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Ian Williams aka Fetch

User Profile Questions

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Describe your ideal run, ride or swim.

Sunny, cold, country tracks or lanes for 7-10 miles and not seeing a soul
9th Oct 2019
A crisp, dry Winter's morning through a wood. My breath condensing and the ground thick with frost.
9th Oct 2019
An early morning spring run - 6 miles of East Yorkshire lanes.
7th Oct 2019
Currently at our local Parkrun, Cliffe Castle, Keighley, or any short fell run / race, but historically (and again, soon, all being well) anything that’s wild, long, hilly and outdoors: Lakes, Dales, the coast, Peak or Pennines
5th Oct 2019
A long hilly off road run, ending with a pint, or two....or three.
4th Oct 2019
Long on quiet country lanes.
16th Sep 2019
Spring or Autumn early morning misty sunshine, as far as I fancy taking as long as it takes
14th Sep 2019
A full summer day out on my bike, riding up and down scenic hills with my husband on roads that are used just enough for it to have been worth giving them a smooth tarmac surface and a generous smattering of roadside restaurants.
9th Sep 2019
Run would undoubtedly be across the fells and woodland I am lucky enough to live close too. Me and my mind wandering and nothing to think about but the ground in front of my feet.
2nd Sep 2019
31st Aug 2019
A long run through uninhabited peaceful areas in natural surroundings where I can just be in the moment
26th Aug 2019
Run - no longer able to run Bike - coastal road bike with buddies, cake stop of course
23rd Aug 2019
On holiday, wherever that maybe, coming over a headland perhaps, and catching a new view that takes your breath away. (if there's any to take way that is!)
8th Aug 2019
A gently undulating trail run, preferably on the coast
17th Jul 2019
Beside the sea with a few gentle inclines with Fizz :-) by my side.
4th Jul 2019
Along a river bank and/or country lanes
26th Jun 2019
A long run in the countryside, with nothing but nature for company
6th May 2019
Early morning run, sun rising, with a couple of mates, chatting sh*t and the day stretching ahead
1st May 2019
Long, solitary runs exploring new routes
20th Apr 2019
Warm spring evening after work with the sun out and a pretty trail to run down away from the traffic.
2nd Apr 2019
A run through the woods on a warm summer's day.
7th Mar 2019
A long cruise round the lanes near home, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Lots of views and wildlife.
26th Feb 2019
By myself, through the woods, in the springtime.
3rd Feb 2019
21st Jan 2019
A long group trail run preferrably with forest and hills
10th Jan 2019
In a woods with some slight uphill and slight down hills that goes on for a bit hopefully in spring :-). Swim wise the IM swim in Klagenfurt was awesome.
9th Jan 2019
Running through woodland, descending through mud or snow.
6th Jan 2019
2nd Jan 2019
A day out in the hills either to run or walk.
1st Jan 2019
Out in the countryside with the sounds of nature.
10th Dec 2018
Any really.....
10th Nov 2018
on country lanes with the early morning sun giving some warmth but a light frost on the fields. No one about except me and the wildlife
3rd Nov 2018
A long downhill run with gentle descent and strong tailwind
24th Oct 2018
Myself and the open road with plenty of interest along the route
20th Oct 2018
Ride would be Danube trail from Vienna to Budapest. One day I'd love to do LEJOG. Swimming is best done outdoors. Anywhere outdoors especially in the rain. Apart from when there's thunder and lightning. That's not quite so fun. Or sensible really.
9th Oct 2018
Longish run somewhere pleasantly semi-rural, canal path or wooded footpaths or similar, with plenty of time and a small backpack with snacks. Maybe an audiobook to listen to.
29th Sep 2018
Exploring the east coast, not getting *too* lost, taking photos. A café stop that has great coffee and cake. Preferably fairly quiet. Bright, cool, crisp autumn morning. Could be a trail run or bike ride. Oh, and with cat fussing stops too.
25th Sep 2018
Quite fond of Scottish island events, small fields, great locations and lots of camaraderie.
25th Sep 2018
A 12 hour time trial on a straight out and back dual carriageway - air pressure low, humidity low, zero wind and about 73deg F.
7th Aug 2018
My ideal swim would probably be somewhere warm, with crystal clear waters and where I wouldn't need to bother with a costume ;-)
6th Aug 2018
The Lairig Ghru hill race. No need to do any other race. As Wainwright says “the Lairig Ghru is for heroes and heroines”.
18th Jul 2018
A run where everything clicks into place and you feel as if you could run for ever!
16th Jul 2018
Trails with a view at the top, sun but nice shade in the trees! Did some cycling in grenoble area of France, perfect!
6th Jul 2018
A nice long Sunday run, in the valleys of mountains, fresh air filling my lungs, views for miles and miles around, bumping into the odd runner along the way. Twenty miles plus is a must. At the end feeling tired but so happy you dont want to stop.
4th Jul 2018
Run - a long run with clubmates on rolling country lanes - not too hilly - in warm but not hot sunshine with the option of a slightly faster finish. Rounded off with tea and cake somewhere afterwards
27th Jun 2018
With a Fetchie or OH, sunny and warm, feeling easy. I like a nice view, but equally happy to run along the canal or in our local urban park. I like a good OW or sea swim too, though.
27th Jun 2018
The weather is warm but there’s drizzle in the air. I’m by the sea or the river, it’s early morning and there’s no one else around. About 30 mins of that would set me up right for the day.
18th Jun 2018
My most brilliant run so far was when Mr Ness ran with me before breakfast while we were on holiday in Venice for my 50th birthday. We had St Mark’s Squares to ourselves and it was so peaceful! Any run would be ideal if I had Mr Ness beside me though
18th Jun 2018
Run: Country trails through woodland and farmland with a few hills thrown in for interest, in cool sunshine, with my favourite running buddy.
18th Jun 2018
A mountain bike ride with friends - ideally with photo / café stops, or both!
17th Jun 2018
Ripon Standard Triathlon. Lovely long loop of a swim, fast flat bike through pretty Yorkie villages and a flat 10km along the towpath and surrounding roads. Jazz band and garden hoses provided FOC. With an excellent BBQ and sponsored by a brewery! :)
16th Jun 2018
A rolling, summer run through woods and coutryside
15th Jun 2018
Ideal swim: in the sea off a Greek beach, crystal clear water so you can see your shadow on the bottom and it's warm. Ideal run - on my own, or with friends, away from traffic but on a good path, up to 10 miles. Ideal bike ride: do they exist?
15th Jun 2018
Open countryside or woods, views, wildlife, time to stop for a photo and able to do it again the next day and the next ...
15th Jun 2018
An easy run with friends, or a hard sesh with friends.
15th Jun 2018
A run where I can hear the birds sing, smell the flowers and chat to the people walking their dogs.
15th Jun 2018
On my own, very early morning, off road, completely lost in my own thoughts and feeling in tune with everything around.
15th Jun 2018
Ideal run - one that doesn't feel like a lot of hard work (doesn't happen often enough!)
15th Jun 2018
Ideal swim - a near empty, clear, blue, lake with sun shining. (Not ideal in safety terms, I know, but so peaceful). Ideal run - early morning in de Malpie in summer, before the bugs are out, the mist still lingers over the water, and nothing hurts.
15th Jun 2018
2 or 3 hours, off-road, in the sun, easy pace, finishing at a pub. Preferably somewhere high-up.
15th Jun 2018
Off road along narrow twisting turning paths for both running and cycling Road cycling in a group ride Swimming open water in the sea with a gentle swell
15th Jun 2018
My ideal run would be on a secluded high moorland on a windy day.
15th Jun 2018
The octopus is coming for me. It has a knife. A knife! I duck beneath its reaching tentacles and strike home with my sword, the mighty blade Pointy. At last the finish line approaches. I decapitate the final vampire taking bronze. Not gold. Be real.
15th Jun 2018
Early morning run along the Camel Trail from Padstow to Wadebridge
15th Jun 2018
Trails. Either alone or with friends. Cake after.
14th Jun 2018
10 miles on trails and footpaths in the company of a dozen clubmates and friends.
14th Jun 2018
My favourite run was my 10k run round the ring road in springtime watching the spring flowers slowly show up
14th Jun 2018
Trail, quiet woods and moors, when training has being going well and everything is effortless and you can just switch off and relax...
14th Jun 2018
I've got everything crossed that the Royal Parks Half later on this year will be my ideal run. I'm already visualising perfect PB conditions.
14th Jun 2018
Running in the high mountains over rock, snow and lush green meadows.
14th Jun 2018
Off-road in Wales...
14th Jun 2018
It's more of a feeling I get sometimes. Imperceptible downhill on a long straight stretch of warm tarmac, arms and legs in perfect perpetual motion. Usually lasts a couple of minutes before a carful of youths drive past.
14th Jun 2018
An undulating trail run with good friends, with lots of stops on the way to enjoy the view.
14th Jun 2018
Haven’t found it yet.
14th Jun 2018
Swim: Wraysbury, with a bacon sandwich afterwards ;-) Run: anywhere in Hyde Park Bike: anywhere traffic free
14th Jun 2018
Very occasionally I do a run where the perceived effort is very low vs the pace being run, like you are gliding along unstoppable. I have no aches or pains and a big smile on my face.
14th Jun 2018
I like to run in the off road. Hills, remote places, or country lanes, or the beach. And while I'll happily do runs by myself, it's more fun with friends, isn't it? Fresh air, pretty scenery, exploring new places with friends old or new. :-)
14th Jun 2018
My ideal swim / bike / run (get the order right, fetch!) would involve all three and all my tri buddies in an standard length triathlon.
14th Jun 2018
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