New York Marathon

  • Rated 79%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (37) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
B Rubble Slowest ever - but what the hell, I had a party! Dursley Running Club 2:59:00 3:17:18 3:26:26 61.69
Baboushka Northbrook AC 4:05:35 4:12:15 4:12:15 62.19
Beccals Unaffiliated 3:58:49 3:58:49 3:58:49 56.32
Blakey 26.2 RRC The hardest race of my life, the hills just kept on coming and that 2 mile bridge between 15 and 17 miles killed me!
5k - 26.03
10k - 52.26
15k - 1.19.00
20k - 1.46.43
HW - 1.53.04
30k - 2.47.45
35k - 3.23.37
40k - 4.00.38
Pace 9.50 26.2 Road Runners Club 3:48:57 4:17:48 3:55:00 4:17:48 47.41
Boab Had a tough race, wasn't feeling 100% before race and went off too quick, so suffered badly with cramps in the last 6 miles.  Had to stop twice to stretch out the hamstrings, and while doing this Lance Armstrong past me!!  If I hadn't cramped I would have beat him and I may have gotten that sub 2:45 ;)  Despite the failed sub 2:45 I had the best time.  The crowds were fantastic and the adrenaline buzz that I had for 3 hours was just fantastic.  Felt quite emotional coming across the line.  Debut at this distance and now that the pain is subsiding, I am planning my next one and it will be 2:40!
Gender Place=222
Age Place=108
Finish Time=2:47:10
10K= 0:37:25 
Half Mara=1:20:04
Pace 6:22 
Sore last few miles, 10 minutes for last 2K, I was hurting!!!! Unaffiliated 2:31:13 2:47:10 2:47:10 73.12
chocciemonster I am really not convinced this time is accurate as it was the time on the finish line clock when I went under it! My watch said 4.55. I wonder if my chip failed at the beginning...anyhooo. I am very pleased to have finished this. Got ill with sore throat and cough week before race and it just would not budge! Thought on Saturday I may have to pull out! Better by race morning but jogged the whole way as still didnt feel 100 %What a fabulous experience though!!! UPDATE 19.11.07... race organisers have now corrected my result to 4.55.31...thanks NYRR! Ely Runners 4:55:31 4:55:31 4:30:00 4:55:31 45.33
ck Sandhurst Joggers 5:16:02 5:16:02 5:16:02 45.58
Clareb By far the hardest marathon I've run and 30 minutes slower than my PB.  The hills just took their toll, especially the Queensboro Bridge which resulted in me walking two miles from 19 to 21 miles and trying to take in as much gatorade as possible.  Despite that I got running again and finished.  No more marathons ...for a very long time! St. Albans Striders 4:06:03 4:37:12 4:37:12 48.33
controversial OK that is my first tentative at a sub 3 marathon. My 10K and my 10 miles race times say I should do it quite comfortably, my head doesn't seem to be thinking the same!? I have trained hard, still i know there are many things I can improve in my training. But I think i should be able to do it, doubt, doubt, doubt!!! Clapham Chasers 2:33:54 3:00:17 3:00:00 3:00:17 67.51
Dalya Dorking & Mole Valley AC 4:31:27 4:31:27 4:44:32 49.24
Feebee101 Looking forward to the run!  Am looking at incorporating speed training or at least more structured training into general running 

I loved this race,3rd time running with family and friends supporting and the crowds in NY are fantastic.  definitely the toughest run and my lack of endurance and distance training caused me a lot of hard wearing on my legs...had to ignore all that and just keep putting 1 leg in front of the other from aroudn 30km.  Tough tough tough and totally absolutely worth it!! Unaffiliated 4:28:00 4:28:00 4:15:00 4:28:00 50.08
GAZGIB How could I not go back the following year, what a great race. One day, just one day, I'm gonna break 4 hours. **UPDATE** But not this year. ***RESULT*** Ideal conditions but possibly went off a bit fast and walked on and off from 15 onwards but the time wasn't too bad. Already planning how I am gonna tell the Mrs I want to do next years. Bracknell Forest Runners 3:51:08 4:37:36 4:45:00 4:37:36 44.18
Girlie Have declared 4:45 on my application form so have to do it now!  Hoping to be quicker though as that time is a pace of 10:51

Anytime under 5 hrs would be excellent- Looking more like 4:45, but will just try to get round at 75-80% WHR and in one piece.

5hrs wasn't goign to happen after the roar of the crowd at 3-4 miles and I decided to enjoy the atmosphere and just get round.
Happy with performance, right calf started to get tight around 21-22 miles and I was reduced to a lot of run-walking, but it was my legs that tired before my CV fitness!
Excellent race, brilliant vibe, I loved every minute of it! Lonely Goat RC 4:48:30 5:22:21 4:45:59 5:22:21 42.57
Jack Kramer Unaffiliated 5:00:00
jolguk Edited to say that I've put my watch time now that the marathon organisers have explained that they missed my starting mat time so my chip time was wrong. 

I've put my official time. I thought I ran about 4:01, but I couldn't really tell where the startline was. It was amazing, but unbelievably hard work. I got no sleep whatsoever the night before, and diarrohea, due to sudden nerves, and didn't even manage to eat anything apart from 2 biscuits during the morning. It was never looking good. Oh, and I hadn't set US time correctly on my stopwatch, so I turned up at the orange medical tent an hour early to attempt to meet the Fetchettes - of course there was no one there. Anyway, without boring you too much, I fell over within the first ten seconds, tripping on a discarded jumper on the bridge, and banged my head on the kerb. I stuck with the 3:50 pacing team, but knew from the start that the pace was too much for me, and lost them on the horror that was the Queensboro bridge. My sub 4 bid was over at that point. I'd have to say that I couldn't really recommend this marathon, it's just too difficult (well, if you always train on the flat like me), but the crowds shouting 'Looking good, Joanne!', etc were enough to make me cry and keep on running. Still, at least it was  a PB! Dragons RC 3:41:55 4:01:44 4:01:44 55.53
Laura B Unaffiliated 4:41:01 5:04:54 5:04:54 44.37
LilyD Unaffiliated 4:50:21 5:14:08 5:14:08 42.81
Markyslee Totley AC 3:00:39 4:29:24 4:29:24 45.12
mava Sevenoaks AC 4:50:26 5:41:01 5:41:01 41.82
Minimag Arunners 4:05:27 5:09:29 4:00:00 5:09:29 41.15
NowhereToofar Unaffiliated 3:16:45 3:16:45 3:16:45 63.72
NZC Hoping to enjoy this race and make the most of this special marathon.Update - Fantastic crowd support - great bands, faded badly on second half but still very pleased with outcome - 16th in my W55-59 age-group. Unaffiliated 3:36:48 3:46:34 3:47:07 71.87
Got knocked off the bike at the end of August
Just a matter of survival after that

Went out and enjoyed it Cove Joggers 3:43:46 4:05:29 3:55:00 4:05:29 55.99
POB1976 Will not be a fast time but will be an achievement and alot of fun Unaffiliated 4:21:47 6:48:40 6:48:40 29.75
podrunner First marathon. Had trained up to 21 miles and tired / found hard at 22. Chorley Athletics and Triathlon Club 3:38:31 3:45:37 3:45:37 59.38
PostmanPlod Northbrook AC 3:28:20 3:53:00 3:53:00 59.51
rainman Unaffiliated 3:45:13 4:09:00 4:09:00 50.35
RFergie Long Eaton Running Club 3:49:00 4:56:00 4:56:00 41.61
ric Toonie Express 3:55:00 5:27:00 5:27:00 37.18
Rick OShay What a fabulous event. Will type up some more stuff on it tomorrow

Results are on: Bib number was 22422 Harvel Hash House Harriers 3:35:57 3:54:26 4:12:00 3:54:26 53.48
Rock Steady Seaford Striders RC 5:03:00 5:07:24 5:07:24 44.32
Tizer Would like to say I loved it, or even enjoyed it but I could only say that for the first few miles.  After that it was a struggle, especially for the last 10 miles.  Stuck with the 3.15 pace team until that point but started dropping back alot from there to the end. Very tough course and definately not one to try and break any PB...although on this occassion I did, by about 46 mins, but only because I trained properly for the past year and my previous marathons attempts were more about raising money and getting round Falkirk Victoria Harriers 2:55:17 3:27:45 3:27:45 58.68
WEBBY RFRC Running Forever 4:00:41 4:00:41 4:00:41 50.51
Wilbur Great race, atmosphere etc. Cruised for 16 miles at an even 4:15 pace but the Queensboro Bridge descent triggered my dodgy knee and by 21 miles the hamstring and back joined in and the less said about the next 3 miles the better. Still, 2 pints of Gatorade and more stretching than I've done for the last 4 months let me run the last 2 miles through Central Park. Next one will be with 2 good knees, and presumably an impressive PB assuming I learn the lessons. Purple Patch Runners 4:45:37 4:45:37 4:45:37 42.61
Yazoo Poo... sorry for those who bet on me. Runnymede Runners 2:44:07 2:44:07 2:43:00 2:49:55 71.94
Yorkshire Pie This will NOT be a PB.  Don't bet on me.  It's two weeks after Amsterdam, which was a PB, and I'm running with lots of the people I ran the Great North Run with - it will be a lot of fun and very special, but it will NOT be fast. Unaffiliated 3:44:05 3:50:35 6:00:00 6:48:00 32.84
yramrag Wimborne AC 2:47:08 3:18:35 3:18:35 61.55

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