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What's the biggest challenge that awaits you?

Getting back to the kind of running fitness I had in my 20s. I reckon I can take time off those PBs...
11th Jul 2019
Finding a new job. My current employer doesn't want me anymore.
4th Jul 2019
Nine more cycles of chemotherapy
14th Jun 2019
Gnome Roam July 2019 - how many 5mile loops can I do in 6 hours?
10th Jun 2019
As always, I think it's ensuring the continued success and survival of the site. But I've no reason to think that won't happen.
21st May 2019
Remaining consistent with my training
6th May 2019
Fighting middle age
1st May 2019
continuing to avoid injury while striking a balance between doing my best and not pushing too hard
30th Apr 2019
Starting to run again with a reconstructed ankle.
8th Apr 2019
Improving my 10K under 39mins
2nd Apr 2019
Growing older and facing up to the changes that age will impose upon my mind and body.
10th Mar 2019
7th Mar 2019
2:45 for a marathon, at least in the running world. Might run out of time now I'm 50.
26th Feb 2019
Continuing to improve to get my shorter distances back into and potentially beyond PB territory. I've made inroads but the hard work now really starts if I want to get back to my true best.
12th Feb 2019
At the moment a Sub 2:55 Marathon!
23rd Jan 2019
21st Jan 2019
Beer Lovers Marathon in June *hic*
21st Jan 2019
Getting back to fitness and the glory days of 2014/15 when I was running well.
10th Jan 2019
It has always been sub 3.30 Marathon but I'm still 'hopeful'
9th Jan 2019
Shifting the pounds without injury
6th Jan 2019
Trying to get back to fitness by being patient and training sensibly, anyone who knows me knows that I'm not patient or sensible so it's going to be a bit of a challenge.
1st Jan 2019
Mental health
29th Dec 2018
My first ultra - Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50K August 2019
10th Dec 2018
13th Nov 2018
Pendine Ultra in April 2019
24th Oct 2018
Keeping going
20th Oct 2018
Keeping moving. Not letting injuries and my interesting spine/pelivs/slipped disc combo from stopping me doing the sports I enjoy.
9th Oct 2018
Being the best I can be and knowing when I'm there
7th Aug 2018
Keeping my fitness level the same (or improving it) as I gradually get older (I mean physically of course - in my mind I'm still nowhere near middle-age)
6th Aug 2018
Getting long run distances back up to 10+ miles after an operation in 2016
4th Aug 2018
Losing weight so I can run faster 5k’s, 10k’s and HM’s
18th Jul 2018
Right now, to get my strength and fitness back after injury.
16th Jul 2018
Getting fit again
11th Jul 2018
Wondering about getting into Audaxing to satisfy my inner 'explorer' without knackering my legs like a marathon seems to do.
9th Jul 2018
trying to get my times back down and wava to my 3 years ago efforts!
6th Jul 2018
After a lot of running last year I need to figure out what my goals are. Not sure I am up for the 80+ mile weeks. One side says go for 2:36 marathon (5:59 per mile) but other side says just enjoy it. Might give the 95 mile WHW race a bash next year.
4th Jul 2018
Endure24 - I'm crapping it a bit. UPDATE - smashed it. Next challenge is yet to be decided.
4th Jul 2018
Remembering to enjoy running; reminding myself not to let distance or time goals become more important than having fun.
1st Jul 2018
30th Jun 2018
Work is my biggest challenge at the moment. It's all-consuming, and stressful. Running-wise I need to work on my speed and lose some weight. But will I?
27th Jun 2018
My attempt at a marathon, hopefully in the autumn.
18th Jun 2018
Doing an IronMan. Gotta be done sometime, once I've learned to swim properly & persuaded OH it is a good idea (which will be never)
18th Jun 2018
Right now, it's the thought of cycling the South Downs Way on July 14th - 100 miles offroad with 4000m of ascent. It will be my biggest day ever in the saddle, if I can do it...
17th Jun 2018
An Ironman in my 50th year.
16th Jun 2018
Getting older and keeping going!
15th Jun 2018
Keeping fit enough to keep going - achilles being the main risk. Investigated surgery a few years back - but advised it was only 60 - 70% chance of fix, and 3 - 4 months in a fixed boot ... so far managing with monthly physio and living with it.
15th Jun 2018
Running 200+ miles.
15th Jun 2018
3 regular runs a week due to having 2 demanding little girls!
15th Jun 2018
Keeping up the mileage and fitting runs in due to family commitments and health issues.
15th Jun 2018
Everyday is a challenge, a big one but it only serves to show me how strong I have become.
15th Jun 2018
Cotswold Classic 1/2 Iron Man distance tri
15th Jun 2018
The biggest challenge in my future is to stay fit and well.
15th Jun 2018
Bantham Swoosh.
15th Jun 2018
Training my "new to running" wife Sarah for the Manchester Half Marathon in October
15th Jun 2018
Avoiding injury and keeping my current enthusiasm high.
14th Jun 2018
Running 5k in one lump this year after suffering PF
14th Jun 2018
Several years of injury have made long runs more historical romance than factual. Now trying to slowly get back into regular running, steadily picking up mileage, so that a 10k or even HM becomes a possibility...
14th Jun 2018
Running 1000k in 2018 and trying to raise £1000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. I've only managed to raise £210 so far https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/emma-neachell3
14th Jun 2018
Tor des Geants in September 2018.
14th Jun 2018
There's an ultra in me somewhere, I'm sure of it.
14th Jun 2018
A three day ride from London to Burton-on-Trent at the end of July, 180 miles
14th Jun 2018
Fixing my knee so I can run again
14th Jun 2018
Not getting slower as I get older. I'd like to get above 75% WAVA also
14th Jun 2018
I've been running for 10 years, so I've done the main challenges that I had: sub 3 marathon; West Highland Way, which is the premier ultra up here in Scotland. I'm hoping to do Boston Marathon 2019 for my 50th. Big challenge is the cost! :-)
14th Jun 2018
Telling my wife I want to do an Iron Man.
14th Jun 2018
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