shorts bubbled badly from mile 8!!!)
Good flat course. Lots of rain, but not too cold. Struggled a bit over the last 3 miles but completed in less than 2hr.
My first ten-miler, so a PB and I liked the race, if anything, more than the GNR, despite the steady rain - a more interesting route, flat, and not so congested. The last mile along the sea was expectedly hard. Bit disconcerted to get a text message afterwards saying the official time was six minutes slower than I'd clocked it, then a second correct message an hour later. Did this happen to anyone else? It took us two hours inching out of Portsmouth afterwards. Did this too happen to anyone else?
Pouring rain and heavy winds made this a tough race. Really found the conditions hard work, managed to be at sub 60min pace after 7-miles, but once on the seafront the wind was just to strong.

Enjoyed the event though, fantastic organisation and crowd support as always, will be back next year this time I will invest in flippers and snorkel! ;)
Hills of Death (HOD)
Met loads of fetchies very windy and raining legs still a bit stiff. Lined up with Hendo and his pals lost him in the crowd after 30 secs. Wasn't that pleased with time even though it was a PB. I could go under 1.20 on this. 8mm through out more or less. Crowds were massive. Well done all those that PBd. Especially that Man Machine Gobi.
blue (pete)
last year this was my 2nd ever race, my 1st in Cancer Research colours. I was adopted at start and helped 'round by someone who i may never meet again - by golly he was good! Looking forward to doing this again...honest
AFTER - Very wet but very happy, 1.26.10 fantastic...off for a bath
The Plodder
very wet! I felt good. slow first half with dodging around people. I was in the third wave and very early on was running around walkers. Finished strongly.

Splits: 10'11 (v congested), 9'42, 37'55 (missed mile markers),
9'40, 9'52, 9'25, 8'49 - a little erratic!
My longest ever run by 4 miles and I ran every single step of the way, even managed a sprint finish so very chuffed - and how come my left leg which has been injured for 2 months feels perfect today?! Loved running in the rain but got hopelessly lost and very cold walking back to the hotel! Want to do this again next week, not next year!!
What a wet day! Ran with my partner and she had a great run! Very proad of her. It was great fun even with the bad weather. I would do this event again and next time I will try and achieve a time of 1hour 30min.
Attrocious weather. but great support all the way round. I loved the Bands on the Run. Not a bad run, but a bvit slower than I'd hoped for (unscheduled pit stop by HMS Warrior!). Thwe only real problem was getting out of the car park on Southsea Common - nearly two hours to escape!
Was it raining??? Great to meet lots of Fetchies even if Max did drag me out of a nice warm chair to stand outside! Well done to everyone considering the weather and again thanks StringSideUp.
My forst 10miler and not my last although can I book drier weather for next one please ;-)
Martin H
A couple of minutes outside what I would have liked but have put this down to the conditions plus a really slow first mile trying to get through the crowds so am not really dissapointed. I found this a really enjoyable run.
Despite very nasty heavy rain still managed to beat predicted time by a massive 12mins.
This time its for real!
Bit fed up I didn't manage to break 2 hours but considering the weather! Started off really well then died between 7 & 8 - just about managed to pick it up going back along the seafront. Great fun & the rain wasn't so bad when you were running - just waiting about before & after.
Got a personal best last year of 01:08:46 but haven't done much training yet so gonna be a bit slower me thinks!

Well I did ok on the day with a time of 1:09:03, about 30 secs slower than last year. Came 398th which I'm quite chuffed with!

Race number 3207
Would really like 1:20 but dont think I will get that as dont train enough. **************************************
A big thank you to Running Postie for staying with me for the whole 10 miles and giving me a big PB. Actually enjoyed the run even though it was wet, didnt feel cold during the run and the wind wasnt as bad as it could have been, RP pushed me at the end when I would have given up, thanks everso. A new blister has arrived on the bottom of my foot, time for new shoes I think. Well done to all those who braved the weather today and the supporters.
Had no idea what to expect for this and was starting in the final wave, so had no great expectations. The weather was wet but nowhere near as windy as I had feared, and not cold either. Got close to the front of the green wave and then panicked and ran the first mile far too quickly, but after that settled into a nice comfortable pace and just enjoyed myself without pushing too hard until the last 800m when I kicked on just because it felt good. Got boxed in a lot once I hit the back of the previous wave and did an awful lot of weaving and dodging, so almost certainly could have gone faster with a clearer run, but I didn't enter for that, I entered to enjoy the experience of a big race, and I had a really good time :-) I think I'll be back next year...
Randy Randles
78th out of 18000 (ish) bit, wet and pretty windy - good old Pompey!
Hairy Legs
Very wet but still enjoyable!! :-)
Well chuffed!
Carrying that dodgy left ankle as well!
This will be the longest I have run and just want to make it round.**UPDATE** What a day, I really enjoyed it. The 1st mile was slow due to volume of people 10:30ish the 2nd was 10ish and the third 9:30ish. Did ALOT of weaving to get past people and felt comfortable until the last 2 miles, didn't feel bad then exactly but started to push a bit from 2 miles out and more from a mile out so when I got to the finish line I was glad I was there. But EXTREMELY pleased with my time as that was the furthest I had run.
Cant believe still that I actually did it - let alone in such a fab time! Very pleased - and a big thank you to all the spectators and the Cancer Research team who just kept cheering us on despite the horrible rain! :-) See you next year?!
My first long race, and also first race on the road. This was my goal for this year, and I shall be pleased with myself just for getting round and finishing. Not bad for someone who couldnt run more than 2 minutes (literally) in April 06! Secretly I want a 1.45 time but whatever I get its going to be a PB!
Well having trained for Abingdon for months, then being out with injury since August I had no plans on doing any races until Grim. Puffing Bertie then calls me up 5 days before and asks if I want a GSR place.....Of course I wanted it, however I had commited to marshalling the Fetchies at Abingdon, Ultra Vomit wonderfully steps into my place and it appears I'm doing GSR.

*****RACE DAY*****

It was only as we were heading down to the race in the cab that the familiar feeling of "heading off to a race" began to kick in. What on earth was I thinking? Yes I know I can run the distance, however I've also not run a step for about 9 weeks. Got to the Pyramid bit and met up with all the Fetchies and had a wee chat whilst I remaind firmly in denial about the fact I was going to have my first race in Richmond half in May (apart from doing bptt).

I agreed to run with Berties mate who was hoping for as close to 2 as possible; assuming I had lost a lot of fitness I decided to go for that too. From the first step it felt like this was goin to be one of the 'Magic' runs where everything falls into place. I felt strong, my knee didn't make so much as a squeak (although the anti-inflams, the knee support, the arnica gel, and the freeze spray may have had something to do with that). It was just perfect.

I ran with Debs for the first 4 miles but I was feeling strong still left Debs an about 10 meters later Andrew 65 ran past, I started working out my splits and decided that I could do this in 2....a couple of miles later I started thinking, hang on I can do this in sub 2, this then went down to 1:55. By mile 7 I knew I could do this in 1:50...I was feeling happy, my running could not have been more perfect, the rain was coming down hard and the wind was battering away, but nothing could remove the smile from my face. My perfect running conditions, as we came down the final stretch the waves were crashing against the shore sending spray up to mingle with the rain.

I saw the 9 mile marker and didnt even need to dig that deep I knew I had it in me, I knew sub 1:50 was mine I started picking people off one by one, I could as usual hear Hollywoods voice telling me it should hurt I imagined it was the end of BPTT and I could hear and see all the Fetchies waiting I finished in 1:47:54 overall position 9140. I am over the moon........twice.
Alex B
Shame it tipped with rain all the way this year.
Ran this just cos I'd entered and wasn't up for a race having had to pull out of Amsterdam marathon with a pretty bad stomach upset 7 days easlier. Pretty happy with my run in all. Suffered with the cold in the last 2 miles when I was extremely wet and lashed by the icy wind coming off the sea.
Was hoping to do this faster but the wind on the final stretch was a killer! Also will be starting in the front group next time, because was held up too much at the start at the bottlenecks
kink bunny
my longest race

Still can't believe that I ran 10 miles at just over 8 minute mile pace, and the wind was not from behind for the last 2 miles!
Poured with rain from start to finish...got a stinking cold the next day...but loved every minute of it...crowds were fantastic..as was the course...from a PB point of view!
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