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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Running > Race

31st May 2009 at 9am by Alf Tupper Tough of the Track

  • 3:13:45
  • 26.20
  • 7:24
  • road


Notes & Comments

  • Top of the world
Great stuff Animal – what an incentive big CVC gave. Finish Embra in sub 3.15 & I’ll get you a 3 some with me & Bx. It makes you wonder who’s going to be the sandwich filling. When CVC starts saying left a bit, right a bit in Dutch just clench the old bum cheeks.
Rechts oflow sounds like the money shot! Ya, das is goud!



Best WAVA 68.03%
Dist Time Per Mile WAVA
1M 6:05 6:05 65.02
5km 20:13 6:30 68.03
5M 33:29 6:42 67.89
10km 42:09 6:47 67.91
10M 1:09:48 6:59 67.15
Half 1:32:56 7:06 66.39
20M 2:25:31 7:17 66.29
Mara 3:13:45 7:24 66.61

Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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