Stockport 10

  • Rated 82%
  • 10mi
  • Road
Entrants (34) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
ChrisDig Great conditions and first time in a 10 mile race so i aimed for my half marathon 10 mile split time to allow for the hills and ended up slightly faster, first time i have been happy with my performance in a race since June so good day for me. Unaffiliated 1:04:52 1:04:52 1:04:52 69.23
DaveG Birkenhead Athletic Club, Strathearn Harriers 1:19:19 1:21:59 1:21:59 53.36
davelord Pictures on line at 
Post Race analysis, lack of training really paying off. Weather was perfect as i predicted on friday,maybe this is where my future lies. Set off with 6.09 6.09 miles(this is way to fast for no training) then race got going and i was 25.12 at 4 miles then about 33 at 5 miles. there are some hills coming up now battled on but could not get heart rate up as legs just said NO NO as i was reduced to a jog on the hills :(  8.5 miles and i could see my car so new there was a LOT of climbing  still to come, got caught (and passed) by 4 girls in last 400m made the finish for the goody bag only to find mine contained 3 holes. One in teatree shower stuff, one in biscuit wrapperto allow teatree shower stuff in biscuit, one in bag to make sure there was nothing else in the bag.
Also missed seeing the Clairster :(
Plus points 
loads of marshalls who were very cheery
seeing Trazza :) just watch for her time ;-)
i am sure i can race *if i can make time to train Trawden AC 59:41 1:07:48 1:07:48 70.02
Dougie B Unaffiliated 1:12:06 1:16:12 1:16:12 60.29
Fat Alex Unaffiliated 1:20:09 1:40:44 1:35:00 1:40:44 44.08
Fox on a run Stockport Harriers & AC 1:06:54 1:11:42 1:11:42 63.07
gcwenn Poynton Runners 1:14:35 1:20:15 1:20:15 57.25
gigg jogger Very good. Well marshalled. Enjoyed the hills! Unaffiliated 1:35:26 1:35:26 1:40:00 1:35:26 46.23
gingerbreadman Stockport Harriers & AC 1:03:03 1:03:03 1:04:30 69.21
Homer I have an unnoficial PB from the last half marathon I did - but be warned - that was FLAT - this is haiily as heck and I don't do hills....caveat emptor and all that. UPDATE: Started too slow - sorry betters FERC 1:13:29 1:15:40 1:14:00 1:15:40 57.92
Jane-O Stockport Harriers & AC 1:22:12 1:36:12 1:36:12 52.16
jmc Stockport Harriers & AC 58:52 1:03:08 1:03:08 70.03
jonah Stockport Harriers & AC 1:03:59 1:03:59 1:04:35 72.90
Karate Chop Good race. Hadn't run for a couple of weeks due to a cold, so wasn't sure whether I should do this race or not. I had looked forward to it all year and got my boyfriend to do it with me so I didn't want to pull out. Grafted round at a good pace and felt good at the end of it. Have 2 lovely blisters on my feet. Would do this race again. Well organised and supportive marshals. Chorlton Runners 1:43:04 1:54:00 1:54:00 42.98
kstuart Nice race with a few lovely hills in it, will be back next year and hopefully fully injury free and capable of going faster Trail Running Association, FERC 1:20:08 1:28:36 1:35:00 1:35:41 45.72
Luiz Unaffiliated 1:40:44 1:40:44 2:00:00 1:40:44 48.64
M62 Santa A huge thank you to the marshals who stood out in the cold cheering us on while we plodded on. Great organisation and well done to the two athletes (female from Wilmslow and male wearing black t shirt) who pipped me at the end when I though I'd left them for dust on the home straight on the track. 

Very happy with pacing & time, had plenty of energy left at the end. The dreaded foot pain came back with a blister to boot. My hamstring is still niggling whenever I put more than 4 miles in. I might take it easy at Xmas. Unaffiliated 1:07:19 1:19:03 1:23:00 1:19:03 55.44
Marcus Vale Royal AC, Fell Runners Association 1:06:27 1:06:45 1:06:45 67.75
Nexus Icon Stockport Harriers & AC 53:58 1:02:15 1:02:15 70.28
njosmith Brisbane Road Runners 1:08:34 1:20:44 1:30:00 1:20:44 54.19
Redchilli Unaffiliated 58:59 1:07:47 1:07:47 64.80
RichMallaber Unaffiliated 1:21:49 1:21:49 1:21:49 53.57
RobH Manchester Tri 1:02:00 1:02:00 1:02:00 70.56
Runtrue My first 10 mile race - really enjoyed it, even the hills. Bramhall Runners 1:27:48 1:32:55 1:32:55 55.32
Sandpitt My first 10 miler and apart from a few 'dodgy cone moments' at the start, I really enjoyed this race. The weather turned out to be perfect and the whole atmosphere was fantastic. The marshalls were very encouraging which was very welcome after tackling some of the steepest hills I've ever run up! I got a spot prize which was a nice bonus and what I thought was a decent time. Spectrum Striders RC 1:04:43 1:10:36 1:10:36 62.21
Should Av Run Quicker Done this race for the last 2 years and don't particularly like it, too hilly and usually too cold and yes I'm being a wuss!!
**UPDATE**What a load of rubbish, considering I've put more miles in compared to last year and actually thought I was running better, I just couldn't get going, I felt fine up to 4 miles then I realised why I don't like this race. I was 3 secs down on last year to make matter worse and the conditions were pretty good!!! Stockport Harriers & AC 1:01:23 1:05:16 1:04:00 1:05:16 69.83
snogard This was a good day.  The weather held off so although cold it was dry.  I started at the back as usual and gradually moved up through the back runners.  Managed to get in, in under 2 hours so that felt good.  For some reason, I was incredibly stiff at the end, dispite stretching and warming down.  I had warm clothes to change into and still I was stiff.  It must be those hills, I said previously, they were my nightmare. Stockport Harriers & AC, FERC 1:30:17 1:59:47 2:06:00 1:59:47 45.29
Stevie B Unaffiliated 1:06:12 1:08:52 1:06:00 1:08:52 63.53
Striderdan St. Helens Striders 1:06:49 1:06:49 1:10:22 64.76
Swimming Is Easier excellent day.  went through 3miles in 25.40 and 6 miles in 53 mins (which is by far my fastest ever).  Struggled on the hill 5-6 so walked a bit, but decided it was tactical as I did want to finish!  At the 8.5 I thought I wasn't going to make it, but managed to knock more than 5 mins off my previous best.  So very pleased indeed.  Haven't seen official time, but it won't be far off.   Thanks to those who bet on me... it spurred me on! ;-) Manchester Tri 1:32:39 1:32:39 1:35:00 1:32:39 52.89
trazza Really enjoyed it! The hills weren't as bad as I had feared. Will definitely run it again. Was sooooo lucky with the weather. Unaffiliated 1:11:47 1:11:47 1:11:47 68.82
UltraDunc Salford Metropolitan AC 1:11:00 1:20:12 1:19:59 1:20:12 59.69
wensleydale Expected to be quite slow, as i'm nowhere near as fit as last year, so this went better than expected! good run, lovely people, what more could I wish for?!!! Saddleworth Runners 1:28:13 1:31:05 2:00:00 1:31:05 53.89
xhosa Unaffiliated 1:19:58 1:19:58 1:19:58 63.04


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