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Group Training Distance

It can be reassuring or downright terrifying to compare your training distance before a big race to your fellow runners. This graph is fun to look at, but don't assume too much from it. Excess running with no particular plan can leave you flat as a pancake on race day. Likewise, a lower training volume can be ok if you have planned your sessions well and have realistic goals.

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To appear in this table, you need to add a prediction or outcome, log your training with us, and make your stats visible. In busier events, you will only see runners with similar goals to your own.

Thunder Run 24hr - Lap 3 (30th Jul 2011) cumulative miles in the 26 weeks pre-race

This graph shows the rate at which runners accumulated miles in the build-up to the race.
User Prediction Outcome Race Pace Days Time Dist Training
JK *chameleon* 45:00 51:28 8:17/mi 93 51% 105h51 811mi 7:50/mi
Slow and Ultra Steady 51:37 8:18/mi 87 48% 101h55 672mi 9:06/mi
Liliaicha 53:51 8:40/mi 97 53% 111h50 694mi 9:40/mi
Mr. K. 57:11 9:12/mi 88 48% 125h58 785mi 9:37/mi
lise 1:00:28 9:44/mi 82 45% 97h22 656mi 8:54/mi
Babbit 1:02:55 10:08/mi 89 49% 100h57 610mi 9:56/mi
Keefley 1:07:52 10:55/mi 80 44% 113h56 672mi 10:10/mi
Yeti 1:12:46 11:43/mi 65 36% 63h48 379mi 10:06/mi
Lapsed Athlete 1:13:09 11:46/mi 11 6% 23h07 104mi 13:22/mi
Minnie Mad 1:15:08 12:05/mi 93 51% 157h25 779mi 12:07/mi
rosie-b 1:19:00 12:43/mi 96 53% 75h24 416mi 10:53/mi
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