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What’s the best bit of advice that you would give to new runners, bikers and swimmers?

Healthy living is a lifestyle choice. It is a journey, there are no shortcuts. Think long term, be patient and even when at your most critical remember there is always another event. Be careful with advice, sometimes the Bruce Lee approach is wrong .
20th Jan 2021
Train within your limits, and don't over-train, listen to the advice given, and don't train too fast on the long runs esp if trg for a marathon, plus go for the challenges...
10th Jan 2021
Buy good footwear for running, buy a bell if you're a cyclist and if you swim in the sea, just hold your nose and go through the motions.
8th Jan 2021
Build it up slowly and try lots of different things - i.e. runners - try offroad, road, with a club, on your own, intervals, fartlek, fancy dress, parkrun, a local race, a big race etc etc.
7th Jan 2021
Start with small goals and just watch yourself progress - just try to beat yourself
3rd Jan 2021
Don't take advice from randoms on the internet. Be especially wary of those who self-identify as dinosaurs. Also, you look ridiculous dry-humping a blue cylinder after your runs.
15th Dec 2020
Leave your ego at home!
12th Dec 2020
Stick with it. Start slow and build. Understand that the ones making it look easy have been doing it for years (yes, literally years, probably decades). Take all the wins along the way. Get a good coach. Pay for tuition. Join a club.
24th Nov 2020
Take it easy and build up miles slowly. Try to vary distance and routes. Smile and enjoy it.
7th Nov 2020
Runners don't try to do to much too soon build slowly just get out there. Bikers say goodbye to your social life ;-). Swimmers just do Open Water at least once in your life.
2nd Nov 2020
Take it steady it has to be fun first and foremost there is time later to make the bigger changes and improvements. Remember to run your run don’t compare yourself to others, we were all new runners once. Smile relax and enjoy!
18th Oct 2020
You're not going too slowly and your runs/rides/swims aren't too short. Just take your time and enjoy it :-)
17th Sep 2020
11th Sep 2020
Don't try to do too much too soon and remember that you're doing this for fun.
1st Sep 2020
Just get out there and enjoy yourself. Don’t stress about your time, tracker data and so on. Start slow, keep a regular schedule, and set yourself easy targets.
30th Aug 2020
For a new runner: Slow down. You're almost certainly running too fast. Training is not racing.
10th Aug 2020
Start out slow then slow down. Speed will come later.
29th Jul 2020
8th Jul 2020
Take it easy, it so easy seeing Farah, Adllington and Froome and think I want to perform like them. So take it easy, slow down, enjoy yourself, take loads of rest. Be realistic about where you are and remember that "Comparison is the thief of joy"
3rd Jul 2020
Bikers and swimmers I’ve no idea as I’m not either of those things. New runners: slow down, you move too fast, got to make the morning last. Also there’s nothing wrong with walking!
3rd Jul 2020
Don’t try and do too much too soon, plus hard work and determination are (usually) rewarded with results
2nd Jul 2020
Don't fear it. Yes your going to be slow, it's going to feel hard, it's tiring but as time goes on it gets easier & becomes habit, you just have to get through those initial weeks where your trying to built it up, it's hard, it's meant to be!
26th Jun 2020
Go out and enjoy
26th Jun 2020
Keep going, starting is always the hardest bit, find something that works for you, and stop comparing yourself to everyone else.
16th Jun 2020
Stick with it - everything is hard at first, and it does eventually get better. It never becomes easier, you just go faster/further to feel the same level of knackeredness
10th Jun 2020
Stick with it and don’t put pressure on yourself to expect it to happen too soon. Be realistic. I started on a couch to 5k and looking at it thought it would be easy but it surprised me, so I reset my expectations and got there.
10th Jun 2020
Don’t trip;Don’t crash;Don’t drown.
6th Jun 2020
In terms of running, probably the best advice to newer runners is to "slow down".
5th Jun 2020
Don't enter that marathon after 6 months of running. Seriously, don't do it, you will get round but it will probably just frustrate/injure/demotivate you. Do it in a few years once you've focused on the shorter stuff.
4th Jun 2020
Don't try to do too much too soon - build slowly.
27th May 2020
Fail? No matter. Fail again. Fail better.
27th May 2020
Start simple, short and slow. Run/ride/swim for the sheer enjoyment of the great outdoors and the rest will come.
26th May 2020
Be patient.
22nd May 2020
Take it nice and easy and don't compare yourself to anyone else.
21st May 2020
There are loads of resources out there. Seek them out but cast a critical eye on all advice. View a plan as a flexible structure instead of an absolute truth. We are all incredibly different, and so are our needs and responses during training.
17th May 2020
It gets easier, don't give up!
9th May 2020
You don't need to be quick or go far, just to enjoy it.
8th May 2020
Take it steadily, and look back to where you've come from rather than comparing yourself to others.
5th May 2020
Set achievable goals and enjoy yourself
23rd Apr 2020
Go to Dorney. It’s closer than Kona and the weather isn’t as extreme.
18th Apr 2020
Don't give up. It feels impossible initially but you'll soon be up to speed and going faster or longer than you ever thought possible.
9th Mar 2020
A watched Garmin never downloads. On swimming: Your warm-up is my workout. And if it ain't raining it ain't training.
1st Mar 2020
My best bit of advice is for those getting older, like myself. It is a quote by Bernard Shaw in which he says " we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing". So I swap out the word playing for running.
24th Feb 2020
Take it easy. Don't try to do too much too soon. And find something you like doing, use it as a benchmark, and keep coming back to it to prove your ability.
5th Feb 2020
Look inside your heart and you’ll find all the answers
4th Feb 2020
Make sure that you really do enjoy whatever activity is chosen or it will eventually become a chore and likely to cease! Be guided by your own goals and not any ones else's.
24th Jan 2020
Start slow, short and easy. Then build to whatever you want to be, there are no limits
11th Jan 2020
Don't look at the faster people in the next lane, overtaking you or on social mediums. The only thing that matters is your performance related to your own goals. be realistic, improvement takes time AND effort.
8th Jan 2020
Have fun with it. Don’t let it become a chore. And get yourself to parkrun.
27th Dec 2019
Enjoy it! And train consistently, whether that is one day per week or seven.
22nd Dec 2019
Do NOT worry about pace. Get a garmin because logging it and seeing what you’ve done and seeing improvements is motivating
20th Dec 2019
Even if it feels really tough, looking back and knowing you have done it (run, bike, or swim) can make you feel good :-)
1st Dec 2019
You get back what you put in.
11th Nov 2019
Take it slow, do your own thing. Other people's blogs and plans are an inspiration, not your training plan!
9th Oct 2019
Start slowly and then slow down a bit. Don't forget the 10% rule of training.
9th Oct 2019
Be a consistent trainer and increase training incrementally, preferably glacially.
4th Oct 2019
Start off slowly and then go slower still because what you think is slow probably isn't.
16th Sep 2019
Do what you enjoy, keep it fun and not a chore. If running, biking, swimming becomes boring or like a chore then find a different way of doing it.
26th Aug 2019
Keep your running personal to you, adjust it to what makes you happy. Make sure you re- assess every so often. Do you want to race?go faster? Longer? Trails, Ultras, Parkrun? With a mate? Solitude? Run Streak? If you're gonna do it, do it for you
8th Aug 2019
Don't do too much too soon. I did that and it hurt.
4th Jul 2019
Don't get obsessed with times. Just enjoy it!
26th Jun 2019
You’re not too slow
6th May 2019
Listen to all of the advice but choose your own path.
1st May 2019
It’s ok to walk, and you always feel better after a run than before.
20th Apr 2019
Stick with it, it (almost always) gets better, and even becomes enjoyable when you realise your body can Do The Things it couldn't before.
8th Apr 2019
Take it slow, ask advice and always stretch
2nd Apr 2019
Get a routine that works for you, it may take a while to get into it.
26th Feb 2019
23rd Jan 2019
21st Jan 2019
Do your own thing, but never be afraid to ask for advice.
18th Jan 2019
Gradually build up your efforts and distance and join some kind of club to do it with like-minded people.
10th Jan 2019
Just get out there and do it, doesn’t matter how fast, slow, good or bad you are the secret is to find something you love to do. I'm terrible at fell running but it doesn't stop me trying to be Billy Bland.
1st Jan 2019
Don't do too much, too fast, too soon!
10th Dec 2018
The countryside is fantastic in all seasons, get out there and run it at what ever pace suits you. Race only youself and if its not fun stop.
6th Dec 2018
Don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been. No, too late.
5th Dec 2018
The hardest part is getting out of the front door, once you have done that enjoy the experience however it happens to be today. Every run is different and often not the run you expect it to be.....embrace this
3rd Nov 2018
Anything is possible, persevere and you’ll get there
1st Nov 2018
Sign up for tonnes of races...they give medals just for completing, you know
24th Oct 2018
Don’t be so hard on yourself enjoy it and be the best version of yourself
20th Oct 2018
Enjoy it. Even the bad runs. Enjoy them too... when you think about it your body is doing amazing things.
9th Oct 2018
Your body's super-power is that it is adaptable and responds to practice. Take it easy, but keep doing it, and you will likely just get better and better.
29th Sep 2018
Keep at it. And keep keeping at it.
28th Sep 2018
7th Aug 2018
Take it slowly and gradually build up your stamina
6th Aug 2018
One bad run does not mean it's not for you. I don't know much about bikes - carry a spare inner tube? Swimming is great therapy for sore runners' legs :)
16th Jul 2018
Dont compare yourself to others
11th Jul 2018
It's fine to go slowly and build up; get the miles in your legs then add speed. Fluids and chamois cream!
9th Jul 2018
It does get easier!
6th Jul 2018
Make a plan & start slow. Far far too many people start from nothing & go overboard, then stop as its too hard. Start slow and build up gradually. Just as important-find a running mate, they make it easier to get out the door. Once outside u love it.
4th Jul 2018
Get off my land!
30th Jun 2018
Try to enjoy what you do. Don't let it become a chore or a grind. It's our hobby afterall. We all want to be the best we can but nobody else is comparing or judging, we're all too self-obsessed!!!
27th Jun 2018
Slow down! Find someone you like to do it with. As it were.
27th Jun 2018
Take small steps to increase your training, particularly at the start. Remember that you’re in it for the long haul.
18th Jun 2018
JFDI. It gets easier or faster but not both :-)
18th Jun 2018
Take the time to build your confidence.
15th Jun 2018
Firstly - make sure you enjoy it. Secondly - listen to all the advice you can get, but then make up your own mind as to what makes sense for you.
15th Jun 2018
Run your own road. You can get advice but ultimately it's you and your trainers.
15th Jun 2018
Just enjoy it.
15th Jun 2018
Stick with it
15th Jun 2018
take your time you don't always have to run/cycle/ swim at full speed take in the scenery and relax
15th Jun 2018
Best advice to new athletes would be to take your time and give your body chance to catch up with your ambitions.
15th Jun 2018
Build up slowly and do strength work from the start.
15th Jun 2018
Little and often. Don't do too much too soon.
15th Jun 2018
Look to increase the time on your legs, don't worry about distance.
14th Jun 2018
Don't expect to see changes overnight, but as long as you keep enjoying it, you will see improvements quickly. And, if you enter races, don't forget to smile as you cross the finish line!
14th Jun 2018
Baby steps
14th Jun 2018
Enjoy yourself and have fun.
14th Jun 2018
The more you put in, the more you get out!
14th Jun 2018
Just get out there...
14th Jun 2018
slowly slowly catchee monkey (toast)
14th Jun 2018
Slow down.
14th Jun 2018
Take it slow. Learn how your body copes with exercise before putting it through speed work. Or triathlons.
14th Jun 2018
Keep on keeping on!
14th Jun 2018
80% easy, 20% hard. Ramp up distance slowly. Listen to your body.
14th Jun 2018
Decent kit is nice, a GPS will give you loads of fun stuff to analyse, but the most important thing you need is habit. When getting out there with a smile on your face becomes part of your life, you can think about time and distance goals.
14th Jun 2018
Slow down! Seriously, even if your goal is to get quicker, start slower. You can build up volume and speed more effectively if you don't get injured all the time. Build up gradually. Take breaks. But do build. And believe! Great times await! :-)
14th Jun 2018
Don't bother with the biking or swimming
14th Jun 2018
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