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Southend Half Marathon

Sun June 8 2008 Listed by KKKKKarl
37 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
1step2far Tri-Anglia 2:23:54 2:29:00 2:29:00 43.76
750 Warrior Looking to improve on brentwood half marathon earlier in the year and following on from a big PB at the Essex PB 5 last weekend. PB by 5.5 minutes found the last 3miles really hard and gratefull to Ricky one of the striders coaches who ran the last 4 miles with me and kept me going. Like everyone else glad of the water stations. Billericay Striders RC 1:35:46 1:43:29 1:45:00 1:43:49 58.23
Bob! Due to Toilet issues & a lack of information at the Beach front, I didn't make it to the start line until (almost)everybody else had gone, I reckon I started about 4 minutes after the Gun, Good job it was chip timed! It did mean that I was overtaking people for the first 9 miles, which I guess with all the zig-zagging wasn't the best for conserving energy in that heat!

Higher HR than my PB at Brentwood, 2 mins 44 secs off the PB 

Realised at Mile 10 that the PB was not on, so conserved energy for my 5k Race on Wednesday and 5 mile race on Friday. TBH I doubt I could have pushed anymore those last 3 miles anyway.

Water Stations & sponges were excellent, organisation on the laps was awful !!! Why were we crossing over twice on every lap, surely just keeping to the right right all the way round would have avoided the leaders having to cross through the masses 3 times. somebody should have organised the Marshalls & Lead car to keep right! Maldon Soul Runners 1:44:21 1:44:21 1:44:00 1:47:05 60.32
cawillemat Recovering from badly sprained ankle so not aiming for a PB. Unaffiliated 1:29:59 1:30:11 1:45:00 1:30:11 64.75
CHAPPER5 Springfield Striders RC, EC4 Amblers 1:23:39 1:29:45 1:35:00 1:33:05 63.23
Chestfield Bill Thanet Road Runners AC 1:58:45 2:05:36 1:59:59 2:05:36 55.74
Debbie78 Unaffiliated 1:54:40 1:54:40 2:01:49 53.52
Eastham75 before nice and flat after my last 2 outings this should be fun
after:Nice day out in Southend, Easy to find east to park and a nice flat cours, a bit boring but thesea front was pleasant if  bit confusing crossing from oneside of the road to the other dodging oncomming runners..

i had a game plan to push as hard as i could for 7 and then see how i felt, well upto 7 was o.k but i really struggled with the pace from 10,

8.05 7.50 7.49 7.42 7.55 7.59 8.11 8.09 8.10 8.26 8.33 8.25 8.20 1.02 

5 sub 8 min miles in arow so was very pleased with that just a shame about the last 3.
Dengie 100 Runners 1:32:46 1:46:42 1:42:00 1:46:42 60.53
efc Unaffiliated 1:39:34 1:39:34 1:39:00 1:39:34 58.70
endurance girl Benfleet RC 1:32:10 1:33:16 1:33:16 77.65
GazzaC Had a really good run. Agree with Bob re: comments about the criss crossing on the seafront. The instructions at the start were to stay to the right but only a handful of people could hear them as the announcer had no microphone/megaphone.  This then lead to chaos! Anyway, happy with my time so can't complain to much! Sponges were more than welcome and thanks to all of the marshalls for their help. Unaffiliated 1:44:29 1:44:29 1:47:44 1:44:29 56.33
Ghengis My quickest Half this year only down side is Something went pop in my knee just after mile 10, I kept going but the knee is really stiff now, does anyone have any idea what I may have done? 

My spilts where 7.54, 7.37,7.36, 7.27, 7.20, 7.23, 7.45, 7.38, 7.28, 7.42, 7.49, 7.55, 7.43, & .28. A rather amazing sprint finish as I thought that I would finish outside 1:40.00

After visiting the hospital I have been diagnosed as having sustained a meniscus tear (torn cartilage in the knee) so no more running for a while. Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 1:26:58 1:39:50 1:49:59 1:39:50 60.55
gmike Benfleet RC, East Essex Triathlon Club 1:41:45 1:41:45 1:43:15 57.48
Joel Denning Dagenham 88 Runners 1:38:58 2:08:46 2:08:46 45.34
Jon B Springfield Striders RC 1:22:56 1:33:41 1:43:04 56.80
Jules B Unaffiliated 1:52:10 1:52:10 1:57:15 55.67
KKKKKarl Unaffiliated 1:42:50 1:45:57 1:55:00 52.57
Maggie B Unaffiliated 2:06:53 2:21:00 2:22:00 48.16
Milf De Filer Unaffiliated 1:53:55 1:53:55 1:53:55 51.51
moore06 Unaffiliated 1:48:47 1:56:50 1:47:00 1:57:13 55.58
MrMarcus Anything between 95 and 97 minutes would be ok. Trainings been ok. All going well till 8.5 miles then got a stitch, all went wrong from there.gutted. Ipswich JAFFA RC 1:23:10 1:33:45 1:35:00 1:47:27 54.40
nickm71 Unaffiliated 1:25:17 1:25:17 1:25:00 1:25:17 69.28
Night-owl Unaffiliated 1:53:09 1:53:46 1:53:46 58.94
No.8 ™ Really thought I would PB today, but it just didn't happen. 5 or 10 secs adrift each mile and then a gruelling last 1.1 miles put me 50 odd seconds outside. Finished 6th. Unaffiliated 1:15:00 1:15:51 1:14:50 1:16:43 77.01
pipslack Unaffiliated 1:50:55 1:57:37 1:50:00 1:57:37 55.43
Puffing Billy Unaffiliated 1:46:38 1:58:23 2:00:01 54.29
Rioja Lover Southend-on-Sea AC, Southend Athletics 1:43:22 1:43:22 1:43:22 64.21
sav123uk Hot and sunny.  The sponges were excellent.  Went off too fast and started walking after 9 miles.  Put a sprint on at the end which mkes me think I should have given more overall.  Just scrapped inside my target time. Unaffiliated 1:43:42 1:59:24 2:00:00 1:59:24 49.48
selwyn Unaffiliated 1:47:02 1:47:02 2:00:00 1:47:02 55.45
Spic Good race for me, felt my best between 7-11 miles, 7 min/mile for most but dropped drastically over the last 3 miles due to a painful knee and ankle. Poorly marshalled at the halfway point along the seafront. Marshall should have herded us to the right of the roundabout thus keeping us on the right of the road but she allowed front runners to take the short line left of the roundabout thus meaning that they then ran on the left and then no one corrected them. This resulted at numerous cris crossing points from Thorpe bay to the Kursaal  for the rest of the race. Leigh-on-Sea Striders 1:37:00 1:39:19 1:45:00 1:39:19 59.28
Superdaz Unaffiliated 1:29:24 1:44:53 1:56:57 50.75
SUPERWOMAN63 What can l say it was a HOT, HOT day. I felt okay at mile 6, had wings at mile 8, felt great at mile 10 and then l struggled up to mile 13 - was l glad to see the finish line. Given my recent lousy training runs l thought l done well to FINISH !!
Thanx for betting on me - don't worry me will try harder next time ( gulp )
Unaffiliated 2:17:00 2:20:33 2:22:00 2:23:09 48.57
terryf Unaffiliated 1:41:26 1:48:00 1:55:00 1:48:00 60.85
trigger2 Purple Patch Runners 2:14:10 2:14:10 2:10:00 2:14:10 50.12
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! Pitiful - only way to describe my racing these days 100 Marathon Club 1:49:17 1:53:09 1:53:00 1:58:45 58.55
UltraMrsR Sorry Guy's - a bad day for running for me :-( Unaffiliated 1:54:42 1:59:00 1:50:00 2:01:00 54.26
Vicksta Woke up with a headache that ibuprofen didn't shift. Legs felt heavy in first mile (for no reason, haven't run since tuesday). By mile 3 I was down to 7:43 min/mile, so essentially getting any where near PB or sub 1:40 was NOT on the cards. Basically settled to around 8 min/mile, didn't really try and push myself and just pootled round. I thought it was a well organised race, with plenty of water stations and sponges. Definitely a PB course, no hills at all, just a few inclines. It was nice to see the leaders going by. Shame I was so rubbish...7 mins away from my PB! But then again I haven't run further than 8 miles in a month, so to be expected really. And it was quite warm. I might actually train for my next HM! 31st Woman Harlow RC 1:36:55 1:37:40 1:39:59 1:44:09 62.88

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