Rotterdam Marathon

Listed by Selfish Git!!!
  • Rated 78%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (10) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Alceste hot! Barnes Runners 3:00:58 3:52:14 3:52:14 55.69
BS Very hot, had brought a lot of fluid but could not prepare for the heat on the day.  Just getting around was a big plus.  Could not believe when they stopped the marathon, but suppose it was the right thing to do.  Was I one of the lucky ones to get finishing?? St. Peter's 2:59:18 3:24:45 3:30:00 3:57:50 51.84
carrot top Wirral AC 2:44:05 2:57:47 3:09:56 65.06
Foxy I found myself with a free weekend & so decided to head to Rotterdam as i like Holland, I previously visited Rotterdam for the Baseball World cup in 2004 plus the flights were cheap enough & £14 for a night. 

A fast flat course meant i was gonna go for a PB, 3 consecutive solo sub 3 hour 30 races & a flat circuit this was the one to go out all guns blazing, sadly it was blisteringly hot that day 33 degrees on one digital read out, I started drifting off pace at 10 miles & so had to re think my prediction. I got round in sub 4 hours & in hindsight not too disappointed. 

a lovely adidas wicking t-shirt, white with red sleeves, a reasonable medal. 

the first of the challenge of marathons on consecutive weekends with London to come the following weekend. 100 Marathon Club, MK Lakeside Runners, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:26:47 3:25:00 3:53:10 52.87
prof very hot 27 C in shade - but there was almost no shade, race stopped. walked for about 1 km then ran on to finish. Unaffiliated 3:26:47 3:48:30 3:48:30 59.53
Runningmachine Cramp from km 28 onwards. Race Wadhurst Runners 3:22:53 3:28:53 3:54:02 60.73
Selfish Git!!! wow .... 4th time at Rotterdam and boy what an eventful marathon. bought 4 metres Stewart tartan and 50 red roses on Sat from Blaak market and couple of belts ... up early Sunday to fashion a kilt and plaid(thats the throw over your shoulder bit) ran with that handing out roses for the first mile.... met Rory from Glasgow about 7kms and decided it was too warm ditched the tartan and donned the running vest. Struggled at the lack of shade and the still air 27-28 degrees. I noticed lots of people walking from 10kms and somebody colapsed at the side of the road. Met Lone Wolf just before 20kms water station at 2hrs and had to join the melee for cups and water while thinking this is quite serious. I was stopped at Blaak market about 28kms for ambulance to cross stopped again at 34kms and told race is over Aye right with 8kms to go and was actually feeling quite good (shade of the trees and the sun wasnt as high in the sky) and I was as far from the finish wether I went back or ahead. Tried again to stop me at 39kms ... who is kidding who. I was told to slow down numerous occasions. ran past the 4:15 pacer (who was walking) and finished 4.25 .... straight to O'Sheas for copious Guinness outside with Seamus, Steve, Michael 2 other guys from Scotland (sorry forgot your name)

Agree that this event should be in future perhaps 9am 9.30 although the other 26 years its been without problems (I know it was once 12 noon start in 2003 and I was able to watch the London start before going to line up It was 24 degrees that day but breesy)

Biggest problem was no wind which is unusual for Holland but it was forcast before hand and wasnt unexpected ..... I know I was drinking water like no tomorrow and can understand the organisers delema at trying to estimate the quantities required . I reckon I drank 3 times normal and i appologise for the people behind me. I actually felt like I'd drank too much.

I had a great weekend and I will be back.  
Sorry forgot to say the crowds were absolutely fantastic the good weather had brought them all out and they pitched in with the hoses sprinklers and water ...... I dindt realise from the route map but the loop around Kralingse Bos park (32-38kms) was reversed this year. I prefer the new route. 
Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:21:05 3:49:45 3:35:00 4:25:00 49.21
Vicksta HM PB of 1h 42 min 29 secs at Silverstone in difficult conditions. Running 8.30 min/mile at less than 75% HR. It all looks good on paper, but who knows on the day! I reckon I'll PB, even if I dont get my GFA goal time. I should add I have a bit of a trapped nerve issue atm, but am hoping it wont be much of an issue on the day. I will still be putting 100 on myself!
UPDATE Suffice it to say, it was hellish. Official championchip time same as watch time: 3:58:47, so a PB and Sub 4, which given the conditions I am pleased with. Please see my blog for full details of this horrendous experience. THANK YOU to everyone who bet and sent supportive messages! Harlow RC 3:41:48 3:58:47 3:44:59 3:58:47 56.77
Vindicator Even though my training had gone very well and was hoping for 3:45 or even 3:30, heat and me do not get along. This was hot! 27 degrees with a road temperature of around 32 ran between 11:00am and 3:00pm. Dissapointed not to make the 4 hours or my PB time, but it was a struggle to get around. My Polar froze up on me so I only have the official 5K split times below. As you can see, all is OK before halfway, then things go a bit astray...

5 Kilometer 27:31 (27:31) 
10 Kilometer 54:13 (26:42) 
15 Kilometer 1:21:05 (26:52) 
20 Kilometer 1:48:20 (27:15) 
Half marathon 1:54:29 
25 Kilometer 2:19:14 (30:54) 
30 Kilometer 2:52:03 (32:49) 
35 Kilometer 3:26:01 (33:58) 
40 Kilometer 4:02:08 (36:07) 
Gross time 4:19:24 
Net time 4:15:47 
Harlow RC 3:24:44 4:15:47 3:44:58 4:15:47 48.12
Vitalstatistix It seemed like a good idea at the 6th Rotterdam in a row and it was Bedford Harriers AC 2:43:36 2:43:36 2:44:59 2:57:11 70.92

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