St Albans Half-Marathon

Sun June 8 2008
Entrants (29) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
A.C Unaffiliated 1:32:39 1:40:16 1:40:16 58.58
Annie123 Unaffiliated 1:23:29 2:23:27 2:23:27 47.05
becca7 TENTATIVE 100 Marathon Club, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Wigston Phoenix, LDWA 1:38:37 2:22:21 2:27:00 2:27:00 44.44
Beijing Blade Hot day and a hilly course.  Kept pretty close to 7:10 pace throughout.  Felt strong on the hills, but perhaps need a bit more pace in the lags on the flat. Unaffiliated 1:24:30 1:31:16 1:35:00 1:35:06 61.04
BigChiefRunningBore Hottest race day for a long time and I hated nearly every minute. harder course this year. Had a weird shade speed effect - every time I hit the shade I could feel myself speed up only to wilt in the sun. Took it easy from the start as it was clearly too hot. towards the end struggled on the hills. Began to cruise in last 2 miles as legs were sore. Thankfully I remembered factor 15. Have had a effort headache since finish which kinda shows how hard I found it. mmm when is the Polar Half on again?? Watford Joggers, Fitstuff Run Club 1:28:27 1:30:01 1:30:00 1:36:17 62.10
Dazzerelli Harpenden Arrows 1:25:40 1:26:54 1:26:54 68.34
deanmurley Harpenden Arrows 1:24:25 2:44:30 2:44:30 35.25
Flying pig Injured Unaffiliated 1:38:35 1:43:45 2:34:00 37.76
Garden City Rick Garden City Runners 1:37:38 1:48:24 2:27:18 44.11
GD too hot for me! Unaffiliated 1:27:25 1:39:10 1:44:00 1:48:20 53.67
GrahH Before: I must be mad! This is my first half so not sure what time to predict... finishing would be good! After: Yep - I'm mad.. running 13 miles up and down hill on the hotest day of the year!! On the plus side I was hoping to get under 2hrs for my first half.. and I did so I'm pretty chuffed! Now.. for something cooler and flatter... Harpenden Arrows 1:36:40 1:39:14 2:00:00 1:55:18 56.85
Hash By gum that was warm!   Good to meet Amadeus at the end, and thanks to Heidi for making a couple of killer hills go by painlessly Unaffiliated 1:53:22 1:53:49 2:02:00 2:00:12 57.55
HB Very very hilly and very hot! I have to say despite all of that i really did enjoy it ;-) Thanks to Hashette for the conversation for a few hilly miles :-) Unaffiliated 1:53:08 1:53:08 1:54:00 1:56:25 55.52
Heals Very hot and hilly.  Great day out thought followed by a lovely lunch with fab people Unaffiliated 2:01:33 2:01:33 2:02:54 52.46
Joe Hawk Steady run out , Unsure how hilly this is but what goes up must come down . Decided to cycle there so the time sort of went out the window( Hope no one bet)
Datchet Dashers 1:27:34 1:28:59 1:45:00 2:13:01 43.58
jonoshea Unaffiliated 1:49:45 1:53:20 2:24:36 41.07
Kieren Every time I have entered this in the past something has stopped me running it. I wonder if it is jinxed or if I'll finally make it this year. Coming back from a long time out so not in great shape - certainly no PB * decided not to race and run this just for fun* hot glorious weather and a ncie undulating course. Plenty of water stations - well done on that - time TBC  Serpentine RC, Ealing Eagles Running Club 1:31:11 1:41:00 1:36:00 1:41:00 57.40
Little Sausage Very hot and very hilly Biggleswade AC 1:37:49 1:37:49 1:49:32 59.01
mulbs So - do I win a prize as the slowest Fetchie in this race?  Really disappointed by the amount of walking I did - my training runs were all far better than my performance today - I know I'll always be a plodder but this wasn't my greatest! still, the marshalls were fab and there were plenty of drinks stations - so many I had to use the portaloo provided around mile 9 :-) FERC 2:30:12 2:40:00 2:30:00 2:40:00 42.19
Pink Team 2 Unaffiliated 1:48:15 1:50:47 1:57:01 52.77
RunGingerRun not sure how I'll do, maybe 1:40 could be a little optimistic, depends how I feel on the day. Watford Joggers 1:31:22 1:39:59 1:40:00 1:39:59 59.40
Runner Martin Very hot day and the new course is quiet hilly - pleased with my time but long queue at the finish and no ice lolly that had been dreaming off during the run - still good event Redway Runners 1:38:46 1:47:14 1:54:50 56.59
RunnerBean1978 Hamstring Injury.  Hot Day. Orion Harriers 1:52:41 1:58:14 2:13:06 48.44
Smile2 hilly - garmin said 1.58.12 but who knows chip timing - I will go by the garmin time as this should be accurate - it killed me  - I don't do hills  - but in a kind of masicistic way really enjoyed it  - excellent organisation except for getting out ! Bedford Harriers AC, Milton Keynes AC 1:50:29 1:56:09 2:09:00 1:58:08 56.75
Smoggy Very hot and very hilly which made the race very tough:o(  Found it particularly tough between 10 and 12 miles but once through there managed a sprint finish after the downhill final mile and beat my pb by 18 seconds which I was very pleased with considering the conditions :o) Marshalling was excellent giving great support as we struggled round the course!!  A bit manic at the finish line when trying to collect medals, t-shirts and the prized ice lollies!! Billingham Running Club 1:22:56 1:32:47 1:45:00 1:41:29 58.17
starfleet1985 Not expecting a fast race as traditionaly very hot, and had little practise. However still expecting a very ejoyable run.

Well organised and marshalled route. Good placeing and run water station, about every two miles. However the finish on the field was a real let down, as it was not run by marshall, so ran out of ice-creams whih was really disapointing. Good attendance. Really bad weather for running, really hot and sunny. Unaffiliated 1:56:46 1:56:46 2:14:00 2:09:55
stef.w Unaffiliated 1:55:44 1:59:53 2:15:37 48.33
Tonicwater Very hot and hilly! Elmbridge Road Runners, Serpentine RC 1:41:36 1:45:02 1:55:00 1:53:39 53.01
Trehis Will not be expecting too much from this race as I have never done it before, so will run it to how I feel on the day.
Big hilly race was this but paced it nicely to finish fast. Unaffiliated 1:26:38 1:26:38 1:30:41 69.23


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