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Ian Williams aka Fetch
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Group Training Distance

It can be reassuring or downright terrifying to compare your training distance before a big race to your fellow runners. This graph is fun to look at, but don't assume too much from it. Excess running with no particular plan can leave you flat as a pancake on race day. Likewise, a lower training volume can be ok if you have planned your sessions well and have realistic goals.

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To appear in this table, you need to add a prediction or outcome, log your training with us, and make your stats visible. In busier events, you will only see runners with similar goals to your own.

Bristol 10k (31st May 2015) cumulative miles in the 26 weeks pre-race

This graph shows the rate at which runners accumulated miles in the build-up to the race.
User Prediction Outcome Race Pace Days Time Dist Training
Impossible is Nothing 41:23 6:40/mi 177 97% 149h47 1185mi 7:35/mi
Unicorn 41:35 6:42/mi 102 56% 66h49 508mi 7:54/mi
Spleen 43:30 7:00/mi 63 35% 91h22 561mi 9:46/mi
agingquofan 44:40 7:11/mi 74 41% 58h01 375mi 9:17/mi
chris palmer 45:13 7:17/mi 86 47% 86h07 587mi 8:48/mi
Glen 50:00 45:15 7:17/mi 5 3% 3h04 24mi 7:36/mi
madmoosey 53:24 8:36/mi 96 53% 112h34 653mi 10:21/mi
Guestie 56:43 9:08/mi 105 58% 94h42 567mi 10:02/mi
Jayney 57:43 9:17/mi 87 48% 76h01 468mi 9:44/mi
monsenb1 1:03:43 10:15/mi 91 50% 91h05 577mi 9:28/mi
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