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What's your favourite thing about Fetcheveryone?

The data, games, and forum are so interesting, you have an excuse to think about running long after you should be doing something else. The Forum is full of helpful, friendly, positive support and great insight!
8th Aug 2019
Just one thing? Where to start...I love how comprehensive the training log is - so much data, so many activity types, so many analytical tools...The people are nice too.
11th Jul 2019
The training log is very good and easy to navigate.
4th Jul 2019
The all inclusive ethos of the community, lack of trolls / toxic anonymous posters and generally supportive vibe
12th May 2019
It’s complete lack of pretension. It does everything I want a running site to, without any of the things that clutter up more commercial sites
6th May 2019
The forums (forae), from where there is a lot of learning, shared goals and humour in a supportive environment
1st May 2019
Great community but its all the stats I can geek out on.
2nd Apr 2019
The community support. The training log, games and forums are also pretty good!
28th Mar 2019
The people, of course. And the multitude of training log and analysis functions. And the race database. And the blogs, because I'm nosy like that. And the seriousness and silliness of the forums. And MOTM. And [self-combusts with indecision].
10th Mar 2019
Stats! So many stats.
7th Mar 2019
It's a friendly group of people and the critical mass of experienced marathoners isn't available locally.
26th Feb 2019
All my training is here, since 2007. I’m not as chatty here as I used to be but still follow a few old friends.
3rd Feb 2019
Seeing my running stats, the advice and support I get from the great Fetch running community and Jock Itch’s blogs!
23rd Jan 2019
21st Jan 2019
Friendly, informative fun
18th Jan 2019
It's a place for everyone, whether they want to geek out on running stats, talk about running or chat about whatever else is happening in their lives.
10th Jan 2019
The community, the advice, the friends I have met over the years.
9th Jan 2019
It’s a very inclusive community that accepts everyone regardless.
1st Jan 2019
The training log and analysis. I'm such a geek!
10th Dec 2018
Consistently lovely. Leave it for a while and it still bumbles on, meeting random strangers and being cheered on. Buying random kit and feeling part of something from afar.
6th Dec 2018
Forums and training logs
6th Nov 2018
It is such a supportive community. There is always someone to congratulate you when you achieve, commiserate with you if things are not going well and laugh with you when you have experienced the funny side of life
3rd Nov 2018
The support and the friends you make
20th Oct 2018
The people I've met and friends I've made over the years. Oh and the logging if 10 years worth of training!
9th Oct 2018
Joint favourites are the games (WSW, Conquercise, UTMOST) and the people on the forums. It's probably a really good training log too if you are into that sort of thing ;-)
29th Sep 2018
Bantz on 220
7th Aug 2018
The ability to easily keep track of my training, mileage, WAVA etc.
6th Aug 2018
The friends I’ve made, real and virtual
4th Aug 2018
The games
18th Jul 2018
Just one thing? :-o Oh alright - Fetchies. They are just awesome in so many ways.
16th Jul 2018
The community, support and friendliness
11th Jul 2018
Always different, always the same.
9th Jul 2018
The community and the training stats pretty awesome.
6th Jul 2018
The forums, being able to chat to like minded people, or dip into the sub 2:45 marathon forum for inspiration, or the ultra forums to talk to like minded dafties. I love the stats, they dont lie, so many many stats, I love them.
4th Jul 2018
30th Jun 2018
Being able to look back easily at years worth of training and race data and gage where I'm at now based on what I've done in the past. Plus the familiarity of people who I'd call friends who I've met through here.
27th Jun 2018
The forums for definite. I love the fact that the different threads have different cultures, and I get different things from each one.
27th Jun 2018
There’s an answer to every running question you could possibly think of. There are a ton of people who will support and encourage and take the piss where it’s needed. Like a big family without the hassle of having to call or remember birthdays
18th Jun 2018
The support of friends who have advised me and supported me to run faster, further and for longer than I could have ever imagined, particularly since 2003 when I had my hip resurfacing operation.
18th Jun 2018
The support of people that I have mostly never met is astonishing. This is a real community :).
17th Jun 2018
You lot. All of you. But especially YOU... ~ points at you ~
16th Jun 2018
The whole deal - the people, the training log, the stats, the fun, the help, the kindness to strangers off the internet, the Fetch Mile. What have I missed?
15th Jun 2018
Only 250 chars? Firstly the logs - whether walking, running or cycling - and the maps and the times/elevations/splits etc etc Next - Fetch is online, never more than a few hours away and responds to all/any comments or requests. And the blogs/forums.
15th Jun 2018
The lovely, lunatic people
15th Jun 2018
It’s a community dedicated to the mutual good. And great to have at your back when the octopuses come at you.
15th Jun 2018
The good friend I've made.
15th Jun 2018
All of it ...Fetch is a giant rainbow of bright happy colours and a very large family.
15th Jun 2018
I love all of it but especially the people. Never met a fetchie that I didn't like.
15th Jun 2018
The people.
15th Jun 2018
the 700 group
15th Jun 2018
I love feeling part of a inclusive community.
15th Jun 2018
My husband. And the training log is a very close second. ;-)
15th Jun 2018
The banter in certain forums. We all know which ones ;-)
15th Jun 2018
The people I've met, but I bloody love the training log and forums.
14th Jun 2018
The people who write blogs, give advice, keep me amused and improve my mental health. The sheer variety of the forum, from serious running to utter trivia, logging on is always a gateway to pleasure.
14th Jun 2018
I was looking for a place to log my runs and analyse the info. Fetch offered all that and more. The forum on RW was becoming a bit 'blagh'; Fetch was fresh and friendly..!
14th Jun 2018
It is so friendly and supportive and I learn new things so often in the forums
14th Jun 2018
14th Jun 2018
The community but ‘Who Squares Wins’ comes a very close second😉
14th Jun 2018
The forums, everything from the craft thread to GOT... and the training log and associated stats.
14th Jun 2018
the 700 miles thread - guaranteed to provide a laugh just when I need one
14th Jun 2018
The people.
14th Jun 2018
It makes you believe anything’s possible. Without Fetch I’d never have run a marathon, my proudest achievement.
14th Jun 2018
Lovely people
14th Jun 2018
The community, friendliness and generally positive vibe
14th Jun 2018
Where to start! Probably the freedom to follow my gut, and to be happy in work; but also the flexibility to have more time with my lovely wife and my boy than I would otherwise have had. Ditto for the chance to run in daylight!
14th Jun 2018
Oh, where to start? Great community of inspiring people. Possibly one of the most consistently helpful and supportive groups ever. Irreverent but often smart and knowledgeable too. The tools, stats, race directory etc. are pretty brilliant too. :-)
14th Jun 2018
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