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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

MDrewett F35

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What’s the best bit of advice that you would give to new runners, bikers and swimmers?
Anything is possible, persevere and you’ll get there
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About Me

I run to eat! People presume I love running and won't eat treats because I am a health freak... oh how wrong people can be :D I run so I can eat more, and most of the time it is a total mental battle to make myself go out for a run!

After my first marathon, I said never again, and it did take a while to enter another one - 2 years! I'm not one of these people who forgets the pain by the time they get home and enters another one! I then left it almost another 2 years before my next one, and I only did that because I had GFA!

Currently struggling with getting my speed/strength back to anywhere near where it was a couple of years ago, and also recovering from an Achilles injury. The break from running has actually been quite refreshing though, allowing me to spend more time in the gym for a change.
I did my first sprint triathlon in September 2017 to see what it was all about and did another during summer 2018; I had planned to do a couple more this year but injury put a stop to that.

A book I would recommend to anyone is 'Confessions of an All Night Runner' by Dean Karnazes, it's a fantastic, easy read which is so incredible and motivational! Currently reading 'The Brave Athlete' which is more of a sports psychology-type book but written in a really easy-to-understand way, hoping it will help with my mental hang ups!

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