Oakley 20

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  • Rated 74%
  • 20mi
  • Road
Entrants (57) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
a.k.a Billy Will probably just run this at a very even pace. (around 8 min miles) and see what is left in the tank later on in the race.
Race went fairly well and i'm quite pleased. I had had a poorly stomach on Fri/Sat and felt a bit washed out on the start line but once the gun went the body clicked into gear quite well. I tired a bit in the last few miles but I guess that should be expected. Dunstable RRC 2:37:15 2:42:39 2:40:00 2:42:39 56.46
Alex26.2 Mornington Chasers 2:00:54 2:12:39 2:12:39 69.07
Alopex Debut marathon prep.  Won't stop me racing it though :-) UKnetrunner 2:41:02 2:41:02 2:45:00 2:41:02 57.68
andyb Set off too quick at the start and really struggled for the last 3 miles.  Ely Runners 2:31:16 3:04:24 3:00:00 3:04:24 50.95
april_runner I can't say I enjoyed this one. First time I have raced two days back-to-back and I don't think I will be doing it again! It was great to represent my county yesterday, but today I could feel that my legs were tired even from the first five miles and I even contemplated pulling out at 12 miles...I then came to my senses and thought that slowing down and finishing was a much better option! Ultimately I only did about 5 minutes slower than if I'd been well rested, which over 20 miles isn't bad. The hills weren't as steep as Folksworth but the undulations were unrelenting and there were several areas where there was several inches of standing water - so getting feet wet was unavoidable! I'm thinking that if I can do planned marathon pace over 20 miles on a hilly course like this after racing the day before then by the time London arrives I should be able to maintain the pace over another 6.2 miles. I thought it was a well-organised race and the marshals were great - it's not their fault that the wind and rain was so bad! Yay - another long run done :) Cambridge & Coleridge AC 2:29:28 2:29:28 2:30:00 2:29:28 67.71
Becfleck Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 3:10:47 3:46:55 3:46:55 44.60
Bills Unaffiliated 2:46:51 2:48:34 2:48:34 56.56
Bunny007 Unaffiliated 2:58:58 3:14:09 3:30:00 3:14:09 53.40
C-Cat Northbrook AC, Warwick Uni Triathlon & Road Cycling Club 2:47:02 2:47:02 2:47:08 61.43
CanaryYellow Like many i will be using this as a training run for FLM. *Post race edit* How tough was that? Great endurance training for marathoners tho. Thanks to the marshalls too. Unaffiliated 3:04:39 3:25:40 3:30:00 3:25:40 44.48
Chris 10k Wet and windy, better than marshaling Bedford Harriers AC 3:01:41 3:01:41 3:00:00 3:01:41 57.11
Colinzealuk Big PB - amount surprised me. Very happy. See blog (17/03/08) for full report. Barnet & District AC, Watford Harriers AC 2:14:38 2:14:38 2:25:00 2:14:38 67.87
DanG Should be a great benchmark for FLM... Or a crap one!!!

Really pleased with my time considering  race was nearly ruined by needing a canoe Wootton Road Runners 2:43:41 2:43:41 2:55:00 2:43:41 55.98
danger Biggleswade AC 2:21:28 2:21:28 2:20:00 2:21:28 64.59
daveski Cambridge & Coleridge AC 2:39:32 2:48:28 3:00:00 2:48:28 56.16
duke88 Yaxley Runners and Joggers 2:36:36 2:52:26 2:52:26 52.99
dustboy Windle Valley Runners 3:38:26 3:38:26 3:38:26 45.49
E The weather was really horrible, wet and very windy, the road was flooded in places.  Bearing all this in mind and the fact that I had not run 20 miles before, very pleased to have run the distance and pleased with the time. Bedford Harriers AC 3:18:26 3:18:26 3:10:00 3:18:26 56.43
flanker 2nd 20 in 2 days, took it easy!  Details in blog Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, Fell Runners Association, LDWA 2:30:28 2:59:29 3:09:21 48.83
Flying pig Unaffiliated 2:42:29 2:42:29 2:57:30 51.62
Gandhi Doing this as my last long run before FLM.
Update:- Tough conditions but really enjoyed the undulating course. Marshalls & water station helpers were brilliant. Coltishall Jaguars 2:58:15 3:04:57 3:30:00 3:07:24 59.02
gazza-d Haverhill RC 3:16:16 3:16:16 3:16:16 53.34
gigg jogger Atrocious conditions. Wet and windy at the start and remained windy throughout. On the hilly side of undulating in parts. Very well marshalled with mile markers at every mile and drinks stations every three. Feel confident of doing a flat london as weather conditions are unlikely to be as bad as this surely. Unaffiliated 3:22:44 3:22:44 3:30:00 3:22:44 45.10
Greenman Felt decidedly rough and was struggling from the off. I was toying with the idea of jacking it in at 10m but by the time I got to 12M and the school I'd decided to slog it out foranother 8M. Perhaps 2 x 20s a week apart was a bit of a tall order. Pleased to get it out of the way in the end but as my last long run pre-London it hasn't exactly filled me with confidence. Grantham Running club 2:10:02 2:13:13 2:18:39 68.76
HB Unaffiliated 2:59:38 2:59:38 2:59:38 56.40
irbentley@gmail.com Unaffiliated 2:51:55 3:14:25 3:14:25 47.00
Jigs Treating as marathon training run on Burpday weekend. Unaffiliated 2:17:48 2:26:59 2:20:00 2:26:59 63.92
jolguk In the horrible wind, rain and cold of yesterday morning, I really wasn't looking forward to this one! Then I had the big dilemma of whether to try to run with Vicksta, aiming for 2:40, which I saw as pretty unobtainable at my current fitness level, or running with a friend back at 10 min mile pace, or with still another going for 3. Having failed to find vicksta at the start - and sorry, Vicky, I put the memento top over my vest so you could never have recognised me - I decided to run at my own pace, which turns out to be about 8:40. The rain mostly stopped, I felt strong, and was surprised how much I enjoyed the ups and downs. The awful windy bit near the HQ was horrendous, though, and I hated running through the flooded bits, and the housing estate finish. And I have mixed emotions as my mate pulled out. Essentially, though, I'm seriously chuffed with my 2:48 on so little training. :) Dragons RC 2:44:20 2:48:27 2:48:27 60.36
jonoshea Unaffiliated 3:24:30 3:24:30 3:20:00 3:24:30 45.67
josephine123456 Bishops Stortford RC 3:11:52 3:11:52 3:12:39 52.54
karl very hard race wth windy rain but plz to get my 1st 20m out of the way after only doing a long 13 and 15m this year ok till last 3 or so mile then just hang on for the last 3. still on for  3.45ish at Edinburgh Marathon in end of may Royston Runners, Meridian Triathlon Club 2:45:00 2:50:00 2:40:00 2:50:00 53.75
KatieH Alchester RC (Bicester) 3:09:19 3:09:19 3:09:19 54.48
Kazzaf Yaxley Runners and Joggers 3:07:23 3:16:58 3:16:58 52.64
KinkyS Todmorden Harriers & AC 2:25:12 2:43:44 3:09:02 53.54
libra Should be pleased but went off too fast and found it very hard. Unaffiliated 3:06:25 3:06:25 3:15:00 3:06:25 57.64
Lieutenant Lucerne Given that I seemed to have slowed down this year, I decided not to set a target, but instead just to run at a steady pace that felt okay (and to leave the Garmin at home). Only checked my watch once; at the 12M point at the start of the second lap (averaging 7:25 mm at that stage). Just about managed to maintain the same pace to finish under 2hrs 30mins and achieve a PB. Unaffiliated 2:27:34 2:28:42 2:28:42 66.27
Little Sausage Weather was atrocious - many parts of the course were flooded. Not nice running in soggy trainers :o( Biggleswade AC 2:49:30 3:03:10 2:45:00 3:03:10 55.32
Malibu Wind and water underfoot (no motorcyclists like Ashby 20 though). Good memento running top and another well organised event, despite the weather. Northbrook AC 2:40:51 2:40:51 2:47:09 56.21
Martyn Fisher Pre Race: Only my second 20 mile race, and I'm fitter than 4 years ago.
Post Race: Unpleasant conditions for running (but worse for the superb marshalls out there), but I ran it sensibly and steadily, and came in with a 6 minute PB. Average pace 8:47/mile. Felt strong at the end, although most of the final mile into a strong headwind almost finished me off. I'm gaining confidence for FLM. If I can do 20 miles on a course like this in conditions like this, surely I can do 26.2 ? Thanks for the 2000+ points bet on me :-) :-) Almost Athletes 2:56:39 2:56:39 2:59:00 2:56:39 54.41
Metal Martin Thorney Running Club, Thorney RC 3:24:31 3:38:25 3:38:25 44.01
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) **UPDATE**
A very wet and very windy run, did it a bit faster than marathon training schedule time of 9mm, foot was a bit niggly but pressed on, mile 13-14 I had an awful stitch but managed to run through it eventually, I absolutely loathed the final mile for no other reason than I was worn out! so lovely to see Jigs waiting for me at the end, ready to cheer me in :) Placed 1st FV50 so dead chuffed! I will never forget the cheerful, lively marshals, they were just brilliant!!

Using this as a marathon training run and helping Jigs celebrate his Burpday weekend! ;) Unaffiliated 2:35:39 2:48:05 3:00:00 2:48:05 70.84
Old Toby Unaffiliated 2:15:21 2:15:21 2:15:21 67.51
OllyW Unaffiliated 2:15:26 2:23:50 2:23:50 63.53
rangermouse1967 Mornington Chasers 2:49:08 2:56:47 3:00:00 2:56:47 52.83
Ref Unaffiliated 2:55:33 2:55:33 3:00:00 2:55:33 53.20
Ricardo Hills, rain and wind, but still enjoyed this. Glad I decided to do it in the end. Unaffiliated 2:28:20 2:51:58 2:50:00 2:51:58 53.77
Sezz Trent Park Running Club 3:32:00 3:32:00 3:40:00 3:32:00 48.90
Superwoman Spa Striders RC 2:26:39 2:28:38 2:48:00 2:31:35 66.77
T55ddy Unaffiliated 3:10:00 3:10:00 3:10:00 49.09
Tall Bloke If I can do that then FLM will be a walk in the park! Bedford Harriers AC 2:44:46 2:48:25 2:50:00 2:48:25 59.01
Tinsel Heid Hard, hard work, it was fine until the 13th mile and then I went backwards. Struggled on the last few miles and the last mile was so slow. Never mind, it's the first time I have run as far as this. Unaffiliated 2:47:30 2:47:30 2:52:00 2:47:30 54.99
Vicksta Oakley 20. Intention was to run a 9 min/mile first 10 miles, 8 min/mile second 10 miles. However, I wasn't particularly disciplined in first 10 miles, actually did 8:24 min/mile first 10 miles, then did pick up the pace for the last 10, averaging 7:48 min/mile. Found it a very tough race, very rollercoaster like with all the undulations but it was mainly the conditions which made it so tough, wading through ankle deep water on numerous occasions and a horrible headwind at times, especially past the school. Overtook about 100 people in the second half and was only overtaken by 1. A real confidence booster pre-London.  25th woman. Harlow RC 2:42:41 2:42:41 2:50:00 2:42:41 62.37
VickyKnight Wootton Road Runners 3:00:00
Vindicator A good solid race from me in some tough conditions. The wind on the road outside the race HQ was terrible, and the water running off the fields interesting...

I set off with the plan of running a flat 8 min miler to test how I would cope at FLM. I was running solid 7:50's for the first half, but had a dodgy patch after the wind tunnel at mile 12. I Slowed to 8.10's, maybe due to fatigue, but I think I may have taken my eye off the ball a bit. With 10k to go, I started working getting back down to 7:50's and (although not flat out due to the route of the final mile) managed a good solid finish. So, given the undulations and weather, I think that going for the 8 min mile at London is looking good.

Many thanks to the Marshalls who gave some good encouragement in the awful conditions, especially No8. Saw April Runner, Jigs, Luverlylegs, possibly KinkyS and unidentified fetchie. Harlow RC 2:36:35 2:38:22 3:00:00 2:38:22 57.85
Vitalstatistix Still coming back from injury - planned to run average 6:45 pace and succeeded, unfortunately with 3 pit stops en route...this is my normal training route from Sharnbrook (anything from 16-24 miles including the big loop, depending on the exact route I take)...it definitely builds strength over a period of time.

Our marshals are terrific and the race team brilliant. I was proud to be a Harrier yet again... Bedford Harriers AC 2:15:08 2:15:08 2:15:00 2:15:08 69.53
wendy woo Dunstable RRC 2:40:19 3:10:06 3:10:06 58.91
woodster First long run for a long time .Looking forward to it. May change my mind after about 12 miles.
UPDATE: Cold, wet, windy, hilly, unfit, underprepared and felt every day of my 47 years.
Enjoyed the last 100 metres. Will be back next year! Unaffiliated 3:28:17 3:28:17 3:10:00 3:28:17 47.71

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