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Leicester Marathon

Listed by BigG
Leicester, Leicester Leicestershire LE1 UK
43 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
_j_ Barrow Runners 4:09:12 4:24:51 4:24:51 52.97
angelis Unaffiliated 2:55:06 3:50:00 3:30:00 3:50:00 57.09
auburnette Orpington Road Runners 4:27:44 4:44:06 5:09:00 43.83
B Rubble Dursley Running Club 2:59:00 3:17:18 3:19:00 3:17:18 65.99
bassy Unaffiliated 3:50:30 3:50:30 4:00:00 3:52:00 55.20
Bear Foot Great Western Runners 3:03:04 3:03:04 3:15:00 3:03:04 68.27
Becky80 Retford AC 3:37:21 4:33:14 4:33:14 49.57
BigG North Yorks Moors AC 2:44:31 2:48:51 2:53:11 72.17
Binks Serpentine RC 3:06:55 3:16:16 3:30:00 3:24:20 61.17
Blackbird Leys (boy) 100 Marathon Club, Woodstock Harriers AC 3:17:25 3:21:25 3:26:09 66.46
Bottom Trotter Unaffiliated 3:31:24 3:38:58 3:45:00 3:44:51 68.13
brett1959 Chepstow Harriers 4:18:44 4:18:44 4:21:29 51.96
Bunny Chow Unaffiliated 3:43:17 3:58:32 4:04:15 56.00
darkhorse Ropsley Road Runners 3:41:08 4:17:12 3:59:00 4:21:38 49.35
eL Bee! Unaffiliated 2:59:43 3:11:12 3:45:00 3:44:08 57.14
Foxy 100 Marathon Club, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:26:47 3:49:59 3:44:30 55.67
gailbell Unaffiliated 3:40:18 3:55:38 3:55:38 57.68
hellen 100 Marathon Club, Barrow Runners 3:12:21 4:28:45 4:22:00 4:38:55 50.52
herbies gone bananas Unaffiliated 3:18:28 3:43:35 3:43:35 55.90
Hollywoof! Unaffiliated 3:21:40 3:21:40 3:30:00 3:25:34 60.80
ironman Birstall RC, Leicester Triathlon Club 3:21:57 3:30:00 3:30:00 60.48
Lady Sol Anstey Amblers and Runners 5:23:16 5:23:16 5:30:00 5:23:16 42.97
leysrunner Unaffiliated 3:21:25 3:21:25 3:26:09 66.49
Loca West 4 Harriers 2:50:00 3:19:17 3:10:00 3:19:17 70.40
lozza Unaffiliated 4:01:27 4:21:59 3:59:59 4:21:59 58.12
malcolm Newbury AC 3:46:35 3:46:35 3:46:35 68.31
Mattw4de Gloucester AAC 3:30:57 3:45:00
nabox Unaffiliated 3:26:38 3:44:08 3:45:00 3:44:08 57.61
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 5:02:10 5:06:45 48.50
psammead Unaffiliated
Reg Old - UKnetrunner - see other, FERC 4:35:59 4:35:59 6:00:00
rosa Serpentine RC 3:00:54 3:12:37 3:36:24 64.20
Rubberman Hermitage Harriers RC 3:22:12 3:26:10 3:40:00 3:26:10 61.17
runalong Unaffiliated 4:37:16 4:37:16 4:37:16 53.18
Shades Maverick Runners 4:24:02 4:49:25 5:19:56 50.64
Smartypants Unaffiliated 3:24:51 3:59:40 3:45:00 3:59:40 53.44
steeplechaser Alchester RC (Bicester), St Austell Running Club 3:03:12 3:11:36 3:11:36 71.50
Stewey 100 Marathon Club, Roadhoggs Leicester AC 3:37:26 4:05:01 4:05:01 56.95
ThorntonRunner Hermitage Harriers RC 3:10:50 3:26:47 3:25:00 3:26:47 65.71
TRO Saracen Unaffiliated 3:13:07 3:28:26 3:30:00 3:28:26 61.44
Tutu Much Kirkstall Harriers 3:57:07 3:57:22 4:15:00 4:11:42 55.19
Velociraptor FERC 3:36:39 3:44:08 3:44:00 3:44:08 67.14
www.therunninginn.com Hailsham Harriers 3:18:15 3:18:15 3:18:15 72.93

This event is listed on these dates:

12the position.
A more undulating course than expected probably contiruted to the poor time, as did birthday celebrations two nights before.
I'm cautiously optimistic about this. First time I've trained with a Garmin for a marathon, and stats say I'm slower than last time, BUT I know I got the distances wrong last time too. It's all going to be down to how I feel on the day. Joining others with the same target pace, so fingers crossed.
B Rubble
Was quite pleased because this wasn't the easiest course. Must start off slower in future though.
Bear Foot
Recent halfM time suggests sub-3 but its my first marathon so god only knows what'll happen. UPDATE - Race went ok. After a complete shambles trying to get parked (3/4 hour to get into the car park only to find out that it was full!!) finished 42/570. Ran around 6.45 mm pace for first 15 or 16 miles then it started getting really hard. Was much hillier than I was lead to believe and was running on my own for most of the race. Slowed down as I was conscious that there were 10 miles left to go and I had been led to believe that real problems would come at 20-22 miles. Had energy gels every 5 miles. The real problems never really came, in fact sped up around 24 miles but was too late to get <3hrs. Bit disappointed to miss out on GFA for London but still pleased with the time. I think that I have gained valuable experience from this race. If I ran it again, I would push a bit harder to maintain a good pace from 16 miles on.

Went through 13.1 in about 1.27.45 which was according to plan - roughness started kicking in around 19 miles.

Mile splits were: (1)6.00 (2)6.30 (3)7.05 (4)6.44 (5)6.46 (6)6.34 (7)6.55 (8)6.43 (9)6.40 (10)6.56 (11)6.56 (12)6.46 (13.1)7.09 (14)6.35 (15)7.02 (16)6.34 (17)6.59 (18)7.00 (19)7.36 (20)7.06 (21)7.18 (22)6.36 (23)8.22 (24)7.33 (25)7.12 (26)7.43 (26.2)1.34
Couple of potentially dodgy splits in there noteably at 22 miles.

Lessons learned and things to do differently next time:

1.Peaked my training too soon - felt at optimum level of fitness mid-August. Motivation started to slip after that and training returns began to diminish.

2. Didn't keep weight down to optimum level for the race having kept it at a good level for most of the summer. Holiday 4 weeks before the race did not help and broke any training momentum.

3. Perhaps needed one or two more 20 milers and more long runs pushing hard on the last 5-8 miles to toughen myself up for faster running late in the race.

4. Maybe running the half marathon took too much focus away from the full marathon - should have used it as a training run, not tapered and not worried about getting a PB.
A well organised race, some nice scenery but too many hills for a flat race. Hip flexors tightened up from half way. Sun came out as well making it hard. Have been tierd these last few weeks but hadnt expected to be slowed down this much.
This is my local, and will be my first marathon. With half times of about 1:30, I'd love to break 3:15, but it's into the unknown!!!! I'll add a prediction nearer the time! UPDATE: Lost eight weeks training due to injury, so revised target to 3:25. UPDATE: Enjoyed that. Satisfied with the time. Was on for about 3:22 until mile 22, then struggled. Passed by Rubberman in a sprint finish. Hadn't realised he was there until he edged ahead of me! Good course, great to have Hermitage marshals in Cropston - big boost. Interesting, undulating course.
Have had to admit defiet with the Left knee situation now, Still causing pain on & off so dont want to attempt a Marathon & destroy it for good. Will now not be running this & try Stroud Half week after if knee feels useable.
eL Bee!
Training/pacing run - NOT a pb attempt (for me at least)<p>

Now that was a HARD race. To be expected I suppose having pb'd at the distance 2 weeks ago, but we had a strategy, and....... well.......... It Worked :)<br>
I was aiming to hit half way at 1:50 - building in a 5 minute buffer zone on the 3:45, but also because I felt that V could run that pace for the entire race.
And she COULD - and would have if Bowels hadn't decided that a little stop was required.
The 3.5 minutes we lost there, and the minute in the mile before, plus a couploe of slightly slower miles ate in to the buffer.....
But not enough for V to miss a GFA and Boston Qualifier!
Job done.
And *I* REALLY* hurt now :)
Fast flat race, hmmm. Good run but a uphill to finish - that's no what I expected, the gits. Oh well - PB and under 4 so goodo! Wobbily legs at the finish though.. not good and Hi 5 IS disgusting.
Looking for a GFA :o) My last LSR suggests that I should be a reasonable bet for a little PB. <br> UPDATE <br> Flat course, my @rse! Had to work a little harder than I'd anticipated for that one! But I've got my PB, I've got my sub-3:45, and it was a pleasant, very well-organised race. Weather unseasonally sunny - I've got sunburn!
TRO Saracen
First 3:30 attempt. Grunty Fen half (Sep 9th) should give an idea of where I'm at regarding getting to, or near this target. UPDATE: Huge PB at Grunty Fen with 1:30:16. I have trained hard for this race, covering over 700 miles in June, July, Aug and Sept and the Grunty Fen time, a PB by 6mins does show some benefits of this work. Need a good tactical race as it will only be my 2nd ever mara and 3:30 would be a PB by 37 mins, so I don't know the distance that well. Naivety and early race adrenaline could ruin all that good training. UPDATE: OH MAN! PAIN! More hills than I thought, ragged race management, remnants of a cold all made this brutally tough. I cannot put into words how tough the last 3 miles were. That last mile climb nearly finished me, then the last 100m hill to the finish was soul destroying, could not raise a sprint even for just the last 5m. So proud to have got a 3:30 in those circumstances. Had a good sob on the grass after. FANTASTIC.
plodding hippo
This is NOT flat
I struggled form miles 10-18, and then found some more speed

Suprised to get a pb after the week I have had, and with PMT too
Not making a prediction as I know what I'm aiming/hoping for but don't want to some how jinks this....but it WILL be a PB

Ah bugger, so right up till mile 19 I was spot on to finish around 3:10 but my achilles decided to tighten up so much that running became more of a hobble and my splits went from 7:15 on avg to 10-12 minute miles :( Thankfully I *just* managed to get a PB otherwise I'd have felt so bad for all those that betted on me *hangs head in shame* Oh well achilles actually seems ok today so hopefully I can get a sub 3:15 at luton in dec.
Tougher race than I thought, hills were more apparent than expected. (flat as described by runnersworld) Uphill for the last mile was painfull . However was a good day marshalls were excellent as were many bystanders who gave plenty of support. Have achieved a personal best so all in all not a bad day.
Just entered, havent been on a training plan so not expecting to PB. Really ought to get a long run in, but a bit late now.
**UPDATE** Well fancy that managed to PB and have a great day. Many thanks to the organisers and all the Marshalls (especially from Hermitage of course). Happy with my second marathon, felt easier than London.
Tutu Much
Found this very tough, especially with the unexpected hills everywhere! Was on track for 4 hours until about mile 16 but shouldn't have even been trying I think. Would have liked to have got under 4.10 but still better than the 4.15 target I had set myself so can't complain too much.
3rd marathon in a row - 2 weeks between each - going to see how it goes... crash and burn...<br/>
Long report... (yawn - sorry!)<br/>
Did my best to get lost in Leicester before the start - how was I to know there were two universities?<br/>
Queue for the car park was horrid - but I managed to find a short cut :-)<br/>
Got changed and ready for the start, but then made beeline for the toilet instead... rushed out of the loo a minute late for the start... but then heard them announce that the start was 5 minutes delayed - so went back into the loo again.<br/>
Miles 1->5 Started right at the back... slowly made my way forwards... helped by the mass of half marathoners and the downhill first mile. My legs felt really knackered - paying the price for a sprint BPTT finish on Saturday?<br/>
Miles 6->10 The hills were continual... The downhills especially hurt my left ankle (some leftover niggles from 2 weeks ago). Managed to get a few conversations in... was just starting to chat to a nice young DiabetesUK lady when I got a shout from behind - something about Hollywood, the pirates and sexual practices.... then ensued some typical "I've done two long runs but thought it might be fun" pirate banter - Bassy is definitely good pirate fodder... strangley the DiabetesUK lady never spoke to me again...<br/>
Miles 11->20 Mentally picked up the pace and pushed through the hills... never overtaken always overtaking. Had my first ever gel (something new for race day) at 17 miles and came oh so close to throwing it straight back up. Ran past the National Space Center - well cool :-) Still overtaking... lots of people suffering... The legs still felt tired - but actually not much worse than they had at the start.<br/>
Miles 21->23 Worked out that 200 minutes was not going to happen. Push on to see what can happen. Still overtaking...Really horrid hill just before 22 miles. For the first time today I noticed I was really out of breath. Save it for the last 5km. Save it for the last 5km. Repeat. <br/>
Miles 24->26.2 5km was too far to think about - take it one mile at a time and one runner at a time. The undulations continued. The overtaking continued. The course organisers thought they'd throw in a good stretch of cobbles... then the high street... then mile 26 was a long gradual uphill drag... Still overtaking... Then downhill to the finish - yippee... legs faster... run... sprint... turn left... bu88er - it's 50m uphill to the finish... pose for the camera... stop the watch... and relax...<br/>
Garmin splits were:<br/>
Garmin also says total ascent/descent around 500m and shows it rolling the whole way (but I'm sure there was a good long flat stretch along those towpaths?)<br/>
All the fast and slow miles corresponded to hills so I'm not unhappy with the evenness - splits overall were 2 minutes positive - not really sure why... PB - 3:25:34.
Felt great to 16 ok to 20 and awful to the end. Not as flAt as I expexted but loads of marshals to help you on. water would have been better in bottles
should not have started this race as defintaly did not feel up to it and was feeling sick before started, however after the 2 hour drive thought would start. Got through the first 8 miles in under 58 mins so was on target but then need to go to the loo with no where to stop. Just went down hill after this doing run walk at stages. still got a nice suntan from doing the race.
I was coming into this off a special 4 week schedule invented by me, with Sunday runs of 16, 20, and 10 miles, and no other running at all. Plan was to go at 3.30 pace till half distance then run walk pirate style to end. However the hills that are not there got me, and although I managed to get to half in 1.45 I had to institute the run walk earlier than anticipated. Got passed by Hollywood, and took the oppotunity to insult him, although he had the last laugh by disappearing into the distance!

Anyhow I discovered then even running 5 mins walking 2 I was sub 10 min miling so that was something learned for next years ironman attempt.

All in all good time, good to see me mate TRO Saracen pull off a sub 3.30 too
Bottom Trotter
Had a problem after 18 miles but when that got sorted had a very strong last 6 miles the course was very pleasant. Parking was a mission
My Friend Janet King very kindly gave me a lift to Leicester for the race. A few of the "Usual suspects" were there. Jim,Gary & Fu.

it was a rather unispiring course in many respects certainlty the early part it did then head out to some rather scenic villages, there was a brutal long hill @ half way through & a steady incline through town to finish, i was very pleased to finish inside 3 hours 45 mins on such a tough road course & celebrated with a longer than usual airplane finish.

the funny part was at the end when i met Janet, she said she'd only been waiting 20 mins & one guy thought she had run showered & changed !! we had a chuckle at that !!

the meadl was of a running shoe & quite nice but there was no text on it - not date, venue or distance - i could have got it from school sports day !!

The t-shirt was a simple purple design on a white cotton T-shirt.

Since going back on the road for Wolverhampton i had now improved each time & i was suddenly in some reasonable form & looking forward to the fast Amsterdam event the following weekend.
Running this untrained, just for a laugh.