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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone
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Age-Grading (WAVA) Calculator

Rate your performance between 0 and 100 for a run of any distance.

How It Works

This calculator uses world record information set by people of all ages, male and female. When rating your race time, it takes your age and gender into account.

Olympians and world class athletes tend to score close to 100. The rest of us won't be so high, but you can use this tool to see which distances you've excelled at; and which ones need some work.

Here's an article about how age grading works.
This performance scores 78.33

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Race Distance Equivalent Time
5k 19:08
5mi 31:37
10k 39:49
10mi 1:05:26
Half 1:26:58
20M 2:15:13
Marathon 3:01:17