The Fetch Five - Just One Mile

Mon October 3 2005
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Agent Orange Work has sent me to Canada this week (makes my life sound much more interesting than the suburban slog which is the reality).  Ran about 8km pretty steadily this morning in Montreal.  As I didn't know distances, I finished the run by doing the official 1 mile on a treadmill in the hotel gym.  Unfortunately, due to jet lag I think, I set the treadmill a little bit faster than planned so beat my expected time.  NB time recorded doesn't include that spent explaining what I was doing to the bemused hotel guest who agreed to take my picture for the website. Unaffiliated 7:20 7:00 6:45 58.98
Alf Tupper Don't think I'm going to win with this report but I was Unaffiliated 6:09 6:22 66.90
bevunit Wrecsam Tri 10:00 8:50 47.74
Bryn R Herts Phoenix AC, Saffron Striders RC
Cavey Had planned just a gently recovery run after a nightmare Half Marathon in Windsor 9 days ago. 

I'd left the 'recovery run' so long because I had been thinking of burning my trainers!!! (only 45 seconds off my PB despite 4 months of hard training and losing 2 stone - what does a man have to do to run a decent Half Marathon!!!) You can see its still bothering me.

Anyway, I noticed the Fetch Five on one of my many visits to throughout my working day, and decided it would be a nice little challenge to get my 'pecker up' ready for Amsterdam next week.  

Luckily one lap of my local park is just a shade over a mile, so I have a perfect mile course right on my doorstep. 

I set off at a nice steady warm up pace and did the first lap in about 11mins, I went into cruise mode for the second lap, and then really gave it some for the final lap. I felt good, my lungs were burning and I was really stretching out my stride. I wavered a bit in the last 200 metres because just before that is a nice 400m uphill section with the last 50 metres requiring climbing ropes and crampons (at least i feels that way!)

All in all I was really pleased with my time, i've got a new found confidence ahead of Amsterdam Half, and I can't wait to put the old running trainers on again!!!

Handsworth Roadhogs RC 6:11 8:45 8:09 46.42
Cliffy tc Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle,
Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle,
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Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle,
Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle,
Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle,
Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle,
Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle, Gimme the High5 Drinks Bottle. Unaffiliated 6:59 6:59 7:30 6:59 55.10
Colinzealuk The plan was to run my (new) Barnet & District AC, Watford Harriers AC 6:18 60.05
Couldn't Run A Bath Last mile of Cardiff Marathon.  Ouch!! 'Wait until the last 6 miles and then push it.' they say.  Well 'they' know what 'they' can do!! Unaffiliated 7:06 54.20
Dannyboy01 After a gentle jog to the start the race began.  Full marks to the organisers for picking a course that started out flat and then gradually went down hill.  They perhaps let themselves down a bit though due to the lack of water stations and goody bag.  However, I won't hold it against them and will probably be back next year. Chorley Athletics and Triathlon Club 6:16 60.38
dood First mile of the Daventry 6 Mile - way too quick for my planned pace but  come in handy for the Fetch Mile. Silson Joggers AC 41:00 41:00 6:46 56.59
Eternal plodder I thought as I was doing this on my own I would be the first to cross the mile line, what I didnt count on was  my dog having a sudden burst of speed! Last AGAIN Unaffiliated 10:20 43.06
EvilPixie I spent all morning in a nervuos state doing no work because I was either getting a drink or going to the loo! Total pre-race paranoid stress pixie! 
I have never done a 1mile race and my best known mile was 10:14 so that was a aim a sub 10 min mile. Having had a stress fracture in Feb meaning 2mths off, then FLM, then time off for colds and family and 3wks off due to a back problem just over a month ago I was totally stressed over this! I wasn't convinced I could do it. How long is a mile anyway? I've always just run and let the GPS tell me the distance!
Anyway lunchtime arrived and I changed. Off I went for a warm up, walk jog stretch panic repeated twice! Then I was off, my head was saying don't go off to fast whilst also repeating sub 10 you want sub 10! The canal was blissfully clear ... ducks and swans all on the water as if they knew! I almost joined them as I passed under 1 bridge (mud to slippery wet concrete to mud whilst running as fast as you can is not a good combination!). GPS was set to pace, HR and distance so I had no idea of time! My HR was storming in the 190s! Rob's words of FERC, 1485 TRI CLUB 8:55 10:00 9:49 43.00
EyeSpy21 Race Preparation: wearing my newly aquired River Ness 10K legs and t-shirt, started my warm-up after a glass of orange and a chocolate mousse - not the best idea.    Course: 1 mile of the EK 10K route from the roundabout at McDonalds (yes, I was lucky to actually start the event!) to Strathfillan Road.  The Fetch Five: followed a 'jogger' who was probably doing the 10K route, but I couldn't keep up with him!!  But managed to keep the chocolate mousse down.  PS. Monki?  Did I tell you I was doing my first half-marathon in 3 weeks time?  I wonder if I'll have the energy to get round the course? Unaffiliated 7:30 56.59
Fat Man Runs This morning I pleaded, nay begged the wife to take me out in the car and drop me 15 k from home, and amzingly she agreed!

So we loaded the kids into the car and it was at this minute that she turned into beaker from the muppets (or at least her voice anyway).

We had only got 4k from home when she started to say (imagine the beaker voice) 'can I drop you here, I've got dinner to cook?'.

At 6k (same voice) 'can I drop you here Tesco are delivering shopping?'

8k (you get the idea) 'can I drop you here my parents are coming for lunch'

By the time we got to 10k I had to give up - the mental torture could only last so long!

I think it was the though of the in-laws but I made sure that my warm of for the Fetch Five lasted a long time, and included a few detours, but eventually my Fetch Five was the final mile of my Sunday morning 'long run'.

OK it wasn't scenic, or even quick. I don't care if I win, but I deserve to if only for the stick I am now due for being late for the arrival of the in-laws. Unaffiliated 8:32 44.55
fetcheveryone Fan-tas-tic. Although I'm out of contention for the prizes, this went very well. Jogged for just over a mile to warm up, then had a bit of a breather and a stretch. Then just bolted, starting the GPS. Was running about 5.40 pace for the first 100m, then realism set in, and I reduced to about 6.40, which I managed to maintain throughout. Was lucky not to have any cars cross my path, as I had to cross two T junctions. Amusingly enough, the end point of the mile was right outside the undertakers! Luckily I didn't feel that bad. Huge thanks to High Five for sponsoring this event - it's really appreciated, and I urge everyone to visit their site and try their products! FERC 6:02 6:38 57.04
Forest Runner Fastest split mile at the Henley half marathon. More than a minute slower than I could do for a mile, even though most of this one was downhill. Bracknell Forest Runners 5:30 6:45 63.10
fraggle Bom bom bom bom Oh happy day  :o)
Aimed to go under 9 mins and was astounded to see 8.15 on my watch as I finished  :o)  
Ideal running conditions - will definitely do it again. Unaffiliated 8:59 8:15 51.99
GAZGIB Just my luck, I had only just done a 1 mile time trial for my club in a PB busting 5:41  two weeks ago. I did consider using that time for my Fetch time, but thought I’d better be fair and do it again. So I decided to use mile 1 of the Woking Handicap 3 miler. This monthly race is free to enter for those who can fit it into their lunchtimes or have no other commitments such as a job, marriage, prison sentence, etc. The problem with handicapped races is that, if you have great run, your efforts are only rewarded by having a tougher handicap next month. For some reason my Garmin didn’t lap split until 1.12 miles, but my pace for that was 6:19. The race after that went downhill for me and I’m not talking about elevation. Bracknell Forest Runners 5:42 5:42 6:19 60.62
Gobi As you would expect from me I just lobbed a quick one mile into a training run. Decided to do my canal loop (6.2 miles)
Idea was easy pace quick mile on the long flat canal and easy home. HHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA nope. After doing my legs Tuesday at the gym my hamstrings and adductors have been tight so did easy first mile(8mm) followed by 3.2 miles of gradually faster running. The last 2 miles home are undulating to say the least and I did a 5:49 and a 6:14. 
I knew I should have gone to Basingstoke and got on the track :~) Cannock & Stafford AC 4:58 5:49 65.83
Greenstuff Started a steady jog got warm, then walked a bit, set the garmin - and go, time was a bit of a shock...... Unaffiliated 10:00 8:05 47.88
hammerite well after only seeing the Just One Mile challlenge yesterday I thought b*gger I've left this a bit late!!! Especially as all my runs this week have been slow plods and todays run was going to be a 15 miler!!

So I've chosen my fastest mile of my training miles according to my garmin. It's only 1m 30s off my 1 mile PB but hey ho!! Bedford Harriers AC 5:51 6:21 8:08 46.52
Hanneke Decided to use one of the 23 milkes I ran today in my longest training run for the New York marathon. I was trying to beat a friends time for 22 miles, so mile 22 was my fastest at 7.12! Remarkable, as I already had 21 miles in very hilly terrain under my belt. Never knew I had such a competitive streak! Managed to beat my friends time by 13 minutes, while I was trying to stay under 3 hours for 22 miles, thinking about which mile would be the best for the Fetchfive! FELL PONIES, Black Mountains MBO 6:46 8:00 7:12 60.17
Hollywoof! OK... [low drum roll begins]This month's Fetch Five was a real mini adventure. Not only was I going to have to run a mile as fast as I could [sound of scream in the distance], but also I was going to visit the Lair of the Track [pause for dramatic monster music]. So armed with nothing but my keen sense of humour and a pair of trainers I went along to our other local running club (Spans' club), quietly introduced myself and then joined in with the girls (so much more civilised than the boys) to do the track runs... Only to then discover that we weren't going to be running 4 laps in a row! So I snuck in a little extra when everyone else was leaving... Verdict - could do better... but kind of funny and I like the springy tarmac. Wibble. Have I ever mentioned my friend the king of the potatoes? Unaffiliated 6:30 6:50 55.81
Jenelopy I liked this, it was nice having a Unaffiliated 11:30 10:04 41.89
KatieB I decided to do my Bedford Harriers AC 6:39 7:00 8:15 51.45
Ken After spending the summer plodding round the country lanes at 10+ minutes per mile, following John L Parker's extreme slow running programme, it was time to put his theory to the test. I have to say wow! I have never run a mile at that pace before. Maybe there is method to Parker's madness after all. Time for me to become the compleat (sic) idiot? Unaffiliated 6:11 100.70
Kinsey One of my miles (by ave split around Richmond Pk).  I would go and do a mile from the varsity stone to the mile post but I don't think I am going to have time this week.  boo. Unaffiliated 9:00 8:36 49.04
krusty 1 mile warm up then a quickish one for the race and a nice and easy one to finish Bournville Harriers 6:57 61.77
Longlegs Decided to get this one miler done, this morning.  Got out of bed nice and early at 6:30am.  Went out very cold, nice warm up then started the GPS watch and started the mile and ran very hard.  I used  the mile route that my club use for our one mile relays, Ran very hard and managed a PB on the course of 5:35, previous best 5:38.  Very respectable mornings work.

Now at work.  Very boring!>!>! Swanley & District AC 5:38 5:38 5:35 67.76
Lorraine Stated off on new route,first mile to be Fetch Five.Going well then remember that Ihad to go over a bridge with only steps each side.No problem,managed to do that.Next I came across 2 OAP on bikes.I could see them because of their fluorescent jackets not sure they saw me because they had sunglasses on!!   At least I did'nt end up in the canal.Oh well, next encounter was more gossipig OAP's on the canal path got around them and completed my mile.Rest of my run was totally uneventful! Unaffiliated 9:00 47.66
MacDaz Run as the first mile of my last little outing before the Great South Run so a bit slower than flat out. I used the time to reflect. As the wind whistled through the memory of my hair I remembered the lardy bloke that in January thought runners were nutters. 10 months and 3 stones later I KNOW that runners are nutters, but not for the reason I thought! 

I Enjoyed this race and it gave new life to the little 2 mile circuit I started out with. 

I'm new to the website and this idea seemed a little odd at the time, but now it makes perfect sense. As you are only really racing yourself, there is no reason why you can't race BY yourself.

Onwards we go. Unaffiliated 7:30 7:04 54.45
MB99 Unaffiliated 5:10
McGoohan I returned to the scene of the Reigate 5 mile course: the one mile park circuit/dogleg that also formed the 1 mile FERC, LDWA 6:34 47:00:00 6:24 63.59
monki I didn't race this (well, I am the judge, after all) - I haven't been running much in the past three months, what with the new job and commuting and new excuses around every corner.  I have been gymming it though, so still basically fit.  Went out for an amble tonight and for reasons known only to my pride I ran the Fetch Five.  Ten times.  I will no doubt regret this enormously in the morning, but the feeling of bimbling along on a crisp clear night, head emptying of stress and feeling strong (well, till mile 8 anyway) was magic. Unaffiliated 6:25 8:10 46.70
neve2old Unaffiliated 10:00 9:48 39.76
pacman Rubbish - had two pints at lunchtime - which made the afternoon at work go quicker (if not me).. Unaffiliated 9:22 40.40
PhillipStanton Half a lap of Lac du Montriond in France (near Morzine for fans of Google Earth). A bit of an exciting run - I'd hideously over-indulged the night before on Peforth and red wine - and was then faced with Unaffiliated 9:12 42.65
Princess Purple Bubbles Hi 
Well the rules say you can walk it and my mile is part of my 3miles preparation for getting back to r*nning post back injury and building up to the Brass Monkey Half Marathon in January 06.

The route-the entire distance around the Marine Driver to the Spa along Scarborough Seafront. A gentle Friday afternoon stroll on the cards.

The route is fairly flat and goes the entire distance flanked by the cliff on one side and the lovely north sea on the other. Walking along the path was really pleasent-blue sky, sunshine and very few tourists...perfect.

Along the way I was able to watch the loopie dogs chasing around on the north bay beach dashing in and out of the waves. Around near the cliff there were several sea birds gathered on the defence armouring with waves starting to splash up as the spring tide made its way back in. On one rock a cormerant sat planning his next meal! Round the headland and the breeze pciked up...helping the small group of little peeps on bikes increase speed! Sadly not my speed as wrong direction! At the harbour boats boobed up and down on the rising tide with the pleasure steamer heading out with the few visitors that were around. Past the harbour and onto the sand for a fairly decent workout-felt it in the back of my heels. Contemplated ice cream but didn't really think it appropriate for a 'training' walk!

Really pleasent and pleasing walk and feel like I am making good progress-so many reasons to live by the coast to train as opposed to the big city! Unaffiliated 10:20 30:00 25:00 16.87
sanddancer Went off a bit too fast so I had to slow the pace down a bit. With 400 metres to go I felt as if I was going to have to walk but dug in. The last 100 metres seemed to last an eternity. Very surprised with my final time - 32 seconds better than my p.b. :-) Vale of Aylesbury AC 9:07 9:07 8:35 45.09
simon_dulwich Quite proud of this one - 7:25 over a hill is not bad for a beginner! I did it as part of a longer route, so I had a good warm up. And then practically limped the final leg back home! Here's my mile:

=> simon_dulwich's Fetch mile! Serpentine RC 8:00 7:25 51.02
simon_dulwich2 Dulwich Park Runners 6:29 7:25 51.02
Slow Going The plan... pick a 4 mile route, run 1.5 miles, stop, stretch, tighten shoes, turn up volume on mp3 player to LOUD, run 1 mile fast, stop, try not to be sick, run home, celebrate emulating childhood heros Ovett and Cram.

So with melt bannana playing like someone drilling a hole through my ears, I attempted sub 6:00 (nice round number) . At 400m I was flying (and 4seconds up), at 800m it was starting to really hurt, but in a good way (and I was 2 seconds down), by 1200m everything hurt in a bad way (including pins + needles in arms - surely that's not a good sign) and I was slowing fast, 100m to go and I put in a Kelly Holmes style gritty finishing burst, before crossing the line much slower than I would have liked.

In future , if I want to emulate Steve Cram, I think I'll go straight to commentry without any of that tedious 'hugely successful athletics career' in the middle.

I wasn't sick.
UKnetrunner 6:00 6:28 59.22
space cadet I wasn't going to do this as I've had a bleedin' viral cough for something like 5 weeks now. But as I haven't ran for weeks and it hasn't helped one bit I figured a quick mile would help sort it out... erm, not so it seems.
I decided to do it at the gym because there would be qualified first-aiders nearby should I collapse in a wheezing heap and set off at a speed that would see me in just quicker than the 6:32 I did 5 weeks ago. Well, I managed about a minute of that, before I started gasping so slowed it right down – going for a 400m sprint finish at 17kph instead. Couldn't even do that before coughing fits set in so had to pathetically jog over the imaginary finishing line before retiring to the steam-room cursing myself for not being able to resist the Fetch mile. Unaffiliated 6:32 6:32 7:05 53.84
Spans First mile of the GSR... and all plans to hold back just didn't work... well when surrounded by all those elite athletes on the start I had to get on tele somehow!! Ranelagh Harriers 5:42 74.15
TW I am running GSR on Sunday, so thought I'd get in one last race before the big one! I was not entrirely pleased with the very early start - 7am...I am more of an afternoon runner..but hey, you go with whatever the organisers plan. Disappointed with the toilet facilities at the start....seemed to be queueing up behind wife and kids for ever   ;-)'d think by now organiser would plan for more facilities.
Start was Ok, although not much support around, am hoping for more on Sunday. Legs felt tight early on as I'm not used to morning running, but got into an easy stride. Not pushing too hard as just want to stretch the legs. First half mile is mainly downhill, so pretty good run, just had to dodge various bits of wildlife on the road, at about 2/3rds distance route goes sharply uphill, so had to put an extra effort up there, knowing the finish was just round the corner at the top, didn't push on at at the end, as just feeling knackered and sleepy! Crossed the line in 7.41, then  decided to continue with easy run for another couple of miles to finish with. 
I expected a big finish area with silver blankets and drinks, medals etc.. especially as the race now has a sponsor (Very good stuff so I hear...never tried it yet...but you never know:-)). 
Overall impression: good route, gentle run so rubbish time, facilities need improving at start and finish, and goody bag could do with some extra bits and pieces...but overall great value for get what you pay for.
Thanks to marshalls as always.
Unaffiliated 7:41 50.37
Twoleftfeet This time last week I was running along a sunset beach in the Algarve, thinking of the cold beer that awaited me. No distractions, just the lapping of the tide, the salt spray drifting in off the Atlantic and couples taking a romantic stroll. 
Now, back home in Dismal Town, I'm running the FF along a busy 'A' road, gasping for a hot brew (although that may be due partly to exhaust fumes) whilst avoiding random 'wheelie' pulling chavs outside the local chinese take-away!! 
The reason for the differences in time? I stopped off at the late shop for a couple of rolls of bacofoil to keep warm! Unaffiliated 6:57 6:57 9:00 10:30 37.11


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