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6th May 2021 at 7am by Amfyvilla

  • 31:00
  • 3.08
  • 10:04
  • 56.56
  • Road


Notes & Comments

You must have got yourself loads of points from picking flowers!
Pretty good haul there Tbf! Could only manage a short run this morning due to a hellish week at work so I couldn’t wander the backstreeets of Morecambe hunting down points like I have been - so I thought - I know! I’ll see what happens if I run to Heysham through those flowers!
Morecambe to Heysham is definitely prettier than the back streets of Morecambe!
I think that if I were you I'd have about half my circle over the sea, so I could run up and down the prom with just a short bit off the prom to pick up bugs.
(I also think the game becomes better if you can clear all your bugs, so each day the new bug just gives you a direction to go that day.)
My circle is pretty much like that. Slightly under half is in the sea. I also set my house just outside my circle so I always run bugs out! When I run inland, a good bit of my run is always still along the prom.


0% 0% 0%
49bpm (49 max)
Heart Rate Chart
  • BPM
  • WHR
  • MHR


Asc 0m, Desc 0m, Range 12m
Elevation Graph
Grade Bands



Best WAVA 57.38%
Dist Time Per Mile WAVA
1M 9:24 9:24 57.38
5km 31:17 10:04 56.50
5M 51:49 10:22 56.46
10km 1:05:14 10:30 56.57
10M 1:48:01 10:48 55.97
Half 2:23:49 10:59 55.11
20M 3:45:13 11:16 54.96
Mara 4:59:51 11:27 55.51

Borg Rating of Perceived Exertion

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