Newark Half Marathon

Listed by spacehopper
  • Rated 75%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (57) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
april_runner First half since before London - be good to get back used to racing this distance again. Cambridge & Coleridge AC 1:24:58 1:24:58 1:29:15 1:30:55 71.71
Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records Unaffiliated 1:25:33 1:27:34 1:34:35 61.79
Barry K Unaffiliated 1:37:32 1:45:51 1:40:00 1:45:51 55.16
Big M probably won't do it again but enjoyed the run and managed a new PB, route a bit dull in places Pudsey Pacers RC 1:39:38 1:41:36 1:42:30 1:43:00 58.69
brooksy Huntingdonshire AC 1:17:15 1:24:01 1:28:00 1:26:17 67.66
budgie99 Yorkshire Wolds Runners 1:40:37 1:44:40 1:45:00 1:44:40 58.20
caterpillar girl Unaffiliated 1:31:30 1:37:00
CC2 Speedy Goth Just hope it's not hot! Using this as training for GNR but hope to get a small PB.
UPDATE - not convinced the results are correct as the clock said 1.36.4x as I approached the finish line, but if they are I was spot on my prediction of a 1 second PB. Notts AC, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Midland Masters A C 1:24:51 1:34:30 1:36:58 1:36:58 67.24
Chaz Wootton Road Runners 1:22:52 1:22:58 1:26:15 67.87
Craggy Great race as always. Happy with result, felt strong throughout. Better conditions than some previous years. Skegness & District Running Club 1:14:48 1:15:48 1:18:32 74.94
Cybor Unaffiliated 1:35:44 1:36:50 1:40:00 1:38:48 60.40
dan-o PACTRAC 1:51:43 1:51:43 1:51:43 56.36
darkhorse an attempt at 1.40 if the weather is right or training run for robin hood if hot so dont bet! update. garmin went wrong so ran with no idea if what I was doing. Very appy with end result maybe I should ditch the Garmin!!! Ropsley Road Runners 1:39:39 1:39:39 1:39:39 60.66
DeeGee I'm quite disappointed with this to be honest. Only slightly faster than the infinitely hillier Humber Bridge, which I ran within myself. My mistake, I think, was taking on too much water. At least, that would explain why that water came back up again at mile 7. 100 Marathon Club, Cleethorpes AC 1:28:55 1:57:17 2:00:00 2:10:00 44.92
Dipper Started at the back thinking that I was no where near PB fitness, took fourty seconds to cross the line and then missed out on an offical PB by four seconds! Unaffiliated 1:33:32 1:33:35 1:40:00 1:33:35 62.46
don ron Werrington Joggers 1:41:10 1:41:10 1:45:46 66.82
fiddy kent North Derbyshire RC 2:05:10 2:10:51 2:15:00
FML Prediction after Blackpool HM, all depends on heat!  I all unravelled at 5.5 miles, don't know why but just pleased to have finished. 30mins outside PB Sleaford Town Runners 1:58:07 2:05:58 2:05:00 2:35:56 38.06
gary2 Unaffiliated 1:33:17 1:37:36 1:38:00 1:37:36 68.54
giggsy Kimberworth Striders RC 1:17:05 1:24:15 1:24:15 69.49
Go-KL Build up was fine - understated. Start a little chaotic but soon got into my running. The first 6 miles or so was a case of either running into a strong headwind or having it on our backs as we meandered back and forth quite a bit. So it was pleasing to run very even splits as I conserved when it was a tailwind and pushed when a headwind. Had a good miles 7-9 - worked hard up the hill and intended to push hard on to try and dip under 1:19. But mile 11-12 was slightly uphill and saw us run into a near gale (what felt like it). Still on the downhill final mile worked really hard and came in to finish my second fastest ever half so was very pleased. No problems at all with legs. HR average was low and felt strong. Weather 18-21 depending on whether the sun was out and windy. Finished 22nd (official time 5 seconds slower). Grantham Running club 1:14:46 1:19:30 1:21:00 1:19:47 73.19
Gobi Will be running hard off a slight cutback week. Was supposed to be at Boddington so have not really done the right speedwork for this.

Ran to the plan 10 miles in just under 57 mins. Last 4 miles were tough and got a slight cramp at 12 miles. 9th place and job done Unaffiliated 1:13:26 1:13:26 1:15:00 1:14:52 78.91
Greenman Grantham Running club 1:20:38 1:21:46 1:26:46 70.21
HeidiM North Derbyshire RC 1:52:33 1:53:15 1:53:15 58.61
Hubrun Amazing is all I can say, a new PB by 3 minutes !! I don't know where that came from, I shock myself sometimes! Bring on Leicester.... Shelton Striders 1:29:06 1:29:49 1:38:00 1:31:44 64.70
JackT Only my second Half Marathon. Hoping to beat my P.B. though (set at Mansfield on 6/7 - 2:12). Lets hope the weather is kind to us and not a monsoon in a wind storm like at Mansfield, or sahara like at Heckington last Saturday! ***UPDATE*** Beat my presdicted time by one second and my PB by nearly 6 minutes :) Enjoy the points folks! Lincoln & District Runners, UKnetrunner 1:52:00 2:07:59 2:08:00 2:07:59 46.63
jibba Scunthorpe & District AC 1:42:48 1:44:32 1:45:32 56.89
Jigs Treating this as training run.**Update** Nice run around course today, no pressure and enjoyed it. Nice to meet Lincsfella, Hotlegs, Jobe, DeeGee, WickedD, CC2 Speedy Goth, Marts, RachE, IanM, Heidi, Gobi, and Old Man. Chat and a catch up over coffee after presentation. Well done RachE :) Unaffiliated 1:19:28 1:22:40 1:35:35 62.81
Jobe This will be the longest distance for a long time, so the last 3 miles will be tough.  UPDATE:  Just ran 14 miles, so I know I can do the distance, but will still be a training run as GER is my target.
Post race update:  Loved the course and was still strong enough to push harder on the last mile, overtaking people up the hill. Werrington Joggers 1:44:24 1:44:24 2:02:48 59.67
Lincsfella Using this to get some miles back in me legs, have to do this as its a really nice event. UPDATE..... dont ask!! UKnetrunner 1:28:14 1:30:06 1:45:00 1:37:54 61.32
MAD Superman Had a shocker - too much mountain climbing in the Lakes in the week before must have had more of an effect than I thought it would. Backed it off after 3m and had to just jog it home as a training run (although it still felt tough) Redhill Road Runners 1:19:07 1:25:54 1:28:00 1:32:42 62.98
Maisy Robin Hood Striders 1:34:13 1:46:47 1:50:00 1:50:05 53.09
Marts If its hot then jog round 1:30-1:35ish. If not then even paced 1:25 as GER is my half target and not been over 13.1 since vienna mara in april. UPDATE. did 1:24:58 (although when i crossed the line the timekeeper said 57s which is what my watch said). 55th of 863. hard training run. pleased with it. Werrington Joggers 1:18:56 1:22:36 1:24:58 68.90
marymoo Unaffiliated 1:48:56 1:55:52 2:01:41 53.58
Miserable Bleeder 100 Marathon Club, Wrekin Road Runners 2:23:00 2:26:44 2:26:44 40.26
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)  I enjoyed this half marathon, mostly because there was no pressure as this should have been my LSR, a bit faster than intended and had there been a F50-54 category I would have won!

Good to meet some new fetchies including Jobe, Hotlegs, DeeGee, Old Man & Speedy Goth and good to catch up with some old friends Lincsfella, Ian & Heidi and Gobi & Rach.

All in all a good run and not too demanding course. Kettering Town Harriers 1:31:50 1:36:53 1:46:15 73.29
MrsC Thomas Cook RRC, Werrington Joggers 2:37:41 2:37:41 20:20:46 5.75
ninemins Hotter than forecast - messy start - but a PB all the same Redhill Road Runners 1:42:52 1:44:58 1:50:00 1:54:01 53.87
PeteStockdale UKnetrunner 1:15:32 1:21:09 1:21:09 71.94
philpell Unaffiliated 1:24:39 1:24:39 1:24:39 68.97
Pink Team 2 Unaffiliated 1:48:15 1:50:47 2:01:20 51.04
Rach E Sub-80 gotta be worth a bash. Again. ***UPDATE*** Went off a little fast (but not as suicidally as normal) and managed to hold 6:06 pace on the Garmin until 8 miles. At 9 miles my back tightened so much I was in agony and slowed to about 6:25 pace to the finish (bar a 7 minute mile up *that* hill!!). Crossed the finish line in a lot of pain but I was pleased to have another solid, if unspectacular, performance. In retrospect, I should maybe not have tried so hard to hold 6:06 pace into the wind and reserved a little for later but you live and learn. 5th lady and 44th overall today which shows how strong the field was. Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet, Newbury Velo 1:20:28 1:20:56 1:19:59 1:23:43 77.91
RichardB Cramp in right calf from 8 miles. Forgot to turn off watch at finish Unaffiliated 2:21:59 2:21:59 2:20:00 2:26:15 41.05
Runner5 Lincoln & District Runners 2:19:56 2:23:17 2:23:00 2:25:54 43.52
RunnyBunny Not as fast as I'd hoped for, but not much under, which I think is quite an achievement given (a) the hip problem limiting training and (b) the neighbours' party going into the wee small hours and severely limiting my sleep. Grrr! Need to sort out another half - perhaps Cov/Leics? - to sort this sub-2 thing out. Unaffiliated 1:56:10 2:00:47 1:59:59 2:00:47 54.95
Scotty_owl need to ask re entry South Yorks Police Sports & Social Club 1:27:18 1:30:22 1:32:39 63.01
SH_UK 100 Marathon Club, Swanley & District AC 1:30:04 1:30:37 1:35:00 1:33:05 63.76
shop girl jules Werrington Joggers 2:07:24 2:11:14 2:15:27 50.89
spacehopper not done a half for ages. not sure what time to expect.......... but hey. Doncaster AC 1:31:21 1:32:00
Spoon Unaffiliated 1:29:03 1:31:44 1:32:45 63.99
Stafford Unaffiliated 1:50:58 1:50:58 1:59:59 1:50:58 52.61
Stanaz Pudsey Pacers RC 1:40:06 1:40:06 1:37:30 1:40:06 58.32
Super Norts A crap run for me but my legs felt fine throughout and now feel absolutely fine afterwards unfortunately i couldnt breath properly during the race felt like my chest was rather fluidy.
Now a few hours afterward my chest is incredibly tight and sore and i have definitely come out with a cold or flu so i suppose its not too bad. Notts AC 1:12:41 1:21:14 1:20:00 1:23:05 70.27
tangledfeet Third race in 5 days just a bit too much for my ageing legs, but enjoyed the run! Ivanhoe Runners 1:17:28 1:19:54 1:22:12 76.59
That Damned Bloke this will be my first attempt at this distance in twenty years!
if you see me (in my infamous red bandana) say hi... or pick me up off the floor. whichever!....

done the race now. YEAH! 
i managed to cross the line with a bit of a spurt on instead of on my hands and knees (which is how i thought i'd finish!) nice feeling now its done.... and i dont feel like i wanna curl up and die either, which is good. Unaffiliated 1:54:43 2:17:18 2:25:00 2:17:18 43.46
Trehis Very good run today although not too confident that I would run so quickly, so well pleased with this result. Mansfield Harriers & AC 1:26:38 1:26:38 1:28:08 71.44
Wicked D if conditions allow I'll go for a new PB...***UPDATE***Garmin time = 1hr 38mins 51secs and a new PB for me (Official time should be pretty close) worked Very Hard and really enjoyed this event slight rises and all UKnetrunner 1:37:17 1:37:17 1:41:00 1:38:50 62.66

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