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Great Eastern Run

, Peterborough PE1 UK
93 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
acondon Yaxley Runners and Joggers 1:35:04 1:42:12 1:48:00 1:42:12 57.95
Andy h Unaffiliated 1:44:09 1:51:42 1:44:59 1:51:42 54.01
april_runner Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:24:58 1:32:31 1:35:00 1:32:31 71.16
Ben B Newmarket Joggers 1:19:46 1:22:09 1:22:09 72.67
Bettsy Norwich Road Runners 1:18:26 1:20:45 1:23:15 71.71
Billy Cazza Eastern Veterans AC, Yaxley Runners and Joggers 1:43:00 1:43:00 1:43:00 64.71
Blondie 69 Biggleswade AC 1:29:04 1:29:04 1:29:00 1:29:04
Blotts Mate West Suffolk Triathlon Club 1:38:16 1:39:42 1:39:56 73.00
Bunny007 Unaffiliated 1:46:00 1:59:03 1:59:03 56.86
ButterflyLou (MrsMothy) Werrington Joggers 2:02:05 2:05:57 2:05:57 52.27
Catestace Unaffiliated 2:18:11 2:18:11 2:30:00 2:18:11 48.23
Clareb St. Albans Striders 1:46:19 1:46:34 1:46:57 61.57
cocojojo Unaffiliated 2:47:35 2:47:35 2:45:00 2:47:35 41.67
daffy Sleaford Town Runners, Toonie Express 2:10:00 2:10:00 2:10:00 59.73
don ron Werrington Joggers 1:41:10 1:55:44 1:55:44 62.12
DrBob Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:18:57 1:23:51 1:25:00 1:23:51 77.90
duke88 Yaxley Runners and Joggers 1:33:16 1:51:25 1:51:25 53.15
emma-art Werrington Joggers 1:48:54 1:49:39 1:50:00 1:49:39 60.23
EO Werrington Joggers 1:48:54 1:49:39 1:49:39 61.37
Farby Unaffiliated 2:19:32 2:32:17 2:40:00 2:32:17 43.24
Fathomer Leigh-on-Sea Striders 1:34:14 1:34:14 1:37:30 1:34:14 63.65
Features Werrington Joggers 1:59:54 2:22:14 2:22:14 53.90
Fenrunner Ely Runners 1:28:36
FlyingKiwi Werrington Joggers 1:44:10 1:44:10 1:45:00 1:48:03 60.93
Forest Faerie Thetford AC 1:43:35 1:49:42 1:49:59 1:49:42 62.58
fromboris Tri-Anglia 1:37:50 1:37:50 1:37:50 60.53
frosty Unaffiliated 1:20:19 1:20:19 1:20:19 76.85
G Man Unaffiliated 1:47:50 2:07:18 2:11:52 49.13
Gaubfar Yaxley Runners and Joggers 1:35:01 1:42:36 1:49:00 1:42:36 57.75
gillianH Road Runners Club 2:01:15 2:01:15 2:01:15
gingerwand Werrington Joggers 1:30:02 1:30:34 1:31:00 1:30:34 69.24
Girlie Bushfield Joggers 2:06:18 2:16:57 2:19:59 2:22:29 48.18
Gobi Unaffiliated 1:13:26 1:14:23 1:14:59 1:14:23 80.64
hatterfan 100 Marathon Club 1:39:26 1:51:30 1:53:37 52.33
Heids Stowmarket Striders RC 1:43:33 1:44:37 1:52:00 1:47:57
Hipster Unaffiliated 1:35:46 1:36:11 1:35:00 1:36:11 61.70
Hodgy Thorney Running Club 1:26:15 1:39:40 1:39:40 60.50
iPaul Bedford Harriers AC 1:21:38 1:28:43 1:33:00 1:28:43 70.68
JAPMitch Woking AC 1:11:55 1:16:51 1:16:51 77.40
jaybro Unaffiliated 1:59:09 2:13:43 2:30:00 2:13:43 45.12
Jigs Unaffiliated 1:19:28 1:26:15 1:40:00 1:29:49 68.18
JKC Norfolk Unaffiliated 1:26:30 1:28:15 1:29:49 71.49
Joad Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 1:23:00 1:23:00 1:24:30 1:23:00 74.36
Jobe Werrington Joggers 1:44:24 1:59:05 1:59:05 62.78
KatieB Bedford Harriers AC 1:41:26 1:41:26 1:40:00 1:41:26 66.34
Lakes Bedford Harriers AC, Rushden Runners 1:59:27 1:59:27 2:05:00 2:02:00 53.10
Lincsfella UKnetrunner 1:28:14 1:28:14 1:28:14 69.40
lollepop Werrington Joggers 1:42:41 1:47:39 1:47:39 62.21
Long Shanks Wellingborough & District AC 1:36:04 1:48:09 1:50:00 1:48:09 55.79
Lycra Hurricane Bedford Harriers AC, Rushden Runners 1:48:52 1:48:52 1:51:59 1:48:52 63.15
Marts Werrington Joggers 1:18:56 1:23:09 1:30:00 1:23:11 71.34
Martyn Fisher Almost Athletes 1:42:07 1:43:23 1:43:00 1:43:23 61.14
mile muncher Thetford AC 1:48:01 1:52:25 1:59:00 1:52:25 62.12
minardi FERC 2:00:24 2:08:38 2:10:00 2:08:38 56.04
monki FERC 1:35:18 1:39:00 1:40:00 1:39:00 60.30
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Kettering Town Harriers 1:31:50 1:41:53 1:53:00 1:46:30 74.83
Nightjar Bedford Harriers AC, LDWA 1:37:01 1:37:01 1:39:00 1:37:01 65.69
No.8 ™ Unaffiliated 1:15:00 1:19:11 1:23:25 71.90
Number 6 Ramsey Road Runners, Ramsey Cycling Club 1:34:44 1:39:23 1:39:23 66.28
Old Man Thomas Cook RRC, Werrington Joggers 1:50:48 1:53:59 1:53:59 57.30
Paolo Plodder Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 1:45:07 2:08:20 2:00:00 2:08:20 50.90
Pegg FERC 2:23:21 2:35:27 2:40:00 2:35:27 42.48
PhilPub Kent AC 1:11:28 1:19:39 1:20:00 1:19:39 74.95
Pintsize Bedford Harriers AC 1:45:06 1:58:06 1:58:06 61.77
Pupas Werrington Joggers 1:53:00 1:53:00 1:52:30 1:53:00 58.44
Racey Bushfield Joggers 1:32:15 1:32:15 1:30:00 1:32:15 64.23
Rach E Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 1:20:28 1:21:44 1:23:30 1:23:00 79.32
Redchilli Unaffiliated 1:17:05 1:24:31 1:25:00 1:24:31 70.21
Rocket Reader Fittleworth Flyers, Riverside Runners 1:39:13 1:45:39 1:53:29 55.68
Runner5 Lincoln & District Runners 2:19:56 2:23:41 2:28:00 2:23:41 45.09
S.W.A.G Unaffiliated 2:19:15 2:19:15 2:30:00 2:19:15 47.28
sazza42 Unaffiliated 2:14:00 2:14:00 2:19:00 48.42
Sharms Bedford Harriers AC 1:23:35 2:00:28 2:00:00 2:00:28 49.16
Siamese Pete Unaffiliated 1:55:28 2:03:17 1:59:59 2:08:41 48.73
snoozing Halstead RRC 1:55:18 2:00:43 2:00:00 2:00:43 54.55
Spoons North Norfolk Beach Runners 1:34:34 1:53:44 2:00:24 49.55
STOXTON STRIDER Unaffiliated 1:41:30 1:41:30 1:43:00 1:41:30 61.78
stu8 Thetford AC 1:25:13 1:31:58 1:32:04 65.15
tatey Barton & District AC 2:15:00 2:15:00 2:15:00 48.77
TecT FERC 1:42:18 1:51:14 1:49:59 1:51:14 54.24
Ted Ramsey Cycling Club 1:33:38 1:45:06 1:52:00 1:45:06 58.27
The Shadow Unaffiliated 1:52:21 1:56:32 1:56:32 53.38
thorneygeoff Thorney Running Club 1:35:22 1:41:28 1:41:28 67.14
Tired&Thirsty Unaffiliated
TomB Unaffiliated 1:49:42 1:49:42 1:52:00 1:52:43 55.63
Trotters Werrington Joggers 1:27:29 1:49:08 1:49:08 57.00
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! 100 Marathon Club 1:49:17 1:49:17 1:49:17 65.21
violet Werrington Joggers 2:28:12 2:32:15 2:32:15 48.51
wayne700 Unaffiliated
Wicked D UKnetrunner 1:37:17 1:45:38 1:49:59 1:45:50 59.73
WineRunner52 Road Runners Club 1:29:23 1:45:55 1:50:00 1:45:55 66.07
Wink Stowmarket Striders RC 1:49:00 1:49:00 1:50:00 1:49:00 62.10
Woad Wunner Bushfield Joggers 1:38:42 2:14:55 2:20:00 2:14:55 45.75

This event is listed on these dates:

As close to the hundred as possible, please.
Lovely to see you all, sorry i was not at my best post-race...RachE is a legend. That's all for now.
Did I say I would like to sub 1:40? Woohoo! It was one of those races that came together.
This was my first half marathon, with Girlie as my pacer! (and a grand job she did too). Enjoyed it greatly and for the first time believed taht I might be able to improve myself over this distance or shorter (but definitely not longer!)
No.8 ™
Found out at 6 miles it wasn't going to happen - too early after the lay off to expect anything decent, pace dropped steadily after the 7 mile marker and well out of sorts in the last 5k.
going for a pb, and hopefully sub 1.45.....

UPDATE Really pleased with time, took it easy to 8 miles then really pushed for the last 5, doing them all sub 8, one of my best races, and still had enough for a sprint finish..... sub 1.40 next year.....
Well..... hope i dont lose the bag i pulled that run out of. A great event once again, didnt die off in the last few miles as usual although i did slow a bit. Actually thought i'd be around the 1.29 50 mark or low 1.31's so this really is a brucy bonus. thanks for the faith all those who betted on me.
Excellent event. ran with Features at a pretty constant rate. Feel I could have run further at this rate, possibly going a tad slower, so feel I achieved my MP aims, and the pace is around my prediction. Official result has me at 2:22:29, which is slightly quicker than I had it!
Two weeks after GNR - am I mad? Hopefully as it's flat I'll be ok...
Still grinning nearly three hours later. Simply the best race I've put together ever. In the zone and comfortable throughout, picked up the pace when I needed to, finished like a lunatic (apologies to any spectators I startled). Met lots of Fetchies and realised once again how lucky I am in some respects. More in blog later. Oh yes, this is preliminary time - who knows, the chip may give me an extra couple of seconds.
Was aiming for 8 min/miles and lost it a bit in second half of race but pulled it back in last 2 miles. Felt strong throughout and I know I can do sub 1:45 with properrest - I did do my biggest mileage week last week before NY marathon!
great to meet so many fetchies pre-race - photos to be posted later!
Wicked D
to all those who bet on me "ENJOY" the points as its a new PB for me and I worked Damn hard and REALLY enjoyed this event thanks guys
Andy h
Great organised event,everything went to plan untill last 3 miles then really struggled well gutted, sorry to all of you who betted on me.
Martyn Fisher
Pre-race comment: Would like a good PB here. I managed just under 1:44 at Grunty Fen in the heat, so I should be able to do better here. I'll predict 1:43, but would like it to be quicker than that.
Post-race comment: PB, but well outside what I should have done. More in my blog.
great race but no idea if in pb shape and am marathon training prob 1:20ish ***PDATE*** got cold so likely to be slow:( ran this steady and was 3rd in my club at 6 miles 2nd at 10miles then pushed just a little bit to lead club home. 3:37 slower than last year but not too bad in circumstances. Is 8th consecutive sub-85 in races where not using as steady runs. Met Gobi, RachE, KatieB (legends) andof course 8 who've met before. Also 3 other fetchies one of whom i think was siamese pete. Saw Riga in town later but she'd passed before I'd linked the fetch shirt and the black dog (Rio?) together in my head.
Siamese Pete
Time to break the 2 hour barrier?

.....well no actually!!:(
Didn't feel good beforehand, and really didn't feel good all the way round.
The only bright spot was meeting so many Fetchies before, during and after the race.

Next time....
Forest Faerie
I did it. Fantastic race, well organised, chip timing, flat course with lots of crowdsupport. Fabulous goody bag. Definitely one for the calender next year
Woad Wunner
First race at this distance so time is a bit of an unknown - would hope to be in the 2:15 - 2:20 range. Update - well chuffed that I was at the top end of my target.
Well despite a cold keeping me off my running feet for nearly 2 weeks leading up to the race, I managed to pace myself round to beat my target. Woohoo! Cheers to the kids of Peterborough for cheering me round. Great atmosphere!
VERY confident of a good PB here... Will be going for a sub 1:50..... UPDATE: Didn't break 1:50 but I did PB by 11 minutes so really rather happy... great event, well supported, nice goody bag etc... :)
Rach E
Predicted time based off 10k PB. I will train for this and see how it goes. It'll be the only half in 2007 that I'll properly train for and I should PB pretty easily I think. ***UPDATE*** Very pleased with my run today! I was aiming for 1:22:59 and I ran 1:23:00 which is pretty much perfect (darn that 1 second though!). I ran a relatively controlled race (for me). I did go off a little fast and was pretty tired by 11 miles but I didn't get that real "fade" I've had in previous half marathons. I am really grateful to No.8 for the encouragement in the last 1.5 miles - it really spurred me on. The important splits: Mile 1: 5:59 (lol); 5 miles 30:35; 10 miles 1:02:49. I'm really looking forward to the GSR now as I think 10 miles is where I'll peak with my performance at the moment - the last 5k was tough today! Nice to see a wealth of fetchies on parade today. Seventh lady and 62nd overall which is pretty good in such a big race :-)
Yet again, I fall for the post race euphoria and book my next race. 5 weeks of training to go. Prediction based on my training log from the Swineshead 10.

Slaughtered my prediction time. w00t
Lycra Hurricane
Well I achieved my aim and am delighted. Geat day with load of chums achieving good times.
I managed to achieve a Half PB, but I'm dissappointed that I fell outside my predicted time (sorry to everyone that bet on me!).
Good race. Very good start and finish area - and parking. Well organised, good weather and flat but mundane course ideal for PBs. Fastest half this year. Will be back.
Please don't bet on me. I am being optimistic and don't want the pressure of letting you down!

Nearly pulled out because of cold and sore throat but trained with a friend and so still wanted to run with her. Found this tough but an excellent course - very flat. Really well organised and enjoyed the day. Some how managed to get a PB but suffered all the way - worth it though.
Really good race. Well organised and excellent route, lots of support all the way round.
Felt really good and enjoyed it. Probably should have pushed myself a bit harder.
Wow - my first half marathon and I still can't believe I've actually done it! Was really please with how I got on. Started off at a good pace, sorted out my breathing pretty quickly and found I was able to pretty much stick to it. Wasn't exactly going fast but it was comfortable. Got to 7 miles and started to notice that everyone around me appeared to going almost backwards. My pace hadn't changed at all and everything felt great, my legs felt like they could just keep going and I felt marvellous. Legs started to feel heavy in the last mile and the finish line was an extremely welcomed sight. I even managed a last ditch sprint!
Great support from other runners and spectactors. Chuffed to bits and already planning my next one!!
Started very confident, but after mile 4 I started having a niggle in my right knee, that only got worse. From half-point onwards, my hip started to seize, and I had to stop at mile 10 marker as I thought my knee was going to snap. Of course, I was experiencing for the 1st time a very tight IT band. Not sure if it was pride, stupidity or someone shouting, "It's only 1.26h", that I thought, "Even if I do the last 3 miles in 30 minutes, I'll still do a PB."

And so did I, despite the knee and the hip: 3 minutes 54 secs off my PB. Let's hope I can still run Fenland 10 in a couple of weeks, eihn?
i felt alot better than i thought i was aerobically - my legs got crampy after mile ten, but that is two miles more than i'd ever run before so anything over 8 was a bonus! i walked/jogged the last three miles and finished with a good run in. great weather, and although very achey, i felt pretty good generally! food for thought for next time: i can run faster, i know it!
Had a very disappointing race :( Was going great up until 8 miles, then got stitch and then had to go to the toilet in some random spectator's house! But, did manage to get rid of the stitch at mile 11, and ended up having a strong last two miles. Oh well. Still not a bad time all things considered I suppose. Sorry to all those who bet on me :(
Blondie 69
can't believe I actually broke my barrier of getting under 1:30, v v pleased :-)
Hoping for a new PB in this race, failed at Grunty Fen, but it was warm that day, should be cooler in October....

Great run, took it steady and felt strong, good finishing pace towards the end. Hamstring was pulling and felt like it might go but stood up ok. Really pleased, great race thoroughly recommended.
Will be my first go at this event and first half marathon for 7 years.Marshalled this event last year and was run over by a car. I reckon it should be safer to run...!!
Yipee!!!! Did it!
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!!
Well if losing two months' training thro' injury, having a dodgy stomach overnight and feeling sick all the way round is what it took to break that 7.5 year pb then it was all worth it. Fab race, even quite liked the twistiness of the course - none of that staring into the distance wondering if you'll ever get there. And a fab goodie bag too.
what the hell :¬)


GET IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GER 8th overall 13.13 distance measured
dist split pace avg max
1.01 5.45 5.41 158 168
1.00 5.38 5.39 171 174
0.99 5.39 5.41 172 174
1.00 5.41 5.41 172 173
0.98 5.40 5.45 171 173
1.01 5.45 5.42 171 173
1.01 5.42 5.40 171 174
1.00 5.45 5.46 173 175
1.00 5.42 5.43 174 175
1.00 5.42 5.42 174 176
1.04 5.51 5.38 176 178
9.99 5.33 5.38 178 184
1.11 5.58 5.22 179 184

Not much to say about this. Went off with Coro from the sub 3 thread pace planned from the gun. Took a gel at 9 miles pushed on and got the result.

This all sounds a little mundane but nothing happened at all.
I must be mad considering the number of races I've done since the beginning of September, butI just can't miss this one so near home! As long as I have the legs, I think I may even sneak a bit of a PB, but be warned - I'm racing a 10K the weekend before where I will be going all out for a PB and my reserves may be low.... No promises!
excellent race well organised good mementos still carrying pre GN/GN injury might let meself heal now :)
1st long distance race since injury forced me to have one year off. This will probably bne my first race over 1.30.
Under 1.30 - just goes to show, honest trianing and pure grit equal good performance. By no means a PB but a fantastuc run.
Not racing just enjoying as part of Taper. *Update* Oops! How did that happen? Ran a little quicker than planned, and finished just off PB. Great confidence booster for next week :)
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
***UPDATE*** Although I ran this as a training run rather than racing it, I accidentally got myself a PB! 3rd in class as well! Not sure how I am going to explain this to ob ..............;) Great run, good to meet some new Fetch Faces :) including MRF, T3D, Features, Mile Muncher,No8, Rigamorph, Kazzaaaaa, Rach E, also heard Silver Shadow call out GO FETCH at mile 11, nice to see the familiar faces too, well done to all who PB'd!! :) :)

Using this race as last long run at steady pace, part of taper before Amsterdam marathon.
Legs still very tired after Berlin. And my watch died again. See ww.milestogo-joad.blogspot.com
My first half marathon! Impressed that I finished quicker than I originally thought!
Very enjoyable. Ran faster than I expected, the race was well organised and suited both faster runners and as the support was really good, those taking part to enjoy the experience were well catered for. UPDATE - My chip time was faster than 2:04:05.
The Shadow
Very well managed; surprising support from residents - outstanding, in fact. Excellent goody bag.
Note to self - take own water in future.
Excellent organisation. Fast course and perfect day for running.
Old Man
V45 PB So well pleased!!
First ever half marathon!
Great first 10 miles - lost the plot for the last 3 and slowed right down. Stopped to help a fellow runner with 1.5 miles to go so ran/walked with her to encourage her to finish - and we did!
Got bored at mile 11 & walked, jogged & chatted to the end.
JKC Norfolk
First half marathon. 1o mins quicker than expected.
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