Snowdonia Marathon

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  • 26.2mi
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Entrants (31) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Big Kahuna Had iffy knee all the while when training. Loads of strapping etc. Did not feel it during the race, had to stride up the hills due to lack of training. Went for a big sprint for the crown. Twisted knee badly in sight of line, hobbled over and out of running for 5 months! Keyhole surgery required to tidy up damage caused! Great Yarmouth Road Runners 4:01:19 4:51:00 5:00:00 4:51:00 45.56
carrot top Wirral AC 2:44:05 2:57:47 3:03:16 67.43
chelsian Unaffiliated 4:33:00 5:12:00 4:45:00 5:50:33 35.17
Dave_Woodcock Unaffiliated 4:18:55
DaveP A fantastic race this one you have to do it once in your life! I'm happy with my time but got injury issues now though :( Weather could have been nicer but that only adds to the challange ha ha. My time is Eryri Harriers 3:03:23 3:07:38 3:11:32 68.09
Els Trail Running Association 2:52:41 3:28:07 3:37:11 56.61
firstborn Unaffiliated 3:05:01 3:47:57 3:40:00 3:47:57 55.85
Flying Ant Black Pear Joggers 3:49:38 4:25:07 4:25:07 46.61
gingerbreadman Stockport Harriers & AC 2:55:15 3:14:53 3:35:04 58.12
herbies gone bananas Unaffiliated 3:18:28 3:43:35 4:01:16 51.10
Insomniac Winchester & District AC 3:11:54 4:11:00 4:21:00 51.89
Is@@c Nice race - felt good despite having run Amsterdam marathon 6 days earlier Stockport Harriers & AC 3:24:40 3:27:03 3:52:40 55.14
jonah Stockport Harriers & AC 2:49:59 3:28:56 3:28:56 62.94
ken.c Witney Road Runners 3:06:05 3:19:44 3:19:44 69.29
Krukers Good first half, but nothing left in legs for the hill at Waun Fawr. Felt nauseated with the orange drink that was being handed out, and by my gels.Glad to finish. Recovery has been quick as well. Sorry for person betting on me,was never going to be a PB on this course. Next year ...  Swansea Harriers AC 3:08:47 3:25:05 3:27:59 3:39:58 61.84
Marcus I am hoping to make a serious attempt at racing the Snowdonia this year after enjoying last year so much, despite the shame of walking half the last hill!! I've heard that proper marathon training helps though...check my Snowdonia training blog at to see if it does! 

Oh yes, it certainly does :-) :-) :-) - and NO walking! Vale Royal AC, Fell Runners Association 3:03:44 3:18:58 3:20:00 3:18:58 63.54
MerseysideMorph Unaffiliated 3:39:28 3:39:28 3:39:28 56.17
Mr Phil in good shape, and knocked 2 mins off 1/2 pb last week, but this course is the unknown for me!

update - hip went at about mile 17 which slowed me down almost to a standstill. I also slipped and fell, smacking my head on a rock on the downhill section. Was on course for sub 4 before my problems, but heh-ho! Porthcawl Runners 3:33:43 4:19:41 4:15:00 4:19:41 47.73
Nige Clay Unaffiliated 3:27:00 3:27:00 3:27:00 59.41
NigelGlaze Wolverhampton & Bilston AC, Mercia Fell Runners 3:24:05 3:47:38 3:47:38 55.92
RunGaryRun Outside my prediction by far and also outside my PB.  Weather didn't help but that's no excuse.  Happy to get round in under 4. FERC 3:35:31 3:57:17 3:45:00 3:58:39 53.76
Shades Maverick Runners 4:24:02 4:49:25 5:21:43 48.46
Shadow My  second marathon, I would love to get under the magic 4 hour mark, hills and conditions allowing!!! But having watched the video of last years race I dont fancy my chances - the hills,the hills!!!!! 100 Marathon Club, Cybi Striders 3:58:17 4:00:40 4:20:00 4:27:08 54.96
snogard Not quite as I had hoped but I finished in the rain and in pain Stockport Harriers & AC, FERC 5:00:40 6:10:01 6:05:00 6:35:17 38.00
stone monkey Looking fwd to this, and am hoping for a PB. Training going well, 20 miles done in 2hr20mins and Cardiff half in 1hr 18mins, so I think I'm on track...........there is that hill at the end though!!!!
Splits were good 10 miles 01:03, 20 miles 02:32, then that bloody hill, thought I may go just under that 3hr mark but Waun Fawr had other ideas. A cracking race and am looking fwd to next year, also a good PB much faster then Cardiff this time last year.............roll on next year! Swansea Harriers AC 2:42:08 3:06:10 3:10:00 3:06:10 66.12
Tango (Adam) Notfast Running Club, Votwo/USN 2:37:00 3:02:37 3:30:00 3:28:34 58.95
The Juicer Not going to race flat out, but just enjoy this one. Got plenty of endurance in my legs, but absolutely no speed whatsoever (as proved by recent attempts at running fast-ish). Love Snowdonia, and will enjoy the views the whole way round :-) AFTER: Found this much harder than I thought I would.  I thought I was used to hills, but I was on my last legs at the end of this. Didn't walk though, until Waun Fawr, and then I really DID. Todmorden Harriers & AC 3:52:55 4:54:49 4:45:00 4:54:49 47.08
turbotony Unaffiliated 4:47:02 5:02:27 5:02:27 47.00
Tynans_Dad St Austell Running Club 4:10:40 4:53:51 4:53:51 41.84
Will Crash Unaffiliated 3:41:29 3:53:50 3:55:43 52.42
wobble legs Not racing this one, just hoping to enjoy the weekend and not have to crawl up the stairs on Monday!

Great weekend!! West Bromwich Harriers 2:48:31 2:57:51 3:15:00 3:09:59 66.55

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