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Group Training Mileages

It can be reassuring or downright terrifying to compare your mileage before a big race to your fellow runners. This graph is fun to look at, but don't assume too much from it. Excess miles with no particular plan can leave you flat as a pancake on race day. Likewise, a lower mileage can be ok if you have planned your sessions well and have realistic goals.

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To appear in this table, you need to add a prediction or outcome, log your training with us, and make your stats visible. In busier events, you will only see runners with similar goals to your own. Fetcheveryone is a free website, but you can support our work by setting up a voluntary donation - if you're nice.

Edinburgh parkrun (29th May 2010) cumulative mileage in the 26 weeks pre-race

This graph shows the rate at which runners accumulated miles in the build-up to the race.
User Prediction Outcome Race Pace Days Time Dist Training
born2run 18:39 6:00/mi 20 11% 13h10 99mi 7:58/mi
RicC 19:06 6:09/mi 5 3% 84h32 590mi 8:35/mi
keyring 20:54 6:44/mi 84 46% 92h41 705mi 7:54/mi
mitsy 23:17 7:30/mi 69 38% 57h36 385mi 8:58/mi
Smout 23:59 23:33 7:35/mi 27 15% 17h42 119mi 8:56/mi
thistle 24:50 8:00/mi 75 41% 82h45 465mi 10:41/mi
Triplet Dad 25:53 8:20/mi 55 30% 87h48 490mi 10:44/mi
SummerRunner 26:48 8:38/mi 2 1% 1h57 12mi 9:44/mi
stretch 212 30:00 29:10 9:23/mi 13 7% 10h11 57mi 10:48/mi
McNewbie 31:47 10:14/mi 79 43% 94h15 465mi 12:09/mi
JaneyM 35:00 31:48 10:14/mi 66 36% 22h03 265mi 4:59/mi