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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Horsham 10k

Listed by Mikuro
, Horsham RH13 UK
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10 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AdrianR Unaffiliated 48:33 49:15 53:00 52:15 56.48
Diogenes Unaffiliated 47:48 50:18 54:26 52.19
Fannyfernackerpan Unaffiliated 53:03 58:38 1:02:00 48.47
Hoaxster Unaffiliated 47:49 47:49 47:49 57.07
Maclennane R2D2 Hash House Harriers 46:25 52:30 52:30 51.27
Mikuro Unaffiliated 58:54 1:03:20 57:00 1:03:20 47.24
PEARLY Wadhurst Runners 46:11 50:01 53:48 56.60
PlodderK Wadhurst Runners 39:03 45:17 47:47 46:17 72.77
Runningmachine Wadhurst Runners 41:20 42:12 43:40 72.64
The great dollop Unaffiliated

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Watch time. Ran the first lap too slow and had no-one to aim at for the last 2k. There's a lot more to this 10k business.
Yay a race I don't have to travel to!!

This is meant to be harsh hilly and through a forest! YAY!
Betting on me is foolish! ;)
*****UPDATE***** Sorry guys, but I did say betting would be foolish!! ;) Felt like I was going to puke first lap, second lap chatting to Fanny (who is lovely) so took my mind off the sickly feeling!! Knew I should have got some Taut....didn't touch the pukozade but had energy bar and high 5 drink which probably made me feel icky. Also started to fast. As usual. Oh well!! Didn't expect a PB. Course was 'undulating' - last km was a nasty slow incline! Grrr! Nice course otherwise though. PB will be smashed this year in November - BET ON ME THEN!!!
Fairly slow, but philosophical about it, enjoyed the race, but couldn't keep the mighty Hoaxster in sight.
Watch time is 54:26, 3 seconds outside my official pb. Who bet on me? It was close. Not that it felt like it, I was feeling drained from the start and didn't have any fuel in the tank to speed up, apart from a showboating finish. That said it's a lovely race and even with the hill on the 5th and 10th K I think this could be a definite pb course.

Great to meet Mac, Hoax, Fanny, Ange, Mik and Slug. Sorry I let my teammates down. Even sorrier I coudln't make the pub afterwards. However, the fete was also good. The beer tent and the barbeque were particular favourites of mine.
What a brill race, i had decided to try and aim for an hour in time and started of at a plod, i found the first 4 k fine and started to struggle at the 5th the sun had come out and i needed water. The hill was a bugger and i managed to catch up with mikuro going up the hill, we ran the 2nd lap together which was good talking took my mind of some of the pain. We managed it and the finish line was in sight i said sprint finish and she beat me! But i was still smiling from ear to ear. 1hr2mins.
My first ever 10k after running 6 half marathons. Misjudged the pace and went off too quickly then struggled from about 3 to 7 kms. Felt I could have done better