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TVXC League - Bracknell

Listed by Mr. K.
, Lightwater GU18 UK
7 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
chunkywizard Finch Coasters 40:00 40:27 64.23
CStar Sandhurst Joggers 49:02 54.69
GAZGIB Bracknell Forest Runners 48:16 49:00 54:50 47.01
John Tovell Sandhurst Joggers 38:25 47:29 49:56 59.98
JustCommando! Reading Roadrunners 1:12:48 37.82
RedAlex76 Bracknell Forest Runners 54:00 58:06 42.72
sinj999 Maidenhead AC 56:59 44.89

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Tough day at the office this one wet muddy conditions and with a weekend of 26 miles running energy levels disappeared completely!
Steady run as training for VLM

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  • On 31st Aug 2016 at 10:42am, Mr. K. wrote: ** DATE TBC **