Robin Hood Marathon

  • Rated 78%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (35) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Ally2 initial aim to cover marathon in sub 5:00 (21st April). Update 23 June after 16 mile run in 2 hours will adjust prediction to sub 3:45. Update 28/8 20.5miles in 2:23 so revised to 3:10. my first marathon and what an experience, I felt fine up to 17 miles going along at 7 or sub 7 minute miling., then found myself on my own in the exposed parts of the course, with the winds around the rowing lake forcing me to slow.  That part of the course is pure evil.  Then I started to flake i.e hit the wall at 22 and dropped my pace to 8 minute miling and just had to dig in and survive for the final 4. Final 3.2 miles took 25:58. Overall went through 6 in 40:52, 10 in 1:08 something, half in  late 1:28, 15 in 1:42:03. 19 in 2:10:13. 23 in 2:39:47. At the end I was all over the place but now I have had time to reflect on waht an accomplishment it is to complete a marathon. Gun time of 3:06:28. Came 60th out of 1059. Notts AC, Hermitage Harriers RC 3:05:46 3:05:46 3:10:00 3:05:46 65.44
Blackbird Leys (boy) 100 Marathon Club, Woodstock Harriers AC 3:17:25 3:21:25 3:21:25 66.48
Boycie DO NOT BET!!! I am using this as a training run in order to decide whether to have a crack at a fast Leicester time. UPDATE: Actually decided to have a crack at 3:20 to see how that felt. Felt surprisingly good, considering I have not been doing any decent distance work at all recently. Ran a negative split: 1.40.20 for the first 13.1 and 1.39.28 for the second! Didn't really hit a wall until 23/24 when the wheels began to come off, but by then it was too late to stop me! Did anyone else find the stretch around Holme Pierrepont absolutely hideous?? Unaffiliated 2:54:18 3:19:52 3:40:00 3:19:52 60.82
darkhorse very windy Ropsley Road Runners 3:41:08 4:17:12 4:17:12 48.75
eddieboy Great Yarmouth Road Runners 3:12:36 3:51:00 3:51:00 55.13
Els Trail Running Association 2:52:41 3:28:07 3:28:07 58.41
Foxy Nottingham is one my favourite UK races, it's not too far to go & it's very well organised. 

the second half around the lake can be a bit tough & a tad lonely as there are many half marathoners. 

I was joined by Lee Cushen who is a work Colleague in hitchen now i believe. Lee made his marathon debut & did a respectable 4 hours 49 mins, 4 mins quicker than my debut. ironically we both made our debut's the day before our birthday's him before his 21st, me before my 33rd. 

I beat him by an hour - seperating the men from the boys !! LOL !!

a lovely medal featuring a Robin hood design complete with Lincoln green bow. 

this was the second of my 8 marathons, in 5 countries in 121 days challenge to raise funds for the Bobby moore fund & the Nottingham Evening post ran an article on my challenge. The race organisers agreed to give me race number 1966, but then screwed it up sadly. 

i put in a big sprint finish as I came into the finishing stretch with other runners, i like a bit of competition & most of the time can put it in over 100 metres at the end of a marathon. No airplaning on this day. 100 Marathon Club, MK Lakeside Runners, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:26:47 3:44:59 3:53:56 52.12
Gee-Rizzle Unaffiliated 2:51:30 3:19:50 3:19:50 60.83
giggsy After a 3:08 in Edinburgh in May, looking to go for a sub 3hour........well, a 1:25:46 in the Newark Half and a 39:07 in the Great Yorkshire 10K.  May not break the 3 hour mark but I'm still going to go for it, fingers crossed I don't crash and burn around the 20mile mark!

Well no 3 hours but still a PB.   Was right on schedule with 6:52 pace till I hit the lake and it all went to pieces, first the head wind then cramp took hold.  Easing off the pace held the cramp off but meant the 3hr goal was out the window.  Tried to get in under 3hour 5mins, just outside but considering the undulating first half and the headwind in the second I'm happy with the outcome.  

Now I can start planning my next attempt at 3hours in 2008! Kimberworth Striders RC 2:41:05 3:05:27 2:59:59 3:05:27 65.63
Greenman Well pleased with my time considering the longest run I've done since April was 15 miles. Strong wind from about 21M made the finish hard work but managed to keep going somehow. Grantham Running club 2:53:27 2:57:22 3:00:45 69.89
herbies gone bananas Unaffiliated 3:18:28 3:43:35 4:16:00 47.62
Lady Sol Anstey Amblers and Runners 5:23:16 5:23:16 5:43:53 38.96
leysrunner Unaffiliated 3:21:25 3:21:25 3:21:25 66.48
Lorenzo Dorking & Mole Valley AC 3:06:27 3:19:38 3:34:44 57.99
MajorRunning Redhill Road Runners 3:39:19 3:46:40 3:52:50 57.54
marders Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:23:19 2:57:44 2:59:59 2:57:44 68.40
matteus Unaffiliated 3:37:24 4:02:27 4:02:27 50.80
MattTheRat I need a sub-3:15 result for a FLM GFA place for next year. So this is the plan: 7:15 pace should see me get there with a few minutes to spare. I'll aim for an even split, or positive by 1-2 mins as the course is hillier for the 1st half but then flat for the 2nd ( but possibly a bit lonely). ** RESULTS ** Well I got the GFA time so I'm pretty chuffed, but not a great exercise in pacing. On for sub-3 at 10 miles, 3:07 at 20 miles and then the wheels fell off a bit in the brutal wind around the rowing lake. Staggered over the line after last 10k in 51 minutes. Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:51:39 3:12:10 3:10:00 3:12:10 66.82
Monster Feet Was hoping for a sub 4 hour, but nasty cold/virus knocked 2 weeks off training. Just be lucky to get round I think. Gritted teeth.
Woo hoo!! Under 4:10 - just. Not my first thought when I entered, but all things considered not too shabby. Felt rotten miles 7-12 and almost chickened out with the half marathon lot - but kept going, got sun tanned and most definitley wind blown around the lake. And I thought this was meant to be a flat course?!! Loved the hills in the first half though. Would do it again :)
Unaffiliated 3:46:29 4:08:01 4:20:00 4:09:56 53.60
MrLemon10 The Darkside Running Club
Nexus Icon Stockport Harriers & AC 2:29:23 3:08:28 3:08:28 64.50
nice and slow Alchester RC (Bicester) 4:01:03 4:29:00 3:59:59 4:29:00 45.20
PeteStockdale UKnetrunner 2:39:47 3:12:47 4:35:56 44.06
plodding hippo fastest marathon this year, and pre October 2006 would have been a pb(except its not, if you see what i mean)
Ran the first half far too fast with Lady Sol and Snoozi-then paid in the next two miles
Perked up again until the AWFUL wind hit us at mile 21 and that slowed me up and drained me so much that i couldnt dig deep enough in myself to beat 5.09

Great organisation, though quite a tough course with the hilly first half and the wind in the second half
Hope it doesnt clash with Mabo next year-i would like to do both! 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 5:02:10 5:13:25 44.36
psammead Unaffiliated
Reg This is part of 7 marathons in 7 months. Old - UKnetrunner - see other, FERC 4:35:59 4:35:59 5:30:00 5:14:31 39.00
RunGaryRun FERC 3:35:31 3:57:17 3:40:00 3:57:17 53.67
Scar Tissue Holme Pierrepont RC 2:31:19 2:41:39 2:48:50 72.65
Sharkcatcher new eltham joggers 4:45:26 4:58:29
Stellameister 100 Marathon Club 3:40:08 3:46:43 3:57:14 54.13
Stewey 100 Marathon Club, Roadhoggs Leicester AC 3:37:26 4:05:01 4:20:23 52.33
STUB Vegetarian Cycling & AC 3:48:03 4:17:06 3:59:59 4:18:58 47.36
tick follows tock hilly first half strong head wind the second half City Of York Athletics 2:35:04 3:06:06 3:06:06 65.32
Ultra Sparkly Bridget (USB) Well this is it, my first full marathon. *Update*  Well I now have a marathon pb!  Overall enjoyed the race and even managed to keep running through the wind.  Didn't like that rough track between 17 and 18, hard on the legs and worried about the ankles.  Many thanks to all the marshalls and spectators for the support.  Will I do another one?  Yes :-) Buckingham & Stowe RC 4:26:52 4:55:36 4:55:36 48.24
Wingy Spot on for sub-4 at 17 miles.  Then came the lake.  Nightmare.  Had to walk, no point running, couldn't get anywhere.  Loads of other people the same, just when you need someone to help pull you along.  A ridiculous head wind, stops you in your tracks.  Basically walked for 4 or 5 miles, killing all hopes of a better time.  During which my legs siezed up meaning I hobbled home for the final two. Unaffiliated 4:00:27 4:20:43 3:59:59 4:20:43 47.05

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