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About Me

Back on Fetch after a 2 year break. New office job so need the distraction. Getting races planned for this year. Sub 45 minute 10k my long term goal but whether I'll do that this year who knows.

--- 2016 --- Had a baby. Got a new job. Inherited a first generation Garmin and got on Strava. Ran only one 10k, with not much training, and dipped under 50 minutes.
--- 2015 --- Got so fed up with work that I quit and took a year out. Bought a house with our savings and spent all year extending/renovating. Lots of running but not much racing or lurking on fetch.
--- 2014 --- Best year of running yet. Getting under 48 minutes for 10k was not something I thought likely back in 2007 when all this started, but now I believe I can get to 45. Motivation has been high all year. I think joining a gym has been key to my improvements. The 12 week training plan for a 1:45 half marathon gave me a 1:49, which I was happy with. Park run PBs started happening regularly again, and travelling to bolton to do a 23:07 felt great.

--- 2013 ---Almost managed to PB in every distance. I knew my 10mile pb was a bit soft when I beat it in training...twice. Arrived at Great Warford 10 confident of a 1:25 but then smashed my expectations with 1:19. Hitting the 6 mile mark at 48 was emotional. I had struggled for years to break 50 mins for 10k and here I was doing it on the way to a 10 mile pb. Coniston Half marathon was another notable race this year, although not for my performance! It was way too hot and way too hilly, and several runners with garmins clocked it at 14 miles, which is the furthest I've ever ran.Warrington 10k saw me go under 49 for the first time ever. I can't describe my exhaustion and elation at the end.The English Half Marathon in Warrington was supposed to be the scene for completing a full set of PBs, but I didn't <span class="glossary">taper</span> properly and had painfully tired legs on the day. The last running highlight of 2013 was going sub 50 on a 10k training route for the first time.

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