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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Trin - Member of the Month January 2009

Member of the Month January 2009


Fetch says: Do you think that's air you're breathing now? Take the red pill, and join us on a journey into the Trinitrix, as we crown our January Member of the Month (thanks in no small part to our lovely sponsor SimplyRun.co.uk - you know what to do by now - buy *everything* they sell, right this minute). Many people rely on manufacturers stats to test the reliability of their gym equipment, but not Trin - she prefers to put each piece of equipment through what she calls her "100k test" first. No really, 100k on a CROSS TRAINER? Blimey, eh?

SteveParkes asks: 100k, are you mad? and would you ever do it again?

Trin says: In answer to your first question, I think for anyone considering ultra running, it's a requirement to be a little mad. I would never attempt something like that on a cross trainer again but I would love to run a 100k event.

Zoom asks: When can you pace me to my next pb please?;)

Trin says: How about a sub 7 mile ;) I would also like to pace you to your sub 4 marathon that I know you can achieve!

Tigger asks: Congrats Trin :) What's the key to you running success. Is it long runs, speed work or a combination?

Trin says: Thanx Tigger. Stubborness or determination I guess. I don't do speed work...I did it for years and never really gained anything much from it...I have my own theory on the reason for that. But I decided to swop speed work for hill reps and within a matter of months I was PBing. Hills work for me, and what's more I enjoy hill rep sessions! Also, I never skimp on the long runs in marathon training...it's not just about training your body, you also have to train your mind for the marathon and the long runs are good for that. Finally, when I discovered that I could spend time out of my comfort zone without keeling over...that's when I started to make real progress!

Tiggia asks: Well done Trin. How the heck do you fit everything in?!

Trin says: Thanku Tiggia. How do I fit everything it...simple, I am Trinity... It's a Matrix thing ;)

icemaiden asks: Congratulations - how do you fuel your long runs?

Trin says: Thanks :) I don't 'load' or anything in the days before, I just eat normally but not allowing myself to get too hungry. I'll have a normal breakfast of toast and honey a good two hours before I run, and make sure I'm properly hydrated so my digestive system is erm.. functioning well. I carry a mild hydrating sports drink with me and anything over 14 miles I'll carry a gel with me. I won't necessarily use the gel because it's important to get my body used to using it's own resources, so in the marathon itself the 5 gels I take are a bonus. However if I'm on a long run and still have a few miles to go I will take the gel if I absolutely need it.

Legless asks: congrats trin, rats!!! why????

Trin says: Thanx Leggy :) Rats are lovely. They've had a bad press and pet rats are nothing like wild rats. Rats actually like to be clean and will get depressed if their cage is dirty. They are very affectionate creatures, with a personality likened to that of a dog. They tend to bond with one person but are very sociable. They are also very intelligent and love to play. I've kept them since my eldest Son's was 10 when I bought him one for his birthday... he called him Zorro and he was the best rat, very playful and a huge personality... loved chocolate and would steal it from the box!

santababy asks: Well done Trin, so what got you into running Ultras and which one would you recomend for a newbie? Lastly, what's your dream race and do you intend to run it?

Trin says: Thanks santababy. I was on a long run with my club back in 2003 and the chairman, Bob, said that I had a good running style for ultras. He suggested that I enter Dartmoor Discovery 32 mile ultra that he was running again in 2004. Initially I thought he was mad, but then I thought "hey, it's only a 10k over a marathon..how hard can that be?" I hadn't factored in the hills! But I did run it in 2004 and although it hurt, I have very fond memories of that race. It's a beautiful course, yes it is challenging, but that makes the reward of the finish line all the more sweet. For anyone with a few marathons behind them who is looking to the next challenge I would definitely recommend the Dartmoor Discovery ultra. You not only discover Dartmoor but also the ultra runner in you. My dream race has always been Comrades ultra in South Africa. I had a 4 year build up plan to running it last year in fact, but the injury got right in the way. I'm now considering a last ditch attempt at running it in 2010.

Fat Dave asks: Congrats - well deserved. What are your long-term running ambition (realistic and dreamland versions)...?

Trin says: Thanks :) Dreamland version first... I would love to run a sub 3.15 marathon and gain championship entry at London, to start with the elite ladies would be something else! I also would love to run 100k, 100 mile and 24 hour races... Just for the challenge of it, to see how my body and mind copes with that kind of distance. Realistically the injury that struck me in April 2006 will probably not allow me to fulfill my ultimate dreams (although firemannotsam will not let me give up on them totally ;) ) so I just want to keep running for as far and as long as possible, and if I can help other runners achieve goals and PB's along the way then that makes it even more worthwhile.

mad4purple asks: Congratulations Trin. :) So do you love soap and glory stuff? Is there a race you would never ever do again? If you could set a perfect race distance what would it be?

Trin says: I luuuurve the Soap and Glory stuff M4P... Thank you x If the Two Bridges ultra in Edinburgh was still running then that is a race I would never do again. I ran it in 2005 and had a really bad experience with it. Apart from the fact that it was not a very nice course, there were no distance markers that I saw in the 35 mile route, coupled with garmin kept losing satellite because of forestry which meant you never really knew how far you'd gone and therefore how far you had to go, the marshals that I asked didn't even know either! Also not all of the locals were happy about the race going on and I was nearly hit by a driver who deliberately drove his car at me, shouting expletives as he did! That was the last year the race was run. I think the marathon is pretty much a perfect distance, most people can train for it to some extent, it challenges you enough without putting too much stress on the body (so long as you've trained), and it carries a substantial sense of achievement to say that you have run a marathon.

RuthB2 asks: congratulations trin! a bit cheesy, but what have you learnt about yourself through running, good and bad, and what did your 100k challenge show you about yourself?

Trin says: Thanks Ruth. I guess I've just confirmed to myself that I am a fighter, I am a strong person and I won't be beaten very easily. I grew up having to be like that though so I guess that's what made me into the runner that I am...wow, something positive to take from my childhood, thanks Ruthy for making me realise that! The 100k Challenge also confirmed how determined I am, that I hate the cruelties and injustices of the world so much that I would prefer to put myself through the pain to save animals from it. I also learnt that I can reach my limits but also step over them to achieve what I'd set out to do.

BigChiefRunningBore asks: Trin - what is the best matrix gag '0101010101010101010000101011111010101' or '1010010001110110100101111110101110101' ?

Trin says: Personally, the one that always gets me is 10010110010010010110101010101000111010100101 No matter how many times I read it I'm always ROFL ;)

Le Greg asks: Well done. If you had to eat the same thing at every meal for the rest of your life, would you still wear Mizunos?

Trin says: Thank you. But no... Asics :)

HappyG(rrr) asks: Congrats Trin - Keanu Reeves or Laurence Fishburne? :-)G

Trin says: Thanks G. Do you really need me to answer that one! It has to be Keanu all the way ;)

Enthusiastic! asks: Congratulations Trin :-) What's your biggest vice....?!

Trin says: Thanx Biggest vice, apart from the obvious *choc* erm... I do like a nice cafe latte and where I go to get my 'fix' is Coffee Republic in the Mall at Cribbs in Bristol. I am now on first name terms with the staff, we exchanged Christmas gifts, and also mobile numbers for when I'm on my way ;) Seriously!

royalgreen asks: Well done Trin. What's your favourite fast food?

Trin says: Thank you. I love Subway, and we're getting a brand new big Subway at the Mall soon...so cafe latte from CR and a subway... Perfec :)

Mr. K. asks: Congratulations Trin, How long was it between you deciding you wanted to run in your first ultra & the actual race day. And did you tell people straight away that`s what you had in mind? Lastly - 100k = cracking idea, well done :-)

Trin says: Thanks. Between being persuaded that it was a good idea and me making the final decision was about 3 months. Then I actually entered the race late 2003 and ran it in June 2004. Between finishing my first ultra and deciding to do the next one was about an hour ;) I did tell people that I was doing my first ultra...that way I couldn't back out without good reason! I've never looked back though, love ultras!

MarkC asks: Very well done Trin :) What are your top 3 tips for anyone (ie me!) thinking about having a go at an ultra race?

Trin says: Thanx Mark. Most importantly train specifically for the race you are doing, you don't necessarily need to run up to the distance but get lots of running time on your feet. If it's a hilly race then do a lot of hill training, if it's off road then do a lot of off road training, if you will be carrying a rucksack then do some long training runs with one. Secondly, nutrition and hydration... make sure your body is getting enough of the right nutrition in heavy training especially, or you will risk injury. The same goes for rest, don't be a slave to your schedule...if your body really needs rest then thats what you should do. Lastly, don't leave anything to chance on race day, plan for as much as you possibly can. That will help you relax and be mentally ready for it. Good luck!

Muxy asks: What is that tatoo on your left arm of?

Trin says: It's a Lynx cat. I had it done in 1987 so it's a bit faded now...when it was first done the teeth and eyes were really sharp. I still love it. I also have a rose on my shoulder which was done in 1985... My wilder days ;)

barking asks: Congratulations Trin!! Why/what/who made you start running and enter your first race?

Trin says: Thank you barking :) I started running when I was about 18, I don't remember why to be honest, but I had, and still was to some degree, suffering from eating disorders, plus other addictions so I suspect it was something to do with all that. My first ever race was Mansfield Half Marathon 1981, the first Mansfield Half in fact. I don't know why I picked that one but there were no where near as many races back then as there are now so I wouldn't have had much choice. It was quite a learning curve... I'd heard that you're supposed to have pasta before a race and I remember parking at race HQ about an hour before the race and munching on a pasta salad! I don't know how I wasn't sick!! I think my finishing time was 2.15 or something.

Limpet asks: Do you still want the rum truffles :-)

Trin says: Is the Pope still Catholic? (Don't answer that)

BrianJ asks: Congratulations Trin! Of all your races, which one brings back the happiest memories?

Trin says: Thanks Brian :) And that's a tough question... So many races bring me so many happy memories for different reasons. I'm only going to refer to my second time round as a runner for this because... Well, because my first incarnation as a runner in the '80s was during crazy mixed up times. My first sub 4 marathon at Cardiff in 2003 was special because I'd been wanting it for so long and I had worked really hard for it. My first ultra was amazing. My first prize was 1st LV40 at Halstead marathon in 2004 and I was ecstatic, particularly as I was just using it as a training run for Dartmoor and had done 2 extra miles before the marathon. Kent 50 Challenge 2005 was so very special... during that race I went through a whole range of emotions, thoughts, pain, ecstasy (natural form I mean), madness and lucidity. The support I had was incredible and to top it off I won the ladies race...I can still feel those feelings I had when I finished. The first time I broke 4 hours at London, and also scored a PB by 9 minutes... more happy happy times. I don't want them to ever end.

Roobarb asks: Well done Trin!! Chocolate or cake?

Trin says: Fanks Roobs. Chocolate cake :P

MarkC asks: Trin: Ridgeway 40 or maybe High Peak 40. Next year, when I am 40. You see what I did there?

Trin says: Does that mean you'll be doing the Kent 50 Challenge when you're 50... Or 52?

Sunbed Athlete asks: Trin, again congrats......do your kids go out running with you???? must have been great to be part of the 2nd London marathon???? all the best SBA

Trin says: Thanks SBA. I did get my eldest Son to run a bit and he even ran a 5k in Cardiff but I think he only did that to humour me. My daughter wanted to do the Run 4 Life in Bristol last year and we did a little training together, but having run the race she's not taken it up. My youngest Son is more sporty though and he enjoys running. The only trouble is when I'm doing shorter runs he's busy doing his own stuff with his mates and obviously I can't take him out on longer runs... yet ;) The London marathon back then was quite different to how it is now, about half as many runners for a start and also no where near as many supporters as you get today. There were parts of the course that didn't have any supporters at all! But it was still a great race to be a part of, it's always been very slick as far as the organisation goes, and the post race atmosphere has always been special.

Kittenheels Kath asks: Dave, that's one of my favourite jokes! Trin: given that the world is your oyster, where would you most like to eat chocolate? I'm tempted by ultras, but to be honest I get bored running a marathon, how do you keep going?

Trin says: I believe that I was born into the wrong climate so somewhere hot...maybe somewhere in the carribean. The only trouble with that is that the chocolate would melt so I may end up eating it off a certain firefighter ;) Erm... Moving on...that's what I love about long distance running though...the head stuff, running a marathon or ultra is as much about dealing with what your head is telling you as it is about what your body is saying.

Scrappy Doo asks: I'm doing my first marathon this year...what (apart from a good training plan and getting the miles in) is the best advice you can give me to tough out on the mental challange....

Trin says: Practise the mind games during your long runs. There will be more distractions in the race itself so if you can deal with the mental challenge during 20 mile training runs then it will be easier during the race. There are a number of ways to tackle it, breaking down the mileage into smaller sections, being your own supporter...encouraging messages to your body, planning the week, composing a blog, counting. There will be something that works for you... but mostly, enjoy what you are able to do and the fitness that you have worked hard to achieve ;)

Maclennane asks: Which is furthest West? Madrid, Cardiff, Birmingham or Edinburgh? When is puddington? Where is March? Why is Hendo? Who is RNR? Fishcake or chicken nuggets?

Trin says: erm... Not hot on geography but is it Cardiff? Puddington is after dinnerton. March is in Cambridgeshire :) Because Hendo is. RNR? Erm.. Royal Navy Reserves? Run Numpty Run? Fish belong in the sea and chickens belong running free... I've been vege for over 25 years btw ;)

Girlie asks: Who would you most like to stuck in a lift for 3 hrs with? Well done on MoTM:-)

Trin says: Thanks Girlie. I'd like to be stuck in a lift with Keanu Reeves... Until a certain firefighter came to rescue me :)

CanaryYellow asks: Congratulations Trin. Just about everyone has a couple of funny or embarrassing things that either happened to them or to someone else during their schooldays. What were yours?

Trin says: Thanx Canary. School days! Do you realise how long ago they were for me! LOL! I have to say though that they weren't the happiest of times... Certainly not the 'best years of my life' as the saying goes. So consequently I was a little naughty sometimes, and there was one poor teacher that we picked on... Mr Pavey as I remember, one of those teachers who couldn't control a class... I remember falling into a fit of giggles when he hauled me in front of the class once and tried to tell me off, using me as an example. Sorry Mr Pavey!

firemannotsam asks: Blue or Red pill? (could not resist it ;-))

Trin says: The question is not about pills, but what they stand for in these circumstances. The question is asking us whether reality, truth, is worth pursuing. The blue pill will leave us as we are, in a life consisting of habit, of things we believe we know. We are comfortable, we do not need truth to live. The blue pill symbolises commuting to work every day, or brushing your teeth. The red pill is an unknown quantity. We are told that it can help us to find the truth. We don't know what that truth is, or even that the pill will help us to find it. The red pill symbolises risk, doubt and questioning. In order to answer the question, you can gamble your whole life and world on a reality you have never experienced. However, in order to investigate which course of action to take we need to investigate why the choice is faced. Why should we even have to decide whether to pursue truth? The answer in short, is inquisitiveness. Many people throughout human existence have questioned and enquired. Most of them have not been scientists or doctors or philosophers, but simply ordinary people asking 'what if?' or 'why?' Asking these questions ultimately leads us to a choice. Do you continue to ask and investigate, or do you stop and never ask again? Red pill every time :)

mad4purple asks: If you were allowed to only eat one treat for the rest of your life what would it be? Will you ever do something in the future like the cross trainer challenge, and if so will you research it properly this time?

Trin says: One treat... Easy... Chocolate :) I doubt I will do anything as mad as that again... And if I did consider it, and no one managed to talk sense into me, then absolutely yes... Research research research! Lesson learned ;)

Dai Bank asks: wiil it be March before you answer?

Trin says: I'm answering this on 28th February :)

Hamsterboy asks: How did it feel when you got off the cross trainer? well done trin :)

Trin says: Thanx Hammy. It hurt... Indescribably so, I felt weak and sick, but incredibly relieved.

iPLOD asks: Do you always put the same trainer on first?

Trin says: Come to think of it I do...the right one. But it's never been a conscious thing. Now I've realised I might not risk putting the left one on first... Not before a race anyway ;) Supersticious? Moi? Nah!

Jock Itch asks: If you were stuck on a desert island ..which part of me would you nibble first ? :) er....oh sorry....ah...John Noakes allways used to tell his dog Shep to "GET DOWN"....if you had a dog what would you tell him to do ? :)

Trin says: I'm vegetarian so I wouldn't nibble on you at all...I'd find a nice coconut instead :) If I had a dog I would train him to do the housework so I have more time to run.

Snapstinget asks: When are you coming over to do me on my garden picnic table again?

Trin says: Is that an invitation Snappy?

Miss Piggy Wiggy asks: Congrats trin well deserved what is your favourite pre race fuel and post race fuel?

Trin says: Thanku PW. Pre race fuel...pizza, post race fuel...chips. I'm a finely tuned aflete y'know ;)

Maclennane asks: Why do you want a picture of his picnic table?

Trin says: Everyone should have a picture of Snappys picnic table ;)

JJ Flash asks: What is your favourite kind of behaviour?

Trin says: Good behaviour obviously...what else? :)

Furious Phil asks: Well done on MOTM, you deserved it. So how do you fuel yourself up in the days leading up to a marathon or ultra? Any special tips, I promise I won't tell anyone else.

Trin says: Thank you Phil. I eat normally, not too many carbs, until the Friday before the race. Then I eat lots of carbs on Friday, and drink plenty of water. By Friday night I aim to be carbed up and well hydrated. Saturday I just graze all day to keep topped up. I don't tend to have a meal as such. More water. Sunday, light breakfast and the rest is up to the gels and sports drink during the race. But how can I give you tips... I already look to you for the same! ;)

Fetch says: Now you know Trin. Next up, kung fu, followed by why you should never bother making your own puff pastry. Well done Trin, enjoy your shopping trip, and thanks to all you regular question-posing-folks. Off with you!