Robin Hood Half Marathon

Listed by Barky
  • Rated 75%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (76) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
10.13 SLEAFORD STRIDERS 1:49:31 1:53:52 1:57:23 52.75
Barky Really pleased with the time and effort, considering that the preparation was not ideal! Hermitage Harriers RC 1:34:16 1:58:19 2:10:00 1:58:19 51.09
Beejay If all goes well with the Marathon training then I am hoping to go sub 1.40 for this.

Update : Marathon Training has gone really well so am hopeful of sub 1:40 so a PB should be on :) 

Hard race but nailed it with a PB of 1:39:45 for a 13.32m course, would have been a bit quicker if the course hadnt been long, still very very happy :o)

Enjoy the points :o) Southwell RC 1:30:54 1:39:47 1:39:59 1:39:47 59.48
BigJohnson poor, under trained - crapola Hermitage Harriers RC 1:38:28 2:08:00 1:58:00 2:08:00 45.66
Broccers Did 1:58 last year and on this 'flatter and faster' course was hoping for another sub two hours. However, whoever wrote 'flatter' clearly didn't runt he race last year. Maybe the hills weren't quite as steep but there wer4e certainly more of them! I felt terrible all the way through and ran walked most of it... and stopped for a wee. Several times I stopped and asked could I actually continue so all in all pleased to finished and considering the amount of walking and stopping pretty pleased with time. Barrow Runners 1:57:06 2:01:47 2:13:00 49.02
CanaryYellow Thrilled and very suprised to run a PB by 6 and a half minutes on such a hilly course. My garmin logged the run as 13.27 miles to backup others thoughts the course might have been a bit long. Unaffiliated 1:40:48 2:06:16 2:24:00 2:17:09 42.62
Cavey Don't think i'll PB, but should definitely beat last years time.**Update** Didn't PB, but did beat last years time = Job Done! Was hoping to sneak under 2hrs and was looking on course to do that until 11 miles where I seemed to mange to find some treacle to run through (or at least it felt that way!!) I really seemed to be running backwards for the last 2 miles with dozens and dozens of people passing me. Don't mind too much as it was a fairly tough course, and hopefully it will line me up for a sub 2hrs at Worksop. Handsworth Roadhogs RC 1:37:46 1:51:49 2:05:00 2:02:33 47.64
CC2 Speedy Goth Again, so close but yet so far. 586th overall - top 10%. Notts AC, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Midland Masters A C 1:24:51 1:36:59 1:38:07 1:38:11 66.41
ChristopherC Did this race in 2006 & 2005. Suffered from the heat last year and bonked out big style. Unaffiliated 2:10:15 2:10:15 2:15:00 2:10:15 45.81
clare1976 Running with hubby, his first one.  He wants to do sub-2 hours which we should do as long as it's not too hot.  I won't be racing it - will be nice to support him and enjoy the race after last year's disaster!  Update - PW by quite a lot, but didn't matter, got hubby around in one piece (just!) after he had a chest infection for the week - he was pleased to have completed it.  Was hard work with some stop-starts, to have walk breaks - legs didn't like that, but good training to be on my feet for that long.  Loved the whole race and enjoyed the course, scenary, familiar sights etc. after remembering nothing from mile 10 onwards last year(I got to mile 12 apparently!).  There is a lot to be said for doing a 'race' for fun every now and then to enjoy it, with no time pressures, reminded me why I run. Spa Striders RC 1:28:16 1:47:58 1:59:59 2:15:02 48.34
Craggy Skegness & District Running Club 1:14:48 1:16:49 1:23:00 70.69
craig07 Colchester Harriers AC 1:29:28 1:46:02 1:55:06 50.98
crash Chip time - 1:32:54 pos 299th
Gun time - 1:35:02 pos 371st Royal Sutton Coldfield AC 1:17:24 1:30:36 1:35:00 1:32:54 62.85
crazyduck Unaffiliated 1:49:51 1:49:51 1:55:00 1:49:51 55.46
Darkman Charnwood AC 1:27:12 1:27:12 1:30:00 1:29:30 72.17
Dawn_thats _me Stourbridge RC 1:49:47 1:55:00 1:55:00 57.13
DC Paul Unaffiliated 2:15:01 2:15:01 2:15:01 43.29
Durbat Can't believe it PB by 5 seconds! glad I didn't stop to drink at the water stations. Good to talk to Fetchies before and during the race. Heads down for Worksop now Killamarsh Kestrels RC, Tickhill Velo 1:46:51 1:46:51 1:45:00 1:47:06 58.79
Fat Man Runs Loved it! Unaffiliated 1:48:32 2:06:33 2:06:33 46.26
firstborn Unaffiliated 1:24:47 1:30:05 1:35:00 1:32:51 64.66
GoJimGo Training run as build up to Loch Ness. Looking forward to it. PB whatever (as long as I finish!) UPDATE. Steady start which helped when the hills came (I don't like hills). Strong finish. Ran with injured foot, daft really 'cos now it's worse and I've got Loch Ness coming up! Unaffiliated 1:42:40 1:55:39 2:15:00 1:55:39 60.41
GOM. Not sure how this will go! First HM for sometime without a bit of swimming and cycling in front of it first. Will be interesting to see what time I will get. But doubt it will be a PB. Ely Tri Club 1:35:20 1:36:52 1:40:00 1:44:31 56.53
hatterfan 100 Marathon Club 1:31:29 1:51:30 2:29:12 39.24
HeidiM North Derbyshire RC 1:52:33 1:52:33 1:55:47 57.08
Hills of Death (HOD) Prob not a PB as doing in prep for Berlin - You never know. My Da doing this as well. First couple of miles running steady then some hills then some more NOT HODs you understand just playful ones. Gertcha. Middle of race went past Lovely Legs running very well , nice down hill stretch. Few more Undulating stretches did not push it. Decided not to kill myself last 3-4 miles could of made 2/3 minutes but this would not be a good idea as Berlin's in 2 weeks and need to keep training. Felt fine afterwards. Not as warm as last year. See a few on the way job done. Barnet & District AC, Riverside Runners 1:38:21 1:44:34 1:45:00 1:45:58 55.75
Hourglass I'm afraid I didn't beat my other PB time as struggled towards the end.  Apologies to those that bet on me - better luck with your next bets.... and your own running too! Unaffiliated 2:30:53 2:30:53 2:30:00 2:44:15 40.24
Iain2008 Great first half marathon but tactically got held up by slower runners and eased off at ten miles - gutted by the 15 seconds! Redhill Road Runners 1:42:23 1:53:00 2:00:14 50.28
Jigs Looking for sub 1:30 
*UPDATE* Challenging on the hilly bits but good result in the end. Garmin said I was a minute faster than this, but that's life. Got the result I was after :) Official time 1:29:38 Unaffiliated 1:19:28 1:26:15 1:29:59 1:29:38 66.57
Jogalog Wimbledon Windmilers 2:12:00 2:12:00 2:12:00 49.45
Johnny Blaze Looking for sub 2 hours - well as long as i do that and no injuries I will be ok with it.

Not the time I was looking for - again!

But a nice day and impeccably organised. Surprisingly pleasant run through the city too.

This race was for my mum, God rest her soul. Unaffiliated 1:51:02 2:02:30 1:57:00 2:02:30 52.28
Katiejane I really wanted to do in 2h15 with the pace runner but didn't see them at all.  As I'd had a streaming cold I was happy to just get round in the end.  Definitely aim for quicker next year. Unaffiliated 2:44:00 2:44:00 2:30:00 2:44:00 39.86
Lefromage My first Half Marathon and my nervers were all over the place. Will i manage it?, will i stop? i will be the last one in. Meeting up with fellow vegans was great and i had a really good time of it. I managed the race in 2 hours 19 minutes which was quite slow but i am pleased i managed it as 1o months ago i would not of been able to run a mile. The city of Nottingham was a mix of cultures, styles and landscapes which made it very interesting. The medal at the end was great and also the Indian at Chutneys was very very nice washed down with a couple of beers. VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Barking Road Runners, Flyers Southend 2:04:07 2:04:07 2:30:00 2:19:17 43.74
Loca West 4 Harriers 1:20:11 1:30:14 1:32:00 71.36
Long Shanks Wellingborough & District AC 1:36:04 1:48:09 2:00:00 1:51:42 52.89
MAD Superman Redhill Road Runners 1:19:07 1:27:53 1:28:47 65.76
Maisy Robin Hood Striders 1:34:13 2:08:00 2:15:00 2:08:00 45.62
manip-physio Unaffiliated 1:48:55 1:53:35 1:58:00 56.52
Mark81 Unaffiliated 1:46:57 2:12:02 2:00:00 2:12:02 44.22
Marts will be last 13.1 of about 18 miler training run. aim is 3:15 MP just to get the miles in ahead of pacing duties in Palermo. Nice and comfortable ended up doing 20.37 miles so going well Werrington Joggers 1:18:56 1:23:09 1:37:00 1:34:57 61.56
micklemil Unaffiliated 1:51:59 1:55:59 2:04:26 52.46
MikeyB Stilton Striders RC 1:40:02 1:57:00 1:57:00 51.31
Mr Woo Striders of Croydon AC 1:29:23 1:50:44 1:52:26 51.94
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Marathon plan states sub 1.45    ** UPDATE**    I didn't manage time as unfortunately I had to make 2 urgent loo stops. Garmin time 1.45.37, gun time 1.49.43. The toughest half marathon course I have run and I am not disappointed with my efforts because I know that if I did not have to stop I would have got my predicted time, hard work but well worth it and I met some lovely Fetchies!!  :o)  Kettering Town Harriers 1:31:50 1:41:53 1:44:59 1:49:43 70.09
ninjaman Not great. 20 redundancies at work on Friday coupled with a big leaving do was not the ideal prep and it was a struggle. Still i got round and now can concentrate on the X ctry season. Striders of Croydon AC 1:27:11 1:37:20 1:33:00 1:37:46 62.82
Paprika Cobra RC, Newport & District RC, Fell Runners Association 1:54:40 1:54:40 2:05:04 52.13
PeteFastFeet knees ached at start, timing went well, but ran out of steam at 12 miles (last time the tank went dry at 10 miles - so getting better) Unaffiliated 1:30:20 1:35:06 1:43:00 1:42:11 58.08
puddleduck Hoping to beat my previous half pb of 2.06.23. Unaffiliated 1:57:17 2:06:03 2:05:00 2:06:03 51.74
Racin Snail Hermitage Harriers RC 1:22:30 1:31:55 1:40:00 1:31:55 63.59
Red Robin Never raced at this distance before. I'd be happy with sub 2hrs !! We'll see !!!!! Unaffiliated 1:45:15 1:52:15 1:59:59 1:55:51 50.45
RFergie Long Eaton Running Club 1:45:04 2:20:00 2:20:00 42.20
Rosielad  Found it hillier than expected but still managed to beat Humber bridge time by nearly a minute. Preperation not great either and after breaking next to little toe Sat night was pleased to get round course. Toe looks black now though. Role on Selby. Unaffiliated 1:52:20 2:00:12 2:03:00 2:00:12 49.38
ross52477 Barrow Runners 1:29:22 1:38:13 1:43:41 56.31
Rubberman Last minute 'entry' - was told night before that i would be racing ! Had option on marathon but that would have been plain daft, so went for the half. Nice course but a little windy at the end. Good day for Hermitage runners in both events. Hermitage Harriers RC 1:31:12 1:31:12 1:36:00 1:34:50 62.58
runForestfanrun UKnetrunner 1:54:16 1:54:16 1:50:00 1:54:16 51.51
runner20k Unaffiliated 1:43:01 1:46:00 1:46:00 55.14
Scoob TENTATIVE Unaffiliated 2:47:00 2:47:00 2:30:00 2:47:00 40.95
Scotty_owl South Yorks Police Sports & Social Club 1:27:18 1:36:47 1:38:24 59.33
Seagrave Not sure if I'm worth a bet here... Guess you'll have to have a punt and see.

Addendum: Whoops Birmingham Running, Athletics, & Triathlon Club (BRAT) 1:28:36 1:42:26 1:42:00 1:58:21 49.33
Sidnee Thought it was going to be flat and fast, as per the race guide, so went off to aim for 1hr 20mins.  As it turns out, it wasn't so flat!!!  Legs just died at 9 miles and somehow managed to get in under 90mins!!  Chuffed though as it was my best 1/2 marathon time so far. Unaffiliated 1:29:30 1:29:30 1:30:00 1:29:30 65.79
Skunk Wakefield Triathlon Club 1:30:52 1:47:43 1:48:12 53.96
Snoo This pace was very comfortable and I enjoyed running with hippo for her first half before she set off on the full mara :o) Lovely day today... I'll be working harder at the GNR in a couple of weeks so fingers crossed for another PB... Long Eaton Running Club 2:12:35 2:14:38 2:21:06 46.21
softshoe Unaffiliated 1:42:24
Stapleford runner formerly Stabbo r Unaffiliated 1:39:57 1:48:39 1:45:00 1:48:39 62.69
Steady Fast Going for a PB but not sure about the terrain on this one. It may be a bit busy as well.

Result ! - Beat PB by over 5 minutes. Did constant 8 minute miles all way round and felt really good. Penistone Footpath Runners AC, Fell Runners Association 1:25:56 1:45:37 1:50:00 1:45:37 55.28
Steve P Unaffiliated 1:46:24 1:57:57 1:57:57 49.50
Steve Zodiac Spa Striders RC 1:14:41 1:25:33
STOXTON STRIDER Unaffiliated 1:41:30 1:41:30 1:45:00 1:48:00 56.41
Super Kev Please considering I blew up at 10. Not fit enough Buckingham and Stowe Running Club 1:24:03 1:25:48 1:25:48 68.06
tangledfeet Have not trained well recently and paid the price. Started too fast and ran out of gas in the last couple of miles. Ivanhoe Runners 1:17:28 1:18:44 1:22:30 1:23:52 74.45
The Craw AEGON 1:38:12 1:38:12 1:46:12 56.92
The lone ranger Fleckney and Kibworth Running Club 1:25:03 1:25:32 1:26:32 67.81
tim1979 Team Manvers Run 1:31:58 1:41:24 1:41:24 57.58
Top Duffer Disappointingly tough race.  Seemed to be far to hard from about 5 miles onwards.  Possibly not hydrated enough at the start? Unaffiliated 1:38:25 1:38:25 1:45:00 1:45:05 56.79
trigger74 307th from 6500- Tough run didn't feel good all way round, bad stomach. Then had nothing to give when tried to push last 4 miles dissapointed not go reach target of going under 1.30 Reading Roadrunners, Watford Joggers 1:26:41 1:30:42 1:30:00 1:33:05 62.79
wizlyn After much umming and ahhhing - I settled on running this as a MP practice run ahead of Berlin in 2 weeks time, so no PB in prospect. Really enjoyed myself out there - felt really pretty comfortable, as you'd hope - and ran an even, controlled pace (allowing for hills) :-) Not sure that I could have done another 13 miles today at that pace, and in those conditions (windy!), but hoping the taper will take care of that! Serpentine RC 1:22:42 1:23:47 1:28:00 1:25:49 75.98
yrag Unaffiliated 1:42:49 1:47:59 1:49:40 54.12

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