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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Running > Race

2nd Nov 2008 at 11am by SteveX

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Sorry about the increasing font size, but I'm trying to get your attention! If you're still referring to the old version of the log, I'd like to know why. Please click here to send me a feedback. By the way, did you know you can turn off the new-fangled splits, and go back to good old single miles and kilometres? Go to your main training log page, and look for the settings link - then turn off 'smart splits'.

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No split information recorded.
About This Data
These are the splits that your watch has calculated, or the ones that you've entered manually.

Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
About This Data
To help get a better understanding of the effort you are putting in during training, you can now specify the intensity level you are working at, using the Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion scale. Grade your training session by clicking the little squares to show the proportion of time at each level. If you want to cancel out a column, just click the number in the bottom row. When we've built up enough data, it goes without saying that you'll get some lovely graphs out of this. Bear with :-)


Dist Time Per Mile
1M 6:20 6:20
5km 21:03 6:47
5M 34:52 6:58
10km 43:54 7:04
10M 1:12:42 7:16
Half 1:36:47 7:23
20M 2:31:34 7:35
Mara 3:21:47 7:42
About This Section
This table aims to predict your pace over a variety of common distances - so if you've just run five miles at breakneck speed, it'll help you with your 5k and 10k times. It uses the standard Peter Riegel formula for predicting times.


No unusual conditions reported
About This Section
Use this section to record any conditions that made the run particularly challenging, or to report on your state of mind.

Kit List

You have not listed any kit for this piece of training.
About This Data
Shows you the mileage accrued on the bits of kit you used on this run. If you're feeling sore, or looking for an excuse to do some shopping, then a high mileage here could be the key.

Bespoke Fields

You have not specified any bespoke fields
About This Data
If you want to record something that we haven't thought of, that you think might have an impact on your training, you can monitor it here. Anything you like.

3 Things You Saw

Nothing listed.
About This Section
Just for fun. What did you see whilst you were out running today?

Comments From Others

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About This Section
If you share your training with other users, you might get some useful comments every time you run.