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Group Training Distance

It can be reassuring or downright terrifying to compare your training distance before a big race to your fellow runners. This graph is fun to look at, but don't assume too much from it. Excess running with no particular plan can leave you flat as a pancake on race day. Likewise, a lower training volume can be ok if you have planned your sessions well and have realistic goals.

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To appear in this table, you need to add a prediction or outcome, log your training with us, and make your stats visible. In busier events, you will only see runners with similar goals to your own.

Leeds Abbey Dash (16th Nov 2014) cumulative miles in the 26 weeks pre-race

This graph shows the rate at which runners accumulated miles in the build-up to the race.
User Prediction Outcome Race Pace Days Time Dist Training
Ally2 29:59 30:17 4:52/mi 144 79% 178h53 1591mi 6:45/mi
tick follows tock 33:39 5:25/mi 60 33% 35h57 357mi 6:02/mi
mjoyeux 33:49 5:27/mi 104 57% 92h38 768mi 7:14/mi
Ticketyboo 34:47 5:36/mi 150 82% 208h32 1639mi 7:38/mi
Thirsk Runner 34:30 35:08 5:39/mi 131 72% 138h34 1125mi 7:24/mi
Totriornottotri 35:59 35:48 5:46/mi 100 55% 93h11 783mi 7:08/mi
Dickie York 35:51 5:46/mi 101 55% 86h41 775mi 6:43/mi
boyband6666 33:45 35:55 5:47/mi 150 82% 147h41 1179mi 7:31/mi
wshippin 34:59 37:38 6:03/mi 108 59% 121h06 957mi 7:36/mi
runningowl 37:40 6:04/mi 93 51% 74h33 604mi 7:24/mi
cguy5 39:48 6:24/mi 129 71% 82h37 773mi 6:25/mi
michaelrhall 42:00 40:31 6:31/mi 73 40% 98h45 694mi 8:33/mi
Ligi 41:31 6:41/mi 94 52% 103h07 616mi 10:03/mi
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