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Ian Williams aka Fetch

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

Listed by little brown bag
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5 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
kwala Havering '90 Joggers 43:22 52:00 44:00 52:00 32.73
little brown bag Finch Coasters 32:12 32:12 30:00 32:12 50.79
MartinCunningham Southern Counties Veterans AC, Petts Wood Runners 21:19 26:43 26:00 26:43 59.81
slaneuk Unaffiliated 27:45 27:45 27:45 55.62
Treacle Unaffiliated 35:05 35:05 35:05 46.99

This event is listed on these dates:

little brown bag
Steaming hot last year.. hope to beat the time after lots of training this year..

Yep, beat last year,, v hot again, and so many people that you had to walk on narrow bits, plus lots of stupid people just stopping in front of you - not even moving to the side..
still suffering with achilles tendonitis - haven't run in 4 weeks, will probably be walking this one.
yup, I walked it (but treacle, I started near the back so as not to get in the way of runners!!)
Just signed up to this large corporate event.. looks busy though so may not be that fast. Very crowded and lots of walkers and weaving around slower runners. Warm evening and felt rubbish with a cold but determined to have a go. Pleased I have done it but not sure I'll go back again.
Managed to take over a minute off last year's time, and that was including starting a long way back, weaving round slow people and walkers and not actually pushing it too much cos of 10k on Sunday. So pretty pleased with that.
I do wish walkers would shift out of the way though...