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How do you pick yourself up when you need to?

Go for a run - work through what I need to - park what I can't change- get on with the day.
8th Aug 2019
Eat industrial quantities of liquorice
17th Jul 2019
Have a drink and listen to music.
4th Jul 2019
Remember the good times / successful outings. Also recall legendary Cumbrian fellrunner Billy Bland’s comment that however bad you feel it will pass
12th May 2019
Go for a run. Or read a good book.
6th May 2019
I have a word with myself. Or run. The trick is to remember that running makes me feel better when I am in fact feeling a bit meurgh. I don't always remember this.
1st May 2019
Never been that good at it to be honest but a run will normally get the "black dog" off my back.
25th Apr 2019
Nothing works better than going for a run. If that's not possible I meditate.
26th Mar 2019
By the scruff of the neck, followed by a swift kick to the posterior. Failing that, chocolate usually works.
10th Mar 2019
Remind myself that there's a whole world of new experiences out there to enjoy.
7th Mar 2019
I remind myself of all the people who are injured or paralysed and can’t do what I can do, then I train for them.
1st Mar 2019
Beer, a curry, a good run, a cat on my lap.
26th Feb 2019
I go for a run of course.
3rd Feb 2019
21st Jan 2019
Get out for a run with friends.
10th Jan 2019
Go for a run lollllll
9th Jan 2019
Meditate for few mins, failing that support
29th Dec 2018
Tell myself the feeling is only temporary.
10th Dec 2018
I don't as it goes. After the latest blip I have some friends and loved ones that spot the signs and will have a word. This then jolts me back it line.
6th Dec 2018
go for a run
23rd Nov 2018
get some advice from my favorite forums
3rd Nov 2018
I don’t know but I just keep trying like the proverbial bad penny
20th Oct 2018
Get out on the bike and tell myself that even 1 mile is better than none.
9th Oct 2018
Go for a run? Plus think of one thing I've achieved today, or one way I've helped someone rather all the other things I tell myself I should have also done.
29th Sep 2018
I do it because I love it. I don't have to do it; it's a hobby and if it makes me unhappy I can walk away.
7th Aug 2018
Usually I go for a run!
6th Aug 2018
You just have to force yourself and remember how you feel when you can’t run
4th Aug 2018
Feeling down is only temporary, push on.
18th Jul 2018
I go for a run :) I check in with the 700ers - they can always cheer me up.
16th Jul 2018
Go for a run (when fit and able)
11th Jul 2018
Go out on the trails or on the long straight Fen roads and keep going for a LONG time.
9th Jul 2018
Long term, I just look at my belly and tell myself, "dont be a fat bast8rd". Short term, I put out my running kit the night before so its all ready and waiting in the morning.
4th Jul 2018
30th Jun 2018
Quality time with my boys to gain a proper sense of perspective and / or a good run in good company.
27th Jun 2018
Go for a run! Or a swim works, too.
27th Jun 2018
Volunteer at parkrun. Leave the Garmin at home and walk/run/jognsomewhere new
18th Jun 2018
Go out for a run. It always makes me feel better.
18th Jun 2018
Real ale.
16th Jun 2018
Remind myself that nothing lasts forever, good or bad. If it's good enjoy it; if it's bad, it will pass.
15th Jun 2018
To be honest, I very rarely need to, having an optimistic outlook. But generally focus on things that I can do something about. If I can't influence something, then why worry about it.
15th Jun 2018
"Nobody cares, work harder"
15th Jun 2018
Go for a run
15th Jun 2018
Use other runners who have similar issues as my inspiration or my late brother.
15th Jun 2018
I look around me and remember how lucky I am in life.
15th Jun 2018
15th Jun 2018
A good hot bath, a cold glass of white wine, and a book, is always a win.
15th Jun 2018
Go to the 700 group
15th Jun 2018
If I need a pick up I go for a walk somewhere quiet with the dog.
15th Jun 2018
I go and see my husband, and if he's not around I pretend I'm a hairy welshman and that usually works.
15th Jun 2018
Mechanical arms
15th Jun 2018
Buy some new kit or enter a race.
15th Jun 2018
That's a tough one to answer. :-( Depends.
14th Jun 2018
Need to yell at someone? Try "Things you want to say but can't"
14th Jun 2018
I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I do react to a self talking, "Come on, JFDI"
14th Jun 2018
Just get out of bed put on the Lycra and run
14th Jun 2018
I either go for a run or head to my local pub and then move on.
14th Jun 2018
Go for a run and think of those less fortuate than myself.
14th Jun 2018
Read, listen to loud music, knit and crochet!
14th Jun 2018
Read someone's blog from an epic ultra race Or look at my training from when I first started Or gin and chocolate ;)
14th Jun 2018
14th Jun 2018
I go for a walk.
14th Jun 2018
Listening to good music and remembering that things always seem better the following day. And chocolate...
14th Jun 2018
I don't generally need to, but going for a run helps if I do.
14th Jun 2018
Cake. Chocolate! *cayke* and *chocolate* Seriously, just try and remember how lucky I am, loving family and friends, general health and well being. Others with far greater obstacles, battling daily, still smiling. I never lose mojo for running. :-)
14th Jun 2018
I remind myself that I am very lucky to be able to walk (I had spina bifida myelomeningocele at birth). I've had a lifetime of opportunity because of that. I also have a job that doesn't make Monday a bad day, and a family that love me.
14th Jun 2018
14th Jun 2018
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