Worthing 20

  • Rated 66%
  • 20mi
  • Road
Entrants (16) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Bedarat Unaffiliated 2:52:56 2:58:45 2:58:45 51.12
Cookie Ranelagh Harriers 2:48:41 2:48:41 2:48:41 55.70
Coxy Apple Hercules Wimbledon AC 2:51:42 2:51:42 3:00:00 2:51:42 59.22
Dips Brighton & Hove Women's Running Club, UKnetrunner 3:18:36 3:18:36 3:18:36 55.74
Hairy Legs Good race - slightly windy but good preparation for London. New PB - so pleased!! :-) Stubbington Green Runners 2:34:36 2:35:59 2:35:59 59.05
Half Share in the House Hastings Runners, Wadhurst Runners 3:05:18 3:05:18 3:05:18 59.11
LizzieBean Worthing & District Harriers 2:42:12 3:08:00 3:08:00 53.84
Mikuro Doing this as my 20miler LSR in preparation for the marathon. Good timing, fits perfectly in with my training plan!
Not worried about time/PB etc. Must not get injured so close to the marathon! ****UPDATE:**** OH YES - that was painful but GREAT! Came in: 571th....out of 631 lol. 5 mile Splits (chip time): 56:03, 50:47, 54:18, 53:10. 
First lap -56:03- : Achey. I missed the start due to loo queue but I wasn't so fussed, started 6mins later and didn't have to 'go' for the rest of the race so it was a good thing! Also not starting with anyone else was good for helping me pace myself nice and slow too. Body was complaining for most of this lap as it warmed up. Just coming up to the 5th mile and I got lapped by the winner on his second way round. Git! :P
Second Lap -50:47- : Much better. Was comfortable, leg and pace wise, and the miles flew by! Sun started to come out and the nice breeze off the sea kept me cool. Was nice of a few of the faster folk going past to say 'well done' to me, even though blatantly they were the ones doing well haha.
Third Lap -54:18- : Mentally started to get harder now as people were lapping me agian on their last lap whereas I still had one to go...legs starting aching more, energy started waining towards 15miles so I allowed myself a wee walking break and a massive handful of haribo - I tell ya that super kiddies mix is a god send - mini jelly babies galore!!! I gobbled those down, as well as some yummy Taut, and that fueled me mentally and physically for this lap. Also stopped for a few stretching breaks which helped!!
Last Lap: -53:10- : This was the ultimate challenge, those last 5 miles. People were now scattered few and far between, including more than a few walkers. Somehow I fought through the pain and ran quite a good lap! Overtook more than a few people, which was a confidence boost. Was good to know I could keep up a good pace even though my body was screaming at me to stop and curl up to sleep on the pavement haha. At one point I thought I might even sub 3:30, which would have been ace, but I decided not to push it and just finish it comfortably. Which I did!
Race Highlights include: being lapped by a geriatric complete with flat cap, seeing the same mound of dog poo 4 times, watching the people lap me and gaping at their extremely thin legs, seeing the biggest worm in the world and nearly falling over trying not to step on it, support from a few people yelling 'go fetch!' (I love you, it made me smile and run that tiny bit faster), the amazingly supportive and chatty marshalls (you were all lovely) and realising I actually didn't care about getting a medal (we got a towel) at the end - the mental and physical gain of running 20 miles and not really feeling like I was going to die afterwards was more than worth it. Oh, and getting home to realise one of my toenails is falling off and hurts like hell. I MUST be a real runner now!!!! Unaffiliated 3:34:16 3:34:16 3:50:00 3:34:16 47.24
PEARLY Wadhurst Runners 3:27:23 3:32:10 3:32:10 47.65
PhilPub Kent AC 2:00:01 2:21:12 2:25:00 2:21:12 64.89
PlodderK Wadhurst Runners 2:34:25 2:34:50 2:34:33 2:34:50 72.12
RacingSnake26 Sandhurst Joggers 2:23:14 2:23:14 2:23:14 70.66
Richard Pre London warm-up race, ran first 10 miles at 7mpm and finished strong. Overall, pleased. The conditions were windy and this was a four lap race. Winchester & District AC 2:15:00 2:15:00 2:15:00 2:15:00 67.76
sango Wow!!!training has been going really well and today it fell right into place! I PB'd half marathon 1:23:16 and came in 17th place. I am really happy with this!!!!6:30 average!last 3miles I slowed however kept focused right through. Hercules Wimbledon AC 2:10:09 2:10:09 2:10:09 71.05
The great dollop Unaffiliated
Windsurfin' Susie Very pleased - a new club record. I jogged the first 10 miles, so reckon I could do 2:20 if I pushed it (which I'm unlikely to ever do as these are always marathon training runs). It was fantastic to feel like I was floating at 15 miles doing 7:10/mile! The wind was a bit strong along the seafront - cold to begin with, but a pretty good day. On track for London! Victory AC 2:31:33 2:31:33 2:31:33 71.56

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