Race the Train

Listed by Boycie
  • Rated 82%
  • 14mi
  • Cross country
Entrants (33) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
board_stupid Fantastic race. Unaffiliated 2:08:57 2:08:57 2:20:00 2:08:57 48.63
BoomRumble&Roar Sandbach Striders 1:52:59 1:52:59 1:52:59 55.22
Boycie I was a bit disappointed with the event this year. It was too easy, compared to previous years. The course has had to be shortened by 3/4 of a mile due to safety concerns, which knocked out a final hilly section on the run back into Tywyn and secondly they did not plough the field at the half way point, which meant that the hills on the second half didn't feel nearly as hard. Apparently 200+ runners beat the train this year, which in my opinion takes something away from the challenge. Felt a bit like A level results! It's still a great race, but I now prefer the challenge of Man v. Horse to this. That said I will be back next year and will beat the train am and pm! Unaffiliated 1:32:22 1:35:15 1:42:30 1:35:15 65.51
Craig D Unaffiliated 1:43:18 1:43:18 1:43:18 60.40
Deanomite What a fantastic race! Well marshalled and so many water stations that you could drown yourself in isotonic orange drinks. Blasted this with the help of fellow HH'er TR ;) Hermitage Harriers RC 1:56:18 2:03:16 2:30:00 2:03:16 51.73
devonlol Only 14 miles this year and no ploughed field! Southwest Roadrunners 2:20:10 2:20:10 2:35:00 2:20:10 47.61
Fawkes I beat the train and finished 26th in the race, fell over twice andgrazed my backside a fair bit! Mossley Hill AC 1:34:20 1:34:20 1:34:20 66.14
Greenman Grantham Running club 1:48:54 1:48:54 1:48:54 59.78
Happy as Larry Unaffiliated 1:38:24 1:38:24 1:38:24 63.73
hottubalci Wrekin Road Runners 2:19:22 2:19:22 2:19:22 44.89
jolguk Oh, no, two people have already bet on me....... really, I can't see me running this any faster than I did the Northumberland one recently. I'm on good form etc, but it has hills in it. Therefore I'll be rubbish. 

Update... I didn't do too badly. I loved the race generally, and went careering down those downhills, but hated the sideways running and fell over at that point. My mate's description of the race (from doing the 10k in the morning) confused me a bit so I didn't take enough advantage of feeling very strong with 5k to go (as I couldn't get any speed up in the muddy and narrow trail bits). I'd do it again just for the views, though. For me, beats the Northumberland Coastal hands down. Dragons RC 1:55:25 1:55:25 2:00:00 1:58:15 59.33
JovialGnome I've decided I prefer tarmac! That was without a doubt the hardest thing I've ever done - couldn't believe how muddy and difficult the terrain was - not too sure how much I was enjoying it until I finished but that said, I will be back next year to better that rubbish time! Unaffiliated 2:47:08 2:55:07 2:55:07 40.82
Lisrun This looks great fun :-) *Update* a fantastic race, really enjoyed it - see blog 100 Marathon Club, Elvet Striders, North East Marathon Club 1:58:38 1:58:38 2:30:00 2:11:07 56.54
man,slow Eat my dust train ! Wow all that training(excuse th pun) must of payed off or did the train just run out of steam? what another great event, definatley be back again next year ! Stourbridge RC, Black Country Triathletes 1:41:44 1:41:44 1:47:00 1:41:44 61.33
MissTash Cybi Striders 3:00:01 3:00:01 2:45:00 3:00:01 38.78
mpkay Barrow Runners 1:37:00 1:37:00 1:37:00 64.32
Mr Phil far fitter than last year and have pb'd every distance apart from 5 miles since october - should be a good bet, although i haven't done as many long ones as i'd hoped

that was a big pb - 19 mins better than last year - great race as usual - think i may have beaten 2nd train Porthcawl Runners 2:06:34 2:06:34 2:20:00 2:06:34 49.89
Mummy Runner Aldridge RC, Vics Power Runners 2:59:00 2:59:00 2:59:00 38.93
patch68 first time of running this...think its gonna be a killer !!
Tough race,but a really great experience..its a must !! Sneyd Striders RC 1:51:17 1:51:17 2:11:00 1:51:17 57.65
Pinchi Beat the train!!!! Wolverhampton & Bilston AC, Midland Masters A C 1:42:00 1:42:00 1:42:00 63.83
Racin Snail loved it! Although my legs arent thanking me for it now. Good night out camping in the rain too! Hermitage Harriers RC 1:37:33 1:37:33 1:45:00 1:37:33 64.13
rhb Not sure what to expect.... I fell apart badly on only other attempt at this race. Revenge is in mind, but it's too close to IMUK to go too hard.
Result, train beaten, great fun had. Chorlton Runners 1:40:30 1:41:47 1:50:00 1:41:47 61.30
Rubberman Looking forward to the ford, ploughed field, narrow slippy path, slippy steps at the waterfall and most importantly the finish line. Hope the rain comes down again this year - bring it on ! 
*** Very very pleased with my time. Beat the train ! woo hoo. Shorter course and fair conditions all helped *** Hermitage Harriers RC 1:47:06 1:47:06 2:00:00 1:47:06 59.54
Running Caz Fantastic event!! Feet now totally trashed though. No running for a while. Kinda worth it though. Finished very string. Cobra RC 1:55:06 2:24:10 2:24:10 48.55
Scouse Bird wow what a run, amazing place great company and fab camp site.... deffo going again next year and gonna aim to beat my time!! Might have a propper breakky this time insstead of 5 Mars Bars.... Hummm,,,, Fleckney and Kibworth Running Club 2:44:47 2:44:47 2:40:00 2:44:47 42.29
Shadow 100 Marathon Club, Cybi Striders 2:04:38 2:20:09 2:15:00 2:20:09 54.60
Slam Dunc A special thanks goes out to Zoom for setting the pace for me and ensuring Boycie paid up the double sponsorship money which after having to lie down at the end for 5 minutes and having a first aider check me and the dizzy spell aftewards does not seem enough. Especially coming in 2hr 35 when I thought i would be lucky to make 3. At least this time my coach was there at the end unlike another race we could mention. To sum the race up if Zoom had a penny for every swear word espcially on the perilous path up the mountain she could retire, and she did not here some other words that would easily be worth a pound on other parts of the course. The tank survived bring on the next race. Unaffiliated 2:35:00 2:35:00 2:35:00 40.30
Tarmac Runner Cobra RC 1:42:00 2:09:40 2:09:40 49.18
therunningpostie Skegness & District Running Club 2:12:44 2:13:00 2:30:00 2:13:00 53.11
ThorntonRunner Superb race - loved it:). Will be back again next year, hopefully fully race fit and with a chance of beating the train Unaffiliated 2:03:30 2:03:30 2:03:30 55.41
trouty most painful race I've ever done, 35th place and 4th V45 Doncaster Triathlon Club 1:35:44 1:35:44 1:35:44 71.49
Wally Just happy to get under 2 hours in my first running of this as I haven't been doing much distance training! Stourbridge RC 1:56:27 1:56:27 1:56:27 53.58
Zoom wow! Tough but fun. Chepstow Harriers 2:34:00 2:34:00 2:34:00 46.53

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