Sussex Beacon Half Marathon

Listed by atrain247
Entrants (62) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
.starman Unaffiliated 1:34:20 1:43:56 1:48:44 63.81
atrain247 FERC 1:42:21 1:47:02 1:45:00 1:47:02 54.32
Axial Tilt that should keep everyone happy..... Unaffiliated 1:40:18 1:40:18 1:45:00 1:40:18 58.56
Becfleck Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 1:50:08 2:00:26 2:00:26 53.54
Biggles Unaffiliated 1:33:37 1:33:37 1:33:37 62.11
Binks Told you all not to bet on this one but you did anyway so had to run fast. 

Sat 17th - Still a bit bunged up so only 25% chance of pb. Will have to carry a camelpak of lemsip.

Thur 15th - Body fights back against man flu. Am almost in complete control of what falls out of my nose. 50% chance of pb

Update Wed 14th - now 40% chance of pb as I have contracted Man Flu. Shouldn't have eaten all that cheap turkey at the weekend...

1st Feb - 75% chance of pb. My last (and best) half was in may when i was much slower.
Serpentine RC 1:25:43 1:29:54 1:30:00 1:31:09 63.60
brighton_lee Ran 1:46:00 exactly. faded alot at the 10 mile point, but it was a great morning and the new route was good. Hope to beat my time again next year Unaffiliated 1:26:16 1:46:00 1:45:00 1:46:00 54.69
brookso Unaffiliated 1:36:00 1:36:00 1:42:00 56.84
Bubbles Unaffiliated 1:45:00 1:45:00 1:45:00 61.40
Bul PB... felt great Clapham Chasers 1:12:36 1:17:03 1:19:56 72.62
burgers Worthing Striders 1:28:27 1:28:28 1:28:28 65.55
Buzzards Sis My gun time was 1:58 which is still far better than I anticipated. For some reason, I did not get a chip time but my trustee Garmin says 1:57:36 and so I am going with that. Striders of Croydon AC 1:57:36 1:57:36 2:10:00 1:57:36 55.55
Cheese Unaffiliated 1:45:01 1:48:16 1:52:02 59.84
chocciemonster Sub 2 hours for my first half   YEEEEHAAA!!! Ely Runners 1:55:15 1:55:15 2:00:00 1:58:10 54.56
Chunky Monkey Unaffiliated 1:42:30 1:48:00 1:51:58 52.24
controversial That is my oldest PB and I should be able to beat it, however it is not obvious that i can go under 1:30:00 ... just the thought of it makes me  panic!!

Panic no more, the race is done with a wonderfull PB of 1.27.26. Very fast first 7k where i took one minute on the planned pace, manage the advantage for the second 7 K and started using all the energy available for lthe last 6 k, finishing with a great sprint!
Lovely course ... even with a few stairs to go up! Clapham Chasers 1:12:46 1:27:26 1:30:00 1:27:26 66.32
Coxy Apple Hercules Wimbledon AC 1:46:23 1:46:23 1:55:00 1:47:18 60.49
Damo666 Striders of Croydon AC 1:19:51 1:22:15 1:22:15 71.12
Dave Maher The 5 and 4 in the wrong place but a pb despite falling over!! Unaffiliated 1:35:49 1:35:49 1:34:59 1:35:49 61.30
Diogenes Well, I did it.  I beat the two hour mark.  Now I'm just kicking myself for not getting inside 1:155.

I was greatly encouraged by several Unaffiliated 1:46:39 1:55:25 1:59:59 1:55:25 51.46
Dips Brighton & Hove Women's Running Club, UKnetrunner 1:55:53 1:55:53 1:55:53 60.87
dizzi good race, good time. slightly too optimistic with prediction, sorry to disappoint those who placed bets Dulwich Park Runners 1:52:53 1:52:53 1:50:00 1:52:53 57.67
dvc turned up 32 minutes late after a train disaster. 

had to start on my own, then run on my own. fortunatly lots of slow people so i overtook a couple of hundred. 

funniest bit was running one way along the seafront, whilst 3000 people ran the other way!
most annoying thing is that it was too late to register my official time, so i'm down as doing something like 2:14! aaargh.

really pleased with my time though, with only 3 training runs, definitely chuffed. Unaffiliated 1:29:53 1:42:53 1:45:00 1:42:53 56.83
Dynamo Kev Unaffiliated 1:22:09 1:24:43 1:24:43 68.45
Enka I prefer the route this year. Great again. So amazing running by the sea and throught the lanes. Unaffiliated 2:04:54 2:04:54 2:10:00 2:04:54 54.19
FaeryImp Oh those steps,that bloomin wee hill.Saying all that I am pleased with my result as I knocked off about 7 or so minutes. Unaffiliated 2:11:16 2:15:36 2:16:09 49.58
Flipper Unaffiliated 2:14:36 2:14:36 2:17:00 2:14:36 47.90
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 1:26:58 1:39:21 1:42:03 58.59
HB Unaffiliated 1:53:08 1:54:47 1:54:47 56.23
JeyChick killer race for some reason - didn't enjoy the flat, definintely prefer undulating route for longer distances/. However, a PB! Unaffiliated 1:35:42 1:35:42 1:36:42 67.32
johnny-the-eagle Crowborough Runners 1:38:08 1:42:47 1:43:11 58.86
kink bunny what a cool day.
met groovy people 
which has led to me being on here.
my first half M really pleased with my  time.
my garmin time is even better than my chip time!
the only thought on the up and back on madeira drive was W.T.F! wasn't expecting to go that far towards the hoo.
hope the person who needed the ambulance is ok now.
take care
see you soon hopefully
KB VEGAN RUNNERS UK 1:52:16 2:04:48 2:05:00 2:04:48 51.66
LisaS my 1st half Collingwood AC 2:11:32 2:11:32 2:41:00 40.31
lozza Collingwood AC 1:55:12 1:57:01 2:09:48 52.40
mackfly Unaffiliated 1:24:01 1:30:14 1:37:41 59.68
Making_Tracks I'm running this as a training run.  I do expect to improve my on my half marathon PB though as my increased mileage for FLM, the MHR training & my new go fast adidas running shorts seem to be making a difference.  I've retrieved my lucky safety pin from the washing machine.  Question?  Does good luck wash out with bio soap powder? **update** Ran 12 miles in 2:07 as a training run 11th Feb.  *****RESULT***** Ok you betting fans... I managed to take 27 mins off my 1/2 marathon PB to come sub 2 hours.  What a result.  Thrilled!!!! Unaffiliated 1:59:02 1:59:02 2:20:00 1:59:02 56.71
Marmotte Steyning AC 1:37:33 1:37:33 1:39:00 1:37:33 61.29
miff PB!!!!!

Felt miserably rough before this race on account of having drunk about 7 pints the night before (BAD MOVE) but still managed to absolutely fly (for me) through the whole thing. 

Am much faster now than I was this time last year... bodes well for London! Unaffiliated 1:33:16 1:42:02 1:50:00 1:42:02 57.33
Mikuro Entered -  will need to prepare for FLM anyway!! Will be my first Half, so not sure of time....hoping for 2:10 but anything could happen... !! ;) *UPDATE* Gaaaaaaah. When I woke this morning I felt quite good, confident I could get this done, but a little tired from not sleeping much. I got to Brighton about 8am, walked down to the seafront with a bounce in my step slurping Lucozade on the way, sorted my race number and jogged about a bit before finding CB, Making Tracks and Buzzard's Sis for a small pre race Fetchy chat. Was lovely to meet you guys!!! Started off far to far into the fast people area, but Buzzard's Sis zoomed off with them leaving me and MT behind!! Nice one BS! Sat at a comfortable pace around 9m/m with MT before I started losing it around 3 miles. That damn Lucozade had made me feel sick and the smell of food wafting up from the seafront restaurants made me want to throw up. I slowed down and let MT go off, hoping I could catch her up in a few mins when the feeling passed, but it didn't! Added to that I was starting to feel really drained already, not a good sign. I think I was still not 100% recovered from that cold last week, as I prepared just as well for this one as I had the 10k yet I had to stop to walk so many times. Was disappointed in myself as I know if I hadn't I could have managed at least 2hrs.
Oh well. At least I did it!!! Not touching Lucozade again for races. Need to get some of that Taut stuff. Does the job and isn't sickly sweet at all! Yummy. Goody bags were great, bottle of water, banana, Taut, vas for the blisters (bit late now lol), chocolate (YAY) and some rasins. Unaffiliated 2:11:22 2:11:22 2:10:00 2:11:22 49.08
moore06 Unaffiliated 1:48:47 1:55:00 1:55:00 55.53
mr guinness Garden City Runners 1:22:50 1:26:51 1:30:00 1:26:51 70.51
nschild Unaffiliated 1:48:00 1:57:16
Paul Salmon Wootton Bassett Hounds RC 1:41:51 1:43:25 1:47:59 54.67
paulhiles Quite pleased to have finished my first half marathon inside 2 hours. Well organised event, and good course overall. A bit of bumping and barging early on but it was a large field. Plumstead Runners 1:37:15 1:50:01 2:05:00 1:50:01 57.07
PEARLY Wadhurst Runners 1:50:55 2:01:32 2:04:08 51.89
Pink! Worthing & District Harriers 2:16:55 2:16:55 2:16:55 47.20
PlodderK Wadhurst Runners 1:20:22 1:39:44 1:46:28 1:39:44 71.38
Ploddington Bear my first half marathon! and despite having been ill beforehand beat my target time! FERC 2:03:11 2:09:36 2:10:00 2:09:36 50.40
RicC I'm guessing this is the chip time that has been texted to me - will do for now!  Very pleased, PB and achieved my goal of getting under the 1:30 mark :)

Good race, enjoyed the variation from town, to sea front,cliffs etc and the weather was spot on.  Saw a couple of Fetch shirts on the way round and chatted with SteveX and Controversial along the way.  Fantastic stuff! Edinburgh Athletic Club 1:15:24 1:28:41 1:30:00 1:29:02 65.12
scollins78 Unaffiliated 1:29:20 1:47:38 1:47:38 53.86
Serendippily FERC 2:08:22 2:08:22 2:08:22 51.10
SooWoo Wee County Harriers 1:41:14 1:51:15 1:56:55 56.10
SteveX A PB by 2 mins. Always felt pretty confortable. Wonder if with a bit more effort could have gone sub 1.34. Striders of Croydon AC 1:34:03 1:34:03 1:34:03 67.33
Strutbrother Axe Valley Runners, FERC 1:53:01 1:58:17 1:58:17 51.77
Taffers Unaffiliated 1:27:26 1:27:26 1:30:00 1:27:26 74.46
TickTock Taperless tempo run Unaffiliated 1:19:51 1:27:25 1:30:00 1:27:25 67.54
Tiger Epsom Oddballs RC, Reigate Priory AC 1:47:38 1:49:06 1:49:06 62.85
touche turtle Hailsham Harriers 1:40:12 1:47:01 1:47:01 61.29
Tpod Unaffiliated 1:57:57 2:03:52 2:15:00 2:13:04 43.57
Trophywife Watford Joggers 1:30:08 1:44:34 1:52:04 57.53
wendyjames Much better than I anticipated, though I need to get a few more long runs in before the next half marathon.  My legs had had enough by about 11 miles! FERC 1:58:57 2:10:19 2:30:00 2:10:19 49.48 Hailsham Harriers 1:30:55 1:31:10 1:31:10 72.65


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